Halloween without Its Most Enduring Icons Rats

Each year we celebrate Halloween, each year different media channels and web sites cover this topic. There are over 173,000,000 Halloween Results in Google. Hardly the majority of the given number highlights history, costumes, and jokes about this holiday. But while looking for some interesting info I came across a very interesting article at Boston.com about bats. It seems that they become fewer and fewer each year. We know that Bats are one of Halloween’s most enduring icons, but according to the Boston.com article “the mysterious creatures’ silhouettes against the moon are disappearing in the Northeast. A baffling illness has wiped out more than 75 percent of bat populations in the abandoned mines and ice-encased caves where they hibernate.”According to the online edition of the journal Science researchers report that the white fungus is very noticeable on the bats, they last year dubbed the sickness "white-nose syndrome."

Scientists know that the fungus grows best between 41 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the Boston.com Where we come across the citation of David Blehert, director of diagnostic microbiology at the US Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center in Wisconsin, saying "It grows slowly just like mold grows on your cottage cheese in the refrigerator," But he adds that in hotter temperatures grows far more slowly.

Seems that hardly one can help bats in this direction.As Blehert says "We can do all we want to attempt to control human movements, but we can’t control ... wild bats."


While following the development of information technology and technology itself, seems nothing is impossible at all. We even can place a cinema in our pockets. How? Aiptek tells us how to do it by introducing the latest in Pico projectors, the Pocket Cinema V10. It is a compact projector with built-in media player.

What can the Pocket Cinema? Play Mpeg4 movies, Jpeg Photos and MP3 music files. But seems that is not all it can perform, when connected to an external device it will project movies and images from any video source with an AV out and gaming graphics.

If measured the Pocket Cinema is of 125mm x 55mm x 23mm. Easily one can imagine how much convenient the product is.

According to the SourceWire, among the main features of a product are:
• A mobile media player mini-projector playing back picture, MP3, and video clips
• Projects image up to 50” within distance from 21cm to 180cm.
• Projects image from connecting to iPod, DV, DSC, game console or mobile phone (via AV-out) or from playback in embedded flash memory or SD/MMC memory card.
• Resolution - 640 x 480 Pixels (VGA)
• A convenient tool for business meetings and presentations
• White LED light source
• 3M technology
• Li-Ion battery, Tripod and Remote control supplied
• Cradle with speaker & power charging (Optional)

The Pocket Cinema’s internal memory is 1GB and storage 8GB with optional 8GB HDSC card it will beam movies and photo’s up to 50 inches within a distance of 21cm to 180cm. (SOURCEWIRE)

Though who are eager to have at least one cinema in a pocket can do that only from November at Amazon.co.uk and Firebox.com at an SRP of £299.99. But that is not all as there are included in the box is ArcSoft Media Converter, ArcSoft Total Media Extreme, Li-Ion battery, AC adapter, USB cable, AV Cable (3-in-1 AV jack), Tripod, Pouch, Application CD, Quick start guide.


What do parents worry most? 41% worry that their child who might fall in with a bad crowd, 38% worry by reports of knife crime, one in ten parents worry about drugs, and less than 3% worry about their children having sex, according to the research by PleaseCallMe.

On the basis of SOURCEWIRE, parents trust their children’s own judgement when they’re out and about, so long as they regularly check in. But what is actually worries them is not hearing from their children when they’re away from home. Survey results give opportunities to conclude that 8 out of 10 parents say that knowing their child can keep in touch with them on their mobile phone gives them peace of mind.

Over half of mums and dads receive as an answer to not informed parents that the only reason he/she could not contact them was that they ran out of credit. Consequently parents wish to have opportunities for their children to avoid this problem.

Phoebus Van Deventer, managing director for PleaseCallMe, commented: “As a parent myself, I know how worrying it can be when your kids are out with their friends. I always feel much better knowing they can get in touch if they need anything but there is always the chance that they might run out of credit. That’s why we created the PleaseCallMe service.”

The service offers a message that says ‘pleasecallme’ or a personalised text message to be sent by a child. For the service pay parents.


Thanks to Visual Nexus who released its upgraded virtual meeting solution, Visual Nexus Version 4. Though I hardly ever use video, now it is possible to have high quality 4CIF video on standard desktop computers using a WebCam over a standard broadband connection. that is not only advantage of the product, its synthesis function can display up to 16 video images transmitting them in a single compressed video stream. That is great. As for the virtualization of the meeting server, it is now complete enabling different organizations or departments to use the same meeting server as if it were their own private system. According to the SOURCEWIRE, Visual Nexus is of high quality video, voice and data collaboration for face-to-face virtual meetings.

Main advantages of the Visual Nexus are:

Enhanced video quality: four fold increase in video resolution, over broadband connections - 384Kbs. It does not require special video equipment on the PC.

New video synthesis function: The number of displayed video images-16 using the new video synthesis function.

Virtualization of the meeting server: clients or departments can share a server within a virtual private environment.

“The new version of Visual Nexus is a perfect solution for companies seeking to improve the productivity of dispersed teams at a time of difficult market conditions. Companies already equipped with video conferencing systems are also likely to increase their systems by adding desktop video to their communications mix.” said Atsuhisa Suzuki, President of Visual Nexus Company at OKI. “

In addition to the given features Visual Nexus version 4 is also used for remote education, training, interviews, consultations, etc.

