New Software - Lite Work of Test Analysis

Emperor Lite that is the new data acquisition software package from Mecmesin, gives the users opportunity to evaluate and transform force and torque test data from simple numbers into meaningful graphs and results.

How does it work? According to the PRWEB, plotting data 'live' directly onto a PC screen, the software operates with a simple graphical interface providing instant access to a variety of popular diagnostic tools, such as common calculations: peak, trough, average, area and many more, whilst colour-coded results allow easy identification of pass/fail scenarios. As for the multiple traces, they can be overlaid for comparative analysis and are fully customisable. Test data can be exported to other software packages, such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis or printed as a report combining graph and test information for a quick record.

John Page, Managing Director at Mecmesin comments, "Emperor Lite offers customers an ideal solution to take their test measurements to the next level of evaluation. Plotting both force/torque vs time and force/torque vs displacement curves, this software enables manufacturers and quality control personnel to make thorough evaluations in determining the properties of their products."

Emperor Lite is available directly from Mecmesin or through their worldwide distributor network.
Does credit crunch effect singles’ spending on a date? UK online dating site Free announces that the credit crunch does not affect on it and that is proven by the research.

Another question is who pays for the first date?

There we have some data.

12% of single men reduce the amount they would spend on a date due to the economic meltdown.

64% of guys think the man should pay, whilst only 35% of women would expect their date to settle the bill.

The research showed that the younger respondents more traditional are their views on this subject.

Respondents under 21s, 80% of guys think the man should pay, 47% of women agree the man should pick up the tab.

Dan Winchester of Free commented: "This research shows that the traditionally-held view that the man should pay for a first date is alive and kicking - even more so amongst the younger generation. Furthermore, guys are not letting the credit crunch hold them back when it comes to splashing out on a first date".

And how much is going to be spent on a date? According to the PRWEB, Liverpudlians - £72, followed by Coventry and Birmingham, Sheffield - £45. Guys from Nottingham and Southampton were also languishing at the bottom of the generosity table. Londoners - £64.
Winchester commented: "Whilst the majority of women are perfectly happy to pay their own way on a first date, men should be aware that most of their fellow suitors will be offering to pay. Our research also confirms that, unsurprisingly, many women find meanness with money an unattractive trait".

"If you are on a tight budget, try and make up for your lack of funds with an abundance of imagination - doing something interesting or exciting will make the small budget less obvious".

And if you are interested in cheap date stories visit Free's Dating in the Credit Crunch.

Academic material from the world's leading universities is offered by that is a new Israeli startup. It will be a knowledge-sharing platform for students and lecturers for free.

Two Israeli students created wePapers - a new free online service. According to the PRWEB, the service was developing 18 months. Those, who are eager to be involved in academic knowledge can share and upload academic material, discuss what they study and mainly - find tons of quality academic documents. They share knowledge got from lectures, their notes, exam, peer-reviewed articles...

How it works? It is a web application. It is like an online study group, and serves students and professors alike.

Users are able to download and view thousands of academic documents from world leading universities such as MIT, Hebrew University and UCLA, varying from lecture notes to peer-reviewed articles, view movies right inside their browser, read documents and presentations.

One of the most valuable features of service is that it filters out content by institution, language, subject to provide only quality academic material, and help users get the specific information they're seeking much faster.

Co-founders Hanan Weiskopf (25) and Ehud Zamir (26) say: "Our top mission is to help students share their knowledge, learn from others and ace the agonizing world of academic studies. We want to allow knowledge to run freely in the world -- and provide resources for those who can't afford going to college." "We are both BA students ourselves. In fact, this is how the whole idea got started -- from our own experiences in college."

Columbia University’s associate professor Dr. Richard Jaffe joined Weiskopf and Zamir in 2007 in prder to develop the website so that it would fit the needs of students and professors alike.

"We're trying to create an environment where students can study in groups online, but also to allow them to learn from material from other institutions around the world. We hope we can make a difference in the way the world acquires knowledge."

Seems that the 2008 festive season started early this year for spammers and scammers. The global financial crisis increased due to Cybercrooks. They attack on banks and their customers with malicious software, spam, phishing attacks and other online tricks. Especially when online retailers build up their web-based direct-to-consumer outreach, offering promotions and sales to boost Internet sales, cybercrooks will look to take advantage of shoppers trying to snag a bargain.

According to the Sourcewire, the Proofpoint Attack Response Centre declares that despite recent declines in overall spam volumes, the 2008 festive season will be accompanied by an increased level of activity from online scammers and spammers.

In order to safe yourself from the above mentioned threats the email security vendor Proofpoint offers “Five Golden Rules” that consumers can follow to make sure their cyber-holiday season is a safe one:

1. Be aware: Suspicious look at any email might save you, especially if the requests are to provide personal IDs, financial information, user names or passwords.

