New Line of iPhone Gloves Released

iPhone users are safe even in the hardest temperatures of winter. DOTS GLOVES LLC presents three models of iPhone gloves. There is $5 difference in price between them. So what are the features the gloves are different:

Three In Touch fingertips. Perfectly balanced warmth: tight-knit acrylic yarn. Superior style: chic fingertips, discretely folded ribbed cuff, no-frills design.

Three In Touch fingertips. Cold-cutting protection: supersoft extra thick acrylic yarn, chic fingertips, speckled knitting, discretely folded ribbed cuff, no-frills design.

Three In Touch dots. Sub-zero protection: nylon shell, fleece lining. Drop-proof handling: microfiber grip palm. Superior style: seamless construction, no-frills design.

According to the DotsGloves D105 and D110 are sold out but soon available. As for the D200 it might be pre ordered.


While surfing through the internet one can come up to very interesting questions and news surprising us only for several seconds and then they become the part of our lives. Especially the information technology is the field that never exhausts. And if I hardly ever use a pen while working on even editing part of my job, now it is quite possible that we will no longer need to type Emails.

Do you still Type when you want to send an Email? It was the question that attracted me. In response to the question “21st Century Email” Email Evolution admits that if our answer is “Yes” then we should look into a new era of Email evolution, where there is no need to type emails but now you should just say the email and send it.

It is not necessary to change the email address as 21st Century Email works with any provider.

So how it works? First of all one should login to the account, record email message and store to Mailbox. The secure link that one gets is sent to the email contact. By clicking the link the receiver listens to it. The sender can also get information when the receiver listened to the email.

The advantage of 21st Century Email is that speaking is easier and faster. The evolutionary email costs $14.97 a month but 30 days trial is free.


One of my coworkers, before the day she left her job sent me a file “A Camel’s Story". I made some interpretations before I opened the file and finally it appeared to be a very simple dialogue between mother and son camels, son asking for the answer to the most important question one can ever be interested in: Where are you now?

We are going to expand this question from the scope of career.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, there are some interesting research results conducted by Psychological Consultancy Ltd (PCL) that provided an energetic and revitalising influence in the business psychology sector. As the results show, 85% of UK’s leaders demonstrate ‘Dark Side Characteristics’. These characteristics are self-destructive aspects of a personality and may cause disaster influencing individuals and organisations.

The results are trustworthy as they are based on ten years data (1999-2009) and 18,000 completions of the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). It addresses 11 dark side characteristics among which are: Confident - Arrogant, Charming - Manipulative and Shrewd – Mistrustful.
Seems that 15% of the sample show no ‘dark side’ characteristics at all, 26% that is about 4,800, have three or more dark side characteristics on display.

According to the study risk factors for the managers are as follows: managers are dutiful, compliant and appeasing; aloof, detached and socially awkward to be effective in dealing with ‘people’ issues; charming and persuasive so that they are easily seen as manipulative, calculating and disingenuous.

The results emphasised that there is difference between public and private sector employees. And that is how they contrast:

According to the SOURCEWIRE, the ‘A Decade of the Dark Side’ report from PCL analyses data:
The public sector ‘dark side’ include lower resilience, less predictability of mood and a greater tendency to take things personally.
The private sector employees are more egotistic and self-important. Either stress or personal success may turn this to arrogance and an unwilling to listen to restraint or advice.

The research results show that the individual way to answer “Where are you now?” differs according to the individual characteristics of managers you have. And if you know where you are now, then it is easier to determine what direction you should go to. Wish you luck!!!

A copy of the report is available upon the request. Sian Killick at


57 years old Patrick Wayne Swayze famous as an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter has died on September 14, 2009. According to the Spokesman-Review his publicist, Annett Wolf released that “Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months.”
In films Dirty Dancing and Ghost he was best-known as the male lead actor. In 1991 he was listed by People magazine as its "Sexiest Man Alive".

Unfortunately, Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer in January 2008. The actor, who refused to use painkillers while making "The Beast" because they would have taken the edge off his performance, fought against the illness and finally succumbed to the pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2009.

The last words of the star of hit film such as “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” were as following: “I keep dreaming of a future, a future with a long and healthy life, a life not lived in the shadow of cancer, but in the light. … I dream that the word ‘cure’ will no longer be followed by the words ‘is impossible.”

Born in Houston, Texas on August 18th, 1952, his professional career began off-screen in the Broadway production of Grease. The latest movie Powder Blue is remarkable as he played together with his brother, Don for the first time.
There are about 8,270,000 results for his name in the Google. Worlds leading media channels cover news about his death and played roles. patrick-swayze-vote-definitive-role is making the research on “What was Patrick Swayze's definitive role?” Everybody can vote and fix his/her point of view.
Patrick Swayze was a three time Golden Globe nominated actor who is best known for his leading man roles in Ghost and Dirty Dancing, and earned a Golden Globe nomination for his charming 1996 performance as Vida Boheme alongside Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in the universal Pictures hit To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.

