Todos Connectable 417's Surprise for The Paperless Society

Today hardly one can imagine completing some documents on papers. Everything we do we do it electronically. Well… may be sometimes we print it out. But I guess, soon there will not be need for printers. New Todos device enables secure digital signatures and document exchange. The Todos Connectable 417 (C417), Todos has taken a big step towards a secure paperless society.Day by day our demands increase and require more comfort, want to go beyond online shopping, want the same level of convenience for things like filing tax returns and signing contracts, businesses, banks and governments are already moving in this direction.

But…There is no statement without BUT. But we miss: TRUST.

So what are the risks: Viruses and spyware. As it is mentioned at SOURCEWIRE, it puts on-screen digital signatures at risk. They could be stolen or repudiated. In addition, there are conflicting standards for secure digital documents and signatures which reduces interoperability.

But…Again BUT…

But we have a solution. The Todos C417 and new technology called XML-Sign-What-You-See (XML-SWYS) solves these problems. It replicates the experience of signing a paper document and the users can see key details on the Todos C417’s large LCD screen before they sign.

As the device is separate from the PC and the signature requires a smart card and a pin number for extra security, the system protects the user against online fraud. The PIN number is never exposed to the computer.As for the XML, it simplifies document exchange with the ability to sign any document securely. The result is a flexible format that is also highly trustworthy.“The world is moving towards digital signatures and secure paperless transactions,” says Peter Gullberg, VP Product Strategy at Todos, “and Todos is leading the way. Other security vendors are talking about this kind of technology but we’re the only one that has actually deployed it to over one million eBanking customers.”

In the highly developed era of technology, It is not surprising that individuals and big or small organizations are worried about their security. Nobody wants to share their personal or business data to anyone. But that really happens. Nothing is impossible. So in response to this problem Security IP of Banbury, Oxfordshire, has introduced DataGuard, a data protection solution developed in Germany by Applied Security GmbH - Apsec. DataGuard ensures maximum privacy for individuals or small firms that need to share sensitive information.

According to the Sourcewire, the technology provides professional levels of encryption to protect folders and files on desktops, laptops, USB sticks and any other removable storage media.

Commenting on the launch, SIP director, Andi Robinson said: "With data security such a key issue after the recent high-profile incidents, encryption is a great way to ensure that even if a computer or storage device is lost or stolen, the data contained on it cannot be accessed without authorisation.”

"For our channel partners, this topic will be a great door opener and we see good potential for sales to professional sectors such as recruitment agencies, financial services and accountants. DataGuard is already proving popular and a number of companies are currently trialling the software, including those in the legal profession, where data security is understandably of great importance."What happens when there are multiple users on the same computer? The can create their own private folders to ensure security, whilst there is also the capability to securely share data between authorised computers that have DataGuard installed or by using a secure USB stick created by DataGuard.
Are you a busy person? Then "Put Things Off" released by Spiffing Apps that is the laid-back to-do list for iPhone procrastinators will help you get things done.iPhone and iPod Touch users are now able to focus on what's important and put off what's not. Put Things Off application helps to do so.

According to the brainchild of British developer Nick Cernis, Put Things Off helps busy people manage vital tasks while putting the rest off until later. For less than £2/$3, the app lets iPhone and iPod Touch users defer tasks into a virtual tray marked "Put Off".

"It's a bit like having a nagging girl- or boyfriend," says Cernis. "Only with Put Things Off, you can turn the sound off." With arguments over chores among couples as frequent as ever, there's no doubt that a laid-back to-do list could be a saviour for many."
I designed the app because my other half often nagged me," Cernis remarked. "Now I just point to my iPhone and say, 'Look -- it's on my to-don't list!' And, sure enough, the furniture's normally built three days later. Unless I've put it off again," he jokes.
What does it aim? Put Things Off aims to reduce stress levels by letting users focus on important tasks without worrying about forgetting scheduled ones. "When faced with a mountain of tasks, people tend to feel overwhelmed," Cernis states. "The app lets them organise their tasks and relax so they can get the important things done."
According to the results, the app flew into the top 20 productivity apps for iPhone on its launch day. "I wish I hadn't sat on the idea for so long now," Cernis reported. "The feedback's been great so far. One user told me I should have made it ages ago."

Put Things Off is available as an instant download from Apple's iTunes App Store for only £1.79/$2.99.

Who can miss such news about chocolate? I can not.

Who can say No on being hired to help teams create a new brand of chocolate? I guess nobody. I’d love to participate.

But as the chances to do so are just unreal, let’s see what Paul A Young, a leading British chocolatier will create together with the teams and later taste the new brand chocolate. Paul A Young hired by Sir Alan is ranked in the world’s Top 10.

So what will be the final product? That will be broadcasted on BBC1 on Sunday night at 9pm, 9pm on Sunday 7th June.

According to the Sourcewire, Paul advised on the flavour combinations, ingredients and type of chocolate to use, so the candidates and their assisting teams could work together to produce a fantastic range of chocolates with delicious and creative flavours to meet the brief set by Sir Alan.

As a result Paul A Young will be appearing in both ‘BBC1’s The Apprentice’ which will be broadcast at 9pm on Sunday 7th June and as a panellist on ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired!/Hired!’ which is broadcast directly after the final at 10pm on BBC1. Both shows are expected to top this week’s viewer ratings.

In 1936 when the the first freely programmable computer was invented - Konrad Zuse - Z1 Computer hardly one could imagine that there will be a need or necessity to leave the laptop behind as the executives on the move who need to file share quickly and simply but who are fed up with carrying a laptop around. According to the SOURCEWIRE, Elan Digital's latest gadget, The Mobidapter, transfers files in seconds direct from a PDA to a USB stick (and vice versa). The new product is simple to use, the small Mobidapter plugs directly to the SD memory slot on the PDA reading and transferring data to and from the USB stick. And as it is mentioned no driver software is needed, just you should plug it in and go.

Transferring of any type of file from a standard USB memory pen to a mobile device can now be done without a PC.

As it is admitted on the SOURCEWIRE, an added bonus is that physical connection to host device avoids problems with wireless connection stability and data security.

The size of it is 35x 75 x 10mm and a weight of just 20g and consecuently the Mobidapter is ideal for travelling light, and effectively eliminates the need for carrying a PC around.

The SDMB1000 also demonstrates Elan’s leading position in creating customised SD/SDIO technology.
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