Control Over 18 Devices from 2800 Brands by Xsight

How many devices do you have at home that needs remote controllers? Well, I have at least 5, and I do have 5 remote controllers separately for each of entertainment system. Though, seems that there is no need to have several of them as the Xsight, One For All is able to control up almost 18 devices of 2800 brands. The Xsight can be programmed for TV, cable/satellite box, DVD and other A/V devices in three simple steps.

The new software features include:
• Device support: 18 devices
• Display: Colour touchscreen: 2.2 inch
• Infra-Red
• Set-Up: On remote setup, EZ-RC Setup via Internet
• Screen Keys
• Keypad Backlighting
• LCD Clock
• User Interface
• Slide Bar
• Li-Ion battery
• Charging cradle

The Xsight controls multiple devices without swapping between modes, displays your favorite channel logos on the screen of the remote, and the remote will automatically tune to that channel by sending a macro when you select the logo, group favorite channels by user (Mom, Dad, Kids), or Genre (Movies, Sport etc), allows the remote to be updated via USB, searches Brand that allows the user to search through all Brands in the remote memory.


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According to the SoftwareParadise, the smart application, ABBYY FotoReader “reads” the text on digital photos and transforms it into text files to edit and store on PC. With this application it is easier to take notes, make print copies or retype the text yourself.

So, what can we do with ABBYY FotoReader? We can convert photos into Microsoft Word, PDF and other computer files, click few times and re-use texts from photos; Create PDF files from photos; click on an icon “Convert to Microsoft Word” or “Convert to PDF” and receive the resulting document; use FotoReader without leaving Microsoft Word. As for the Outlook button, it can convert a photo and send the results directly as an e-mail attachment.

As noted at SoftwareParadise, among the benefits of the service are:

• Prepare research projects – Photograph book pages instead of making copies.
• Remember information from important meetings – Photograph slides and documents instead of taking notes.
• Note information while travelling – Capture text on travel schedules, signs or billboards.
• Store business cards – Create a searchable PDF file instead of stacks of cards.
• Collect any printed data on the go – Simply photograph any interesting text like museum signs or shop’s opening hours.


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Women are invited to women-only networking site ShesConnected. Though focused on women the site is as much multi as women are: mothers, wives, business owners, employees, grandmothers, daughters, friends and members of the online community. Site is designed for busy women, facilitating the many sides of their lives. 

As mentioned at ShesConnected, the site is the place where women will be able to manage both the personal and professional sides of their lives. Social network members can create a personal profile for family and friends or a professional profile for clients and colleagues; keep information separate or combine the two but only if they want to. The content is as different as careers, health, relationships, beauty, fitness, parenting, pregnancy, food and entertainment. 

Donna Marie Antoniadis, who is a co-founder & COO of ShesConnected admits in Founders message: “I have been blogging and using social media sites for women for a few years now and my friends had to listen to me complain from time to time about how difficult it was to manage both the personal and professional sides of my life. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where I could create two profiles but only I knew the two were connected? What I meant by this is a location where you could view my professional profile, but you wouldn’t be able to link to my personal profile—unless I wanted you to.”

Services include developing a social media strategy to increase, sales, create buzz about your brand, develop or manage an online community or grow your database, providing the following services:
Social media strategy
Social media marketing
Promotions, sampling, and sponsorship
Blog creation and outreach
Public relations
Community management 
Data analytics/modeling
Social search/SEO
Market research
Online consumer panels
Technical development - Social Network integration 
Widget/tool development
Social Bookmarking/RSS
If you want to express your feelings to your loved one or loved ones there are thousands of ways to do so. But for those who are the fun and exceptionally exclusiveness lovers can use the MRK e-Locket™, an iPhone application by Designer/Photographer Monica Rich Kosann. Choose a person, put your favorite pictures into a digital version of one of our beautiful lockets, and share customized locket with your this person, family or friends via email right from your iPhone.

The MRK e-Locket is also available as a Facebook application. We are abile to customize locket with a photo from your Facebook photo gallery, as well as with an “engraved” message on the back of the locket, and share.

According to the MRK Fine Arts, LLC, “Monica Rich Kosann lockets, whether MRK e-Lockets™, Sterling Silver or 18K Gold lockets, are designed to hold what is most precious to us all; the images of our family, friends, pets and those we love. The distinctive style of our jewelry evokes the tradition of timeless elegance and heirloom quality workmanship from another era.“


• Add photos to your MRK e-Locket™ from your iPhone camera roll or Facebook photo gallery
• Move and scale photos for a perfect fit
• Type an “engraved” message on the back of each locket you send
• No limit on the number of lockets to create!
• E-mail and share a locket with anyone you’d like
• Save your favorite locket created in Facebook to your profile page


Nowadays through highly developed technology it is possible to race even online. According to the, seems that more than 15,000 people have joined Gardner considers: “Because our membership has grown rapidly, we are able to both lower prices and increase features. We anticipate that by adding value, we’ll increase the enjoyment of our current members and bring even more new members into our community.”

The new pricing structure gave opportunity to the members decrease cost of an annual membership by 37%. Among the new features are private-hosted sessions and a program that awards credits for regular race participation, commence with the November 3rd start of iRacing’s 2009 – Season 4.

The service’s growth since membership was opened to the general public in August, 2008 resulted in a creation of a brand new version of iRacing’s public Web site ( offers a variety of subscriptions. These are month-by-month, two-year plan. It is worth mentioning that every new subscription type price is lower than its predecessor.  

Finally, according to the, the new Race Participation Program, an earned credit of up to $40.00 per year ($10.00 per 12-week season) will be available to all iRacing members regardless of subscription type. 
iRacing offers also hosted private sessions. It is as follows: For a single $3.00 hosting fee any iRacing member may organize a private race, using a variety of cars and tracks in the iRacing inventory, which is open to any other iRacing members, without additional charge and regardless of their license level.

As admitted at “A lot of sim racers have organized their own leagues – groups of friends who like to race together,” Gardner said. “Our existing structure organizes races basically according to skill level, which is what our current members want. From the start we planned to eventually add private racing to the mix. We believe that the private league racers will join the service to take advantage of this new functionality, but will also try out our structured racing, like it, and add that to their schedules.”

Now with a new site - you can rate companies. aims to be a powerful tool for businesses that are willing to improve staff retention. The rate system is useful not only for the employers but the job seekers who would like to know where they are going to work.

According to the Employer Information it provides employers with invaluable employee reaction to a number of questions about the way their company is run, allowing companies to celebrate their successes and, use the information positively where there are areas that could be improved.

Rate system is a five star point system, visibility of the results are not limited. They can be viewed by current and potential employees, suppliers and work providers.

So, why the Employer Information is useful?

First of all, as an Employer – you are able to get an honest appraisal of employment practices enabling you to celebrate your successes and make improvements where necessary

As an Employee – you have a forum to honestly express your views anonymously to your employer to encourage improvements

As a potential Employee - you can assess any potential employers employment ethic and company culture

As a supplier or work provider – you can ensure that a potential work partner shares similar values and work practices

It is a fact that the site idea is mutually beneficial both for employers, employees, also for the potential Employees and suppliers or work providers. Hope each company will use the information to advantage of their businesses and that will result the satisfaction, improvement of employee-employer relations.

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