Help Your Safety Following a Hurricane

You are right, thematically there is nothing in common between technology news that BLOGVASION serves and Hurricanes but if the BLOGVASION reader will know how to behave after a hurricane, that will be just useful and informative. According to the PRWEB more people are seriously injured and killed on the picture perfect calm days after a hurricane has blown through and people are returning to their homes and lives. Number one culprit is stepping onto a wet lawn or puddle that is electrically charged by an unseen down power line. Following this tragic statistic, is the collapse of roof structures while examining damage and falling trees.

In order to save people from this danger Gulf Atlantic Industries of America, Inc. (GAI) that is a state licensed and insured South Florida general contractor serving Miami to Melbourne and Miami to Pt. Charlotte, specialize in disaster relief, new roofs, and hurricane protection products, including hurricane shutters, hurricane storm panels, and impact resistant replacement windows and doors.

GAI offer's 10 important steps to help ensure your safety following a hurricane. According to the PRWEB these are:

1. Have proof of residency in the form of a driver's license accompanied by a property tax document, insurance document, and or piece of mail that shows current address. This will be necessary to re-enter an evacuation zone or heavily damaged area.

2. Be extra careful on what and where you are walking through as well as using your hands to move debris. Look out for power lines, tilting trees, light poles, power poles, sharp objects, and wild life, especially alligators, snakes, and raccoons.

3. Upon arriving at your residence, do not walk right in. Survey the entire exterior structure, especially the roof for lose roof tiles that may slide off on to your head. When entering, remain in the doorway threshold, looking at the ceilings and walls to evaluate the durability of your surroundings.

4. Check your power source, electrical panel box, and smell for gas. If power is out use a flashlight, do not strike a match or a lighter. Feel your walls for wetness especially around receptacles outlets and do not plug in appliances and electronic devises prior to making certain that the prongs are dry.

5. Open up all your faucet's for 5-10 minutes to run water. Do not drink or bathe in water until you are given an all clear from the county or your municipality as water may be contaminated.

6. Check your windows and sliding doors to be sure they are securely in place as not to collapse on you and carefully remove any broken glass.

7. For those of you who have solar systems on your roofs, check that they are securely in place so that the simple closing of a door does not trigger the unit to come loose thus sliding off the roof crashing on to you. Same for screen pool and patio enclosures, carefully examine the frame structure.

8. If you are returning to a mid or hi-rise apartment or condominium complex check with the management office as to whether the elevators are safely operating.

9. Be extra careful upon checking the secure placement of your floor to ceiling windows. If loose frames or broken glass is detected, back away and hire a professional to securely board up the openings.

10. Upon opening a sliding door to a balcony terrace, do it carefully and look at the structure. Do not lean on any railings or knee walls. If it appears to be unsafe, close the door and tape off the area with warning signs from the inside.

Research, one of the best ways to determine success or failure of any initiative or business finds new way of self development. Cardinal Research, Drinks research company, used the OnePoint mobile survey solution for their first dip into mobile phone research for a project on behalf of a premium beer brand.

Account Manager at Cardinal Research, Jamie Belnikoff says "This is the first time that we have used the mobile phone to conduct research and we are extremely excited about what this new methodology brings to the table. As well as being significantly cheaper, a specific advantage for this type of research is that we capture the correct phone numbers for the participants which are vital for the follow-up stage."

He continues, "The beauty of the OnePoint solution is that we were able to see the responses as they came in via the website so we didn’t have the usual wait before being able to evaluate the results. It was also extremely quick and easy to set up the surveys. We will certainly be using the OnePoint solution again."

The survey aiming to understand the changing consumer behaviour and perceptions towards the beer brand and consisted of two stages. Firstly people were invited to sample the drink and then asked to text the brand name to a designated number to trigger a survey to their mobile phone whilst still at the venue. The survey consisted of seven multiple choice/rating questions. As for encouragement in order to complete the survey, participants received incentive - five pounds upon. The results showed extremely successful results.

On the second stage, follow-up surveys were sent to all of the participants’ mobile phones, one month after they took part in the sampling session. According to the SOURCEWIRE, the survey is still live and response rates are currently at 50%.

The climate does not resemble the world is was created centuries ago. Not even the century but each year brings new and new surprises to human beings. One of the main fiend people are putting efforts in is our climate saving.

Correspondingly there is no my or your climate, his or her. Each person should save the surrounding he/she lives in. as Climate-friendly IT service provider S3 Consulting do. It joined leading global charity World Wildlife Fund a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Among the companies are Dell, EDS, Google, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Pacific Gas and Electric, and the World Wildlife Fund that is dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of computers by 50 percent by 2010.

According to theSOURCEWIRE by 2010, the initiative seeks to reduce global CO2 emissions from the operation of computers by 54 million tons per year, equivalent to the annual output of 11 million cars or 10–20 coal-fired power plants.

Arne Josefsberg, Microsoft’s representative to the Climate Savers Computing Initiative board of directors commented:“We are delighted that businesses at the sharp end of the IT sector, such as S3, are taking the initiative and lending their support to our campaign in a way that demonstrates their awareness of the significance and potential impact of this issue. It’s through these collaborations that the Climate Savers Computing Initiative is working to effect widespread change.”

Chris Bullock, CEO of S3 Consulting added:“Having been a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative for approaching a year, S3 has always tried to deliver a power efficient message in its service delivery – indeed carbon saving is very close to our hearts. The ability to work even more closely with the initiative offers S3 the opportunity to play a major part in helping organisations realise the importance of striving towards a greener computing landscape.”

Do you know any place a man does not use PC? Hardly one can imagine. Technology itself is busy with improving the opportunities one can gain anytime from PC use. One of the developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market, Avanquest Software released its powerful Connection Manager tool worth £19.99 for free, in order to save laptop users time and effort as it simplifies the process of detecting, selecting and connecting to different networks and peripherals every time they change location.