2. Don’t click: If you are not 100% sure that the source of the email is trusted than the click on the links are less desirable. But, what to do then? Open a browser, type the actual Web address for the site into the address bar. Alternatively, call the company using a phone number you already know.

3. Be secure: While shopping online, entering important information like credit card numbers, or updating personal information, you should be sure you’re using a secure web site. The secure web server address begins with “https://��� instead of the usual “http://���. or in order to indicate the web is secure there is an icon (such as Internet Explorer’s “padlock” icon).

4. Don’t fill out email forms: Especially those asking for personal information. Again visit the company’s actual web site.

5. Keep an eye on your accounts: Controlling accuracy of credit card and bank statements on a regular basis, especially during this time of financial turmoil and during the Christmas period will save u from later surprises. In the case of seeing anything suspicious, one should contact bank or building society immediately.

Sources: Brings Next Generation Text Messaging to the Web with the launch of its newly designed website. The new design highlights usability and design while offering site visitors a suite of new features which include; SMS scheduling and reminders, message archives, search features, a contact management system, group messaging, auto-carrier lookup and delivery reports.

Have a single user-friendly control panel and use’s text messaging service. Though not only SMS is available but scheduling and reminders, message archives, search features, a contact management system, group messaging, auto-carrier lookup and delivery reports .These features are provided by Distinguishing aspect is that it emphasises on user experience that is incorporated into a host of new features related exclusively to text messaging. Together with all the above mentioned free members have global access with support for over 500 carriers in over 140 countries and premium members have access to over 700 carriers.

Seems that is one of the oldest and most popular websites to offer visitors access to a range of free text messaging services and applications. Mr. Urmann, the company president said that "Desktop text messaging saves users time and money... as they can store contact information, create groups and resend old messages without using a mobile"

The site has a streamlined and easy to use contact management system, the ability to schedule text reminders, and multi-language character support. It doesn't matter what language you speak either since the new design supports the use of multiple character sets. As for a premium membership, it has great advantage, as available and paid members have the added benefit of getting reports on the status of their message and are guaranteed a 99% deliver success rate.

free cellphone downloads
text jokes
If you are a blogger WordPressDirect will help you to create and maintain search engine optimized websites. One of the important evidences ic can do that is the fact that it has gained more than ten thousand users since August 2008. That is quite considerable number.
WordPressDirect, that is the market-leading solution for search optimized blog publishing, presented fast and easy website building tool in August 2008. According to the results, it performed quite successfully.

Though WordPress blog engine users are able to create and maintain content-packed, automatically-updated, search engine optimized (SEO) niche websites.

How does it work? As it is mentioned at PRWEB, “Every WordPressDirect site comes "pre-optimized" for maximum ranking and maximum traffic. By clicking a few radio buttons and entering a few search phrases, WordPressDirect will create a blog-driven website, create the blog categories, install the theme, and automatically post content. WordPressDirect contains special software that identifies relevant content and then automatically posts it to the site with proper categorization and tagging to aid visitors and searchers alike. “

There are several levels. The users are free in choice. Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts offer ongoing support of 10, 20 and 100 sites, respectively.

Seems there is a need to encouraged marketers to remain focused through the economic downturn and continue to market and promote products and services during 2009 as Alterian (LSE: ALN), a leading international integrated marketing platform provider, did. On the basis of Alterian observation the trends and patterns were followed throughout 2008 and also from feedback from company executives’ interactions with customers.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Alterian CEO David Eldridge said: “In previous downturns the firms that have continued to market and sell themselves have generally prospered, so businesses should bear this in mind and get every last drop of value from their budgets. 2009 will be a pressurised year for marketers, with every dollar, pound or euro needing to be accounted for. This will mean a renewed focus for marketing departments, and programmes that aren’t working or delivering will be cut.”

The other prediction made by Alterian is making more effective use of the channels, such as company websites.

David Eldridge continued: “Companies are only paying lip service to the idea of ‘interacting not interrupting’ and are yet to optimise engagement on the web based on what they know about the visitors. In fact many organisations still treat the website as a stand alone channel, so they are not being engaging or relevant. The technology is available for companies to genuinely engage with their customers and deliver them real value and with the economy the way it is, surely this is something every firm should be considering?”

