Singapore Grand Prix: a Day or a Night Race?

The international governing body for motorsports, FIA, will announce next month whether Singapore Grand Prix will proceed with a night or day race.

Meanwhile, the work at the circuit has been going at a wild pace and instead of a muddy area of the land at the Marina Promenade we'll see an ultra-modern pit building in exactly nine months. Not much time time but Mr. Lim Neo Chian, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive of the Singapore Tourism Board is confident that the infrastructure for the Grand Prix will be fully ready by the deadline.

Simple yet modern and environmentally sustainable structure will accommodate 36 garages for the 12 race teams on the first floor. The second floor will be taken by the Media Center, hospitality lounges, race control center and the winners’ podium.
What would you get if you had taken phone and Internet out from iPhone? You would get a new, 6th generation of iPod. The new device will be introduced on 5th of September along with a new array of digital offerings. engadget has already posted a photo (shown on the left) of the new iPod and many blogs are full of speculative mockups.

According to MacRumors' speculation, Apple might introduce wireless iPods. Wi-Fi might be used to either browse the iTunes store remotely and/or use the iPod as a remote control for iTunes.

What is Apple planning for its fans? We'll only have to wait and see.
Recently a friend of mine was speaking about a new smartphone and mentioned that the phone did not have an Operating System. Today, when probably even refrigerators have some sort of an operating system, it is funny to think that a device like a modern smartphone would not have one [Operating System].

It is no more a secret that the world is moving to a single device model. Instead of carrying an MP3 player, digital camera, mobile phone, pocket computer, portable gaming system and god knows how many other devices, we'll be carrying only one. And I am scared to call it a mobile phone.

I firmly believe that specialized devices are far more powerful than universal or as many people like to call them all-in-one devices. But being able to have full functionality in a single device is such a great thing that it creates a viable business model.

Highly functional future mobile phones will focus on four main functions: gaming, photo & video capturing, information access (web, e-mail, instant messaging, GPS, etc) and multimedia playback. While these functions are present in existing devices, the quality of the functionality is quite limited. For instance, even the most advanced devices like Nokia's N95 cannot deliver the saming gaming experience as say Sony PSP does and while modern phones boast 5 Mega Pixel and better cameras, a high end digital camera easily beats the quality of the pictures shot.

Therefore, the future efforts of device manufacturers will be applied to integrating the same level of experience in universal devices as the specialized devices deliver. Examples? There are many.

Recently Sony Ericsson's gaming guru Peter Ahnegard has revealed that the company will offer a PlayStation branded phone. This does not mean that the phone will support actual PlayStation games but rather will deliver a PlayStation like gaming experience. According to Ahnegard the device shall hit the market before Christmas but of which here he has not noted.

Nokia is building mobile phones that shall deliver the same level of music and multimedia experience as high end MP3 and media players do.

Finally, it must be noted that constant increase in mobile network speed will allow manufacturers to produce more and more sophisticated devices.

Welcome to the world of a single device.
Nokia, Internet covered the whole world where there is no place for those who do not respect quality, speed, and comfort... But there is not an individual who do so. Quality gives life long experience, speed saves time, and comfort makes us feel better. The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile telephones, Nokia cares about its customers and deliver value mutually beneficial to each person. In the variable world and highly competitive environment Nokia launches web music service.

One can imagine how many music fans are in the world. That is the reason Nokia predicts that the market for the phones that can download music from the Internet and that can play music, games promises the growth by 50% to 120 million units this year.


Track: 1 euro;
Album: 10 euros;
Games: 6-10 euros.
Creating a cool device like iPhone is of course a great thing. However, urging users to use services of a particular company is not nice. While there is nothing illegal with Apple's choice of AT&T, I believe it is not ethical. Customers must have a freedom to use the device with any of the carrier of their choice. Hence, it is not a surprise that the race to unlock iPhone began from the very first day the device was launched.

While it is already possible to unlock iPhone at a hardware level, no software existed until now to unlock the miracle device. As a matter of fact such software might not exist even now but at least two different videos that have hit the web recently show that there is a software that can unlock iPhone.