Access to the public and private networks needs different types of internet connections while being in the office, in a hotel, at a coffee shop, in bars and even on holiday.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Connection Manager enables laptop users to automatically disconnect and reconnect to different networks and peripherals every time they change location. It saves the laptop user time and hassle by automatically:
- Detecting and storing preferred settings for each location
- Selecting and identifying the user if they return to a previously visited location
- Connecting to preferred settings and peripherals for that particular locationSystem

Requirements are as follows:
Windows Vista
- Pentium IV 2 GHz
- 1 GB RAM
Windows XP
- Pentium III 600 MHz
- 512 MB RAM
- Service Pack 2

To the family of Randy Pausch, our sincere condolences go out to you. Dr. Pausch will always be remembered as an extraordinary person whose courage and determination inspired so many people across all walks of life.

Dr. Pausch was an American professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a best-selling author who achieved worldwide fame for his "The Last Lecture" speech on September 18, 2007 at Carnegie Mellon.

Dr. Pausch died at his home in Chesapeake, Virginia on the 25th of July.

As I have mentioned above, Dr. Pausch's "Last Lecture," titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" was delivered at CMU on September 18, 2007.
Tony Hayman, a film editor, stated in a recent New York Times Article entitled, New Math for Men: Subtract Just a Little Gray that "In my business, if you're over 40, you're too old," Nothing strange there. In a society driven by appearance, the way you present yourself has a lot to do with how far you move ahead in work and relationships.

"Men color their hair for two important reasons; the boardroom and the bedroom," says Chad Murawczyk, founder of MiN New York, a jet-setting brand producing professional-grade lifestyle products for men and women. "It comes down to the way you present yourself; marketing is perception."

In the highly competitive world while some younger men wear glasses to come across as more intellectual and mature in the workforce, older men are looking to regain their edge through working out, a stringent grooming regimen and yes, even coloring their hair. But the question is if men would like to spend hours in the salon.

"I work with Wall Street executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs; men who understand the value of a well tailored suit, clean shaven face and trimmed head of hair," says Salvatore Fodera, the founder and owner of Salon Fodera located at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. "They also understand the value of a minute." Time is just money, and MiN New York, a division of SalonClick LLC, knowing that time is really money, presents ProColor and COLOR Touch up
According to a verbal survey that was conducted by volunteers at the America's Beauty Show in Chicago in 2008, 8 out of 10 Professionals prefer ProColor by MiN New York over Redken's CAMO. "In the end the world doesn't need more products, it needs better ones," says Murawczyk. MiN New York will keep you looking your best even when the economic situation appears gray.

When you have a popular phone you need a trendy case to keep it in safety. The Louis Vuitton bags are insanely popular so they just had to make a shiny new case for the iPhone. Those you take care about their gadgets guess would be interested.

It’s a comfortable and specially designed for slim phones like IPhone is. One thing that is going to bother some is this is a sleeve to store your iPhone in. This means anytime you’d like to use it you’re going to end up having to slip it out.

Louis Vuitton is about quality but what quality in two pieces of leather slapped together? It is currently being sold for $280.


Emma Jones, entrepreneur and business guru considers that spare bedrooms aren’t just about storing junk or putting up the occasional visitor but ideal starting points for individuals aspiring to be their own boss and set up a new business from home.In her book, all about the subject of setting up and running a home based enterprise discusses interesting issues.

Key themes touched in the book include planning and promoting a business, finding the right technology and striking a balance between work and family life.

She said: “I had a great job working for an accountancy firm, but after five years decided I wanted to be my own boss and have more control of my life. I left to start a business from my spare room and haven’t looked back since.

“There are so many benefits to running a business from home. Set up costs are lower, which means you instantly reduce your risk and keep your overheads low as the business grows.“It also cuts out the daily commute, saving you anything up to a day a week. Home workers enjoy arriving at the office on time in a matter of seconds, feeling both refreshed and enthusiastic.”

In 2006 Emma created the home business website Enterprise Nation (

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Emma’s top five tips for running a successful business from home are:
1. Do something you love. Let your business idea be based on a passion, hobby or skill. That way, it will never really feel like work.
2. Find dedicated space in the house. This will make it easier to create your ideal work environment and to switch off at the end of the day.
3. Make the most of technology. Invest in tools that make you super-efficient and use the web to promote you and the business.
4. Get out of the home office. Meet new people, including customers and suppliers, by attending meetings, shows and events. Even pop to your local coffee shop when in need of a little human interaction!
5. Enjoy each day of being a Spare Room Start Up. Your commute to work takes 60 seconds and you get more done in the hours you have. That frees up time for doing all the other things you like.

Business does almost everything in order to follow the trends developed nowadays, even one step back costs much more than one can imagine. One step back might cost a lot of money, reputation, position in the competitive market and so on. But now even though technology took power over everything and there is no field it does not make even slight changes not to say anything about huge ones, business leaders believe that mostly supporting the development of skills and abilities of their workforce is the best way to reduce an organisation’s exposure to the risk of recession. That is the idea of an international survey of senior business executives launched today by global business performance consultancy, McKinney Rogers.The survey aimed to to gauge awareness, perceptions and trends on the issue and what can be done to minimise the risk of a recession’s impact on global business. It encompassed Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the US.

According to the key findings business leaders evaluated the importance of tactical actions in reducing an organisation’s exposure to the risk of recession as follows:

78% of respondents cited the development of their workforce as the key tool for this,
73% agree that moving into emerging markets that are unlikely to be affected by recession is also important.
67%consider that diversifying the business offering was classed as significant.

While commenting on the research, Richard Watts, Regional Partner for Europe at McKinney Rogers at McKinney Rogers admited that “It is interesting to see what business leaders focus on when recession is looming – their workforce and diversification. It is obvious that at times of economic slowdown getting organisational buy-in as a whole is vital, which is why taking a strong leadership approach is such a key part of thriving during these times. Leaders need to instil the ability to re-energise, re-think and re-focus the business, using realistic targets. A company’s workforce is an essential tool in the business armoury when the going gets tough. Making productivity a focal point and rewarding those who rise to the top accordingly, will help reduce an organisation’s exposure to the risk of recession.”

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Watts continues: “These results clearly highlight a real understanding across the business community of the value of forward planning in limiting the damage of a potential recession, as well as the tactical actions that need to be taken to achieve this. However, it is worrying that such a low number of business leaders and organisations have these advanced plans in place. “Any time, whether a recession is imminent or not, it is vital that businesses have their house in order by having a clear focus and strategy in place, as well as ensuring resources are suitably allocated to provide the best return on investment. That way, when a recession does strike they will be able to stay lean and emerge stronger.”