It is interesting to look through the prediction list, in order to be more innovative, use technology to make marketing more effective:

Marketing: the Year Ahead - Ten Predictions for 2009

1) Smart organisations will continue to market throughout the downturn
2) Marketing activities will be increasingly under the microscope and marketers will now be held accountable for their success or failure
3) Marketers will turn to their website as the single most important and flexible lead generation and customer engagement channel. The sooner they understand this, the better
4) Marketing programmes that don’t show a return quickly are not going to make it this year
5) Mobile marketing has had a tough 2008….so 2009 will be a make or break year
6) Marketers will act on a need to get more value from their existing CRM systems
7) It's not about just creating content for the people it's about getting content to the people - meaning multi channel, social networks and consistent marketing
8) Companies will shift focus toward increasing revenue from current customers
9) Digital media and social networks will continue to provide cost effective delivery channels for customer messaging, but will be most effective when integrated with other marketing channels and analytically led
10) With tight budgets it will increasingly fall to marketers rather than IT staff to drive marketing technology, this will change the buying process for such systems and favour suppliers that have marketer friendly software

If we take into consideration the need of internet for each person all over the world, the state of the Internet is quite interesting for the individual user. In order to satisfy the curiosity and discover what is new there, we addressed Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM).

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Akamai Technologies is the leader in powering rich media, dynamic transactions and enterprise applications online, that releases the third edition of its quarterly “State of the Internet” report. It is available for download at

The report underlines key Internet statistics such as origin of attack traffic, network outages and broadband connectivity levels across the globe.

Advances in global connectivity, in the third quarter, is expressed by various undersea cable projects getting underway or nearing completion, the commercial launch of WiMAX services in a number of countries, and the announcement of fiber-to-the-premises services.

Interesting trends in United States-based traffic:

- Delaware, Washington, Virginia, Texas, and Georgia all experienced quarterly declines of more than 40% for narrowband connectivity (<256 Kbps)
- South Dakota, Maine, and Hawaii nearly doubled their rates of high broadband connectivity (>5 Mbps)
- Oklahoma and Kentucky are the only two US states to see consecutive quarter over quarter growth in high broadband connectivity since Q4 2007.
- Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Jersey have the highest levels of Internet penetration in the United States.
- South Korea had the highest levels of high broadband connectivity for the third straight quarter
- Delaware also maintained top position, with 55% of connections to Akamai occurring at 5 Mbps or greater.

“Narrowband” connections:

- Mayotte and Equatorial Guinea - the “slowest” countries,
- The District of Columbia and Washington State continued to have the highest percentages.

Though according to he SOURCEWIRE, these regions saw a significant quarter-over-quarter decline in narrowband connection percentages, down 25% and 46% respectively as compared to the second quarter.

The word Volcano that is Italian or Spanish by origin and Italian vulcano, from Spanish volcán, ultimately from Latin Volcanus Vulcan, dates from 1613. According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, the definition is as follows:

A hill or mountain composed wholly or in part of the ejected material; something of explosively violent potential. The definition is not such scaring as the real process itself.

Few tools might be invented against such a big monster. If we take into consideration the statistics that are given on Prevention Web, in volcano data and statistics department, and it is really worth paying attention as graphically it is as follows:

Top 10 volcano reported - Killed
Colombia -1985-21,800
Zaire/Congo Dem Rep-2002-200
Indonesia -1981-192
United States-1980-90

Top 10 volcano reported - Economic damages

United States-1980-1,500,000
Papua New Guinea-1994-400,000

The given data proves that additional sources should be invented in order to have less loss of humans and also economic damage.

Seems specialists work on this issue and in the article by Jenny Haworth on Prevention Web, reveals that a SCOT who invented a remote control helicopter can be used to predict where volcanic eruptions will take place. For this initiative it has won a $100,000 (£67,000) award.

According to a physicist, Dr Andrew McGonigle, the helicopter, which flies over the crater of volcanoes, can help save millions of lives.The new machine tests for carbon dioxide in the air above the volcano. Before, measuring the gases from volcanoes to predict their eruption was dangerous.

But now the helicopter can be operated miles from the site that means that there is no threat that some people will be damaged while this process. Dr McGonigle, 35, who was awarded a Laureate of the 2008 Rolex Awards for Enterprise. He is the person who was chosen, with four others, Andrew Muir, Elsa Zaldívar, from nearly 1,500 applicants in 127 countries.Other winners


Photo Source:

Did you know that “All time management begins with planning”, as Tom Greening quote says? I am sure you did.

While preparing some news for the WWW.BLOGVASION.COM I try to manage time so that I am not lack neither time nor quality. Each person has his/her individual way of managing time, and the written standards might not be acceptable for the person who is surfing through the Internet in order to somehow find some useful info about that. It is really interesting what the main tips to perform well are? What the experienced people are advising?

