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Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and author of short stories, Oscar Wilde says that “The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”

Both the past and the future of a man depends on man’s decision how to run the life through. There is no possibility to change past but future. Events and behaviors, sins of our past are the things we are responsible for. Each religion has its ways to forgive the sinner. But the question is not, what are the ways but how much sincere are you in order to be forgiven. Hard to say but there is not an ordinary man without sins. What are our sins?
Christian teaching lists 7 deadly sins.

1.1 Lust (Latin, luxuria)
1.2 Gluttony (Latin, gula)
1.3 Greed (Latin, avaritia)
1.4 Sloth (Latin, acedia)
1.5 Wrath (Latin, ira)
1.6 Envy (Latin, invidia)
1.7 Pride (Latin, superbia)

Looked the list through? Found yourself guilty? What is the resolution of the problem? One should master his/her courage and confess the sin. Where to do that? Well, everybody knows that, but the question is that modern technologies provide us with the “alternative” sources of relieving from our sins. I am not sure would one be forgiven by God if he fills the frame and confesses the sin on but it claims to be friendly Web site, and offers people to let IT out sans the fear of being found out.

The initiator of this idea is one of the largest publishers of romantic fiction, Harlequin Enterprise.
Confessional section of the site is divided into 8 sub-sections. Asks whether you are over 18 or not, lists 7 deadly sins, and allows you to vote for the category of deadly sin and fill the frame with the description of it.

“Do you want to get something off your chest? Admit something you've never told a soul? So visit find out some statistics and wait for 2008 Confessions report.
The great variety of languages confronting an average person every single day have created a lot of headache. Especially if the boss is strictly demanding translations of a document at his desk till the end of the working day.

If this is a way things are done at your job, you should hear good news from Fuji Xerox - which has begun to produce photocopy machines translating the Japanese text into Chinese, English and Korean.

The copying machine is connected to the translation server. It is equipped with the hardware containing algorithms, which can distinguish between the written text, lines and pictures, so as the original layout of a newspaper, a magazine or a document will be preserved.

Unfortunately for the tired office workers all over the world, the miracle-copying machines are currently available only in Japan. Whether the new invention will do a better job in the matters of syntax as compared to Babel Fish or Google Translate, is still unknown.

However, the hopes for better future still rest with the Fuji Xerox new copier.

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It looks like businesses have finally started embracing web 2.0 principles. At least, Cisco Systems is actively moving into this direction. On Thursday, Cisco announced that the company plans to acquire Latigent, a Chicago-based business intelligence and analytic reporting tools provider.

Latigent was co-founded in 2002 by CEO Chris Crosby and CTO Jason Kolb, who will both join Cisco after the close of the acquisition. The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of Cisco's 2008 fiscal year.

With this move, Cisco will be making a push into Web 2.0. Web 2.0 applications have already proven that when it comes to collaboration, the principles underlying web 2.0 are effective.
Microsoft Corp’s Video Game -“Halo 3”outdid all the video games, and movies and set an opening-day U.S sales record of $170 million. “Halo 3” overcame even movies such as Spider-Man 3 -$59 million, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', and ”Halo 2” too-$125 million, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter estimates that 2.5 million copies were sold starting with midnight store promotions coast to coast, meaning one-fifth of all Xbox 360 owners bought a copy in the first 24 hours. "I would guess that the number is 1 million higher in a week, and double by year end."

GameStop's Bob McKenzie calls Halo 3 the biggest title in the history of the 4,400-store chain. And Best Buy's Brian Lucas says: "It's safe to say Halo 3 is on track to be probably the biggest gaming title that we have ever seen. It's definitely a phenomenon."

"Halo 3" is targeted firmly at the Xbox's core male audience, for whom realistic combat games are a staple.

Halo 3 is launched in 37 countries and is available in 17 languages. It retails for around $60.

In the last 20 hours over 1,7 million copies were pre-ordered in the US.
Tatyana Barabanova, 43 years old, Siberian woman gave birth to her 12th child, Nadia. She weighs not less than 7.75 kg (17.1 lb). Family members are surprised but as the mother says each of her children weighed more than 5 kg.

