Drip Marketing White Paper From Tango Marketing

Tango Marketing that specializes in providing targeted, tailored, turnkey marketing programs to software and technology companies announced launch of Drip or Nurture Marketing. This announcement will attract attention of those companies who are interested in gaining maximum from their efforts.

According to Tango Marketing, LLC official web site: “Nurture marketing has proven its effectiveness, but it must be executed well to deliver on its promises,” said Bryan Johnson, president of Tango Marketing. “In this white paper we’ve assembled tips, strategies, and resources businesses can use to build their permission-based lists, and then launch, monitor, and capitalize on effective drip marketing campaigns.”

UK’s favourite letting only property portal, Lettingweb.com makes searching for properties to rent in the UK even easier with a touch of a button in the palm of your hand.

In order to be the first to enquire about the property of your dreams, Lettingweb recommends using the iPhone’s GPS.

According to the Lettingweb, if you want to find your current location in the UK you can search for available flats or houses to rent nearest you with a quick tap of a button.

The great advantage of the application is that besides providing information where properties are, there are a slick photo slideshow of the property and contact information of the agent.

Using Lettingweb iPhone App seems very comfortable, especially after reviewing the key features.

Among the key features are:

- Browse thousands of properties
- Find your exact location and available properties near you
- Search based on area, postcode, street, price, property type and number of bedrooms
- View photos and contact the letting agent by phone or email
- Keep a shortlist


In the highly competitive world of modern information technology, the most important thing is to monitor and follow this competitive market environment. Among factors influencing your business today are technology, demographics, government, culture and economics. Each of these factors has their effects on the service or product we produce. Each of them are equally important, but when you already have your business, producing product or offering service, anyway you have a web site, the visibility of which on some level determines your success. Among high quality content that brings the right visitors, converts them to a customers, and provides positive experience in order the customers to become buyers of the product or service, the speed of page load appears to be very important.

It is not news that web site performance directly impacts customers' satisfaction. Seems that the load speed influences on the visitor as according to the COMPUWARE, in research conducted by the Aberdeen Group for Gomez and by Forrester Research for Akamai Technologies, Inc., one can see that:
  • Even a 1 second delay causes customer loss—reduces conversion rate by 7 percent
  • 1 second delay also decreases customer satisfaction by 16 percent
  • 47 percent of consumers expect page load times of 2 seconds or less
  • 79 percent unlikely to return and buy again if dissatisfied by site
  • 44 percent will tell their friends about dissatisfaction with web site

To avoid this obstacle the Compuware created F.A.S.T. Calculator. As mentioned at COMPUWARE, it offers an overview of how technical issues affect revenue stream, customer satisfaction and business success.

If you decided to try and calculate your web site’s loading speed then it is less time and money consuming than dealing with the low speed load results.

There are 8 easy steps to fill in and the F.A.S.T. Calculator shows the results. In case you don't know web site response times, you can use our Instant Test function.

The questions are as follows:

What industry are you in?
How many people visit your site monthly?
What is the average number of ads that you serve to each visitor?
What percentage of your ad inventory do you sell directly?
And at what rate?
The remainder of your inventory is sold through a third-party or ad network:
And at what rate?
How many seconds does your home page take to load?


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Good news for the Kindle users. If until now Kindle users were limited to 80 newspaper titles in six languages, NewspaperDirect gives the users opportunity to choose the newspapers they are eager to subscribe. Through installing software-PressReader to the computer is allows download the publications and transfer them to Kindle by the USB cable. 

The main advantage is that Kindle users can access more than 1,400 newspapers from 93 countries in 44 languages.    

According to the PRWEB: “Some of the top titles available from around the world include The Washington Post, New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Globe and Mail, National Post, The Guardian, Daily Mail, International Herald Tribune, Irish Independent, Le Figaro, The Australian, New Zealand Herald, Gazeta Wyborcza, Marca, Bangkok Post, and Kommersant, to name just a few.“

Kindle stands among, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, iPhones, iPod Touch and BlackBerry devices, Sony and IREX digital readers, and, soon, Interead’s COOL-ER, that are supported by PressReader.

So I can congratulate, my friend, George with this novelty. As a Kindle owner, he can now   enjoy a more authentic, graphically rich and sustainable reading experience than currently exists with other newspaper editions for Kindle. According to PRWEB main advantages are:

  • All original content (including photos and images) is presented in a familiar newspaper layout.
  • Intuitive navigation controls are built in, along with thumbnails, and cross-linking within multi-page articles.


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