What does attract attention of world class expert speakers, from Microsoft, McKinsey, eBay, APC, Symantec, Copan Systems and many more, and attendees from more than 23 countries outside the UK? Seems it is the 3rd Power and Cooling for Data Centres – World Forum that is going to take place 2-3 October 2008 in London.

As a World Forum, the event will be characterised by the presence of experts in the field of power, cooling, Green and innovative technologies from around the world. The event focuses on one of the most important issues that is the reduction of the cost of power, blade and storage technology impact, power failure, design requirements for high density environments, monitoring technologies, water and liquid cooling technologies, chip level cooling, and nanotechnology and also assesses alternative sources of energy.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, “Power and Cooling World Forum will be a compelling learning experience, an outstanding networking opportunity to meet thought leaders and top experts in the Data Centre sector and international peers, and also offers a valuable exhibition opportunity for companies seeking to raise awareness of their products and services in this very competitive marketplace,” commented Nicola Hayes, vice president of BroadGroup, the consulting group who research and organise the annual event.

The increased interest in the forum is resulted by the range of interests, such as Data centres continue to edge into the realm of regulation and public interest, the green agenda impacts corporate social responsibility, enterprise RFPs will place increasing emphasis on compliance with legislative stipulations, and forum participation will contribute to, and influence, policy making, to achieve a common goal of reduced carbon emissions, successful power strategies and the premier showcase for emerging cooling technologies.

“BICSI Europe is pleased to be involved in the Power and Cooling event, having attended previous events we have found the information to be of an excellent quality and has real relevance to many of our members,” commented Andrew Stevens, managing director of CNET Training. “With the forthcoming release of the BICSI/ANSI Data Centre Standard this topic will be of great interest over the coming months to the BICSI membership and we would encourage them to consider attending.” All the presentations at this event will be submitted to BICSI for the awarding of Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Great agreement, according to the SOURCEWIRE Icomera AB, that is the world’s leading supplier of Internet connectivity to trains, acquired UK-based Moovera Networks, the award-winning manufacturer of fixed and mobile communications systems. This agreement will lead Icomera AB to become the foremost provider of in-vehicle, industrial-grade Internet access technology – encompassing trains, buses, coaches, trucks and ferries – with a global customer base including many of the world’s largest transport operators.

“The market for Internet connectivity on public transport is developing at a very rapid pace,” said Ola Sj√∂lin, Chief Executive Officer at Icomera. “Whether for Wi-Fi hotspots, CCTV monitoring, vehicle tracking or streaming entertainment, real-time connections to buses and trains are increasingly in demand. Moovera has acquired a strong reputation in the industry as a developer of innovative yet price competitive technology and has established an impressive customer base that in many instances overlaps with our own. It was a natural progression for Icomera and Moovera to combine forces to offer a complete range of solutions from low-cost bus products to high-end systems certified for the railway industry. Moving forward we will continue to build on Icomera’s position as the dominant force in on-board vehicle communications.”

“For some time now Moovera and Icomera have been addressing the same markets from different directions,” said Jim Baker, CEO and founder of Moovera. “While Icomera has focused on sophisticated and complex rail systems, we have been targeting the broader market for Internet connectivity on road transport and outdoor networks. Many of the world’s largest transport operators like National Express and First Group own rail and bus networks and are already deploying both Icomera and Moovera solutions; the merger of our two businesses will create a single supplier with the best possible range of solutions for our customers worldwide.”

According to the information provided by the SOURCEWIRE, after the acquisition, Icomera will adopt the Moovbox brand for its new combined product line and leverage Moovera’s worldwide network of Channel Partners who sell and support Moovbox systems in their regional markets. Moovera’s Kent-based operations and its nine employees will become Icomera’s UK office, bringing the total workforce in Sweden and the UK to over forty people. Moovera CEO Jim Baker will take up the post of Chief Marketing Officer at Icomera. The financial terms of the acquisition are not disclose.

Who won’t agree that nowadays people sit at computers for a along, long time? Even though it is not good for health our work or hobby or even illness to sit at a PC for hours makes professionals think over how to offer comfort while doing so.

Different companies care about their clients, prepare and create different furniture to avoid discomfort. But not each citizen was satisfied with these efforts. There was a segment of the population who couldn't enjoy the benefits of Kneelsit , the chair was designed for the average size range of people up to 6-feet-2-inches tall. But now Kneelsit has increased the number of seat position bearings so the range of people it will now fit is between 5-feet to 6-feet-8-inches.

According to Australian-based Greg Usher, “the Kneelsit chair is designed to give excellent lumbar support to reduce stress on the lower back. It is also customized to fit the users' individual body, but the truly remarkable feature is that there are no levers to pull or buttons to push. The user carries out an initial adjustment of seat, kneeler and backrest to suit his/her height and weight, in effect they do a "custom-fit". From then on the unique, balance mechanism works automatically, all while gently correcting and supporting the users' posture naturally without the need to fiddle with various controls. “

Kneelsit’s superiority is expressed in its balance and natural movement, that makes less stressful to sit at the computer for a long time.

According to the SOURCEWIRE the chair has been universally well-received, with a world-wide customer base including Microsoft, IBM and Oxford University to name a few. Testimonials keep on coming from around the globe, like Cindy in Massachusetts who said, "Words are inadequate to describe the feeling of sitting in the Kneelsit chair. The harmony it brings to my physical form is pure bliss."

