Be On Top Of Search Engines and Social Networks With The Automotive Advertising Network

The Automotive Advertising Network (AAN) that is a new dealer advertising platform network was created by Brian Pasch, Sean Wolfington and David Boice, aims to help dealers generate more leads for less cost. The network provides member dealers with unlimited leads and online promotion of their inventory on national, regional and local websites. They are positioned to appear on top of the most popular search engines, social networks and blogs.

As in any business, the success is achieved by reaching more customers for less cost. That is what the Automotive Advertising Network does.

The tool the Automotive Advertising Network uses fo successful completion of work, is that it promotes member dealers inventory nationally through websites like in addition to hundreds of regional and local websites.

The Automotive Advertising Network works the following way:

  • Dealerships pay a small membership fee to join the Automotive Advertising Network
  • Member Dealer’s inventory is promoted on search engines through and hundreds of regional and local websites.
  • Members use the networks tools to promote their inventory on the most popular search engines, social media sites like Facebook, blogs and social communities.
  • Members receive unlimited leads from ready-to-buy consumers who are actively searching for a vehicle in their market.
  • Members have access to our national automotive press release publishing network to advertise their sales, promotion and build brand awareness.

It is also possible to add your inventory to existing blogs and social media web sites that you own. One can drop inventory on a new Facebook Fan Page tab , Social media communities like NING or popular blog platforms like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Vox, Squidoo and HubPages.

Dealers’ membership fee is $995, and for this price you can receive: Unlimited leads from ready-to-buy consumers, promotion of dealership and inventory on, and other regional and local websites in their primary markets, promotion of dealership and inventory on the most popular social media sites with Live inventory posted on your Facebook Fan Page, unlimited car inventory publishing on popular blog platforms and WordPress plug-in for optimized inventory listings, banner advertising on the AAN local websites, and finally access to the networks automotive press release publishing system and unlimited press release publishing on national and regional websites.

The main benefits of Automotive Advertising Network are:

  • Car detail pages are free from competitor ads.
  • Car detail pages are free from OEM ads.
  • Car detail pages are optimized for local based mapping technology.
  • Every car detail page has been designed for optimal local search visibility (SEO).
  • Every car detail page has a clear phone number, address and link to your website.
  • Your cars appear in national, regional and local websites in the AAN network.
  • Dealers can submit banner ads to be shown on regional portals.
  • Dealers can submit their press releases to be published on our regional portals.


If you are somehow involved in the industries like Media and Entertainment, Scientific Research, Healthcare, Government, or Education, there is interesting news for you. Atempo, Inc. that is a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions introduces several new features for Atempo Digital Archive. As these industries are specific, they need working on complex file formats, so … Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) 3.1 gives opportunity to archive them with full metadata ingestion, partial and full restoration of creative content and is able to directly archive from Final Cut Pro.

So what are the new features of Atempo Digital Archive 3.1?

These are capability to archive MXF, DPX and MOV files, three of the most widely used formats in media and entertainment organizations. The MXF file format in particular is widely adopted in creative industries as the new standard for exchanging metadata linked to audio and visual content.

Among the unique abilities of ADA, is the ability to support full timecode and metadata synchronization during the archival process as it is critical for organizations to ensure the integrity of their high-value creative content.

ADA’s new timecode support allows customers to conduct partial restoration of their data from archival media.

Creative organizations benefit from ADA as Apple’s popular editing software gives end-users the ability to archive media assets themselves directly from the Final Cut Pro interface.

According to Atempo official site: “With advanced technologies like high-definition and 3-D growing in popularity, storage and data protection requirements in media and entertainment industries show no signs of slowing down,” said Marylise Tauzia, Director of Product Marketing and Management at Atempo. “This momentum gives us the opportunity to work with our customers to better understand and develop solutions for their most complex storage challenges. The proven success and adoption of Atempo Digital Archive in these demanding, data-intensive environments is a testament to the performance, flexibility and intuitiveness that our software has to offer customers in any industry.”

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