Cost-Cutting Guide To Office Re-Design By Morgan Lovell

Starting or continuing enhancement of your business there is much that tells the office design. How successful you are, what taste do you have … but anyway the less equipment of an office costs better is for the owner. There are several choices: hire office designer, just buy equipments… but thing that happens is… Office design and refurbishment specialists Morgan Lovell has produced a free online guide offering inspiration to transform workplaces on a tight budget.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, ‘Ten Affordable Ways To Re-Design Your Office’ is packed with compelling ideas to create motivational offices – which aid productivity and save money.

The main outlines cover how to reduce the amount of filing and storage, pointers on how to make energy savings and the merits of a design and build approach, how to save money on furniture, making the most of break out spaces and how clever space planning can make your budget go further.

Elaine said: “We’ve included direct web links to case studies to illustrate each relevant point within the guide, to give readers a greater understanding of the ideas in action.”

‘Ten Affordable Ways To Re-Design Your Office'is available as a free download at Morgan Lovell’s website

If Internet users were looking for the simplest solution to mask IP, now they have found it. The reason they didn't find it until now because it has the solution has just been launched. Not my IP, as its developers called it, is an extremely easy to use online privacy protection software that hides IP address while surfing the Internet. Plus, it is completely free!

According to the PRWEB, the time is accelerating and software has to keep up with the new rhythm, too. In order to efficiently use the software solutions, users are required more and more experience. Experience is gained by studying and using the software solutions. And these actions eventually require time.
There is nothing wrong in acquiring more knowledge and experience, but the simplest and most efficient solutions can really help us focus on our primordial goals. This is the main philosophy that lies behind Not my IP. Privacy-Gateway released this solution aiming to be the simplest and most efficient way to hide IP.

Considering all dangers Internet users face online and analyzing the increasing numbers of identity thefts, Internet surfers must have near by an online privacy protection tool. All of us need solutions to hide IP in order to browse the web anonymously, without worrying that we might be victims of online identity thefts.

The simpler it is - the better it is! Internet users do not have to spend time learning complex strategies to achieve their purpose. They only want to hide IP. Is this too much they're asking? "Not at all!" thought Privacy-Gateway when started developing Not my IP. Only press one button and the real IP is hidden. A new (fake) IP will guarantee users anonymous web surfing while hiding IP. What can be easier that this? And to make it even better, Not my IP uses an exclusive list of premium proxies in order to provide a new IP.

Convince yourself: download and install Not my IP. It's FREE!

“How many languages you know, that many times you are a human being” is said but about books. How many books you’ve read that many…

From my very early childhood my dream was to have a huge library with lots of shelves of books you could hardly reach without stairs. But that is left in my imaginations only and now I am collecting shelves of books in folders in my notebook. Access is easy and comfortable.

Hardly there is a web page of book collections I have not visited. And now I came across ALLMYBOOKS at BOLIDESOFT.COM.

As far as it is a must-have program for every book collector and book lover, who likes them to be organized then I feel it is for me too.

So, the press release reveals main issues and it is interesting to cover, I think.

First question is why do you need a book catalog?

• Do you love books? You just need a personal book catalog!
• Have you forgotten to whom you gave your favorite Harry Potter book?
• Do you want to know how many books written by Stephen King you have?
• Do you want to quickly print a list of your books or upload it to a website?
• Amaze your friends and show them your collection of books! Collecting books is trendy!
• We are living in a digital age. Keep pace with the times and create your book catalog with our book organizer software!
• Your computer will help you more by keeping your personal book database. Quite a good reason, don't you think?
• It is easier to locate a book in the digital personal book catalog than to rummage through your book shelves.

Electronic book collection - is it long and tedious?

The All My Books™ makes it easy for us as you won't have to enter information about the book yourself; All My Books™ will load all information from online sources in a matter of seconds.
All we have to type to get complete information about a book is to fill one of the fields - book title, author name or ISBN.

