“Time is Money.” Consumers Behavior with Slow Websites from Compuware Gomez

Saying of Benjamin Franklin “Time is money” maintains actuality almost in everything. Among which is the Information Technology. Several times, we covered the topic of approximate total number of websites in the world. According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey, on the basis of December 2009 results, there are around 233,848,493 websites available on World Wide Web. So why we touched this issue once more? The reason is a very interesting survey from Compuware Gomez that I came across this morning.

According to Gomez, the findings of a survey shows that a significant portion of U.S. consumers will quickly abandon websites that perform slowly as the users’ poor tolerance for poor performance on PC and Mobile Web, undergoes significant changes.

As stated on the official site, the independent survey, “When Seconds Count,” was conducted for Gomez by Equation Research and queried 1,004 web and mobile users. The results show that about 1/3 (32%) of consumers will start abandoning slow sites between one and five seconds; 84% are only willing to try a slow performing website a few times before giving up, and 39% say speed is more important than functionality for most websites, while only one in five rank greater site functionality as more important.

The survey included in the research, not only computer users but mobile site users, too. Seems a third of all web users are also using a mobile device to access the Internet. These users, like the computer users, prefer quick and fast load on the mobile phone.

What are the future threats for the slow sites?

The survey results clearly show that more than a third (37 percent) would not return to a slow site, and 27 percent would likely jump to a competitor’s site.

Except frustration users feel, they are sometimes unable to accomplish tasks. To be more precise, let’s take the survey results where we can see that more than 80 percent of users can not accomplish their tasks, and about 47 percent say they have frequently abandoned sites where they couldn’t finish their tasks in the past three months.

Full survey findings are at http://bit.ly/aIQfsw

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