In the six-minute video posted on the blog, John McLaughlin, founder of Uniquephones demonstrates unlocking an iPhone with a software from his company.

A company called also claims to have the first software-only unlocking method. Moreover, was the first to show it to a credible third party, an editor of

John McLaughlin has not posted the method on though. A phone call from an AT&T Wireless representative was more than enough to keep him from doing so. John McLaughlin could earn a fortune by selling the software but even if makes no cent on it, the software will spread quickly throughout the web. That's why I don't believe in artificial restrictions. People will always find workarounds.
The 26 year old Spanish driver has become a national hero. The reigning double World Champion has accumulated some impressive statistics over his career.

The 2007 Turkish Grand Prix marks the 100th Formula 1 race for Alonso.

At the 2005 Brazilian Grand Prix he became the youngest driver to ever win a Formula 1 World Championship. He was 24 years and 59 days old.

In 2006 he became the youngest ever driver to win double World Championship title in a row.

The record for the youngest driver to win a race goes to Alonso as well. When he won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2003 it was 26 days after his 22 Birthday.

Alonso has stood on the top step of the podium a total of 18 times in his Formula 1 career to date and he has finished on the podium on 44 separate occasions.

He has scored a total of 16 Pole Positions and 454 points in his 99 Grands Prix to date. Easy calculation shows that his average score is 4.58 per race. With Vodafone McLaren Mercedes his average score is 6.63 so far.

Over the five and a half seasons that he has competed in Formula 1 Alonso has been leading a race for a total of 4,938 kms.

But the most important contribution he has made is that his success has had a major impact on the popularity of Formula 1 in Spain. I believe many teenagers dream of following his steps.

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Microsoft has launched the gaming mouse-SideWinder. The new product segment is “limited”, if one can say “limited” about the number of video games fans.

SideWinder is very comfortable. Its weight is between 5-30 grams in 5 gram increments. The mouse has three main buttons that switch between DPI 400, 800, 2000. Other settings could be altered using special software.

SideWinder Features:
DPI resolution-2,000;
Max acceleration-20G;
Inches per second max speed-45;
Frames per second image processing-7080;
Clicks f the main buttons-9 million;
Quick Launch Button;
Programmable main buttons-5;
Advanced gaming software for programming macros and profiles and customizing game settings;
A wide metal scroll wheel;
Vertical metal side buttons.

SideWinder is expected to ship in October.
Bath University Group of researchers study human interactions. The study of this issue passed different stages in fast developing world.

Special interest falls on technology development. Scientists combine social network Facebook with communications tool Bluetooth. Combination gives opportunity to build new friendship networks.

First thing to do, is to register with the Facebook tool, Cityware. Connection is accomplished via Bluetooth.

This project is backed by Nokia, HP Labs and Vodafone. Tool helps people to interact with each other and choose contacts according to the information, profile provided by the Facebook.

The tool works in four parts: Facebook account, Cityware application, Bluetooth device and Cityware node. After the users have Facebook account, they should install Cityware application followed by the registration process of the Bluetooth ID.

The only thing we should do is to Smile and Turn the Bluetooth.
The researchers announce that flexible paper batteries can meet the energy demands. The research results say that a small size sample can release 2.3 volts. The main purpose of the future investigation is to produce energy that could provide product with higher power.

The difference between the conventional battery and the paper battery is that conventional batteries consist of separate components, and paper batteries’ components are united in one structure. The researchers say that paper battery is more energy efficient. Time needed for transferring power causes many problems: loss of energy, time. Unification of components into one structure is less time consuming and more energy efficient (PNAS).

“The battery contains carbon nanotubes, each about one millionth of a centimeter thick, which act as an electrode. The nanotubes are embedded in a sheet of paper soaked in ionic liquid electrolytes, which conduct the electricity.”

But the main obstacle is that carbon nanotubes are expensive, and time and energy efficiency is faded by less cost efficiency.

However Professor Sperling says: "I'm a strong enthusiast of electric vehicles, but it is going to take time to bring the costs down. They are ultimately easier to manufacture, more environmentally friendly and usable in a wide range of devices."

