Win Poverty

Such a global issue as Poverty is attracts attention of each person, each of us, trying to give a helping hand to the people in need. Even though there are many charity organizations, different funds of different profiles, would it be of medical, financial, humanitarian nature, it is still impossible to satisfy each person suffering by poverty. Individual support never solves the global problems. If not systemic approach to the problem it might never be solve. Though it is worth mentioning that even he individual support is so much important for some extremely in need people. About 46,900,000 results are found in Google covering Poverty. Among thousands of discussions how to handle the problem, different approaches appeared to be effective but the results are not so much attractive. Many authors write articles and books about this issue.

Among other books and publications on poverty, I came across Douglas Wallace’s “Everything Will Be All Right.” That is a really promising title of the book that gives advice to those people who are facing hard times. Among advice are:

• Maintain a positive attitude at all times.
• Don't allow others to have power over your dreams and aspirations.
• Make things right when you commit a wrong.
• Seek out good role models and then listen, observe and copy.
• Get rid of the chip on your shoulder. It's not all about you.
• Avoid the undisciplined pursuit of unrealistic goals.
• Don't grasp for success with a quick, big solution.
• Never give up, even when the going gets tough.
• Always work hard, very hard, in everything that you do.
• Disassociate with people who hold you back.
• Follow through with commitments.
• Dream big.

This list of advice reminds me the film “The Secret.” On the official web site of the film, it s said that “Without exception, every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, perfect peace, health, and abundance.” I do agree with this. But how many extreme sufferers from poverty know how to do this? How to achieve this?
We know many people who became millionaires even though they lived in poverty. But in comparison with the number of poor people all over the world, it is really few indicator.

In the press release, published on PRWEB, Wallace says that “When research groups conduct generalized studies about teen attitudes, or self-esteem, or happiness the result is meaningful only to the specific social economic status of that group. And, when leaders of our society make policy decisions based upon studies that fail to take into consideration the culture of poverty, they are breaking the social contract that guarantees every child in America an equal opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

“Change the behavior, and you change the future of an impoverished child."

One should agree with this as the failure in struggling against poverty is in gap in understanding the culture of the poor.

According to Wallace, the study will focus on seven practical requirements for winning the war on poverty.

1. How you feel about yourself is everything.
2. It is not about money.
3. Goals, Goals, Goals, and Goals.
4. Exceptional Expectations.
5. To fail is to succeed.
7. Never Stop Learning.

These are not easy to accomplish especially for older generations. They cannot change their thinking in one day, and rearrange everything that the most important is feeling in things what you do, that they can expect EVERYTHING from themselves and that there are no limits and borders except the limits and borders a man makes around him/herself.

It demands really hard work to achieve desired result on the basis of these requirements. But you can make the theory “Everything is Possible” really work. Good Luck!


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