John Loest from Ventura Ca. couldn't sit for more than two minutes at a time for 24 years despite consulting three orthopedic surgeons, several chair specialists and purchasing more 'specialty' chairs than he could recall. But after purchasing the Kneelsit he said, "My back thanks you, my butt thanks you, my brain thanks you, my neck thanks you, my shoulders thank you, my emotions thank you, my entire body thanks you, and I thank you."
Ecology the field that needs to be protected the most in theworld in order to save the world, was the main issue for GreenRoad Technologies that is a world leader in driver safety technologies. It’s initiative aims to improve driver safety and reduce CO2 emissions.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, PHS Datashred provides a secure collection and confidential shredding service across the UK. The cooperation of GreenRoad and PHS Datashred covers a three-month trial of Safety Center in 20 London-based HGVs and LCVs in the spring of 2008. GreenRoad demonstrated a 33% improvement in safety and a clear reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

“Our drivers are the lynchpin of our business and their safety is always of paramount importance to us. We were already motivated to find new ways to reduce crashes when we came across GreenRoad. With the rising cost of diesel, GreenRoad’s ability to reduce fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions sealed the deal for us,” said Ian Walsh, National Transport Manager, Datashred Division, PHS Group. “Only GreenRoad Safety Center is proven to offer the analysis, feedback and incentive programme to positively impact driving behaviour.”

As for the GreenRoad Safety Center it rates driving skills without invasion of the driver’s privacy or tracking their location. An in-vehicle sensor that is in more than 120 countries collects information and analyses to give the driver feedback about their driving and the areas that need improvement.

The results show that GreenRoad clients have reduced accidents by an average of 54 percent and lowered accident costs by an average of 65 percent. “PHS Datashred takes its responsibilities to its drivers very seriously. It has always strived to improve road safety and the installation of GreenRoad boosts its efforts dramatically,” said Aidan Rowsome, vice president, GreenRoad EMEA. “We believe that PHS Datashred has the potential to set the benchmark for safety for lorry and van fleets moving forward.”

In the highly developing market where the competitions level raises day by day the thinkASG (Advanced Systems Group) launches an expanded product offering and a new 2.0 customer communications strategy to better position itself with current changing market conditions.
the company's new strategic approach in communications include the adoption of multiple Web & Enterprise 2.0 strategies, including a revised name and visual identity, an updated solution guidebook, comprehensive 2.0 website.

All the efforts are made to help its customers work with thinkASG to architect and implement the right solutions.

"The overarching characteristic of the new thinkASG is to enable our customers to interact with us, and to participate in, influence discussions, and control their experience - based on 'their' needs," said David Browning, Chief Executive Officer of thinkASG.

"Our new brand logo, thinkASG, captures what makes us special: our people, process, and principles," said Pete Coticchia, Chief Operating Officer of thinkASG. "It's the way we think about our client's business. We felt that we needed a stronger communications platform to better articulate where we are going as a company, especially as we expand our product and service offerings to better meet customer needs."

The thinkASG’s initiative to expand its product reach and assist customers with many more technology needs is derived from increased customer demand for single-source providers, and the increasingly specialized knowledge required to manage today's IT implementations.

Improved 2.0 website provides:

updated IT issues,
case studies,
technical news to its customers.

In the future plans the company offers new real-time features including customizable RSS feeds, technical blogs, webinars, and expanded product information updates in an effort to dialog directly with customers through dedicated web resources.

"The new thinkASG brand represents what we have been growing towards since our founding," added Browning. "Absolute partnership, dedication, and service to our clients, enabled by technology."

AT&T has once indicated that all iPhone customers have free access to their more than 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots access across the U.S., including Starbucks locations:

AT&T knows Wi-Fi is hot, and free Wi-Fi even hotter, which is why we are proud to offer iPhone customers free access to the nation's largest Wi-Fi hotspot network with more than 17,000 hotspots, including Starbucks. Now users can relax and access music, e-mail and web browsing services with their favorite blend in hand from the comfort of their favorite location.

AT&T provides an online tool to find a Wi-Fi spot near you.

Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular Wireless, is the largest wireless company in the United States, with more than 71 million subscribers who use the nation's largest digital voice and data network. AT&T is dedicated to providing customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.


Besides the terms world wide web, laptop and some other intensively used ones in everyday life, now Carphone Warehouse, that is the UK's leading mobile phone retailers, presents the webbook being the world’s first 10.2” notebook of its kind, ideal for people on the move.

The webbook offers unparalleled performance with the device running on either Linux or Windows XP and comes with integrated Wi-Fi, (allowing users to take full advantage of their Carphone Warehouse TalkTalk broadband connection), Web Browser, 3 USB ports, 1.6GHz processor, 512MB of memory and built in memory card readers, announces the SOURCEWIRE.
Unique product for traveling especially when summer is in its pick offers the comfort, It weighs only 1.3kg, and as my best friend says, while traveling even a kilogram matters. So seems that is the great advantage of the product. Besides this feature WebBook gives the user opportunity to easily access to the Internet, download music and access emails, as well as providing basic word processing and spreadsheet software.

The features that Webbook has is not only comfortable for the travelers but for those who lead the business life. Even though the screen may be just 10.2" in display size it boasts full size document and file viewing.

According to the SOURCEWIRE the WebBook is available for free of charge when users take out a broadband package from The Carphone Warehouse at stores across the country and a whole range of webbooks.

Results Reported to the Practicing Perfection Institute Reveal Breakthrough Human Performance and Workplace Safety Improvements Within 14 Months Institute's new video series details the six sigma secrets your competition does NOT want you to know!

Despite the fact that technology development increases day by day human work force is still the unique one. May be it is hard to say unique because each person makes some mistakes, errors the organization then suffers from improving them. But the PRWEB announces through the press release that there we have impressive results released by the Practicing Perfection Institute (PPI). It validates six sigma enhancing approachin order to help any organization.

According to the PRWEB, it's a FACT: Human beings are fallible - workplace safety suffers because everyone makes mistakes. Even though the new approach to reducing errors in the workplace is not crushing all the old paradigms and performance records in six sigma organizations and beyond. But results received from three clients of the Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc. (PPI) prove doubt that this new approach to reducing human error, rooted in six sigma concepts, has profound and almost immediate results.

An electrical transmission organization in central Texas reports a 55.2% reduction in the average number of minutes per month of equipment outage caused by human error through integrating PPI's methods.

A major electrical transmission/distribution company in the northeastern US reports that PPI's own techniques for workplace safety resulted in an almost 75 percent reduction in human error rate -- even in the midst of massive capital expansion employing multiple contractors!