The future use of paper energy is more focused on producing a newspaper-type roller printer.
Our life passes in search of something more or less ideal for us. The main objects of search are people, materials on global issues, news and jobs. One cannot cover all the things a man searches especially on the Internet. There are millions of web pages, 71 million blogs. Internet is overloaded with the information satisfying the most differentiated segments of society.

As far as each day should bring the new experience and knowledge into the life of an individual, one can open one of the sites and find more or less suitable information for him/her. Several days ago the object of my online investigation was Quotes about… Who knows about everything: life, love, friendship, and anger… I came across the World of Quotes where is the answer to many questions: What is written about…? Who wrote the quote or proverb? What does the wisdom of different countries say about…?

Any question? One gets all the answers.

Does anybody want to try to be absorbed with the wisdom of the world? Then one should visit Worldof searches proverbs and quotes according to the topics, authors. It has quite free choice of topics. One can hardly move onto the other site.

The most interesting information provided by the is the “Today in History.” One can be lost in the past wisdom of the World. Visit and find the quotation in accordance to your interests, mood, and life experiences.

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What makes iPhone different from other gadgets (kill me but I can't call iPhone a cell phone, it's really more than just the next cell phone) is that like the iPod, it can be easily updated by Apple with new features and bug fixes. Every time you plug your iPhone into your computer, updates, if there are any, are automatically downloaded into the phone. So, Apple was quick enough to issue the first update. Not only did the update fix a number of issues, but added some minor but interesting new features to the phone. You can find more details about the new features at Walt Mossboerg's blog.

Do you love your iPhone? I bet you do, who doesn't? Do you have a story to share about it? I bet you do, you must have one. That is why Apple has setup a special page where you can share your story about your iPhone experience with the rest of the world.

While you are enjoying your miracle gadget, some folks "work" hard to unlock iPhone. It looks like they are one step closer to their aim. Unlocking iPhone is inevitable, it is just a matter of time. Apple and AT&T may of course introduce additional security measures but the iPhone Dev Team will be a step ahead. Why should not you be able to use iPhone with other carriers? Do you have an answer? Dare to share it with us? Very good. Post them in the comments.
From time to time I come across videos on that I would like to save on my computer. Yes true, there are several applications that allow you to save YouTube videos to your computer. But what shall we do if we cannot install an application? No problem. There is a nice and cool online service that allows you to save videos from YouTube (and generally from any FLV, i.e. online Flash video source) to your computer. Using is fast, easy and totally free. Moreover, you have quite a choice with output formats. You can convert the online video to AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP and MP3 (audio only) formats. Wow! Try it yourself.
The history of Video Games starts in 1948. The idea belongs to Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann.

The creator of one of the most famous plays “Doom”, which was downloaded by ten million people in two years, represents the new video game Rage.

Rage is the game where the player can imagine him/her in the post-apocalyptic world. The game will be available for those who run Microsoft Corp’s Windows or Apple Inc’s Macintosh operating system, Sony Corp’s, PlayStation 3 video game consoles.

id Chief Executive Todd Hollenshead says in an interview: "It's a bit of a classic story and you are the outsider who comes in and tries to turn the tide in favor of good."

Video Game Rage is equipped with new graphics technology. Typical scenario of killing bad guys with guns is changed to stuff that would surprise people, says Hollenshead.

Let’s see how much surprise causes the new game and how many times it is downloaded.
Recently the Wall Street Journal has reported that Google was showing a prototype mobile phone to cell phone manufacturers and cellular service providers.

The search engine giant's entering in the mobile communication's market won't be extremely unexpected. After all, we have a precedent of Apple introducing iPhone.

At the moment the information about the "Google Phone" is just a rumor. But some rumors are quite in a range of possibility and frequently materialize. If this is the case with "Google Phone", we may see in a couple of months.