The main advantages of the electronic book organizer become available - quick search, grouping and sorting by various fields, automatic calculation of statistical data and others.

Main features of All My Books™

• Ability to store details about authors, editors and translators, including their photo
• Visual appearance of a library using various skins (editable HTML templates are used)
• Large number of standard fields in the book card (author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating and others)
• Support for user defined fields - an unlimited number of additional text and boolean fields
• Extended functionality and new online book data import sources using third-party plugins
• Fast search for book using specified criteria. The search is conducted in all standard and user defined fields
• Protection of the book database by password
• Easy to use book sharing manager - you'll never forget whom and when you gave that book
• Storage for an unlimited amount of additional graphic information for each of the books in the database
• Support for e-books - you can store link to the file in the book card and open it directly from All My Books™. The program is able to automatically fill the book card for the following e-book formats: FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF (Sony Reader), LIT, MOBI, EPUB. More about Ebook collection support.
• All My Books ™ available in several languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Italian, Korean. All of them are included into the installation file. Help us to translate All My Books™ to your native language and get licensed for free!

During 30 day trial version use one can decide whether to choose it or not though with limited features.

Active special offers

• 25% discount offer for migrants from competitors' book-collector software solutions only
• Translate All My Books to your native language and get a free license! Contact us for the translation tips.
• For bloggers! Post an All My Books review to your blog and get a license for free or at a reduced price
• Do you love All My Books? Spread a word! Place All My Books userbar to your forum signatures and get a 25% discount!
• You have a chance to get a free All My Books™ license. Just find any bugs, grammatical, spelling or stylistic mistakes on this site or in the software's help and user interface. Send a full bug report to us using our feedback form.

There are no System Requirements additional requirements to run All My Books™.

To download follow the link below:
To purchase follow the link below:

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS) that is a leading provider of employee scheduling software announced the release of major enhancements to ScheduleAnywhere®, the affordable and easy-to-use online employee scheduling solution, according to the PRWEB.

The new features in ScheduleAnywhere aim to help managers create employee schedules faster, save valuable time and reduce overtime.

"I am very excited about this release. The powerful new enhancements to ScheduleAnywhere allow managers to quickly add shifts and modify employee schedules faster and easier than before," says Jon Forknell, ABS vice president and general manager. "The intuitive, web-based tools help managers create more efficient, cost-effective schedules. Staffing requirements and real-time shift coverage calculations ensure proper employee coverage and reduce unnecessary overtime."

Faster schedule creation and editing help managers spend more time satisfying customers and managing their business.

  • Schedule Editing - Managers can quickly schedule shifts, time-off requests, on-call or notes to multiple employees and schedule dates, without the web page needing to reload. The copy and paste features add flexibility to the schedule editing process allowing managers to reuse an employee's schedule patterns.
  • Employee Coverage - Improvements to the coverage watch, filters, highlighters, and search features help to ensure the right number of personnel is scheduled for each shift, position, department or location.
  • Employee Skills - Managers can now schedule employees based on skills and certifications. Employee skills and certifications and effective and expiration date tracking have been added to employee profiles.
  • Employee Profiles Report - Find out which employees have certain skills or certifications. This report also displays employee contact information and schedule history within a specific date range.
  • System Navigation - Enhancements to system navigation allow managers to utilize scheduling tools, access employee contact information, and move employees throughout the schedule with greater ease.


Coverity, Inc. that is the software integrity company announced Coverity Build Analysis. So what is it? According to the SOURCEWIRE, it is a new precision software analysis module. Coverity’s new technology aims to empower companies to attack the wasted time and money consumed by inefficient and inaccurate build systems during software development. It sounds very interesting as lots of people have these kinds of problems. The differentiating feature of the Coverity Build Analysis is that is is the first technology in the industry that automatically scans software builds to help companies eliminate quality, security, and compliance problems that can threaten to delay the delivery of products to market.