A commercial nuclear power plant was just awarded a STRENGTH by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) for their incorporation of these simple, yet revolutionary, methods
"We are thrilled to see this absolute validation," stated Tim Autrey, CEO of PPI. "This is an entirely new way of addressing the issue of human error. Now that the proof is rolling in, every organization employing human beings should be taking notice and figuring out how they can adopt these (simple) strategies and tools."

According to the surveys conducted by PPI the top four worker performance challenges for all organizations are:

How to get workers to "buy-in"
How to get leaders, managers and supervisors to provide full and honest support
How to get workers to comply with policies and procedures for workplace safety and performance improvement (even when no one is watching)
How to effect genuine culture change

In order to help organizations of all sizes and types enhance their six sigma practices by taking advantage of these entirely new tactics for reducing human error, enhancing workplace safety and improving performance, PPI is offering a series of free online instructional videos over the next couple of weeks at
The Web 2.0 service that ‘voice enables’ text-based Web content launched Talklets. The new service gives opportunities to the users to have text ‘read’ to them immediately in a range of natural voices, or converted to an MP3 file for consumption at another time, and on any compatible device.

The main advantage of the Talklets is that there is no need to download it. It is the software as a service (SaaS) model for TTS. All is needed is to insert a few lines of code into the web pages they wish to voice enable to create the necessary links to Textic’s server platform, later on the selected text is converted into a streaming audio file. User can hear the text read to them by one of a number of predefined voices which closely approximate natural speech. There is no obligation to listen to everything but user can opt to have the selected text converted to an MP3 file which is then downloaded and saved for later use or transferred to, for example, an iPod or mobile phone.

CEO Paul Ayres, launcher of Netscape and RealNetworks in the European market. Commented, “The obvious use of the Talklets service is to satisfy increasingly stringent accessibility requirements which are mandated in legislation around the world. However, stopping there ignores the significant revenue generating opportunities available. Something like 80% of the data consumed on the Web is text and it’s only available now if you’re in front of a readable screen or if it’s printed. Talklets is designed to extract that text and deliver it in a form that meets the increasing demand for anytime, anywhere, any device access to information.

“Website owners need to start thinking how they can use Talklets to extract maximum value from the text based assets they have invested in. The combination of the software as a service model and natural speech means that services can be delivered effortlessly and be completely brand specific. There’s no reason why we couldn’t have Murray Walker voicing motor racing sites, David Frost reading news portals or Kate Moss reading fashion tips. The initial indications we have from our trials suggest that making text more flexible and accessible offers considerable long term benefits by attracting new audiences, increasing engagement and extending user ‘stickiness’.”

Voices of the new service varies from male and female voices in major languages including English (UK & US), French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Greek and Welsh.

Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.” says Milan Kundera. And if so than it is interesting to cover the 5 biggest marketing mistakes in order to avoid them. According to the PRWEB, CEO of Flasch International (, Helmut Flasch, says that "It is a known fact that small business is the backbone of economies throughout the world." But no matter how big the business is it is important to have right marketing approach and be innovative.

Bellow given 5 mistakes provided in the PRWEB shows that one should:

*Recognize you are only in the business of marketing the business you are in and nothing else. Only those who learn and do marketing consistently and smartly will survive and prosper.
*Becoming a 'Jolly Good Fellow' within the community tremendously raises credibility and visibility, much of it through free PR.

* The cut down marketing efforts during a slow economy. That causes shrink of business, but in 1, 2 or 3 years when the economy picks up again, they will be too paralyzed financially to take advantage of the economical upturn.

*Avoid the "Bee-Hopping Approach" to marketing. If you are looking for that one marketing action to bring success and growth, financial hardship and being overworked will be the result. It is always a combination of marketing actions done together that will work.

*You do not have to like a marketing action for it to work. People do not like root canals, having their transmissions fixed or having to stop smoking to stay alive. What counts is that the practice or business increases as a result.

One should only take these mistakes into consideration, but there is no one marketing rule how to solve the problem. The problem solving process comprises of much complex elements, but it is the separate issue.

May be the healing features of jeans will make me go to a shop and buy one pair of some sort of jeans. Though I am not sure. But for those who hardly ever imagined their lives without jeans, and such people really exist, can visit It created a new fashion product "Ayurvedic Organic Jeans". The product consists of the features that can heal the body and help loose weight too, using techniques go back over 5,000 years. This was originated in India, and it's called Ayurveda. So what is the technique of healing? Fabrics are dyed in medicinal herbs.

According to the PRWEB, Ayurveda-treated fabrics expose these medicinal herbs to the body through the skin -- the body's largest organ. Ayurveda-treated fabric may treat skin ailments, diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems, high blood pressure and more. Each dye may contain up to 50 different herbs.

Head of the project Harry Shahari says: "These garments gives us an overall sense of well-being and pride in wearing an all-natural ancient process product, our entire family uses it and it should be on the list of must try for every individual"

Pricing of the product starts from $49 plus shipping for a pair of custom made Ayurvedic Organic Trouser or Jeans.

Jeans lovers are free in choosing stretch or regular denims, provide exact measurements, pick various fits, and specify front and back rise, as well as bottoms. offers Brazilian-style sexy and unique jeans as an add-on fashion choice.

"In stores, Brazilian styles are available only in slim sizes, but we can make any size for anybody, including big and tall, plus size, low or high rise," Harry explains. "Customers just have to buy a pair of custom jeans from our web site, preferably stretch denim, and then add on the Brazilian style that they want from their "Women's Special" category.
The wireless industry will never be the same, announces the PRWEB in the press release. What might be the reason? The reason is that MyWirelessRep has launched and will be a major force in the industry. MyWirelessRep that is backed by a 15 year old communications provider and leadership with over 35 years experience in the communications and direct selling industry, is in an incredible position to tap into the wireless revolution.

$150 billion wireless industry, with over 255 million subscribers is predicted that for 2013 wireless users will reach 100% market penetration.

What are the ways to get 100% coverage? Here is the answer. “On July 18th, 2008 MyWirelessRep became the only company in the world to pay people a true monthly residual income from their wireless phone and wireless internet bills. With a partnership with one of the largest wireless networks in the U.S., MyWirelessRep will be offering industry competitive phones, state of the art phones, and incredible incentives for their wireless customers and representatives.“

MyWirelessRep gives the opportunity to broaden Imagination and give you availability to be paid every time you pay your wireless bill, every time someone you know or even someone you don't know pays their wireless bill.

