RWDC and NASA co-work on searching for Bright Minds

Real World Design Challenge 2010/2011 in the aviation-themed contest will be judged by NASA aeronautics researchers. They will provide technical advice and guidance to the participant students.

“As the United states enters the second century of flight, NASA Aeronautics will maintain its commitment not only to excellence in research, but also to investment in education to prepare, inspire, excite, encourage and nurture the young minds of today who will be the engine of innovation of tomorrow”-said Jaiwon Shin, NASA’s associate administrator for aeronautics research.

An annual competition provides opportunity to work on the Real World Design Challenge (RWDC) in a team environment. The teams have to be made of high school students, grades 9-12, settled into teams of three or seven participants. The competition on aeronautics is to design a more fuel-efficient airplane with professional engineering software to allow the use of lighter weight materials and structure than conventional wings.

Teams must register by Nov.19 and submit to the national finals in Washington, D.C. in April.

The RWDC provides students with opportunities to work on professional level.

Just, wish luck to the bright minds of future generation.


An innovative undergraduate research program launched by Lawrence University is proved to be successful.

The program offers qualified Lawrence Students partnership with Lawrence alumni scientists who are directing research laboratories at major universities across the country. The result of this partnership is inspiring: undergraduate student of Lawrence University Bennett Pang managed to isolate “natural killer” cells from human blood sample, while Lawrence junior Grace Rothenstein created a database for more than 2.000 plants which can be used more efficiently for biofuel production. LU-R1 takes undergraduate research to the next level as well, providing significant opportunities typically for graduate students at major universities while strengthening ties between Lawrence University and its alumni.

As University of Missouri biochemist Scott Pecks said “the program is incredibly valuable on so many levels, Lawrence students receive additional laboratory training that reinforces their excellent classroom education and makes them more competitive in market or in their applications to professional school while the host universities receive assistance in advancing our research.” According to Peck, LU-R1 is helping the United States to improve its position in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

LU-R1 program is one step forward to provide the society with high professionals, engaging them in cutting-end questions, learning new methodologies, gaining vital experience and inspiring for discoveries.

Are you a fan of autos? Then this news is especially for you.

Motor News Media Introduces Automotive Excitement On The Go With New iPhone App. The “MotorNewsMedia” is the app that will attract attention of automotive fans, as approximately 1,800 color images of concept, custom and prototype vehicles are available on the app. Such a varied choice is offered on the bases of leading automotive manufacturers.

With the visual excitement of the Motor News Media can satisfy their curiosity iPhone, iPod and iPad users.

Users pay $0.99 USD per image that includes two copies of the image - one for iPhone wallpaper and one for the user's computer.

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I guess it is quite a long time I have not addressed the Blogvasion reader. Reasons are various but mostly, it is the lack of TIME. Actually, my last post was also concerning the issue of TIME, and that Time is money. This saying does not always mean that the more time you have the more money you earn. Sometimes it is quite possible that you hardly earn out even your salary, not to have hopes to earn much on your overtime, and why? I think the problem is in time management or in human resources management, requirements and given time to accomplish the work. It is no news giving multi task to the employees is widely spread way out in many companies. Well, it is OK until the workload is resistible and productivity level is also satisfactory.

So as I face this problem together with my coworkers, I reviewed the main time management tools. Among the first techniques, as I noticed is the recognition that you can’t do it all. And that’s all right because it might take you to some of the solutions instead of being in panic that you are tight in deadline or you will miss the deadline.

Another time management tool is to prioritize things you should do. That’s a really good technique and mostly used one by me during the working day. As soon something should be done as higher it is in the TO DO list. As the word DEADLINE has different meaning in our working environment… If defines Deadline as the latest time by which something must be done or completed, in our schedule in majority cases it means… Well, absolutely different thing. And that is that absorbs the quality of the work you do.

So… What is better to beg people to follow deadlines or to change the nature of your work, direction or…? Well, in my field, media, journalism, publishing, editing, translating … DEADLINE is the determining factor for the successful accomplishment of work. While searching for some answers to these problematic issues I came across a very interesting research results held by the Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair, covered at

Seems that productivity that is the key benefit of freelance workers in the creative, digital, media and marketing sector shows 83%, when the productivity of full time staff is only 60%.

According to the, Neil Lewis, organiser of the Enterprise Freelance Fairs said “this research backs up what we have been told anecdotally; namely, that the real benefit to businesses and entrepreneurs of freelance talent is the increased productivity coupled with very high levels of motivation.”

Lewis continued, “Cost saving is not the dominant benefit identified in this research. This means freelancers won’t cut your costs, but you can expect more productive results from the same expenditure”.

In the highly competitive world of high quality demands choice is always individual. According to the research results possible priority of managers, Full Time or Freelancer is more or less vivid. Though , choice also depends on the market needs. But let it be the topic of another post.


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