Still, It is not the world record. 10.2 kg baby was born in Italy, and the other 10.8 kg in the United States of America.
Recently a new European Web 2.0 social networking site called has been launched. uses Web 2.0 tools which are very attractive for younger generations, but still accessible to more mature ones. Overall, the website offers many web 2.0 tools (blogs, photo galleries, member profiles, videos, real-time news, etc) found on other social networking web sites. However, compared to existing social networks in Europe, has been designed to be easily localized in every European language, instead of focusing on one or two national markets.
A Montreal-based internet start-up company Praized Media Inc announced today that the company has secured $1 million funding from Garage Technology Ventures Canada.

The start-up operates in a stealth mode and at the moment it is unknown what company's exact product will be. However, it is known that Praized Media Inc. is working on a sofware that will connect blogs, social networks, and local search in ways never seen before.
A group of students, cooperating with the IBM during the 12 weeks of camping (a program initiated by the University of East Angela, UK) were able to invent new software converting the spoken and written language into the sign language. The system called “SISI” ( Say it sign it ) will be a great help to the deaf and dumb people worldwide. The program is directed by the “Digital Person” translating the spoken or written words into the universal sign language

According to the IBM spokesman the new software will immediately solve the long-standing problem of lack of interpreters in various events.

Apart from this, the new program will be used for the automatic translation of the TV and Radio programs, as well as for the translation of incoming telephone calls.

The new technological achievement has got the approval from “The Royal Institute for the Deaf in Britain”. Gedo Gebelz, Director of the Institute for New techniques stated that: "our Institute welcomes any new technical discovery which helps the deaf to benefit from the informational technology”.

Finally it’s interesting to mention that although the program functions only in English now, according to one of the participants of the project, it will be possible to add several other languages to the translation list.

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What Is the Result of Reversing Following Combination of Letters YENTIRB SRAEPS?
Will not make you lose time and say that it is Britney Spears.
Want to know more about her?
There are lots of web sites about her:
Britney Spears
World of Britney
Britney Spears -
Britney Spears - IMDb
Britney Spears - Yahoo! Music
Britney Spears Video Pictures -
who is britney spears
Britney Spears

Well, if I list all the links existing in the world of internet, I should say that there is no time and patience. There are about 41,600,000 results spread over 100 pages. Just type Britney Spears.

I am not a fan of her. But Even if you are not, it is impossible not to hear about her on TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet. The latest news I came across about her is that she hit the parked car and was charged with misdemeanor hit and run causing property damage. She's also charged with driving without a valid license.

Seems she had left neither note for the driver of the vehicle, nor police report. There could have been known nothing about this accident if not the video. It shows that pop star is much more concerned with the damage of her own car rather than the other drivers’.

According to the California Vehicle Code the owner should leave their information in a conspicuous place and inform local law enforcement of the incident.

Based on the facts the “prosecution claims Spears "did willfully and unlawfully fail, neglect, and refuse" to do that.”

Britney Spears faces six months in jail or a $1,000 fine for each of the misdemeanor counts. The arrangement is set for October 10.
The famous site of electronic sales, "EBAY" recently withdraw the declaration Belgium on sale from their list. The announcement was published on the 15th of September. Just in several days price of Belgium had increased from the initial price of 1 euro to 10 million euros ( 13.9 million $ ).

The author of the advertisement, a former journalist Geritt Seks divided Belgium into three parts (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia ) and put them on sale separately, since according to him, purchasing the whole country would be too expensive.

The most amusing detail in this entire story is the fact that Seks warned the prospective owners about the 300 million national debt. In case of purchasing separate pieces of Belgium, each new owner would have to pay just 100 million euros each.

As Seks has later commented, his sole aim was to attract attention, what he undoubtedly achieved, as he has become a favorite respondent of the reporters

The Spokeman of the EBAY say : this is not the first time Belgium is put on sale.

Well, it seems so. At least, Apple has forgotten that there people with ear disabilities out there. When iPhone is held up to a cochlear implant and or a hearing aid it gives out a loud buzzing interference.

Due to this problem, a group representing people with a hearing loss filed complaints with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission last month. The group is accusing Apple Inc. of not making its iPhone compatible with hearing aids.

This complaint may turn pretty expensive for Apple. Results may vary from paying refunds to customers with disabilities to redesigning the device altogether. However, according to documents posted on the FCC's Web site, Apple may not be required to make changes to the iPhone. "Handset manufacturers that offer two or fewer digital wireless handsets in the U.S. need not comply with the hearing aid compatibility compliance obligations," the FCC states.

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Stanford University's Folding@Home program studies proteins to understand their goal in cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other diseases. Of course, this kind of research requires enormous computing power. The University's network has been running 200,000 computers.