We recently spoke to one of MyWirelessRep's top producing agents, Ben Sturtevant, and he had this to say; "The difference between our program and our competition is that we pay people to use their service. Think about it, if you give someone a choice between two companies that have the same phones, the same prices on plans, the same quality service, and company A is going to pay you every month and company B will not, which do you think people will choose?"
MyWirelessRep might appear the biggest thing to hit the wireless and Network Marketing/Direct Sales industries in over two decades.

Online advertising attracts more and more attention day by day. Though Zenith Optimedia’s recently released quarterly advertising growth forecast differs from Advertising Age, who highlighted its list of the top online advertisers.

According to the PRWEB, global Internet advertising is anticipated to grow 26.7% in 2008, PRWEB makes this release on the bases of the latest forecast by Zenith Optimedia, The report the growth of the Internet ad market, that breaks the 10% share barrier in 2008.

This growth is resulted by the fact that "Western advertisers are shifting even more of their budgets online, where the returns on their investment are obvious, and easy to quantify and fine tune."

But according to the article «Advertisers slow to embrace online spending" by the Washington Post's Peter Whoriskey, who describes "the grim economic reality," that "[the biggest U.S. advertisers, which have long supported television, radio and print, have not fully embraced the Web."

This article lists disappointing figures. One of the greatest giants Proctor and Gamble spent less than 2% of its ad budget on the Internet in 2007, according to a recent ranking by Advertising Age.
But popular brands have shown up in force online, iContact, a leading email marketing company, who boasts clients such as market leaders AT&T, Vonage, Symantec, International Paper, ReMax, Centex Homes and Viacom, as well as a host of small business owners.

While traditional method of print advertising are utilized most often, an email ad can appeal to the viewer who opts-in in the first place.

Whoriskey says, "Penry Price, Google's vice president of North American advertising sales, noted that although it is relatively easy to do demographic targeting in other media, it is more difficult to get precise information about online audiences for a given Web site."
Still the main success of the online advertising is the low price, that plays great role in utilizing the Internet to especially for small companies who have nothing to lose and everything to gain by moving online.

According to the results one can only ask when the corporations will follow this kind of advertising rather than asking will thay do that at all or not.
The 3G iPhone is gone on the market yesterday July 11, Friday. On same date that Apple Inc. launched its online software store called App Store. The App Store sells hundreds or even thousand of applications such as games, language translators, corporate applications, and more that would work for the iPhone. Apple Inc. hoped that by opening the App Store the same date that the 3G iPhone will be on sale, it can boost the sales of the device.

The latest App Store is the only place where iPhone as well as iPod Touch users can purchase the applications that can be used on their devices. For those who already own an iPhone, the App Store appeared in their device as an icon which is part of the free update. As for the iPod Touch users, they have to pay $9.99 if they want to upgrade their software. There are more than twenty countries that started selling the 3G iPhone on July 11. This helps Apple Inc. to gather hordes of buyers all over the world and to sell at least 10 million units before the year 2008 ends. The highly-anticipated second-generation iPhone can access the World Wide Web two times faster than the first-generation iPhone. Moreover, it also supports third-party software including games. Some third-party software can be purchased at the App Store while others are offered by the third-party software developers for free.

According to analysts, Apple has a greater chance of selling at least one million 3G iPhone units during its first week. This is mainly because Apple Inc. has reached more countries now whereas the first-generation iPhones were only distributed in 6 countries last year.

Mmm, Interesting question. So why are men the happier sex? Because women are the happiest.

Humor cures. But what is the reality? According to, statistics show women make or influence 85% of ALL buying decisions, across the board.

Princeton University’s one of the latest research suggests that men spend 90 more minutes a day than women do having fun. What these 90 more minutes include in itself? Golfing, tinkering or otherwise boondoggling while women are busy. So, with all that extra fun, it's not surprising a separate study, done by the University of Pennsylvania, revealed for the first time in decades that men are the happier sex. But is the 90 minutes more fun enough to be happier?

Just wonder, what are women doing with their time? Shopping, but also making ALLbuying decisions ... from toothpaste, to consumer electronics, to financial services, to home improvement items, to automobiles. If we take only US market, women buyers account for 7 trillion dollars in consumer spending annually.

Well, I am not sure that that is the only thing women are doing. Seems that women are also taking care of business. According to the release, 40% of US companies are headed by women, and 70 % of new businesses are being opened by women.

"Women are no niche market anymore. Women are THE market," according to Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, founder of Red Hot Copy and a nationally recognized expert on marketing to women. "Today, women have more buying power than ever before… and that has changed everything."

Atlanta Technology together with FalconStor Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), that is the market leader in disk-based data protection solutions, to deliver the UK’s first hosted disaster recovery service for small and medium-sized businesses, based on FalconStor technology, presents a ‘back in 60 minutes’ service level agreement.

Atlanta’s solution, disaster protection is provided through the continuous replication of customer data via TCP/IP or FC to two tier one data centres: a primary location operated by Equinix and, from there, to a second location operated by Interxion.Volume level replication makes sure that in case of a failure the volume can be rapidly mounted as a virtual server, with data accessible by the customer within 60 minutes of invocation via a secure connection from any internet-connected device.

Managing Director, Simon Kelson, at Atlanta Technology, said: “We felt there was a gap in the market to provide an affordable and highly effective disaster recovery solution for small and medium businesses. FalconStor Software has provided the technology to enable this service and bring fast recovery times that mean businesses can continue to operate in the face of a disaster event.”

According to the Sourcewire, use of the FalconStor CDP means that Atlanta’s solution offers the following unique competitive advantages:
• Time-based retention policy coupled with on-demand/event-driven bookmarks to facilitate rapid recovery
• Application-awareness to allow the user to restore the data with 100 percent transactional integrity
• Reverse journaling mechanism that provides immediate access to a recent system image
• Flexible configuration (host, switch or appliance-based) that facilitates rapid deployment
• Seamless integration with third-party backup software and VTL to ensure greatest possible return on investment

“The ability to meet Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives are vital to the health and competitiveness of any business,” said Thomas Barrett, regional director, Northern Europe, FalconStor. “FalconStor will team with industry channel partners, such as Atlanta Technology, to offer innovative, fully integrated data protection services to maximize the availability of customers’ IT operations.”