“Coverity Build Analysis uncovered errors in our build that we wouldn’t have found otherwise,” said Reid Madsen Principal Engineer of Tektronix. “It pinpointed discrepancies in our build system, saving us countless hours of development time and QA testing.”

As a customer survey shows, “more than 60% of Coverity customers report software builds as a common point of failure in their business. With deep visibility into build processes, for the first time organisations can eliminate the financial burden broken builds inflict -- lost developer time, product delays and costly field defects.”

The main capabilities that Coverity Build Analysis provides are:

• Improve Software Quality – Automatically identify the source of defects that occur due to improper or accidental inclusion of wrong object files
• Reduce Wasted Time – Recapture productivity lost due to unnecessary build bottlenecks such as broken make files or redundant and long running processes
• Prevent Security Risks – Halt the introduction of malicious or unintentional vulnerabilities through software components or open source packages that may contain known security problems
• Stop Compliance Violations – Put an end to the creep of compliance violations caused by the lack of visibility in the assembly process with a comprehensive ‘bill of materials’ that confirms the version and origin of all internal and open source code in your product

In order to fulfil its aim Coverity collaborats with other software integrity companies including Electric Cloud for build management and acceleration and Palamida for software composition analysis.

“Build systems today lack transparency, and as a result, organisations face costly problems associated with code from many outside sources that makes it into the build”, said Mark Tolliver, Palamida CEO. “From a Palamida perspective, that means security and intellectual property risks due to open source code. We are pleased that we are working with Coverity to leverage their build analysis data with Palamida composition analysis to let customers know exactly what security vulnerabilities and IP risks exist in the open source shipping in their software.”


Climate that undergoes different changes makes people and more intensively scientists think over this issueand find the ways to save our world.

Among other organizations the Climate Project (TCP) that is founded by former Vice President Al Gore, now announces its limited partnership with Eco-Active Media, Inc. and Green Planet Search in the world's first interactive Earth Day Webcast.

And how the partnership goes? According to the PRWEB, The event, spanning a four-month period from April 1-July 31, 2009, features a collection of:

· environmentally-oriented videos

· PSAs

· expert forums housed on a 100% solar powered platform created by Green Planet Search

· Special live streaming

The main goal of this initiative is to unite environmentally conscious individuals from around the world and to present solutions on how to better protect our planet.

"We created to serve as a digital 'soapbox' to reach and mobilize the global environmental community. Now that The Climate Project is involved, that soapbox has just gotten a lot bigger -- and everyone wants to get onboard," said Eco-Active Media President Peter Insalaco.

Everybody can participate in this initiative celebrities, authors, teachers, students, scientists, and local community leaders.

"As the event coincides with Earth Day, we anticipate many people will be inspired to take action and to make important changes in the way they use our planet's resources," said Jenny Clad, Executive Director of The Climate Project.

Photo Source:


In order to reduce telecommunications and other operating costs photographic studio chain DoubletakeSwyx chose a market-leading vendor of Unified Communications for SMEs. By replacing its old phone system with a converged software based solution could take advantage of SIP and GSM gateways. What the company expects is a return on investment within 6 months and annual savings of over £100,000.

As Managing Director at Doubletake, Julian Jenkins explains, “All of our business is generated by referrals from existing clients, so a large part of our operation is involved in outbound calling. We employee 100 agents to contact prospects by phone and the majority of these calls are made to mobiles, making telephony costs a significant part of our overheads. Our incumbent system was unreliable, expensive and was unable to give us the additional functionality that we were looking for.”

According to the SOURCEWIRE, after reviewing a number of potential replacements, the company was introduced to Swyx, by one of its Gold partners, GP Network Solutions (GPNS), a specialist in unified communications. Julian added, “The Swyx solution had a number of key advantages over other systems we considered, foremost of which was its ability to run on our existing data network and importantly it had the capability to route calls directly to the most appropriate network; GSM for mobiles or SIP for non-mobile calls.”