I came across to Best of Time Management. According to this source we come to the following offerings:

  • Find out where your time really goes
  • The best way to calculate the value of your time - It’s worth much more than you think!
  • How to identify what you really want in life (not what other people want for you) so you can focus on what matters most to you
  • 5 easy ways to get out from under all your “stuff” - See who's happier when you manage your living spaces better (hint: it may not be just you!)
  • Why occasional procrastination isn't bad and chronic procrastination usually spells disaster
  • The real reason why most people don't write down and share their goals
  • Why your head is the last place you should be storing important information
  • 6 crucial questions you should ask yourself to prioritize on the fly. Planning is great, but sometimes things change. Asking these questions prevents you from getting sidetracked
  • The easiest ways to keep track of your To Do's without spending a fortune on fancy personal organizers or complicated digital services and software programs
  • 18 tips to stop holding boring, unproductive meetings and start making better group decisions
  • How addiction to urgency actually limits your success
  • 6 simple suggestions to help you find better work/life balance so you can enjoy the things that make you truly happy

But the most interesting that Best of Time Management offers is the following explanation that “Effective time management is a habit, just like brushing your teeth or walking the dog”.

If a person is not organized him/herself, neither time management tools nor advice can help. That should come from inside a personality. Though it is worth mentioning that time management tools as methods of organizing things are be of great use.


Women entrepreneurs go back to the drawing board announces Women’s Enterprise Day event.] What do women do in order to pursue their own inventions and ideas? According to Innovate Design, they are making the most of the tough recruitment environment. Even though the innovation industry’s male-dominated stereotype, Innovate’s figures show a dramatic 28% increase in women contacting the business looking for help to develop their ideas.

Alastair Swanwick, Innovate Design’s Proprietor, admits that the rise is partly due to the popularity of entertainment programmes such as „Dragons? Den? and „What’s the Big Idea? “This kind of positive PR is instrumental in inspiring, motivating, and encouraging new ideas and businesses,” he says. “During the recent series of Dragon’s Den the number of people approaching Innovate with their new ideas reached a peak. The increase was particularly evident during the twenty four hour period following the broadcast of the show as viewers were spurred on after watching encounters with the Dragons and sought to pursue their own inventions.”

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Patent Adviser, Samantha Barber, attributes the growing number of independent female inventors to increased opportunities for collaboration, saying: “Our research suggests that as the credit crunch continues to hit home, more and more companies will join the likes of IBM and Proctor & Gamble by looking outside their own companies for innovative new product ideas in order to reduce their R&D budgets. This is good news for women with the confidence to present their ideas to companies in the hope of negotiating lucrative licensing deals.”

The given research aims to galvanise budding female entrepreneurs and employees across the UK to turn their ideas into reality, despite the difficult economic climate.

In order to support initiative, Innovate Design is working with Own-it to lead an event entitled „Brains, Beauty, Business and Innovation: The World of Women Inventors? On Wednesday 19th November 2008 from 6:00-9:00pm, taking place at the London College of Fashion, (Rootstein Hopkins Space, London College of Fashion, 20 John Princes Street, London. W1G 0BJ.)

Registration via the Own-it website is absolutely enough to attend the presentations.

Does love of music make you download millions of tracks of thousands of artists, and keep songs forever? That is not pathology that is the way you live. And in order to make life easy there we have one special price from Sainsbury’s.

Datz, that is the online music download store and community website announced the retail launch of the Datz Music Lounge. Music lovers can now have the music they want for a single one off cost, retailing from today at Sainsbury’s.
From the Datz Music Lounge you can download as many tracks as you want over the course of a year for a one off cost of £99.99 (RRP). One of the notable feature of this service is that members of Datz Music Lounge can keep all the tracks they have downloaded forever. Songs are in MP3 format, free from DRM and 100% legal. The members also can transfer songs to an iPod, any MP3 player or a mobile phone.
Michael Richardson, Managing Director of Datz says: “We wanted to find a safe and legal way for users to download music to keep. With literally thousands of artists and millions of tracks all in unlocked MP3 format, the Datz Music Lounge provides safe, carefree downloading for all music enthusiasts. Datz Music Lounge gives people a way to bolster their back catalogue, try new music and rediscover artists they love. All the music is theirs to keep forever and they can download anything they like for one year after they join Datz Music Lounge. Not only does Datz Music Lounge fundamentally change the way people can enjoy music, it also provides one of the greatest offers of all time.”
The users can also purchase the limited edition Datz Music Lounge gift box, by inserting the Music Lounge CD and USB key into your computer and start building a record collection over the following 12 months, safe in the knowledge that the music is 100% legal, 100% original and 100% yours to keep forever.

Have you lost some files from your home PC? If so and you discovered that I suppose that will not be the pleasing news for you. What is the problem?

Let’s look through the release at SOURCEWIRE, and find out some solutions or just get information what’s up. Webroot that is a leading provider of security solutions for the consumer, enterprise and SMB markets released its latest research report, “State of Internet Security: Protecting Your Digital Life.”

According to the report 46 million users lost some data from their PCs, or some lost the whole information existing in a PC. And why? It was left vulnerable to hardware failure, software corruption and human error.