PlayStation 3 owners are able to hook their consoles to the network and help the program accomplish its goals. Since March 15, 600,000 PlayStation 3s have been connected to the program delivering a petaflop performance to the university's network.

The software to connect PlayStation 3 to the network is provided by Sony. The application is free and donates computing power from your PlayStation 3 to the network when your console is idle.

PlayStation 3 is an extremely powerful machine, far more powerful than average home computers. PlayStation 3's multiple 3.2 GHz cell processors deliver nearly 1.8 teraflops of computing power.
Toshiba, known as the world leader in high technology, produces advanced electronic and electrical products, spanning information & communications equipment and systems, Internet-based solutions and services, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, and household appliances.
This time Toshiba offers Cell Based ‘Stream Processor’. And what does it do? To judge generally, cell processors fill the gap between conventional desktop processors and specialized high-performance ones. The new product, processor is called the SpursEngine. On October 2, it is expected to be introduced. The objects, new cell processors will serve are: PCs, special concept notebooks. SpursEngine is mostly designed for processing video stream.
“According to the company, the system will "instantaneously recognize and process changes in position, angle, and facial expression," rendering them as computer graphics.”

There are four synergistic processing elements. Only the half is used for a full Cell Chip. The low power need for the processor is resulted by the prototype SpursEngine ability to operate at 1.5 GHz and according to the information provided by SCI -TECH SpursEngine consumes 10 to 20 watts.

Nowadays the inventions are more energy efficiency oriented. SpursEngine is one of the products that serve this purpose providing the customers with the corresponding values and high performance in the highly competitive market.
You are deleting a lot of files from your computer every day, and some time later you again find yourself regretting about the deletion of some of those files? Well, not any more!

The designers have invented a new dustbin connected with the desknote via an Wire-less connection or Bluetooth.

The new recycle bin is equipped with a special CD connected to your computer. Every time you are deleting a file from your computer, a copy of this file is sent zipped to the dustbin. After being entirely full, the dustbin will send a signal of alert, requiring some files to be removed permanently. The project of the new dustbin is still placed on the designers' shelf, waiting some big company to purchase the design and to provide the new invention to the global market.
Electronics, Volume 38, Number 8, April 19, 1965 that published Gordon “Moore’s Law” says that the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit doubles every 18-24 months. Moore’s evaluation is as following: “…The object was to miniaturize electronics equipment to include increasingly complex electronic functions in limited space with minimum weight.”

Today’s achievements show the results of all the theorized and later practically realized viewpoints of Gordon Moore, “Silicon Valley has kept up with his widely accepted maxim for more than 40 years, to the point where a new generation of chips, which Intel will begin to produce next year, will have transistors so tiny that four million of them could fit on the head of a pin.”

According to the predictions of Gordon Moore by about 2020 his Law will come up against the laws of physics. "Another decade, a decade and a half, I think we'll hit something fairly fundamental,"declares Gordan Moore on the Intel’s twice annual conference.

Processors that are going to be launched in November contains 45 nanometers. New family processors are expected to be so advanced that “a single chip will contain as many as 820 million transistors.”

As we know the Silicon-based manufacturing is known as “bulk CMOS,” it is more like a ‘top-down’ approach. But as Jim Tully, chief of research for semi-conductors at Gartner, says, in bottom-up approach the chips will be assembled using individual atoms. The main issue that should be covered is that programs should take full advantage of advanced technology. Otherwise there is going to be no benefit from it.

Gordon Moore in his seventies wishes to “come back in 100 years from now and see what has been developed.” And who does not wish?

According to NPD Group's video game sales data for August, Wii and DS are still the top sellers. However, after price cut on Xbox 360, sales of Microsoft's game console have boosted by 63% and have surpassed PlayStation 2 sales.

If we take into account that both PlayStation 3 and Wii sales have declined in August, Xbox 360 sales dynamics are pretty impressive. Moreover, the release of Halo 3 is expected to further increase Xbox 360 sales.
Today European Union court dismissed Microsoft's appeal against an EU antitrust order that ordered it to share communications code with rivals and sell a copy of Windows without Media Player. The court upheld a $689 million fine as well.

The software giant has two months to appeal the decision to the EU's highest court, the European Court of Justice. The company lawyer didn't say whether Microsoft will or won't appeal.

Scotland has lost a national hero and the motorsport world - a man with extraordinary spirit. Rally legend Colin McRae along with his five-year-old son died in a helicopter crash on Saturday.