What are the main concerns of a computer users? Answer is easy to guess as each of us have seen the signs of Viruses in our computers, Privacy and Malware. These concerns are identified by BitDefender, too. According to the BitDefender’s Global Security Survey of 2008, computer users consider themselves more knowledgeable than last year. Over 550 respondents took part in the survey.

The survey results show that 68 percent of respondents feel that they are more knowledgeable about IT security than last year. 8 percent - less knowledgeable and 24 percent - same. The fact that there is n increase in computer literacy means that the users invest more last years than previous ones. e may also play a part into how much computer users invest this year with 46 percent stating that they plan to increase their IT security spending.

The survey shows that the less knowledgeable are more worried about IT security and consider their IT security solutions to be less effective. On the other hand, the more knowledgeable the user, the less concerned they were about IT security and these respondents thought that their IT security solutions were more effective than last year.

Main Concerns of Computer UsersWhen respondents were asked what the biggest concerns are about PC security, the Global Security Survey findings indicated the following:
Viruses 36%
Privacy 20%
Malware 15%
Hackers 11%
Cyber-criminals 8%
Phishing attacks 4%
Have no concerns 2%
Other 4%

Among the most important fields where the security really matters are online banking/shopping, web search and personal e-mail.

“The survey findings highlight an interesting connection between how much people understand about IT security and their concern for the security of their PCs,” said Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO. “With more understanding about the state of IT security, the less worried users are about their PC and the more faith they put into their security solution. BitDefender strives to provide computer users with solutions offering complete protection for their PCs.”

Protect Your iPhone by the new iPow External Battery Case. While the leather flip case protects device the integrated battery doubles the power capacity. Together with this opportunity the product offers mini stereo speakers.

As we know the iPhone that’s purpose is togive opportunity users surf the net and for multimedia and Bluetooth use, all these are power-hungry things. Practically iPow External Battery Case is the first neat and integrated solution.

If the standard iPhone battery allows up to 8 hours talk time, 7 hours of video playback, 6 hours of web access or 24 hours listening time, the iPow can double its possibilities.


Wireless sensor networks do great job as they monitor physical or environmental conditions, and provide real time information on the health and condition of critical components and systems. It is quite logical that powering these systems is virtually impossible with wires, expensive with batteries and their associated maintenance. But that made the energy harvesters to come to the a unique opportunity for energy harvesters such as Midé's vibration energy harvester, the Volture Vibration Energy Harvester.

Energy harvesting. What does it mean? Well, vibration is not the only source of ambient energy available to be harvested. Alongside t this there are light, heat and radio frequency energy.

There might be applications with only one source of energy to harvest from, and multiple sources of energy. In order to take advantage of applications hybrid energy harvester (HeH) was created. This is made by incorporating a rugged encapsulated solar-panel into the Volture™ enclosure. According to the PRWEB, Midé is developing the next generation electronics. It is expected to add solar and piezoelectric power in a method that will enable intelligent battery charging.

Chris Ludlow, Midé's Director of Engineering, stated; "Midé is launching the first Volture™ Hybrid product in Fall '08. It will provide night and day power production, and long-term battery storage. You could say the Volture™ Solar Hybrid Energy Harvesting module shines another light on Midé's energy harvesting capabilities".

Children’s control is of great importance equally out doors and while surfing through the internet, will it be at home or at school. That was one of the determining reason the Classroom Instruction and Management specialists to release for NetSupport School.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, those who are utilising Wireless networking the NetSupport School connectivity server provides compatibility for Windows Server 2008 and Vista systems.

The NetSupport Student Journal provides a full digital (PDF) record of all content, images, dialogue and notes and allow a Teacher to create their own local journal as well as those of the students. Also NetSupport School also provides a unique collaborative workspace. The colaborative workspace gives opportunity to draw diagrams and annotate information. There is a new docked Teacher Toolbar a direct chat session with any available technician. The NetSupport School Tutor allow teachers to display only the features they need.

The fact that the service works is that NetSupport School was a winner of the 2008 Bessie Awards recognized as the best Computer Lab Instruction solution in the Teacher Tools category. According to the Sourcewire it was voted as the District Administration magazines “Readers Choice Top Products” for 2007/8, also winning for a successive year the Technology and Learning Award of Excellence, is announced in a source.

ASUS’s ground-breaking Bamboo Notebook and Touch-screen Eee Top PC at the Stuff Live Consumer Electronics will be presented on October 31st.

What are the unique features of Bamboo Notebook? It is encased in Bamboo and truly green throughout every phase of its life, from the very day the consumer gets it the users can keep up with modern life whilst still showing care towards preserving the Earth.

As for the Eee Top 1602 Series are all-in-one touchscreen computers. The main benefits of a foolproof, touch-responsive interface are endless, as it allows anyone to experience the convenience of day to day email, writing, media and other computing needs.Among the additional details, on display will be the Skype AiGuru SV1 (manufactured by ASUS).

Identity theft presents one of the issues that is of great concern nowadays. Even though the consumers mostly associate identity theft with online shopping, most identity theft happens in a low-tech manner. That is concluded by 2008 Identity Fraud Survey Report by Javelin Strategy and Research. The study shows that a total of 8.1 million victims of ID theft in the latest survey really is worth paying attention.