“Based on our research, nearly 90 people per minute experienced some loss of personal data last year.” said Paul Lipman, Webroot’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Desktop Business Unit. “The focus of PC security has traditionally been on protecting the computer, and not the data stored on it. But it’s the precious personal files – digital photos, music and financial records – that cannot be replaced if they are lost.”

According to the Webroot report, there are nearly 2,000 digital photos, nearly 2,500 digital music files on home computers. The most concerning is the loss of family photos, it is followed by loss of financial information, text documents and work projects.

“The average number of digital photos stored is roughly equivalent to taking a picture everyday for 5 years. If those files were suddenly destroyed, that is a lot of personal memories that could be lost.” added Lipman. “But equally concerning was the finding that more than half the people we surveyed store financial records on their PCs, many with absolutely no data recovery safeguards in place.”

The report showed that 98 percent of PC users surveyed have antivirus protection on their computers and 95 percent use firewall protection, few have safeguards in place for their data. Only 18 percent currently back up data on a regular basis and nearly one in five had never backed up their personal files. Among the key findings, there we have the following:

A Global Snapshot of Data Loss

• Webroot’s research shows that every day last year at least 126,000 people in the United States and United Kingdom lost files stored on their PCs. That’s the equivalent of the entire city of Hartford, Connecticut
• Nearly half of all PC users (43 percent) have lost digital files or data at some point in their lives
• One in five have lost files in the last two years
• One in 10 have lost files in the last nine months alone
• More than 80 percent of all incidents were caused by hardware failure, human error and software corruption
• Theft is responsible for approximately 9 percent of data loss and natural disasters account for 3 percent

Home PCs Store Vast Amounts of Data

• More than 90 percent of people keep photos on their computers, with an average of 1,788 pictures stored – the equivalent of nearly five years’ worth of photos.
• Almost 70 percent surveyed store an average of 2,420 songs, translating to over $2,400 worth of music at $1 per song, or about 125 hours of time spent downloading CDs
• Over half reported storing financial information on their personal computers
• Nearly three-quarters store work projects on their home PCsCurrent Protection Is Not Enough
• 98 percent of PC users have antivirus protection on their home computers, 93 percent have antispyware protection and 95 percent have firewall security
• Despite these measures, 46 million people in the United States and the United Kingdom lost personal files stored on their PCs in 2007 alone
• Only 6 percent surveyed protect their files daily from loss
• Twenty percent have never backed up the data on their personal computers

Tips for Protecting Valuable FilesIn order to keep your photos, music and other valuable data safe, Webroot recommends the following:

1. Install security software. Viruses and other online threats can corrupt your files and cause system damage or failure. Make sure you have up-to-date antispyware, antivirus and firewall protection.
2. Use automatic online backup. Despite the best intentions, research shows that most people will forget to back up their data on a regular basis. Look for an online backup program that provides a “set it and forget it “solution by automatically backing up your files everyday.
3. Free isn’t better. Don’t rely on free sites to archive your digital photos. Some have policies of deleting pictures if you don’t access your account within a set time period.
4. Backup your laptop and mobile devices. Many people protect data on their primary computers but forget about laptops and other mobile devices. These carry a greater risk of loss and theft, so take extra care to back them up.
5. Avoid actions that put data at risk. Don’t open attachments from strangers, avoid questionable Web sites and only download software from sites you trust.

Now businesses across England are given opportunities to take advantage of Business Link’s free-of-charge, easy to access Business Health Check. What the Health Check offers are an impartial, objective assessment of business performance, identifying key strengths, prioritising areas for improvement and highlighting business opportunities.
According to the SOURCEWIRE this check is available for any company, aiming to focus on the specific needs and circumstances of each business.
· Developing a financial strategy to maximise cash flow
· Identifying opportunities and effective tactics to boost sales
· Building resilience to lead the business through the changing economic and market climate
· Creating a clear action plan to achieve your business goals
There are three ways to make the Health Checks: over the phone, in workshops or one-to-one with an experienced Business Link adviser.Also through a special interactive questionnaire evaluates potential problems businesses may face and on the bases of the questionnaire results the service suggests ways in which problems can be resolved.

One of a business Link customer made the most of the Health Checks, Tanya Rostron of water cooler supplier, Water at Work (Midlands) Ltd. She says: “With the current situation it is now even more important to use the support available from Business Link. In order for businesses to trade through the market they need to take stock of their current markets and products and look for opportunities. In this regard I recently used the Business Link Health Check which offers a swot analysis to support business development plans. My advice to any business or would-be entrepreneur is go to Business Link, it works.”
As for Ganesh Selvarajah, who has extensive experience of working with senior Directors in an array of businesses explained: “Smart businesses review their performance regularly to look for early signs of any issues that will affect their profitability. The Health Checks are a really effective way of doing this. Clients find that they give them an excellent overview of the strengths they need to build on as well as identifying potential problems, such as a cash flow.”
While listening to the medical TV programs about health, one of the main messages that are sent from the doctors is eating right meals, at right time, in a right way, or may be with right people for maximum of comfort. How much is it possible to so every day or even more to do so 4 times a day? Economic development shows that the prices rise. And advice what to eat and what not to eat are hard to follow.