McRae became the first Briton to win the World Rally Championship in 1995. McRae was devoted to motor sport with his heart and his soul. He has taken part in Le Mans, Paris-Dakar and even piloted Martin Brundle's Formula 1 car.

McRae is extremely popular in the world of computer games. The first Colin McRae Rally was released in 1998 by Codemasters followed by the second release in 2000. The second release was available both for PC and PlayStation. The latest game DiRT's PlayStation 3 edition was released on 14th of September, day before McRae's death. All of the games were inspired by the legendary driver.

The world of motorsport will never be the same without McRae.
That is a very good question with variety of answers. While searching for information about patents and plagiarism facts, one can come across to tenth of web pages of different countries, different prices and different conditions , with different obstacles about patents.

The UK Intellectual Property Office provides following prices for: the process of the patent - GBP 200, a preliminary examination - GBP 30, a search - GBP 100, and a substantive examination - GBP 70. As for the Cornell University Law School provides the information about Patent Law.

United States Patent and Trademark Office identifies following types of patents:
Provisional Patent Application
Non-provisional (Utility) Patent Application Filing Guide
Design Patent Application Filing Guide
Plant Patent Application
International Application

It is easy to notice that all the procedures listed above is time consuming and a bit expensive, too, in comparison with the resolution of the problem provided by the Online-Witness. That asks just to “Fix the data of your know-how online.”

There are three main steps through which one can manage easily and avoid time consuming and expensive procedures:

- Free registration on our web site - Create a project for your know-how- Describe your know-how most detailed including its newness, benefits, features etc.

Online-Witness provides the evidence in the form of on-line certificate. The certificate provides the information, when and whom was the work, invention, or idea presented by? Online-Witness guarantees that the online version of the certificate and the paper copy signed and stamped will be produced automatically upon the request. Online-Witness is the third party witness that has the acknowledgement that the product, idea or invention was registered at the certain date.

Types of the information that are available to post on the web site are: Textual, graphical, Binary Files.

There are several reasons, why one prefers to choose exactly Online-Witness to protect his or her, works, ideas, inventions... Free, Quick, Accessible.

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In business correct timing can draw a line between success and failure. Many products have failed because they were introduced early, when the market was not ready for it. Delays can have even more devastating effect on the product's future. In video gaming consoles market timing is even more critical.

We are witnessing how Sony PlayStation 3 is losing its battle to Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's XBox 360.

A $50 price reduction has given a 63% sales boost to Microsoft. A $100 price reduction was required on PlayStation 3 for Sony to get the same effect. Sony's further actions may include introduction of a new 40 GB Playstation 3 at $399 and dropping the price of the 80 GB offer to $499. But will these measures be enough to stay competitive?

In the video gaming market price is not the only vector. Availability of high quality titles is the most critical factor. This has more dramatic effect on success than having the best hardware. Nobody is impressed by superior hardware if adequate games are not available for a system. And this is where Sony is losing the game.

No doubt, Blu-ray disk is a great thing but the very advantage of the media format has turned out a to be a big disadvantage. Simply, gamers have to wait longer for killer games. And this sometimes can translate into waiting from several months to an year. While Playstation 3 gamers are waiting for developers to release high quality titles, gamers on XBox 360 are already enjoying killer games.

Gamers will have to wait for at least 6 months before playing such highly acclaimed games like like God of War, Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4. This means that the only means for Sony to stay competitive is to cut prices. But again, for hardcore gamers a $100 difference is not a big deal. What they want is to be able to play the games they want the most. So the question is, if Sony can hold out that long.

Let me pose you a simple question. What will you get if you combine 60% entertainment, 35% "facts you never knew you didn't care about until now" and approximately 5% serendipitous connection to things directly related to you?

Okay, let me give you one more hint. Dale Carnegie has said: "Remember that to him or her, a person´s name is the sweetest most important sound in any language.". I guess you are guessing what we are talking about. Yes, about our names. Did you know that you could so many things with your name? A couple of ideas. You can translate your name into different languages, for example into Latin. You could count vowels in your name. You could rhyme your name. Well, the possibilities are endless. But don't beat your brains. I'll show you a better way to get fun with your name.

Here we go dear. Open up your browser (pardon, I guess you have already done so as long as you are reading this post) and visit Then simply, type in your first name and last name and get a maximum pleasure with the "sweetest most important sound in any language".