According to the PRWEB, "Identity theft is a very real threat for those who aren't making an effort to protect themselves," says CareOne Credit Counseling Services Spokesperson Clarky Davis. "These identity thieves access various forms of personal information, like credit card numbers and social security numbers, and they can run up debt in the victim's name. No one should have to worry about a third party taking over their credit card or causing other financial trouble, which often isn't even discovered until several months after it happens. Our tips are designed to help people be more proactive about stopping identity theft before it has a chance to happen - in this case, awareness really can go a long way."

CareOne Credit Counseling Services presents a "tip jar" full of FreedomPointers. The FreedomPointers include tips on preventing identity fraud as well as some information on debt consolidation.

1. Shred Personal Documents
2. Protect Social Security Numbers
3. Keep Backup Credit Cards
4. Check Credit Reports Regularly
5. Be Careful About Online Shopping

The world’s first Intranet media Channel is on the way. According to the SOURCEWIRE, the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF at www.ibforum.com), that is an exclusive, confidential intranet and portal benchmarking group of leading European, US and global organisations, launches the world’s first dedicated intranet media channel, Intranets Live (www.intranetslive.com). And that happens on 4th November.

As it is highlighted in the press release on SOURCEWIRE, “Intranets Live has been created following the run-away success of IBF 24, the 24-hour online intranet innovation that took place in June, said Paul Miller, chairman of the IBF. “That day proved to be the world’s largest corporate gathering on the web with more than 700 intranet professionals from 25 countries participating. Not only did we receive universal support and appreciation for IBF 24, but we also found that many of the participants were very keen to see more regular events of this nature. So, in order to meet this demand, we’ve created the world’s first intranet media channel where participants can join the world’s global intranet community live every month.”

It is worth mentioning that Intranets Live even before its launch has already attracted more than 300 annual subscribers from some of the world’s leading private and public sector organisations.

Due to the fact that Intranets Live is delivered via Microsoft Live Meeting 2007, participants can watch and listen to content and feed in their own comments and questions live. Also free guest passes are available. Programme will be co-hosted by the IBF’s Paul Miller and Jagesh Dattani of PricewaterhouseCoopers and highlights will include the following:

•A live intranet tour by Kellogg's followed by a phone-in Q&A •Studio guest Shiv Singh from Avenue A Razorfish in New York
•The Intranet Doctor: He’s there to heal your intranet pain!
•A day in the life of intranet manager (to be confirmed)
•The TechWatch interview with David Sacks from Yammer will look at ‘how to get business value from Twitter’

Those who really work long hours at a computer the question “Does your computer mouse hand get cold?” is really worth asking. IGMproducts.com offers the cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.

"The Mouse Hand Warmer came about after spending over 12 years sitting at a computer working long, late hours with a very cold mouse hand," said Anna Miller, creator of the Mouse Hand Warmer. After the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket was developed and used, it was considered that the problem is solved, and IGM decided to manufacture and sell the item to the computer accessories market.

In order to save your hand warm slip your computer mouse and hand inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket with or without the use of a standard sized mouse pad, and your mouse hand is covered and kept warm as you work. That is what the manufacturers advise at PRWEB.com
There is no need to use electricity, cords to plug in or get tangled on your desktop.

According to the PRWEB, the Mouse Hand Warmer has a non slip surface and is constructed of hand-washable fabrics. It is of 12 x 12 inches. If you already decided to buy a new product yet the only place is the manufacturer who is currently seeking distributors of the product.

Chillingo, an European iPhone app publisher, has joined forces the Dutch based iPhone development studio Rough Cookie to deliver Dougie Moo’s Aqua Antics, a made-for-accelerometer title targeting casual gamers.

"We are extremely excited about Dougie Moo - it has been designed with the iPhone in mind - making full use of the touchscreen and motion-sensitivty of the device, providing a very unique gaming experience for the iPhone user. And yes, it works for the iPod Touch too." said Chillingo Director, Chris Byatte.

Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics features 30 unique levels of addictive puzzle action. Using the device's accelerometer, players can control Dougie Moo to combine sets of coloured balls that float on a body of water. Spread over 5 worlds, Dougie needs to navigate through all sorts of hazards, like sharks, bombs and even homing blowfish! Featuring full use of the iPhone and iPod Touch's tilt and touchscreen functions, a high score save system and full screen water simulation, Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics is a thrilling water adventure sure to make a splash!

Dougie Moo's Aqua Antics is priced at EUR2.99 and is available now through Apple's App store.



As promised, let’s continue listing the 5 other mysteries of mind. Brain Teaser comes the next. You should only laugh to make 3 parts of brain work. These are thinking part in order to get the joke, a movement area as it makes muscles move, and an emotional region - elicits the "giddy" feeling. Even though different scientists explain laughter in different ways, it is vivid that laughter makes us feel better.

And what do you think what is the next mystery? That is Nature vs. Nurture. The personalities we are is determined by...? Well, that is the question, thoughts and personalities are controlled by genes or environment? According to the scientists personality is possible to be the result both. According to my everyday observations, I guess genes play determining role in personality. There might be named thousands of examples.