What Consumer found some surprising results through a study, while comparing the cost of typical pre-packaged or ready meals with the costs associated with making the same dish from scratch, According to the SOURCEWIRE, seems that the biggest shockers were things like cottage pie, which was found to be well over twice the price of home-made; while lasagne was a whopping £5.46 extra to buy as a ready meal. Among the desserts, a simple rice pudding would cost you £3.27 when shop bought, compared to only £1.92 when making at home. And chocolate crispy cakes are a bargain at only £1.09 at home, compared to a price tag of £2.49 in the shops. And now when difference was negligible, or was actually cheaper in the shops: chicken nuggets, fishcakes and meatballs.

What Consumer’s Catriona Bright said: “This survey is a real eye opener in terms of showing us how much money we can save if we are prepared to put in a little more effort. But more than that, it’s showing us that with only a handful of ingredients we can produce the same thing without any of the additives, but with all the smugness of knowing it’s home-made!”

food money saving study

How could I not inform you about Oliver Kita’s Chocolates new holiday chocolate tasting party kit? I really could not.

Oliver Kita ( is the person who created a gourmet Chocolate Tasting Party Kit. "I want people to experience the fun of chocolate tasting," said Oliver Kita, Chocolatier. The party kit that is enough for four people, includes six signature boxes containing tasting samples that are all Valrhona single origin chocolates, extra samplings of single origin ganaches, and chocolate tasting score cards, all these are wrapped in a custom chemise tailored coral-colored gift box.

Said Kita, "The idea is to carefully sample and taste bits of chocolate, trying to determine the flavors. What do you taste first? What is the middle note? The lasting aftertaste? I provide a step-by-step guide."

Friends and family members can make and later compare these comments with each other. As Kita admits there are no right or wrong answers. "This is perfect after dinner entertainment for the holidays."

Madagascar, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador are presenting their products to test taste and compare.
The main advantage of testing party is that the chocolates are handmade.

And I absolutely agree with the saying of Kita: "Appreciating chocolate every day can change your perspective on living," said Kita. "Take the time to evaluate and enjoy what you have, where you are now, and chocolate every day is a part of that experience."

Often labeled the outsider in the corporate world, Apple's iPhone has already reached the top of J.D. Power's satisfaction ranks for business smartphones -- and is simultaneously the second-largest smartphone maker in the world.Owners contributing to the product ratings company's yearly study gave Apple top marks among all the smartphone manufacturers operating in the US for its 2008 satisfaction report, awarding it a score of 778 out of 800, rising well above second-place Research in Motion's 703 for its BlackBerry phones and further still past the industry average of 681.

Expectedly, the iPhone performs best with ease of use, feature set and design, all elements J.D. Power says are essential to a good smartphone. Of the top five reasons for picking a phone, 45 percent of those involved in the study cited Apple's strength, Internet access, as their primary reason. Email (41 percent), design (39 percent), Bluetooth support (37 percent) and keyboard layouts (also 37 percent) played similar roles. And while Samsung has nearly tied RIM in satisfaction with its own lineup, the major makers sitting below the average were those who use Windows Mobile heavily or exclusively for their smartphones, such as HTC and Motorola. Palm, which uses both its own Palm OS and Windows Mobile, has trailed well behind the pack with a score of just 644. The result was telling for Apple, which failed to rank at all in the 2007 report but is now the best-rated in its home country.

Not all was positive for Apple: while the average asking price for a smartphone was $216, the Cupertino, Calif.-based newcomer's average purchase price was highest at $337. This stems in part from purchases before the launch of the iPhone 3G, when most customers would have paid $400 or more. Motorola's phones were the least expensive at $169. The award for the top spot among workers comes as researchers at Canalys confirmed that Apple is now the second-largest smartphone producer in terms of volume. Its nearly 6.9 million iPhones shipped during the summer gave it 17.3 percent of the market during the period and validated Apple's eagerness to tout that it had outsold the BlackBerry for the first time. RIM's phone represented 15.2 percent of world smartphone market share.

