4D Anatomy Atlas Head and Neck Edition

It is no news that the more time passes the more is the necessity of having improved technologies to solve the problems that were unimaginable to solve a century ago. Technology development made great changes in each field of work, and, especially, in medicine. There is another but… how much the success helped and how much it harmed the same health that we are trying to save. But it is another issue of study that we will cover later.

Well, and now, what is step forward in technology and medicine?!

4D Anatomy LLC, (the name already indicates what might the news be about) that is the developer of image based human anatomy applications, announced the release of the 4D Anatomy Atlas Platform, the Head and Neck Edition.

So what it provides?

The 4D Anatomy Learning Platform captures multidimensional laboratory dissection experiences and delivers them to the desktop by reconstructing high resolution photographic images of microsurgical dissections in an interactive fashion.

As mentioned at 4D Anatomy LLC site, according to Dr. Attila Balogh, M.D. and founder of 4D Anatomy LLC, “We developed the 4D Anatomy Platform to provide a comprehensive didactic and visual environment for medical professionals to experience actual laboratory and operating room experience based on detailed imagery of the human body, as opposed to animation. The result is a product providing a much improved vision of spatial relationships and deliver the realism of actual dissections of the human body. We are very pleased to offer our first release 4D Head and Neck Basic Collection, which takes full advantage of our image based differentiation. In addition, our market research indicates 77% of medical professionals concur that a photography based product is far more valuable than animations.”

The 4D Head and Neck Edition includes rotation, tilting, panning, zooming or layered viewing.

The first product is the 4D Head and Neck Basic Collection which retails for $349.


Have an insight into a broad range of critical Web-based outlets. That is available now with the Jungle Torch SEO and Social Media Dashboard. The program provides an easy-to-understand, single view into Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and news sources, also offers complete sentiment analysis determining whether online comments are trending positively or negatively.

“Free Social Media Tool” enable organizations to run a free social media report. It provides companies with such social media as Facebook, Blogs, News and other social media sites.

The importance of social media plays very important role because of several factors. Firstly, it is the source of connection with others, and secondly, social media is important for the value of SEO.

According to the Jungle Torch, Mark Craddock, VP of Information Technology at Dorcy International says: “The Free Social Media tool is a great resource for any organization that wants to get a consolidated view of their social media activity over the last thirty days. Before this tool was available, my company was manually consolidating postings in an excel spreadsheet.”

… And the Co-founder of Jungle Torch, Nate Tennant adds that “Social Media is clearly important to companies but tracking it can be a challenge. The Jungle Torch Free Social Media tool provides companies with a nice overview of all social media mentions over the past two weeks.”

Besides determining who is saying what about a particular company, Jungle Torch gives any company crucial pieces of information that are not available anywhere else in the SEO world which includes a full SEO report and inbound marketing tools.


Test Your Knowledge with "Brief Review" App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Blackboards have been replaced by Whiteboards, papers by MS WORD Documents, pens and pencils by Keyboards and computer mouse. The future of education techniques underwent significant changes and it becomes more and more comfortable. That is the most important it becomes MOBILE day by day.

Pearson that is a virtuous circle of learning full of powerful technologies launches a new Brief Review of Global History and Geography app. through which students can explore global history's significant events, concepts, people, and places wherever they go.

Brief Review is designed to support any World/Global History course, to engage independently to test own knowledge.

According to Pearsoned.com, among the app features are innovative, interactive elements that help high school students prepare for exams, expand understanding of world history, and sharpen their test-taking and social studies skills.

App from iTunes, Brief Review consists of the following advantages. It:

• Diagnosis Test consisting of 80 questions from the Ancient World up to today,
• Helps students assess their understanding of Global History, review their answers, and learn more to increase their knowledge.

In case students find out problematic fields on the basis of the test results they decide to purchase study aid apps for those areas that they want to improve. As mentioned at Pearsoned.com students can get:

• Quick Studies: They review the "big ideas" of global history through outlines, summaries, and graphic organizers.
• Interactive Flashcards: They help students master history's key concepts, terms, people, and places.
• Quizzes: allow students to practice their test-taking skills on hundreds of questions with primary sources, maps, and other documents.


• An individual unit is $1.99;
• A four unit bundle is $4.99;
• The full eight unit package is $8.99.

Dean Brown, Senior Vice President, Social Studies, Pearson, admits that "Brief Review provides a deep understanding of global history in a portable, comprehensive format that is accessible anytime, anywhere to our on-the-go teens."… "Learning no longer has to be tied to the classroom, and apps like Brief Review represent just one more example of how mobile learning is revolutionizing education everywhere." (Pearson.)


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