What about age? That is an interesting issue. There is a questions scientists try to answer: why do humans age? Born with a robust toolbox full of mechanisms to fight disease and injury with ages turns into an empty box. According to the theories there might be two categories: The first - aging is a part of human genetics and is somehow beneficial, and the second - aging has no purpose and results from cellular damage that occurs over a person's lifetime.

Is there anybody who wants to live forever? May be not forever but cryonics could give some people two lives. According to the LiveScience, Cryonics centers store posthumous bodies in vats filled with liquid nitrogen at bone-chilling temperatures of minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit (78 Kelvin). What does it serve? It serves people of incurable diseases, who could be thawed and revived in the future when a cure has been found. That process is still the subject of the scientists study.

And finally what is consciousness? That is really great issue that the scientists are trying to deal with. Main question is how processes in the brain give rise to subjective experiences?

We do have the definition of mind if not of all the mysteries that mind does. Mind in itself presents the collection of intellect and consciousness. Mind abilities usually are expressed in thoughts, emotion, perception, memory, will, imagination, and these all together draw the image of a person. Scientists work on the issues of brain from the very early times, but even though now is the 21 century there are some unanswered questions.

According to the LiveScience.com there are top ten mysteries of mind. That topic seems very interesting to cover.

One of the ten mysteries is Sweet Dreams. Well, I can hardly see them but seems that while dreaming brain does exercises by stimulating the trafficking of synapses between brain cells. Though that is not the only theory and it is considered that people dream about tasks and emotions that they didn't take care of during the day. In general, scientists come to one conclusion that dreaming happens during your deepest sleep. Or may be we see the fragments of the nearest future in our dreams? Who knows?!

Sweet Dream is followed by Slumber Sleuth. We do spend more than a quarter of our lives at shut eyes. What do scientists know about it? One thing: Sleep is crucial for survival in mammals. What does the sleeplessness cause? mood swings, hallucination, and in extreme cases, death.

Phantom Feelings. It's the fact that nearly 80 percent of amputees experience sensations, including warmth, itching, pressure and pain, coming from the missing limb. How that could be explained? Well, one version says that the nerves area where the limb severed create new connections to the spinal cord and continue to send signals to the brain as if the missing limb was still there, or the brain is "hard-wired" to operate.

Mission Control it is residing in the hypothalamus of the brain. Biological clock that programs the body to follow a 24-hour rhythm has its impacts on different parts for the human being’s lively important aspects digestion, body temperature, blood pressure, and hormone production. Research showed that light can adjust the clock forward or backward by regulating the hormone melatonin.

The next comes Memory Lane. Can you forget the first kiss? I guess no. And how does that happen? Using brain, imaging techniques. According to the scientists findings the hippocampus could act as a memory box.

Interested what are the next 5 mysteries in? I guess you might be but presenting them happens tomorrow. The next visit on the BLOGVASION will fully reveal the mind mysteries. Stay with us.

Mind Mysteries... To be continued...
One more proof that education in all its aspects and technology borders blurred. Today we are talking about Web-based writing and reading comprehension learning tool, WriteToLearn ™. According to the PRWEB and the official site of WriteToLearn, children and teachers are given great opportunity to work more productively and master the writing skills. As Denise Lewis' language arts students at Woodstock Middle School in Georgia were struggling with writing, she addressed the problem with creativity and a new Web-based learning tool. According to the works the results improved. Students even wrote a proposal for a technology grant that reaped a $1,000 award for their school.

The main tool through which the teacher achieved this result was by a Pearson's award-winning Web-based writing and reading comprehension learning tool, WriteToLearn ™, and the purchase of laptop computers for her classroom by technology-forward Cherokee County School District. As it is noted in WriteToLearn newsrelease.

"The difference was like night and day," she said. "The kids were running to my classroom to get on WriteToLearn."

And how does it work? The main advantage of it is that students practice essay writing and summarization skills. Efforts are measured by Pearson's state-of-the-art Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ (KAT) engine. The unique feature is that automated assessment technology evaluates the meaning of text by examining whole passages, not just for grammatical correctness or spelling.

"They can actually see that what I'm teaching them will work, which is otherwise difficult to do, especially with the struggling writers," Lewis said.

With every WriteToLearn assignment, students are eager to see the feedback they receive and are more engaged in what they're learning, she continued. "They work and work to get the best possible feedback, and they're very competitive."

For the grant-writing project, the students conducted research, created surveys, interviewed each other and even made a movie that showed them using WriteToLearn. "They learned that they have the power to write for a purpose," she said.

That is not the only example that the WriteToLearn should be proud of, Cherokee County school, F. D. Johnston Elementary School’s, sixth-grade language arts teacher Jeff Pence also uses WriteToLearn. "I spend my time teaching writing instead of drudging through papers," he said. "WriteToLearn changes the attitudes of teachers because grading papers was killing us."

Pat Kearns, Ph.D., the district's director of academic standards, professional development and career pathways, said, "Cherokee County School District boasts a team of creative, talented teachers who have found ways to use technology, such as WriteToLearn, to ensure that all of their students achieve at the highest level. When I visit classrooms around the district, I am amazed at the new enthusiasm for writing that I see when students are practicing with WriteToLearn."

New website helps Victorian consumers accurately compare electricity and gas prices and easily switch suppliers online.

Interesting service as electricity and gas price control is not the concern of few people. In order to satisfy the consumers independent service group switchwise.com.au announced the launch of an online service through which the users can easily compare electricity and gas prices and switch suppliers over the internet.