Apple's sharp, sudden push into the highest ranks has had a ripple effect on incumbents as a result. Of al those hurt, the worst affected is Nokia, which saw its lead erode from a commanding 51.4 percent in summer of last year to 38.9 percent in the wake of iPhone 3G's launch. Symbian, which powers all of Nokia's phones, also took a tumble from its presence on 68.1 percent of all shipping phones to 46.6 percent. And as with J.D. Power's study, Microsoft has also taken a bruising. Represented by the collective number of Windows Mobile smartphones, the software developer now sits in a modest fourth place with 13.6 percent of the market to itself.

Technology serves almost each field that exists in the world; it even can provide business solutions for human resource management and superior property management software for law enforcement.

Software Techniques Inc. That was founded in 1985 by Software Designer Philip Muller, (STI), provides this product.

The success of the company STI is accomplished from the synergy of multi market requirements for excellence and dependability.

So what are the STI's Flagship HR business solutions? They are HR Employee Management, SoftTIME Attendance Control and TimeKron. Through these it is possible to control systems for all aspects and functions of Human Resource Management.

HR Employee Management software itself is designed to provide HR personnel with cutting edge features in order to make their workload much easier. Also HR Employee Management provides information about records of employee training, certification as well as work history and performance evaluations. As far as the business solution is proactive issues reminders of review dates, renewals of work permits, licenses and certificates. Though not only presented information is checked but also the missing one.

SoftTime controls attendance and is built for complete employee attendance tracking. In order to check the employee absences you can do that with a very simple click of a mouse. SoftTIME aims to automate routine tasks and minimize human errors, making your business more efficient and profitable.

As for the TimeKron, it is a State of the Art employee time management system. It offers a variety of time entry methods: email automated time sheet submission and approval, virtual pc punching, auto punching, or live in/out board punching. Employers can control monitor employee time worked as well as project and job progress.

And ACE (Automated Control of Evidence) and ACE Express Software. According to the PRWEB they are the backbone of Large Metropolitan Police Departments also of many local Sheriff's Offices Evidence and Property Systems.

Product Sales Manager, Blake Ogle says, "Most of the businesses that download our software find it to fit them perfectly and buy an STI solution on the strength and value of our software alone!"
President Phil Muller: "Brick and mortar business is no longer the rule. The virtual office, multi location and on-site work demands require flexible solutions that can operate on different platforms without sacrificing management controls".

In addition Muller states," I value our most complex and difficult customers and work closely with them. They are the ultimate proving ground. When we get it right for them, and meet or exceed their demanding requirements we know we can be proud of our software and the value it offers. The future for STI is bright. We have achieved a high level of customer loyalty and satisfaction and our development work around mobile and web based solutions shows great promise."

Want to be James Bond for a day? One can accomplish his dream with Marlin's new digital video SpyPen!Hi-tech gadget is a kind if combination of the world's smallest Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that has a super-sensitive microphone.While one might think of a new tool an ordinary pen is a hi-tech hidden digital video camera.

SpyPen is available in both 2Gb and 4Gb models, and provides opportunity of real-time recording in AVI video format. Among SpyPen features are staggering Read/Write speeds of 900K/700K per second its resolution is 300k pixels. As for the super-sensitive microphone it records across distances of over 15 feet.

SpyPen also is good to use during lectures, presentations and business meetings. There is no necessity to install drivers, and there is no need for bulky A/C power supply, as the SpyPen is charged via the USB port. One charge of SpyPen lasts up to two hours.

As mentioned at the SOURCEWIRE, SpyPen is the perfect gift for all of the students, business people, and wannabe spies in your life!

There is news for mobile users or in other words news for everyone. Lost your mobile? Do not remember the phone number? Can not contact your friend?

According to the SOURCEWIRE new British IT innovator, Virtuity, released BackStopp Mobile. That might be the helping such situations. It is designed to obliterate the contents of lost or stolen mobile phones and other hand held devices.
No matter a phone is lost or stolen, BackStopp Mobile through mobile’s own communications tracks it down. BackStopp sets to deleting all information after the data is wiped out BackStopp creates a report back at IHQ (or the office for most of us) containing information about what was erased, when, and can even pinpoint the location of the device.
Virtuity seems a kind of hospital application aiming to protect the patient as it is mentioned at SOURCEWIRE. BackStopp’s one of the main feature is its ability to delete all the data that might be used by the person who stole the mobile as a source of information that contains details about some business or private life.

Photo source: BackStopp
I am sure that each person reading this post has a mobile phone. And receive quite enough number of messages of different destination. For example businesses that use text messages to inform their customers could leave same customers wide open to identity theft by fraudsters. According to the SOURCEWIRE, Dan Perrin, business development manager at, a provider of desktop and web-based mobile messaging solutions, explains the importance of customers to be saved from any threat.

Technology even created to protect people and companies sometimes becomes the victims of the same technology.

Usually the fraud technology is accomplished through email. This a best trick to make a person reveal personal information such as credit card details or bank account information.