Step into the virtual pages of history. Sounds interesting and attracting. But after one discovers that he/she can write and keep own history online, the issue is much more involving.

According to the through this Web site users can track life achievements, save stories or just jot down a secret family recipe for future generations to access on the Internet whenever they want.

What are the advantages of the site? Well, one can write a letter to their great, great grandchildren the way they lived. It is a kind of travel in the past.

If before that we were searching for the old photos of our grand grandparents in hope to make a chain, know who we are, where from ... On Mark in History users create their own pages, detailing their lisve or the lives of loved-ones. The information will remain accessible on the Internet in perpetuity.

Mark in History’s aim is to preserve the accounts of users through future generations as long as there is an Internet.

Creator, Thomas C. Davis Jr. says he felt inspired by the conversations over family dinners.
“We would talk about family members and end up arguing, in good nature, about this uncle or that grandmother, about who they were and what they did. Something like: ‘Remember when Freddie got a motorcycle and broke his leg? No, no, that was Tony. He had a cast on for two months and lost his job over it,’” says Davis. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just look them up on the Internet and find out? Or look up anyone, here or gone? Find out who they were, what they did in life, how they lived? Unknown heroes? Forgotten family?”
Thomas C. Davis Jr. helps the situation and by Mark in History makes life never forgotten with time.
The actuality of ecology issues is noticeable everywhere in the world and the World Wide Web, too. releases that in order to celebrate the launch of GreenPanTM in the UK and Ireland this October, exclusive distributor Typhoon has partnered with Carbon Clear. It pledged to grow a tree for every item sold from the cookware range. Made up mostly of recycled handles, bodies and lids the GreenPanTM ranges have been designed with the environment in mind.

GreenPanTM Cookware is coated with ThermolonTM to standard PTFE non-stick coatings. The result of it is 50% fewer greenhouse gases during production, this means that carbon footprint is significantly reduced.
These projects must benefit the community implementing them as well as the environment so Carbon Clear works with local groups to implement its sustainable tree-planting projects. Removal of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere is one of the main advantages of the project.

Other advantages are:
A steady income for farmers,
Useful crops such as fruit or medicine, shade for secondary crops and reduce soil erosion.

According to the, Nine trees grown and maintained over a 10 year period will sequester 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (equal to driving over 3,300 miles in an average family car or keeping a traditional 60w light bulb on over 29,000 hours).

Hi, I am a passive smoker. :-( SOS

Technology seems the magic stick that makes dreams real. I came across one of them today. Alen Corporation has launched a new line of air filters for home and office that do not "mask" cigarette and cigar odors like competing products - but rather changes the physical molecular structure of the smoke odor and eliminates it. Alen's new line of MCP air filters removes pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, dust, bacteria, pet, bathroom smells, cooking and musty odors, according to the

MCP that is the abbreviation of - molecular conversion process, it represents the air filters. It permanently removes smoke odors as well as numerous other indoor air allergens.
Alen's new MCP odor filters - BF25A-MP MCP Smoke Odor Filter, TF30-MP MCP Smoke Odor Filter, Gas-MP MCP Max Odor Filter - cost 40% less use over 50% less carbon than similar competing brand air filters.

Alen's MCP air filters’ thin layer of patented odor powder allows maximum air flow through the air filter for superior air purification.

"We are the first manufacturer to provide the consumer with an affordable line of high performance air filters utilizing the unique molecular conversion process," said Peter Mann, CEO of Alen Corporation. "Our value-priced MCP Smoke Odor filters feature three layers - a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and odor filter - providing the most complete smoke, allergen and odor removal from an affordable indoor air filter on the market today. Our heavy duty Max Odor filter has a washable pre-filter, twice the amount of MCP odor powder and activated carbon to remove the strongest odors," concluded Mann.

Alen's new MCP odor filter line includes the following products:
- BF25A-MP MCP Smoke Odor Filter: Contains an all-in-one pre-filter, HEPA filter and MCP odor powder - a concentrated form of the technology that is used with the Alen™ odor sprays. It is designed for use with the Alen™ A350 and A375UV air purifiers. Retail price is $89.
-TF30-MP MCP Smoke Odor Filter: Contains an all-in-one pre-filter, HEPA filter and MCP odor powder. It is designed for use with the Alen™ T100 and T300 air purifiers. Retail price is $89.
-Gas-MP MCP Max Odor Filter: Contains an all-in-one washable pre-filter, activated carbon and MCP odor powder. This filter is designed for maximum odor removal and contains twice the amount of carbon as the BF25A filter for odor adsorption and twice the amount of MCP odor powder for smoke and bathroom odor removal. There is no HEPA media in this filter so the life of the filter is 1-2 years. It is designed for use with the Alen™ A350 and A375UV air purifiers. Retail price is $179.
Do you think that engagement day is the most important for a woman?

Well, according to the PRWeb Millionaire fair in Capri on July 5th hosted the new collection that is the "Engagement Collar." € 15,000 is just the starting.

K9EXCLU that is a joint venture between some Italian companies leader in the jewellery and leather market, represents real definition of luxury accessories and fashion couture for dogs in Europe. It is created by dog lovers for dog lovers.

Particular attention is focused on fashion trends innovating with the concept of dog glamour.
K9EXCLU design products for durability and tailor them for a perfect fit and they use only the finest leather made by Italy's prestigious firms we make your dog's dreams a reality. announces the

Such luxury will be provided to each country in a limited quantity of accessories.

"Boogie SuperStar" - Electronic Art's latest game for the Nintendo Wii system is already announced. But instead of finding Prince Charming, the goal of the game is to beat rival players' singing and dancing skills to earn the grand title of Boogie SuperStar. Players are "discovered" and whisked away in a stretch limo to an island where they hone their skills for the competition. Electronic Arts created the game specifically for female teens.

In the United States, 38 percent of all gamers are female, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

Girls - and boys too - can choose their own character and customize its name, hairstyle and outfit for their performance. They then pick music from a playlist of Top 40 pop songs, including hits from Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Kanye West.