...or, look at what you can find on these famous names:
Sahara Computers and Electronics Ltd. (SCEL) is the largest joint venture between Sahara India Pariwar (SIP) and Sahara Computers (Pty) Limited, South Africa (SSA) in India . It produces computers, laptops and peripherals.
Sahara Computers were first launched in 1997. It is distributed globally and “covers both established and emerging markets. The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the official distributor and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a variety of top international vendors.”

The new product that Sahara is going to launch is a new range of Sahara laptop and desktop computers.

The laptop screen of 15.4” wide is based on the power of Intel Core Duo Processor. “Weighing about 2.46 kg, the other features included are built-in high definition audio, inbuilt wireless card, super multi DVD-RW, wireless, LAN, HDD Access, Quick start buttons, and power button. With 8-cell battery that has a life of 4 hours, it's available with 3-year warranty and immediately available with Sahara dealers for Rs 35,999 (taxes excluded).”

Sahara Computers and Electronics Limited are going to make great investments and plan to invest around Rs 400 crores over the next 2 years. The main purpose is to reach the maximum of Indian market as the demand for the technology is increasing. By this investment, Sahara guarantees success on Indian market by 2007. SCEL chief operating officer George Van Der Merwe said in a statement about their plans: “The challenge that we take on is not only to compete within the existing space but to bring innovative products at aggressive pricing and combine this with unique marketing initiatives that will in totality lead to greater penetration of the product in yet untapped markets.”

The company is going to invest over Rs 100 crores to develop strong network that covers Indian market and create retail stores for the products.
$100 million in fines and 0 points in the 2007 season's constructors' championship is FIA World Motor Sport Council's final verdict for the McLaren-Mercedes team. McLaren-Mercedes drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have not been penalized and are free to continue their fight for the drivers' title.

We expect the FIA to explain the reasons behind the Council's decision today. This should be followed by McLaren's decision to appeal or not.

On the website there is a poll about the verdict. It seems that the public opinion is divided evenly with a slight advantage to those who think that the decision was fair.
I too believe that the decision was fair. I would be extremely disappointed if the verdict had affected McLaren drivers. Both Alonso and Hamilton should have a right to fight for the title. Ferrari is satisfied with McLaren verdict. No surprise here. Scuderia has practically secured the championship title in this year.

Hopefully, the spy saga will be over and everybody will pay attention to the battle on the circuit. Let's hope that this case will be the last in the history of Formula One.

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India Digital Life Style Distributors Pvt. Ltd. whose mission is to provide the customers the products of high quality at competitive prices, good working conditions and prompt service with timely deliveries , launches its new, compact and portable Parrot Party Bluetooth speaker system in 10 days. Its main new feature is that even if the system does not have Bluetooth it can get hold of the standard of RCA input. With this new system is it available to listen music for 4 hours. The parrot has two audio effects. The first one is “Stereo Widening broadens the music to fill a room; and the second effect - Virtual Super Bass - reinforces the bass frequencies, the company claims.”

The most important feature Parrot Party Bluetooth speaker has is that there is no need for installing different software to send the play list to the Party Bluetooth speaker, it is able to stream device to Cell Phone, Personal Computer, CD players.
Price of the product is not decided yet.

IDLDPL proves that it serves the promised values. The official site for IDLDPL announces in its values and declares: “CEO was motivated by the personal value that technology should be easy to use, which caused his company to spawn a technology revolution. Whatever one's values, when we take them to heart and implement them in the smallest details of our lives, great accomplishment and success are sure to follow.”
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices is the customer-centric innovation company. AMD gives the clients availability to make smart choice. It makes technology more accessible to the world, focuses on best meeting the needs of leading computing, wireless and consumer electronics companies to “deliver high-performance, energy-efficient and visually realistic solutions.”

AMD introduced its new product-Quad-Core Opteron processor that promises a 50% increase in performance, virtualization, investment protection. As AMD’s official site claims the Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor is “the industry’s first native x86 four core processor. It sets AMD apart as the innovation leader in the x86 server microprocessor market. ...Conceived and developed with a close eye on customer needs, the breakthrough Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor design and architecture gives server customers cutting-edge computing.”

Hector Ruiz, chairman and chief executive officer says that they “worked closely with customers and partners to design a new generation of processing solutions embodied by today’s Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor – a four-way winner in performance, energy efficiency, virtualization and investment protection. Early customer response has been extremely positive.”