The main charm of this service is that the consumers are able to quickly, easily and accurately compare energy offers different suppliers and then switch online according to their wishes. Victorian consumers seem to be the consumers of the most active energy market in the world. The statistics show that in Victoria in 2002, approximately 60% of Victorian households have changed their electricity supplier. Though the switch should be logical otherwise there is no mean to do that. According to the research 47% of Victorians switched supplier based on information provided by the retailer, either at their front door, over the phone or by mail, and almost one-quarter of consumers switched without any information at all!

But what is the result of wise switch. As the switchwise.com.au founder Shaun Johnson said that an average Victorian household could save up to $203 on their yearly combined electricity and gas bills by switching to a cheaper supplier using Switchwise. "At a time of great economic uncertainty, whilst consumers are feeling squeezed by high mortgage interest rates, petrol and food prices, it will be a welcome relief to many to have the opportunity to make significant savings on their energy bills."

To be successful on the market one should reach target audience by any available channel and source. Advertising market now has wider opportunities and capabilities rather than it was in previous decades. The cause of that is the development of technology, especially information technology. Now in order to reach to the desirable audience, in this exact case adults new channel of advertising is found - through cell phones and social networking sites "Right Now.''According to the PRWEB, YourAreaCode.com (YAC) has invented a new model to grab the attention of young adults. That is a very interesting model. It works on the basis of the two fastest growing media channels - cell phones and laptops.

Statistically the “targeted ads reach a network of more than 800,000 -- and growing -- on sites like Facebook.com, and an unlimited number of cell phone users who read 94% of their text messages.”

There is no limit to any industry. "Twenty years ago, if advertisers could have combined TV, Radio and Newspaper ads, then given their customer the keys to the station, they would have effectively done what YAC is doing with the most important media today,'' said YAC CEO Steve Hummel. "Never before has an advertising customer been able to distribute thousands of messages directly to their chosen audience instantly."

The YourAreaCode.com Package

Besides the cell phone and social networking marketing services, YourAreaCode.com offers a complete promotional package, as we can see at PRWEB.com

Bars and night clubs also get the following

A custom designed widget to send out to social network sites, place on their website as well as others, and place in banner ads
1,000 promotional cards to be distributed around the bar with instructions for customers on how to opt into the texting service.
Two promotional nights where the company will send in models to act as reps and enlist customers to sign up for the texting service.
Custom designed virtual flyers to promote events and place within the widget displayed on social networking sites.
An easy-to-use interface that allows even a computer illiterate to update and change the advertising message in a few keystrokes on their laptop or home or office computer.
Constant support from the company.

Is it possible to be on top of over three million AdSense™ without a single Ad displayed on their homepage? Seems that it is absolutely possible, and we can see it on the example of California and UK based Limelon Advertising, Co.

Even only Limelon Advertising and Communications Company website names can show why they became the fastest growing ones for the News, Free Press release, business and sales jobs, and business publications: PRZOOM, NewswireToday, SalesBooks and BizJobs, jobsware.com

According to the PRZOOM, "2007 marks a second major event for the company, as we recently released that SalesBooks.com announced records high business authors registration in 2006" says Charles Murati, Managing Director and Founder of Limelon Communications. "Today we are proud to announce our core websites NewswireToday surpasses over 3,000,000+ ads served since we joined Google™ AdSense program", Ch. Murati added.

These sites, PRZOOM (PRZOOM.com) and NewswireToday (NewswireToday.com) represent the most popular news distribution sites in the United States and the UK. It is worth mentioning that in a very short period of time and that is the most important without a single AdSense displayed on homepage both sites served as of today over (3,000,000+) THREE million Google™ AdSense. That is a very serious number. I am sure everybody would love to know the secret of the success. But they do not keep it in secret and Ray, Customer and Technical Support Manager with Limelon reveals it: "Our success (Limelon Ad.) is no secret, best quality content is the key, but also we do appreciate our partnership with Google just because those people are really professional.”

Fairway is a “virtual caddie” utility for the iPhone and iPod touch from WideAsleep.

It is intended to help golfers to improve their game and enables iPhone users to manage their golf game, including information on clubs, bags and swings through a simple interface.

Fairway is not a scorecard application, but rather acts as a caddie by providing information to help a user make the best club and swing selection. Fairway is available now at the app store for $9.99 and needs an iPhone or iPod Touch with v2.0 software.

Anybody wants to turn digital photos into mini-movies? Seems that it is a very easy task, as MyElephantBites.com announces the launch of a new online slideshow service where that is absolutely possible to do in moments. You only should choose a movie genre, add a script, music and directions and patent protected IDsfx software creates a unique movie in seconds.

How do the visitors evaluate such a service? Let’s see. According to the site's visitors the service is fun, creative and quirky :

"My photos came to life in a way I didn't think possible. An amazing service.:
"I've built slideshows before but this takes the idea to a whole new level; photomovies are so alive, so emotional. I loved making the movies and tweaking them so they were just brilliant."

"I used MyElephantBites for an invitation to my party. I got great feedback - everyone loved it. They thought it must have taken hours to have made something so cool -- in fact it took me minutes."

