iPad with StoryPages 2

One more iPhone app SpinThought® StoryPages for iPhone users that gives anyone opportunity to create illustrated stories or guides of any kind and deliver them quickly and easily.

According to the Spinthought, StoryPages is as much attracting for the users as it lets the users create storyboard style pages with your drawing in a top panel and typed text in a bottom panel like a storyboard used during movie production.

Besides drawing in fullscreen (landscape or portrait) and optionally adding a background, StoryPages can be used for sketching movie scenes, animations, and comics. In case one is lack of some papers or other tools to take notes, with Spinthought it is available to keep a record of product ideas, visual instructions, help files, construction and restoration projects, teacher curriculum, travelogues, hobbies, dream recording and more.

This new IPAD VERSION will be available at the grand opening of the new IPAD only app stores.

Among the new features of the new features in StoryPages 2 include:

  • Full-screen landscape support
  • improve interface
  • color support
  • transparency control
  • pen width support
  • email as PDF
  • page rearrangement
  • cursor offset control
  • full screen support


In the highly competitive world of virtualization hardly anything needs to be done “really.” The information technology specialists do everything to save our time, increase their income, and enrich industry by launching different programs, services... 

One of the services that might interest Blogvasion readers is the launch of Virtual Meeting. There is no need to explain what the service is for. But the reasons for creation of resembling services are quite interesting. Nobody doubts that in conditions of more and more geographical disperse of companies; there is raised need for virtual meetings. Even though we have audio and web conferencing solutions for communications between dispersed teams they lack the energy of face-to face meetings. As mentioned at Virtualmeeting.com, meetings need to be face to face so that people can read the body language, especially when 55% of communications is no verbal and you need to see the speaker to fully comprehend the speakers point of view. In addition to this the service also includes all the data sharing and collaboration tools currently available from web conferencing services.  

In order to make virtual meeting “Just Like Being There” it has features like: 

• Outstanding video images and excellent audio quality
• Provide all the data sharing and presentation features you have in a physical meeting
• Be available from where ever participants are located
• Be easy to use so that everyone is comfortable attending a virtual meeting

Features provided by the service from the Virtual Meeting Service are as follows: 

• Person to Person video calls
• Multi-way virtual meeting rooms 
• Data sharing and video streaming
• Application collaboration
• Calls to video conference room systems 
• Instant messaging among users
• Online presence so you can see whose online
• Reservable private meeting rooms 

The service has 4 packages: 

• Personal Package - $39/month 
• Team Package - $59/month
• Premium Package - $85/month
• Premium Package Plus – 99/month
While looking through some reliable internet sources to find interesting news for BLOGBASION reader this morning, I found out eFreeResume.com. Think it will interest those who plan to update their CV-s.

The service promises that if the user who creates, stores, and prints the online resume builder will stand out from the crowd. After completing work experience and one can get a resume created in minutes.

In order to make step-by-step resume wizard, store your resume online and edit it any time, and print the resume you should sign up.

The eFreeResume offers:

» Easy resume formatting
» 1200+ award-winning professional sample resumes
» Cover letter examples
» Top 500 interview practice questions
» Salary negotiation advice and tools
» Fast job search tools
» Distribute resumes to LinkedIn®, Facebook®, and Twitter™

In the highly competitive world with difficulties in economy more and more job seekers compete over few job openings. In such economic environment employers need to review hundreds of resumes to employ the best candidate. But in addition to the spread situation another problem is how well the resume is prepared, quite often badly done resumes make the applicants lose the rare opportunity.

There are some more features of the software that is available in case of premium subscriptions:

• Easy to use resume formatting allows you to change style, font, and colors quickly.
• Access 1,200+ complete career specific sample resumes written by certified professional writers.
• Get access to many cover letter examples you can use in any situation - before and after the interview!
• Receive 500 job interview practice questions. Become "interview-ready" in no time at all.
• Salary negotiation tools enable you to research competitive salaries in a broad range of industries so you are prepared.
• Search for jobs on the top job search engines instantly! ResumeMaker™ provides you with the most relevant job results. Use our Job Feeder gadget to get jobs delivered to your desktop.
• Expand your job search to social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Premium Feature resume subscription for one year service is as follows:
$29.95 — Student / Entry-Level (only $2.49 a month!)
$39.95 — Professional / Executive (only $3.33 a month!)

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