Phishing scams target mobile phone users, too by using a text to initiate a communication. The businesses have to educate their customers about the risks.

There are several tips for businesses

1. Only send out relevant information and never ask customers to provide sensitive information via insecure electronic channels such as e-mail or text.
2. When communicating with customer using text messages, personalise the messages and include information that would not be available to phishers. This will enable customers to distinguish between legitimate and phishing messages.
3. Look critically at your text message and email communications, and consider whether fraudsters could benefit from imitating your message. Educate your customers on potential phishing scams. Inform your customers as soon as you are aware that someone has been using your company name fraudulently.
4. Make your text messaging policies known (e.g. message will always be personalised or we will never ask you to give us your PIN number).
5. Ensure that your marketing material is consistent with the communications you send to customers and that call centre staff are well trained.

Tips for customers:

1. Never respond to a text or email message that requests personal information. Do not divulge sensitive information such as credit card numbers via insecure electronic channels such as texting, e-mail or over the telephone.
2. Be aware that it is easy for criminals to imitate organisations by using electronic communications and initiate emails or text message phishing scams. If unsure whether or not something is a scam, always take the time to investigate it.
3. Always verify a contact number, especially those in emails or text messages. If the “bank” called you, call them back. Double check phone numbers that appear in a text message – you can do this via the Internet or by referring to any marketing material. For ease of reference, store banking phone numbers on your mobile phone, along with email and website addresses.
4. Never ever give your PIN number or password to a PERSON. Only use your PIN on systems that have been designed for this purpose, i.e. ATM’s and official internet banking sites. These systems have been designed such that employees at the bank cannot access this information.
5. Report it. If you are unsure of how a company received your number, or are suspicious about a text message that you have received, you should contact the company and report your concerns. You can also visit the Mobile Data Association and 160Characters Association for more details on text messaging regulations in the UK.

Nice news for those who are more or less interested in advertising. According to the PRWEB, the Web Marketing Association announces the launch of its 7th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards. Seems that the IAC Awards are the first, and only, industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising. The Competition Web site is located at The Deadline for the entry is January 31, 2009.

"We created the IAC Awards to highlight the best work and creativity in online advertising, and also to help advertising professionals validate their efforts to clients and senior management," said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association. "During a difficult economy, clients are looking for third party confirmation that they are getting the best creative for their ad dollars. Winning awards is a great way to demonstrate your creative potential. As spending for online advertising continues to explode, it is important to make sure the ads delivered to advertisers are up to the challenge."

There is no limit for the participants. All organizations and individuals can take part. There are several criteria according to that the works will be judged. These are: creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, and use of the medium.

Awards will be presented following categories: within online ad (including banner, pop-up or interstitial), rich media online ad, email message, online newsletter campaign, Website and integrated ad campaign, and ads the client did not choose.

If anyone wants to take part IAC Awards will take place in February, 2009, and winners will be notified by email one week prior to the general announcement of winners in March, 2009.
According to the PRWEB, previous years competition judges have included top executives from leading corporations, institutions, and media organizations such as Ogilvy Interactive, Saatchi & Saatchi, Blattner Brunner, Comedy Central, Sun Microsystems, National Cable & Telecom Association, Refinery, Euro RSCG, EPB Interactive, New York Post Interactive, The Cincinnati Enquirer, J. Walter Thompson, Xerox, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Modem Media, and Answerthink. And the 2009 Internet Advertising Competition Awards are sponsored by Burst Media, BGT Partners, PRWeb, AllBusiness, ExactTarget, ad:tech conferences, Microsoft PopPhizz,, Internet World UK, Search Engine Strategies, Webmaster Radio, Rovion and Website Magazine.

2008 Best of Show Awards were awarded in each of the online medium categories. Last year's winners are:

Smashing Ideas for Picross Evolution (Best Ads the Client Did Not Pick)
Xylem CCI for Jack Link's Warm Wishes Email (Best of Show Email Message)
Spy Publishing for Get A Room (Best of Show Email Message Campaign)
Critical Mass for SUPERVALU's Selection '07 Interactive Campaign (Best of Show Integrated ad campaign)
Texturemedia for PENTAX Photo Gallery (Best of Show Interactive Application)
McKinney for Wakey'z (Best of Show Microsite/Landing Page)
JWT INSIDE for Make a Visible Difference (Best of Show Online ad)
RDA International for NIVEA FOR MEN Up 4 Anything Dream Week Contest (Best of Show Online Campaign)
BGT Partners for FedEx LAC Sales Team Intranet Redesign (Best of Show Online Newsletter Campaign)
Mullen for Mobile Nuance Type Test Banner (Best of Show Rich Media Online Ad)
Profero for Mess With Your Mind (Best of Show Rich Media Online Campaign)

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