Founder of MyElephantBites Crawford Hollingworth explains how it all started, "I'm passionate about art and photography and I'm a huge movie fan. I've always felt my photographs had more energy and life than the 2-D image could portray; the best seemed to have a movie hiding inside them." He adds, "Digital photographs are great, but they often get forgotten once they are stored in the hard drive. I didn't want to lose all those extra special moments with my family and friends and decided to find a way to make them come alive. Some of the existing slideshow products had cool effects and clever skins, but none had the technology to transform my photographs into movies."

"So we built a new technological platform that would bring photos alive in a unique and totally original way, we call this platform IDsfx (Inside director special effects)," Hollingworth said. "We then created a library of movie effects for different movie genres so you can upload your photos, add titles and captions, choose the movie genre you want and a music track and then just click shoot and IDsfx will create a completely original short film, instantly. We call them photomovies."

Hollingworth wrapped up by saying, "I hope people are going to have a huge amount of fun creating them. I know that whenever I get to the shoot the movie moment in the movie-making process my heart beats a little faster than normal."

Surveys always give a very interesting statistics and information about the subject of the research. This time we are covering the survey made by Backbone IT Group that provides search engine optimization, Internet marketing and software development services to clients worldwide. According to the results 83 percent of businesses believe their websites are failing to convert enough visitor traffic into actual sales or enquiries.

Among one hundred UK companies seems that only 15 percent expressed a high level of satisfaction on this issue. The most important and concerning is that companies fear that less than half of potential online sales were currently being achieved.

Analysis of the survey also shows that business communities are not quite well aware of recent online marketing practices.

"Most businesses clearly need to improve the number of online sales and enquiries they are generating, but few are aware of the specific services now available to help them do it," comments Richard Unwin, director of Backbone IT Group.

According to thePRWEB, just 11 percent of sampled businesses were using some form of Conversion Rate Optimization, compared to 75 percent employing Search Engine Optimization - figures that Backbone believe must change in the face of the global credit crunch.
Unwin admits that "Difficult economic conditions will mean businesses with wasteful websites are likely to lose out to competitors operating fully optimised sites that convert far more visitor traffic into sales."

"Websites increasing visitor conversion rates by just a few percent typically double or even triple the number of sales or enquiries generated. The impact of Conversion Rate Optimization on bottom-line profitability can be remarkable," he explains.


The actuality of climate change is still a very important issue hat is intensively covered by different sources of information, would it be broadcast, print or new media. According to the expecting threats that this problem might cause not each organization that aims to improve the situation in this direction but each person has to take part and put his/her efforts to advantage of surrounding environment. This time our attention is driven to the government’s new goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, the remarks come after the UK government's official climate change advisers, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). They aim raise the bar on ambitions to cut CO² emissions. But is should be taken into consideration that such a huge work can not be accomplished only by the government. As The Carbon Trust admits business and public sector are responsible for up 45% of UK carbon emissions.

Michael Calvert says: “Many UK businesses have realised that they need to be responsible employers and are starting to address green issues. However, what’s needed is a sustained commitment to reducing CO² emissions. For many organisations this means introducing stringent policies to instigate change. Commuting to and from work and meetings has a huge impact on carbon emissions, for example. By introducing flexible working and home working, companies could positively contribute to environmental change.”

Michael Calvert adds: “Many of the UK’s commuters – if equipped with the right, readily-available technology – could do their job equally well, if not better, from home, it’s a wonder why more firms are not enabling flexible working and home working practices. Of course it needs the right technology – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones for cheaper, more effective communications, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for secure remote access.”

The initiation of the UK is worth paying attention and following the steps to reduce CO² emissions for the other countries too. Than the indicators of the percentage of CO² emissions will decrease much more than 80% by 2050 for the whole environment than for only one country.

http://www.aastra.com/cps/rde/xchg/04/ http://www.airportwatch.org.uk/news/detail.php?art_id=2226

Rapid Intake (http://www.rapidintake.com/) that is the leader in collaborative eLearning development and review won one of the e-learning industry's most prestigious awards the 2008 Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Innovation in Learning Technology.

"From the moment we began designing the software and choosing our underlying technology, we set out to offer the e-learning community a ground-breaking solution," said Garin Hess, CEO. "It's great to have that achievement by our team recognized formally like this."

The Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards are presented annually by Brandon Hall Research. This fourteenth year, a total of 246 entries were submitted from several different categories.

"We are so impressed with the quality of this year's winning entries," said Brandon Hall, Ph.D., chairman of the Awards program. "These winners set the standard for what innovative learning looks like today."

Unison presents a web-based solution itself, through this instructional designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) log in through any major browser and collaboratively capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish courses that output in native Flash and XML. According to the PRWEB, Unison’s connectivity is inherently part of a browser-based authoring environment by facilitating real-time collaboration among instructional designers, subject matter experts, and other project participants.

The contest judge admits that: "This tool is very compelling. It offers collaboration and instructional development features ... not seen in other similar tools."

Also Rapid Intake has the licensing model. It encourages collaboration by offering licensing levels that include unlimited users for a flat annual subscription fee.

"Most software licensing models discourage collaboration because every time you want to add another user, you have to pay for another license," says Steve Hancock, President. "We have affordable licensing levels that give our customers unlimited users, so they never have to worry about adding additional people to the project."

One contest judge reported, "The flexible licensing options for this tool would make it accessible to many organizations."