Personally I do not see a reason why Google could not produce a high class mobile phone. If Apple succeeded in it, why Google should not? Moreover, if we take into account the innovative and sometimes rather wild ideas coming out of the Google Labs, the Google's cell phone may really become an iPhone killer.
Web 2.0 sites have introduced many new concepts like tags and tag clouds, user generated content, ranking systems and so on. However, a fundamental entity Hyperlink is unchanged. Nothing strange is here. The whole idea of web is built around hyperlinks. is introducing a totally new concept in navigation. Imagine a mosaic of images. Yes, millions of tiny images making a big big social network. Consequently, each tile is a user. And like every spot on the earth, each tile on has its coordinates. So now, you can tell your friends that your are at the Zeptile located at say 510.511 (hey, that's my Zeptile indeed), or you can say: "Go to the right hand of the girl throwing the flowers in the mosaic, then zoom in. You'll see me there."

"Our goal is not to attempt to replace other social networking Web sites by
providing all the same services that they provide" Don Lee, developer of

It must be noted that is a good compliment to existing social networking sites.
Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators was the first person to crack Apple's much hyped iPhone. The vulnerability was found in an old, buggy part of the Safari browser, in the old Perl Regular Expression Library (PRCE) in Webkit. The regular Mac OS X Safari as well as the Windows beta version of the browser were also at risk.

I have been using the Windows beta since its release. While I had noticed a number of bugs, I could not assume the software had such a severe problem. So if you use the Safari browser - whether on a Mac, PC, or iPhone - be sure you update it with Apple's just-released patches.

This incident with iPhone once again makes me think that in computers there is no such a thing as absolute security. All systems are vulnerable and all systems have bugs. However, it is important that the developer quickly reacts to eliminate security problems (Apple was very quick indeed).

The Hewlett-Packed Company, known as HP announces the launch of Compaq desktops and notebooks. The Features of the new product enhances the philosophy of HP: “innovation with elegance”. HP is among the world’s largest IT companies, with revenue $97.1 billion.

As far as the main focus of HP falls on simplifying technology experiences, HP is mutually productive for each customer, would it be individual or business.

The Compaq Presario SG3053IL and SG3043IL desktops are very good examples serving HP mission. HP PCs are convenient on the basis of slim keyboards, easy-to-use low profile keys. Easy access to the key functions is the guarantee of future success of the product from the view point of user interest in it. Innovation and comfort are the key factors catching the customer.

The V6000 series combines ease-of-use and style with its 15.4-inch wide-screen display with BrightView technology, roomy keyboard, and four-way scroll zone. Combination of productivity and entertainment are two features that represent main values of not only the new products but HP products in general.

Main advantage of Compaq Notebook is that it gives the user access to the fast mobile performance. The new logo of Compaq is the combination of a C and a Q. Brand logo and innovative features of the product that is going to be launched in 10 days will make it easier to differentiate HP product from the other brands and will emphasize distinguishable features the new product has.
Yesterday I read an extremely interesting and I would say a slightly ridiculous article by John C. Dvorak at the PC If Mr. Dvorak's purpose was to arouse a discussion than he has certainly succeeed.

The above mentioned article was titled exactly as this post that you are reading now but without a question mark. I do not think neither Mr. Dvorak, nor anyone else can be fully certain about the bubble 2.0 coming and coming soon.

The very beginning of the article is ridiculous and not in the range of possibility. We can read:

"Every single person working in the media today who experienced the dot-com bubble in 1999 to 2000 believes that we are going through the exact same process and can expect the exact same results—a bust. It's déjà vu all over again".

First, how Mr. Dvorak knows what does every single person in the media believe? Did he made a survey of all media professionals? If it is deja vu for him, it does not mean that it is deja vu for me.

Yes, true. There are some similarities but this is a natural phenomenon.
As expected, Indianapolis is out of the Formula 1 2008 calendar and the only American driver, Scott Speed has shared the Brickyard's fate.

The Scuderia Toro Rosso team said that Sebastian Vettel would replace Speed for the rest of the season starting with Sunday's race in Budapest, Hungary. Vettel, who is 20, had been a test driver for the BMW Sauber Formula One team.

Why American drivers have this challenge in succeeding in Formula One is a mystery to me. Speed is not a bad driver, yet he has not earned even a point in Formula 1. His double 9th position is his best result. Scott Speed has shown considerable promise, much more than Michael Andretti from the mid 90's but not enough to keep his stay in an European-dominated sport.

Let's hope that we see American drivers in the royal motor sport as well as the US Grand Prix in the future.

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