Apps View: Nokia Lumia, Android & iOS

Nokia Lumia is Windows phone. So, choosing Lumia is all about choosing Windows Mobile OS over iOS and Android. Is it a right choice? Does Windows mobile OS make any sense?

Right now world of mobile OS is witnessing a steep fight within Windows Phone7, iOS and Android. We don’t think any of them lame. However, no one can claim the crown hands down. So, we will try to see which mobile OS gives us better deal across the fronts.

Availability of device
This is a major decisive factor and Android is the best in terms of affordability. Thanks to Google, you get almost hundreds of Android-ready phones across almost every price points. iOS and Windows Mobile OS are limited to only handful of devices. Unlike Apple, Windows phones are more in numbers but most of them are pretty expensive. So, just like iOS, Windows mobile OS is also not well-affordable.

Availability of software apps
The close competitors are, of course, Android and iOS. In case you want no-nonsense apps and ready to pay for them, go for iOS. Arguably Apple holds the best range of apps at this moment. Android apps are fast catching up. You get lots of free to share apps but not all of them are very efficient.

Compared to iOS and Android, Windows Mobile is a late starter. So, you get only handful of apps on windows platform. However, Microsoft is wooing app-developer community to increase availability of software apps on its platform.

Third party unapproved apps
There is no legal version of iOS or Windows Mobile that allows unapproved third party apps. That could be a problem if you want full freedom regarding software usage on your mobile OS. There are jailbreak iPhones and Windows Phones but they are not always very reliable. With Android you have completely no restriction. However, it’s also true that very few of those unapproved third-party apps are actually useful.

Cloud computing integrated
It is pretty common term today and allows you to store data seamlessly. Apple offers in-built access to iCloud on all its mobile devices; currently free of costs. It is easy to use, allows to store and sync contents of any type.

Android OS phones do not allow cloud facility directly. However, you can use third party services available like, and Dropbox. Microsoft has its SkyDrive cloud computing facility. However, no windows mobile phone comes preinstalled with this service. You have to install from market.

Voice Control
Apple has its Siri. It’s at any point the best voice activated control system. However, right now you get it only with iPhone 4S. We believe in due course, Siri will be available across other iOS mobile devices.

Android is still not in comfortable position as far as voice activation is concerned. Microsoft has ‘Tellme’; but that too suffers from accentuated language. That means you are limited by options and accents. Apple allows you to use natural accent freely.

This is a factor, on which all the three mobile OS performs well. There are arguments and few prefer Android over other two. However, there is not much visible gap.

So, no single answer we have right now. In case you are not limited by budget, Nokia Lumia is surely a better device with user-friendly interface from Microsoft.

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