According to the Rapid Intake report Unison has more than 2000 users. They created 2,138 projects. As it is mentioned in the PRWEB, among the current users are: T-Mobile, Costco, Baker Hughes, PetSmart, Brigham Young University, The College Network, General Physics, and MGMA.

Even though hearing the voice of our close friends, relatives or business partners makes us feel their mood, emotions or strong enough decision to perform business operations, SMS still is of great use. According to the PRZOOM, SMS represents the lion's share of mobile data services revenues in Western Europe in 2007. As for the MMS, it has failed to replicate SMS' success. Though some operators are looking on MMS as a medium for delivering user-created content, advertisements and news.

According to Frost & Sullivan (wireless.frost.com) analysis From SMS, MMS to Mobile IM- Mobile Messaging Markets Gaining Ground in Western Europe, SMS revenues generated approximately €16.42 billion in Western Europe in 2007 and this is forecast to decline to €14.59 billion in 2011, with a negative CAGR of 2.9 per cent from 2007 to 2011.

In difference to the SMS, MMS and other data applications generated €7.40 billion in 2007. The results are expected to grow to €24.28 billion in 2011, with a CAGR of 34.5 per cent from 2007 to 2011. What are the possible reasons to have such a result? Well, that might be caused by interconnectivity issues, the way of the issues are resolved between European operators and the reduction in MMS charges, as Highlighted at PRZOOM. As for the Mobile IM, it is expected to co-exist with SMS and other data applications

“Operators that offer mobile IM services will have a headstart in marketing and interconnecting their mobile-centric communities with other cellular networks worldwide and also with the Internet IM communities,” notes Frost & Sullivan Programme Manager Luke Thomas. “This is imperative if operators want mobile IM to be as successful as SMS on a global basis.”Mobile IM that will become dominant won’t influence SMS crucially, as mobile operators can attain greater revenues from all types of messaging services in the case the usage of each messaging source is planned strategically.

“Mobile operators should encourage the adoption of mobile IM, enabled with presence information by building on their own mobile IM services,” states Thomas. “They should also mobilise existing IM communities in parallel, thereby playing a pivotal role in the dynamic environment surrounding them in the world of convergence, by positioning mobile IM as a smooth evolutionary rather than revolutionary upgrade/user experience to SMS.”

The research From SMS, MMS to Mobile IM- Mobile Messaging Markets Gaining Ground in Western Europe showed detailed market opportunities on the basis of extensive interviews with market participants, that gives the provided statements guarantee to be expected as presented prognoses.

Blogvasion has great news for the travelers, as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced a traveler-centric desktop widget as part of the integrated "Let's Get You Home" advertising and outreach campaign. the automated widget provides a trip countdown timer and weather at the traveler's destination and reminds the user to obtain appropriate travel documents, as the traveler's departure date approaches.

According to the PRWEB "We are using a wide range of media vehicles, in addition to television and magazine ads, to ensure that all segments of the population are familiar with the travel document requirements under WHTI," said CBP Assistant Commissioner Thomas S. Winkowski. "A digital strategy component allows CBP to reach audiences that are increasingly using the Internet as their source of news and information, especially related to travel. The widget, because it sits on the computer desktop, provides an ongoing and interactive reminder to travelers to get appropriate travel documents."

And if you are planning travel the Travel Widget is available to download from http://www.getyouhome.gov/.

Happy trip to all the travelers :-)

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign team has released an application specifically for iPhone users to help supporters of the candidate connect with others and get involved, stay up to date on breaking issues and more.

The free application—available for download through the App Store—is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. It will organize your contacts by key battleground states, and measures statistics to see how you are doing compared to other leading callers. It also provides you with information about the campaign via text messages and e-mail, offers coverage of national and local campaign news, helps you find local events, share the information by e-mail, and get maps and directions. You can also use the application to browse videos and photos from the campaign.

Presidential election season is always contentious, but increasingly tech-savvy pundits, campaigners and others have turned to new ways to get the news out. The Obama campaign is wading into water not yet swum by the McCain campaign, it seems—there isn't, as this story was posted, a McCain-centric app available for the iPhone yet. But there are plenty of politically-oriented applications for the iPhone and iPod touch available for download from the App Store.

Among the most important things in the field of business the Information Technology took a very significant role, and represents the core aspect in the chain of its development. many times the dangerous and critical times are helped by quality data and the information that can be outputted from the system. Realizing the importance of it Web Office Systems launched new FuseMetrix Enterprise Server.

According to the PRWEB great manufacturing and service companies organise themselves along the following lines with 'Everything in its place and a place for everything!' at the heart of their production and/or administration systems.

The guarantee of any work’s success is in the organized work. Productivity is optimized on the bases of order, where everything flows in a sequential manner.

But The question is how well the other processes are going? And we ask questions like
Is information
a) in the right place?
b) on the same database?
c) easy to find?
d) easy to get at?

Desirable answers to these questions will definitely improve any organization’s performance.
And the fully integrated FuseMetrix Business Operating and Management Information System answered all of these questions and more for the SME market place. but now, one year later the next generation of FuseMetrix is presented as a total Business solution for all types of Organizations with all data residing on one database and with information available in real-time all of the time. I guess this product will be very useful for the countries where internet connections are slow or unreliable and gives Companies the real benefits of total Business integration with information available on demand.