The main advantage of The Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor is that it turns off all the unused parts of the processor that is more energy efficient, and it has Dual Dynamic Power Management system that supplies power to the memory controller.

The Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor is positioned to be an all-star within AMD’s broad portfolio of open, scalable, reliable, high-performance solutions.”
It looks like that in Formula One the battle from the circuit has shifted towards the court rooms and FIA World Motor Sport Council summits.

Tomorrow may prove to be a crucial day for the leading team. If the McLaren-Mercedes team is found guilty, not only does the team face multi-million dollar fee, but potential punishment includes disqualification from this season and from the next as well. Not a promising outlook for the British-German team.

Unfortunately, some sources speculate that McLaren will drag other teams as well in the case and will require adequate sanctions against such teams. According to the sources, Flavio Briatore's team is the one that McLaren will try to drag into the case. But the Renault boss is calm and accuses his vis-a-vis at McLaren Ron Dennis of “throwing stones everywhere” in an attempt to deflect pressure. This might prove to be a good strategy for McLaren to shift attention from the main point but it might turn to be a critical decision as well.

But what do we, passionate Formula One fans gain from this? I have been a big fan of Formula One for many years now and the royal sport is experiencing degradation.

Come on guys, be serious about the sport. Concentrate your resources and energy on your cars, drivers, the team. We like Formula One because of the joy that it brings to us on the grid not in the room. We love observing the battle of your pilots, not the battle of your lawyers.

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People interested in modern trends always seek news and try to be absolutely involved in the world of changes. But there are thousands of professional sites that serve the publics right to know. But different spheres are of different importance according to the interests of the users.

There are hundreds of web addresses I visit during a day. One of them was The first thing I noticed was the color garish green that is changed to gray. It is more convenient to search for the information on the web now. The made some changes in content management, too. Alongside News, Jobs, Advertising, freelance, Training, Events and Awards the web is added tabs for the recommendations of related news on other sites and J-blogs. lists Best of journalism Blogs. Each change should bring innovation and new attitude to the issue.

As it is mentioned above the worth of is $268,721.04. Let’s visit Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog and investigate direction of future changes.
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There is good news for prospective brides and grooms in India. Thanks to, your dream hubby or wife may be just a click away.

India's fastest growing matrimonial portal is promoted by The Times of India group, the largest media & entertainment conglomerate in the country.'s mission is to become a one-stop platform for prospective brides and grooms to meet and communicate with each other.

The web site uses the latest technologies, is marginally easy to use and is very user-friendly. Getting married is a serious enterprise, but makes it so much fun.

You can join absolutely free of charge. Though, to take full advantage of the platform, you can upgrade to a platinum or diamond membership accounts.
The fourth annual Web 2.0 Summit will be held in San Francisco on October 17 - 19, 2007.

John Battelle of Federated Media and Tim O'Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly Media will moderate the conference. The event is co-produced by O'Reilly Media and CMP Technology and this year's conference theme is "The Web's Edge."

Speakers include Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T; Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft; and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe will have a "dinner keynote conversation."

eBay CEO Meg Whitman will be participating as well. eBay is a gold sponsor of the event.
iPhone's international plan for data services in 29 countries (most of them are European countries) costs $24.99 for 20 megabytes. In countries outside the plan charges can hit a $20 per megabyte mark. iPhone has a "neat" feature, which regularly updates e-mail, even when the phone is off and this can translate into pretty solid amounts.

At least, this is what happened to Jay Levy and his family by using iPhone during their Mediterranean cruise. Their three iPhones generated a whopping $4,800 bill.

But the Levys are not alone. A 68 year old real estate agent from Bronx, Herbert Kliegerman said he incurred $2,000 while visiting Mexico. Kliegerman filed a lawsuit seeking class-action status in New York State Supreme Court last week. Simple, Apple did not properly disclose the international roaming charges. Kliegerman was offered a $1,5000 refund from AT&T Wireless but the real estate agent is seeking a full refund.

Interestingly, the 6,707-word terms and conditions document on the AT&T Web site says: "Substantial charges may be incurred if phone is taken out of the U.S. even if no services are intentionally used.". Wow, Kliegerman's chances are pretty slim of winning the case.

It seems to me that iPhone's honeymoon is over and the device has started facing difficulties of the real-world. Will iPhone survive or will Apple experience the same fiasco as the company did with personal computers? That is the question.

