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In the highly competitive world of information technology and not only, people are expected to combine their knowledge with neighboring fields or supplemental ones in order to be competitive. But sometimes it is very difficult to combine two fields where there are no more links except content and Information Technology management. To be more precise, not everybody can build a website, though everybody should have one.

Hardly one can present his/her company without a website, hardly one can find a person who does not address company website to get initial information or just to know what are written in About us, history, mission, goals… Today’s surfing through the internet resulted in finding one of the websites that offer automated, free website creation. It is

According to the, it incorporated extensive user feedback into the release of its revamped Beta 2.0. So what does the free service combine? These are script installations with one-click addons and designs. The result is that the user creates any type of website in minutes.

As admitted on"During the course of our initial test launch, we wanted to hear from our users. We wanted them to tell us every little detail that would make their lives easier while creating websites and installing scripts." "Now that we've updated the site to be faster and more powerful, I am looking forward to even more feedback on the service." (Dan Nelson, president and CEO).

Among the offers of's Beta 2.0 are: faster installations for the hundreds of scripts, reducing the average installation time. But in addition Beta 2.0 provides free installation support to users who have difficulties creating a website.

"No other website is doing what we're doing, and we're working as hard as we can to provide the best service possible for free scripts, modifications and templates," says Nelson. "By responding to user feedback and expanding our database of website components, we'll be ready to offer the most sophisticated and easy-to-use free website creator on the internet by early 2010."


According to Macmillan Dictionary Social Life is defined as the time that you spend enjoying yourself with friends; the opportunities to do enjoyable things that exist in a particular place. That is what each person should have to feel valuable.

From the time information technology found its way in our lives, the questions and discussions about its effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages were covered by different research centers and surveys.

The results vary from survey to survey according its chronology. I came across one of the latest reports on this issue. Seems 2006 study argued that since 1985 Americans have become more socially isolated as it appeared that Americans have fewer close ties to those from their neighborhoods and from voluntary associations. According to the Social Isolation and New Technology, sociologists Miller McPherson, Lynn Smith-Lovin and Matthew Brashears suggest that new technologies, such as the internet and mobile phones, may play a role in advancing this trend.

As admitted on Pew Internet Personal Networks and Community survey results show that Americans are not as isolated as has been previously reported. People's use of the mobile phone and the internet is associated with larger and more diverse discussion networks. That is concluded on the basis of people's full personal network -- their strong and weak ties -- internet use in general, and use of social networking services such as Facebook in particular, are associated with more diverse social networks.

The Personal Networks and Community Survey results are based on telephone interviews of 2,512 adults living in households in the continental United States.

The survey covered the following questions:

• Is Internet or Mobile Phone Use Related to Smaller or Less Diverse Core Networks?
• Is Internet Use Leading to Less Face-to-Face Contact with our Closest Social Ties or with Local Social Ties?
• Are Core Network Members Also our "Friends" on Social Networking Services such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn?
• Is Internet Use Related to Less Interaction with Neighbors or Lower Levels of Participation in Local Voluntary Associations?
• Is Internet Use Associated With "Cocooning," or a Withdrawal from Public and Semipublic Spaces?
• Are Internet and Mobile Phone Use Associated with More or Less Diverse Personal Networks?

So we can feel free to be involved in information technology sphere, expand real opportunities through virtual one, and take maximum of the industry that provides all the comfort to people would it be saving time, technical support or future expectation of unlimited capabilities that information technology has.


Do you have to go to work this morning? I guess you have to. It is Wednesday. Hate your alarm clock? Are you lack of sleep? Do you know how to BANK your sleep, and did you know that 29th of October is the National Sleep In day? I did not know.

It is not news that good sleep is one of the main elements of successful, healthy life, and why?

According to

1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy
2. May Prevent Cancer
3. Reduces Stress
4. Reduces Inflammation
5. Makes You More Alert
6. Bolsters Your Memory
7. May Help You Lose Weight
8. Naps Make You Smarter
9. May Reduce Your Risk for Depression
10. Helps the Body Make Repairs

Well, it is a quite impressive list in order to motivate yourself sleep better.

According to the Sleep Council there are some strategies for successful sleep. Seems that switching the alarm off before you go to sleep, is one of the first strategies. In addition to it Unplug phones, radios or televisions also help, close the curtains, and make sure you are sleeping on a good and BIG bed in order not to be disturbed by your partner, and in case of having young children make sure you do not disturb their sleep.

While looking through some other details on this issue, I came across to a very good research results by Walter Reed Army Institute of Research that was covered on The New York Times. It appears that people recover much more quickly from a week of poor sleep if they proceed by a “banking” week. During “banking” week sleep hours should be 10 hours. So we should sleep beforehand, not afterward. And why? Unfortunately, “recovery” sleep does not fully reverse declines in performance.

The research results always lead us to logical outcome but does the sleep schedule always depend on us? Actually, No

As listed on Your Personal Development Guide, the reasons we have bad sleep are: Worry, living with your work, jealousy, envy, guilty conscience, laziness, hatred, planning ahead, creating, fear of death, and I would add recession. Before reading the research results “NOW IT’S THE SEX CRUNCH!” I meant economy declines. Seems that stress, unhappiness and money worries has dramatically hit sexual lives, too.

According to a survey by The Sleep Council for National Bed Month (March), over a quarter (28%) of those questioned said they now have less sex than this time last year: among 25 to 45-year-olds the figure rises to a third (34% for 35 - 44-year-olds). Despite more than four in 10 (41%) saying they went out less often than this time last year, it’s the telly not tempestuous sex lives that’s winning out.

The 47% respondents admitted that the reasons of this result are stress and ‘not being happy in themselves’. A further 6% blamed arguments over money worries for the bedroom blight.

The same research says that 85% spend a typical night in watching telly, 59% spend time with their partner, 41% read, 31% have a cuddle and just 21% have sex. That’s only marginally more than the 18% who end up doing housework.

It is worth mentioning that Women (25%) find reasons in ‘not being happy in myself’ more than men (19%).

But the general picture is as follows, men and women both agreed that times of adversity bring people closer together.


IT Security Experts, a Value Added Reseller for both Hardware and Software in the IT Security Field launched long awaited Smartphone Protection (SPMS) and GuardianEdge Encryption Managed Services (GEMS).

According to the It-Security-Experts, complete managed service protects and encrypts all company data stored and used on Windows Mobiles, I-phones, Palm Treo’s with (Symbian and Android also on their way) whilst also boasting a “remote kill function” for complete control over your companies most valuable asset “Data”.

As mentioned on the official site they experience both in On-Premis and Hosted Services made ITSE a logical choice... to take the “Blackberry” concept and create an affordable non generic, modern alternative.

It is always unpleasant to discover that your device is stolen or lost but nowadays it is less painful as ITSE's Smartphone Managed Service (SPMS) provides with full Smartphone Protection. Equipment disappearance does not mean you lose data.

SPMS (SmartPhone Managed Service) is provided on a per month, per user basis.

SPMS Benefits:

• Single "provisioning" Email/SMS to access the System
• We manage the inbuilt Encryption on the new iPhone 3GS
• Fully managed 24x7x365 operations and support
• A central portal for key data recovery, audit logs, reporting and software deployment will be available around the clock through a Web Based Management Console
• Policy administration — adding or deleting users, updating policies or assigning new privileges
• Adjusting policies to comply with security requirements as defined by the organisation, or by local or national legislation
• Software upgrades — deploying software update profiles as new versions become available
• Key recovery administration — maintaining the online automated help system
• Automated Backup and Archiving of Stored Keys


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