Among the procedures that the organizations can accomplish by the FuseMetrix Business Operating and Management Information System are:CRM, contact management, enterprise e-mail, diary planning, document management (all can be linked to client records), SRM, purchasing management, purchase orders, invoicing, delivery notes, delivery tracking, estimating and quoting, project management, expenses, Human Resources, product traceability, engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, stock management, multi-currency capability, accounting and V.A.T.

There is no limit to apply to FuseMetrix. It is applicable to any type of Company or Organisation whatever it does .

Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics and Engineering Companies, Healthcare, Project Management, Consulting and Financial Services organisations, Retail, Leisure and Entertainment Industries, Advertising, PR, Printing and Publishing Companies, Trade Associations, Franchises, and Market Research Agencies, Small, Large, Public or Private…..
All do IT better with FuseMetrix.

In order to do IT better the FuseMetrix Enterprise Server might be obtained for c £20,000 +VAT. A small price to pay to do IT better!

Web Office Systems
FuseMetrix Enterprise ServerFuseMetrix
Blogvasion covered the issue of children’s internet safety several times but the importance of the problem and the dangers that it might cause, is worth mentioning the issue once more. Among several ways of avoiding the obstacles and difficulties, the launch of a new UK watchdog is an attempt to protect children online. According to the SOURCEWURE, Rob Marcus, director of Chat Moderators is in full support of plans for a voluntary code of practice for user-generated content (UGC) sites.

Dr. Tanya Byron highlights in her report ‘Safer children in a digital world’ that the Government internet watchdog, and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, will aim to bring in many of the points. Among the most important points might be identified: cyber bullying, inappropriate content online and advertising.

Aiming to teach parents and children about possible dangers, the initiation cares about targeting illegal sites that contain harmful content and establishing a code of conduct for sites that allow people to post their own video clips or messages.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Rob Marcus, director of Chat Moderators comments, “I am pleased to see that some action is now being taken as I have believed for a long time that more could be done to protect children online. I back up the council’s ambitions for a voluntary code of practice among user-generated content sites; however I do not see that enacting laws for the industry should be the way forward. I believe it is up to every UGC site to act responsibly and I see that self regulation is the way forward. Putting legislation in place is rarely a quick-fix solution; it could take several years to begin seeing results. Internet applications tend to be fast moving in terms of technological advancement so maintaining any standards may become difficult.”

Rob Marcus recommends the following points UGC sites to make their chat rooms, forums and galleries safer for children:

• Registration that deters potential paedophiles from using the sites, and can act as a means of catching them after the event. Also there are some nominal fee as a charge.
• A valid email address by responding to a registration email.
• Company Standards should be supported by The UK Council for Child Internet Safet.
• Providers should have both child-orientated and non-child orientated chat rooms
• Don’t allow private chat functions in child friendly chat rooms – this is where it is easiest for paedophiles to operate without being seen by other users.
Human moderation should be compulsory to an extent and have minimum requirements based on an average number of users. Levels of moderation should be clearly displayed for parents. It may be best to outsource a moderation company as many providers underestimate the time, effort and resource this takes in order to moderate effectively.

Marcus summarises, “It is important for all chat rooms to act responsibly and take adequate measures to ensure that children are not at risk while visiting their website. However, I do feel that The UK Council for Child Internet Safety will play an important role in educating parents to the dangers that face their child on the Internet. In many instances the best way to arrive at a solution is to involve people with specialist knowledge who can discuss the best way forward and ensure that certain measures are being put in place by the online industry.”

“Hello, How are you?” This is the way in that we greet each other every day or some other resembling ways. No matter what is sequence of words but we do ask people how do they feel? Correspondingly the answer to this question determines the further continuation of the conversation. Or sometimes we say little lies something like “Oh thanks, I am fine” even though we do have a headache or ... It is a very interesting case with my professor Dr. Edward Raupp. We do always keep asking how do you feel, we do always feel fine, and he does always ask about our blog, www.Blogvasion.com . When the first time he asked me what was the blog about, my answer was “Technology oriented blog”. The answer is right but let me know of the field that does not include technology in itself. Hardly one can name any. Not by chance I was talking about greetings at the beginning of the post, and one it the most spread way of it-how do you feel? So we came to the medicine field too. There is nothing new that technology plays very important role in medicine, but Information Technology too. Google provides not less then 1 250 000 000 results for the only word Health.

Today millions of people visit thousands of Healthcare web sites. That does not mean that users quit visiting hospitals but these sites help people to be prepared for the visits, satisfy their curiosity, discover what symptoms might be characteristic for different diseases. Some web sites have even experts who provide answers to the patients online. These sites also created a new market to advertising different company products that somehow stand closer to the healthcare issues.

Usually the sites have several departments on web sites. The majority of them cover Diseases, Pregnancy, Diet, Treatment, Drugs, Healthy living, Sexual Health.

Medicine trend in the Information technology or Information technology in medicine develops rapidly and provides different opportunities to the patients, professionals, and business markets. Also comfort to get useful information.

I hope Following medical web sites can give you exact answers vefor visit to a doctor.
World Health Organization
National Center For Health Statistics or just go to Google and see 1 250 000 000 results.

And now again How are you? Wish you good health and maximum joy during a day.
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