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In one of previous posts I talked about a possibility of using custom ringtones on iPhone. The loophole was found by a MacRumors forum user. By following the method described by the user, it was possible to sync custom ringtones to your iPhone for free.

Apple was very quick to fix this problem in the iTunes 7.4. Within 24 hours of releasing iTunes 7.4, users were alerted to the availability of iTunes 7.4.1, which of course does not allow using free ring tones. Thus, if you have iTunes 7.4 on your computer, you may refrain from updating to 7.4.1. Decide yourself what you need. The "latest" version of the software or ability to use free ring tones.

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The International Automobile Federation has issued a statement according to which, the federation had summoned their World Motor Sport Council again for a hearing in Paris on September 13th to consider the development of a Ferrari-McLaren spy case.

The meeting on the 13th is in effect replacing the appeal hearing, which has been filed by Ferrari after the WMSC decided not to punish this year's leading team in July.

The situation up to date is that McLaren was found to be in possession of Ferrari's confidential 780 page material. However, as the WMSC has found, the team has not benefited from it in the championship battle. FIA's representative has mentioned that new evidence had emerged in the spy case but the representative has not made any comments.

The bottom line is that if McLaren is found guilty, the team may get disqualified not only from this, 2007 season, but from the 2008 season as well. So, quite much is at stake for the McLaren-Mercedes team, which at the moment is leading the constructors' championship by 11 points to Ferrari.

Finally, you may like to read the following articles about the spy case:

McLaren face second Stepneygate hearing by

UPDATE 1-F1 body says has new evidence in spy case by Reuters UK

McLaren and Hamilton face fresh threat from Ferrari by The Independent

Ferrari say truth will out in F1 spy hearing by GUARDIAN

Hamilton Dream Under Threat by Daily Express
Here we have another surprise from Apple. On Wednesday, Steve Jobs announced that the company was cutting the price of the 8GB model by 33%, which makes a whopping $200. Thus, Apple's miracle device 10 weeks after its launch costs only $399.

Customers are angry and so are company's investors. How can this move be explained? The first idea that comes to mind is that Apple is not able to meet the forecasts and has taken more aggressive marketing action.

However, I see a different picture here. I strongly believe that in business succeed not the best products but those products which are accompanied by the the biggest buzz and hype. In our complicated world, marketing is something almost a mystical thing. Little marketing details can make dramatic difference. Let's notice a couple of things.

Have you noticed how many blogs, websites and shows are devoted to iPhone? I can't remember any other product with such a huge buzz as Apple's iPhone. I must say that Steve Jobs did the most marvelous job in this respect.

The deal was made with AT&T only. Boom, the phone is locked for any other carrier. Want an iPhone? You are welcome to grab one, come and subscribe to AT&T. Want to use the device with other carriers? No problem, do some hardware tweaking and the phone is unlocked. Don't want to deal with soldering? Oh, there are already at least a couple of different alternatives to unlock the phone at the software level. Had it be possible to use the phone with other carriers, that lucky guy would not have got a brand new car for his unlocking software and gazillion of bloggers would not have been able to write nice posts about this fact. How many blog posts, news articles and rumour has arisen about unlocking iPhone? Countless!!!

The phone doesn't have support for Java. Is it good or bad? After all Java game development industry is estimated to be a billion-dollar industry. But let's sacrifice ability to use Java software on iPhone to the hype and buzzword and as a side effect to stability of the device.

No, no and again no. We are still not able to sell as many iPhones as we would love to. What do we do next? Yes sure, let's cut the price by $200. Wait, you can buy many different cell phones under $200 and this guy is reducing the price by $200. What about those people who have paid original price? Good news for them, if they have not opened the phone they can take advantage of the Apple's refund policy.

But how did the investors react? They did exactly as expected. Apple's share prices dropped by more than 5% just overnight. That's bad but the action (price cut) leads the company to even more aggressive marketing campaign. At the same moment Apple introduces an array of new digital products.

All in all, I see that Apple is playing a risky but well thought out marketing game. Where will it lead? Oh, we only have to wait and see.
When your own heart upsets one should place it on the Wellcome Collection in central London. Why?

Thousands of people suffer from different types of heart diseases.

Each of them are different individuals, with different responsibilities, demands but of the same wish to have healthier Heart. 23 years old, Jennifer Sutton is one of those who suffered from restrictive cardiomyopathy. She saves her life by donated heart. Today she lent her heart to the Collection. Exhibition’s mission is to emphasize the medical and cultural significance of the heart and increase the awareness of organ donation .