Unlike other popular music games such as "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero," players of the new game dictate how their character or avatar moves on screen. The game includes a microphone that measures players' vocal fluctuations. The motion-sensing Wii controller records their dance moves.

Another upcoming girl-targeted game for the Wii, Sega's "Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek," will also be released in October 2008 with "Boogie SuperStar." Analysts and critics in the gaming industry say both "Boogie SuperStar" and "Nancy Drew" Wii games are a positive step for video game publishers and will help double their consumer base.


To God I speak Spanish, to women Italian, to men French, and to my horse--German. says Jason Chamberlain.

Well, that is absolutely logical, we should talk to each other the way people understand. As for me I do not know Spanish but I talk to God, I do not know Italian but I do talk to women, I do know French a bit and talk to men, well, if they deserve, I do not know German but I do not have the horse, too. What languages do I know then? Well, Native Georgian, English and Russian. I might have known much more but... Never anything is late. (Calmed myself down)

And now, the reason why did I do this introduction, according to the SourceWire, West Midlands business linguistics business admits that On-the-ball companies need to take advantage of a fair wind to avoid missing a ‘staggering’ export opportunity.

Economic development and trends in general determine the success of our business, but is that all we need? No, seems we need to use the bridge of language to make the most of these opportunities, Sue Clarke, of PromoLingua, a Warwick-based language consultancy says.

Seems that one in five Midlands exporting businesses have lost business contracts abroad because of difficulties with language, says the National Centre for Languages.

But small and medium-sized firms are waking up to the value of using linguists to give them better prices, deliveries and profits.

Multilingual Sue, who speaks five languages, founded PromoLingua, It promotes language skills in business, and places multilingual professionals into the Midlands. It supplies linguists from Spanish to Mandarin.

She said: “It is worrying that 20 per cent of companies in the Midlands have lost orders because of export contracts not using the right language skills. “Solving this problem could make the difference to companies’ survival. It’s clear that there are financial benefits and sales opportunities that can be created abroad, so companies are screaming out for language skills.”

Tim Kelly, director at Richard Austin (Alloys) said: “Use of language skills cut the chains holding back our business, by freeing up our position on suppliers.

“Locating different suppliers meant we enjoyed better costs and a wider availability of materials, which lifted and improved our business.”

Sue said: “I helped to build relationships so that we had four suppliers rather than one, bring better prices and deliveries."People in business are also encouraging schools to promote the learning of languages. Using these skills in business is increasingly a benefit.”

A recent survey of British Chambers of Commerce discovered that 80 per cent of English exporters could not competently conduct business dealings overseas in even one foreign language.

While wondering through the world wide web looking for some interesting news leads me to thought of the chain of reaction. Every time I read out information about the new product it seems that it is the continuation of not only techniques but demands and needs that a professional or the users in general have. There is no field without technical support. Today not any business is focused on the whole population but the segments,target audience that has special interests and demands.

The new product I came across this morning is the Apple 1490. It caught my attention because of several reasons. 1. It is designed for travelling designers and editors in order not to worry about protecting their MacBook or laptop, losing the sophisticated graphics and videos contained inside. According to the PRWeb Pelican case provided by CaseCruzer is right choice when traveling long distances or between home and office.

The Apple 1490 laptop case ‘s innovative design is not the only comfort the sole mission of this tough, do-or-die briefcase is to safely secure the creativity of web developers, graphic designers, art directors, photographers, and video editors who travel or commute with an Apple MacBook Pro 15" laptop (and 13.3" MacBook).

The traveling case weighs only 8.7 lbs (when empty). Its outer dimensions are 19.43" L x 13.93" W x 4.69" H.

Pelican features:
airtight - no need to worry about dusty,
sandy or gritty environments - extremely buoyant,
unconditional lifetime guarantee.

1490 laptop case’s specifications also meet U.S. military standards and the carry-on case.

Hardly one can find the field technology is not involved in it. Borders are just faded among different spheres and especially information technology. One of the latest innovation in the field of technology and PR that cought our eyes, is Vocus, Inc. ‘s, (NASDAQ: VOCS) leading provider of on-demand software for public relations management, launch of award-winning public relations management software - Vocus Summer '08. Summer '08 includes more than 40 new features and enhancements for customizing analytics, targeting media and tracking projects and results.

"With easier ways to distribute our news, manage our projects and measure our results, Summer '08 enables us to effortlessly enhance and evaluate our PR program according to our business needs and focus on getting the results we want," said Lyza Swearingen Latham, Director of Marketing at Hostway Corporation "Vocus Summer '08 takes a powerful public relations management system and makes it even more powerful and easier to use."
The latest release of the industry's most advanced on-demand software for public relations professionals.

The main features of Summer '08 include:

  • Increased Collaboration and Planning -- Vocus Summer '08 keeps PR teams in-synch with a clear picture of upcoming activities laid out in a simple calendar view. Users can also generate a complete calendar of upcoming interviews, deadlines and projects in Outlook directly from the Vocus console.
  • Enhanced Tools for Media Targeting -- Vocus Summer '08 now adds social media tools to better target journalists and tailor pitches to increase resulting coverage. Each contact within Vocus with a Wikipedia entry will now include a link to the existing entry, offering instant access to highly-relevant information from one of the world's largest social media websites.
  • Centralized View of all News Distribution Results -- Customers can now track who has opened and read email distributions as well as access the headline impressions and online views generated by PRWeb press releases directly from the distribution tab within the Vocus console to get a complete picture of their campaigns.
  • Customized Analytics Dashboard -- By adding the latest drag and drop technology, users can now instantly re-arrange their dashboard according to personal preferences, choosing from more than 120 standard charts.

"Vocus continues to address the unique and changing needs of the public relations marketplace and enables PR professionals to get their messages to stand out in today's media world," said Bill Wagner, chief marketing officer of Vocus, Inc. "With Summer '08, Vocus continues to advance its award-winning PR software with a stream of innovations that set the standard for the industry."
With Vocus' on-demand model, customers will seamlessly be transitioned to Summer '08 with no software to download or IT-involvement required. Existing Vocus customers will be upgraded to the new release by the end of the week.


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