Jenkins continues, “The Swyx solution also offered key features such as call recording, voicemail management using email, and full integration with contact management systems such as Microsoft Outlook, included as standard, making it a very cost effective package”.

Jenkins has also been very impressed with the level of service he has received from GPNS, “The support has been excellent, they thoroughly understand our business model and have customised the solution to work hard for us.”
Jenkins adds, “The advantage of using a system like Swyx is that it is easy and quick to set up and of course all the calls between offices are free. In addition we are already using Swyx’s built-in conferencing facility between our UK studios and we will extend this further once we go international.”

A Summary of the benefits that Doubletake has gained from the Swyx installation:

• Integration with GSM and SIP has reduced call costs by over 50%
• Expected ROI within 6 months of install
• Call recording has improved agent efficiency and prospect to sale conversion rates
• Integration with contact management system and voicemail has dramatically reduced office administration
• A ‘virtual’ communications platform that can be expanded into new national and international locations.

If we know what is the risk from CO2 then it is easy to value environmentally friendly wind energy. And what is its value? It doesn't produce CO2. But the obstacle is that it only blows 35% of the time, according to electric utility sources. That causes inefficiency and cost problems.

According to the PRWEB, the wind power used to heat oil-rich resources with PyroPhase RF technology not only stores the energy, but converts it underground to liquid fuel which is then pumped out. The most important factor is that no CO2 is produced in making this clean wind oil.

As mentioned in the press release the US has 2 trillion barrels of oil tied up in oil shale in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, according to US Department of Energy. The main benefits also are that it reduces dependence on foreign supplies, helps the balance of trade, foreign policy and produces good-paying jobs.

What the PyroPhase Inc founders demonstrated that production of oil in pilot tests in Utah tar sands and in oil shale. A s rroduction has been verified by computer modeling cost estimates show that oil can profitably be produced from Utah tar sands when the price of oil is $45/barrel.

To be more precise a 10,000 barrel/day plant could be built in 4 years at a cost in the order of $100 million, including 5 million for pilot development and 20 million to scale up to commercial module size.

What might cause problems with your valuable documents in business and not only? These are identity theft, natural disasters, environmental waste and some others. As there was not a truly comprehensive and secure document backup service that could accommodate both digital files and paper documents for the users, ClaimProof launches their new secure ClaimProof Vaults for document backups, featuring a unique fax backup option enabling users to store secure digital copies of important paper documents.

"ClaimProof is about more than online file storage," says Jacob Kazen, president and CEO of ClaimProof. "Unlike most online document storage services, we offer a fax upload option that enables users to create secure document backups of not only digital files but also their important hard copy documents. A home user might backup insurance policies to be able to quickly and remotely access them in the case of a house fire or flood. A traveler might access a backup of their passport information to speed up the replacement process if the original is lost or stolen overseas. A business might want to move from paper to digital files in a secure environment to become more eco-friendly, but without the cost of extra managed servers of their own. We offer packages for all levels of need."

There is difference in home or business users as several packages are available, with prices starting at $9.95 per month. ClaimProof's has three easy options for creating secure online file backups:

· uploading from the user's hard drive,
· emailing the documents,
· faxing paper documents.

The users can try a 30 day free trial ClaimProof. ClaimProof provides a more secure document backup alternative to digital copies on the user's own physical machine. "Documents in ClaimProof Vaults are stored on secure servers utilizing the latest cloud computing technology," says ClaimProof's Lead Technical Engineer, Seth Krostich. "That means files can't be lost even in a rare case of hardware failure. All uploads, logins, and sessions are also encrypted, and ClaimProof is a recipient of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal. The Seal assures users that a trusted third party has verified that the ClaimProof site is implementing effective measures and policies to protect the privacy and security of all information they upload or submit online. In addition to the security, users have the convenience of being able to access those files from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection."

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