This will help to decrease the number of deaths caused by heart diseases. As BBC news announces, statistically

Four out of 10 deaths in the UK are from heart and circulatory disease, according to the British Heart Foundation.

On average heart patients wait 103 days for a suitable organ to become available.
Last year 28 patients died while listed for a heart transplant.

The Wellcome exhibition, which runs until 16 September, includes work by artists Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
If you belong to the generation that had cell phone in the pocket, the question may sound quite valid to you. What do we really need in our pockets, a phone to make phone calls or a tiny computer? Modern mobile phones, better known as smartphones, are really complex devices with full featured operating systems, various applications and a lot of functionality. But do we need all that?

I like changing mobile devices every three or four months. My current device, Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox T830 is an extremely advanced device with almost all possible means of cummunications (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, GPS) present on-board. The hardware is quite fast and the device runs a Windows Mobile 5.0 from Microsoft. Unfortunately, often in critical moments the device simply crashes or halts and I'm simply unable to do the major function of the device - to make a phone call - without restarting the device.

I believe this is what Steve Jobs meant when he explained why there would be no Java present in iPhone. Yes, it's true that Java development (especially gaming) may be a multi-billion dollar industry and it also may be true that Jobs has lost his grasp on reality again but he is right. Java is slow, bloated and not very reliable. On the other hand, we cannot simply ignore the fact that Java is an extremely widespread development platform for mobile devices.

So the big question is what we really need. If you need a simply cool multimedia phone and third party applications are irrelevant to you go for iPhone. If you need an all-in one device (yes yes, FTP client, Newsreader, Remote Desktop, even a Bittorent client are some of the applications that I have on my mobile phone) then go for a Windows Mobile or Symbian device.
According to, an undisclosed amount of counterfeit DVDs and PlayStation games were seized in a Police raid held at the Valletta open market on Sunday morning.

Interestingly, 2,400 counterfeit DVDs and CDs were seized during the previous raid held at the Valletta open market in May.

I spent my vacation in Malta in August and the island is really nice. I did not have a chance to visit the Valletta open market but got a couple of PSP games at the baystreet and the disks were genuine. So, I guess it's at the open market where you can get pirated disks.

Anyway, Malta is not in the list of countries that USTR has placed either on a Priority Watch List or a Watch List.
Ubisoft's upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter Haze will be available for Playstation 3 only. No PC, no XBox, no Wii. The company has already stated that it does not have any current plans to bring this game to other consoles and the PC.

Originally to be a multiplatform game will be available to Sony PS3 exclusively and will be released in November of this year.

If the game turns out to be a successful one, it will seriously boost PlayStation 3 sales. PS3 needs a couple of successful exlcusive titles and I believe Haze will be one of them.
An Indian businessman and a member of the upper house of the Parliament of India, Vijay Mallya has acquired the Spyker F1 Team.

Mallya, who is the chairman of the United Breweries Group and Kingfisher Airlines puts India back on the F1 circuit. Not only will India be mentioned in the updated name of the company, but this will give a perfect chance to Indian drivers to be on the circuit. Especially, this might turn to be a golden opportunity for Narain Karthikeyan.

India still hopes to secure a place in the Formula 1 calendar. The nearest opportunity is 2009. However, Mallya is already expecting a German designer Herman Tilke, who has done Bahrain, Istanbul and is now working on Singapore. Tilke will be flying to Delhi on Monday and will check the suitability of two-three sites.

Photo copyright Jonathan Drake/Bloomberg News /Landov
Sony has announced that the company will decrease prices on PlayStation 3 in the US market. The price will be cut as soon as the older models are sold out.

In one of my previous posts I have analyzed the gaming console market. The competition is extremely tough. This month, Microsoft and Nintendo cut the price of the Wii and Xbox 360 by $50. Total sales were 425, 000 and 170,000 respectively for the Wii and the Xbox 360.

Sony's decision to cut price on the new model shall further boost sales.
iPhone users no longer need to hack the phone to use custom ring tones. To put custom ring tones on your device you can use a cool little utility called iToner from Ambrossia Software, Inc.

With iToner, a $15 utility, the process requires only dragging and dropping audio files onto the single-window interface and then hitting the Sync button. You don't even need to restart the phone to use the ring tones. Moreover, as the developer claims, the ring tones will be available even after a firmware update is applied to the phone.

iToner requires Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later. A 30-day trial period is available.
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