According to the Official Patrick Swayze Fan Club the filmography is as follows:


Skatetown U.S.A. - "Ace" 1979
The Outsiders - "Darrel Curtis" 1983
Uncommon Valor - "Kevin Scott" 1983
Grandview U.S.A. - "Ernie (Slam) Webster" 1984
(Patrick and Lisa choreographers)
Red Dawn - "Jed Eckert" 1984
Youngblood - "Derek Sutton" 1986
Steel Dawn - "Nomad" 1987
Dirty Dancing - "Johnny Castle" 1987
Tiger Warsaw - "Chuck (Tiger) Warsaw" 1988
Road House - "Dalton" 1989
Next of Kin - "Truman Gates" 1989
Ghost - "Sam Wheat" 1990
Point Break - "Bodhi" 1991
City of Joy - "Dr. Max Lowe" 1992
Father Hood - "Jack Charles" 1993
Tall Tale - The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill - "Pecos Bill" 1994
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar - "Vida Boheme" 1995
Three Wishes - "Jack McCloud" 1995
Letters from a Killer - "Race Darnell" 1998
Black Dog - "Jack Crews" 1998
Forever Lulu (aka Along for the Ride) - "Ben Clifton" 2000
Donnie Darko - "Jim Cunningham" 2001
The Green Dragon - "Sgt. Jim Lance" 2002
Waking Up In Reno - "Roy Kirkendall" 2002
One Last Dance - "Travis MacPhearson" 2003
(Patrick also Producer)
11:14 - "Frank" 2003
George and the Dragon - "Garth" 2004
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - "Dance Class Instructor (cameo)" 2004
Keeping Mum - "Lance" 2005
Jump! - "Richard Pressburger "
The Fox and the Hound 2 - Voice of "Cash" 2006
Christmas in Wonderland - 2007 - "Wayne Saunders"
Powder Blue - 2008


Return of the Rebels - "K.C. Barnes" 1981
The Comeback Kid 1982
M*A*S*H - "Gary Sturges" 1982
Renegades - "Bandit" 1982
Offsides - "Doug Zimmer" 1984
Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories - Life on Death Row - "Eric Peterson" 1985
North and South - Book I - "Orry Main" 1985
North and South - Book II - "Orry Main" 1986
Swayze Dancing 1988
Saturday Night Live! - "Guest Host" 1991
World Music Awards - "Host, Special Dance Performance" 1994
A&E Biography - "All the Right Moves - Patrick Swayze" 2000
E! entertainment channel - "E! True Hollywood Story: Dirty Dancing" 2001
King Solomon's Mines - "Allan Quatermain" 2003
Icon - "Jason Monk" 2005
The Beast - "Charles Barker " 2009


Disney on Parade - "Prince Charming"
Goodtime Charlie
Grease - "Danny Zuko"
Without a Word
Love Letters
Chicago - "Billy Flynn"
(Broadway December 2003 and Touring Production December 2003/January 2004)
Guys and Dolls - "Nathan Detroit "
(27th July 2006 to 2 December 2006)

And now, the fans of Patrick Swayze are able to watch 6 Greatest YouTube Tributes To Patrick Swayze at BuzzFeed

To utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird, an act of twittering, or a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices?

This time we are talking about Twitter as a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. People follow the sources, access information via Twitter as it happens—from breaking world news to updates from friends.

Among the marketing channels that are so various in nature, usage and price, the cheapest one seems to be email marketing. But what happens with it when comparing to Twitter? It is an economical substitute, and by the way FREE.

The idea belongs to Jack Dorsey. Curiosity of what his friends were doing resulted is creation of this quite effective tool. Simplicity is one of the most important aspects of Twitter's success.

Twitter "What are you doing?" Usually is answered by under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web.

Among the main advantages of Twitter are:

Keeps everybody informed
Shortens physical distance
Enhances traffic
Represents one of the advertising tools
Makes you known to the visitors
Informs in a timely manner
One for all and all for one!


In a highly developing world of information technologies one can feel how fast you should follow new trends, products, and all the other tools of touching your audience through the World Wide Web that sometimes one minute rest may cause meeting with 1 million loss.

That is what marketing should deal with and avoid threats caused by less dynamic and measurable web experiences. On the contrary they should be driven to attract the right audiences in order to get the most from what they do.

Lots of people work on improving their web traffic. And the most important in it is the CONTENT in combination with design, techniques, and comfort for the target audience.

Aiming to support marketers’ need for capitalizing on their web traffic, according to the EPiServer, unveils EPiServer Marketing Arena. It is the fastest growing provider of platforms for Web Content Management (WCM) and online social communities. The main advantages of the new release of integrated marketing modules and services are the following: quickly create, manage, monitor, optimize web campaigns, generate relevant traffic and sales leads.

Marketing Arena is integrated with EPiServer CMS, and the the result of it is that users never need to export data to and from ‘silo’ applications, as the most up-to-date data is made seamlessly available at all times.

As admitted on EPiServer: “To attract and retain the right visitors, today’s websites must offer far more than passive brochure-ware. They must instead embrace the Engaged Web by promoting important two-way communications,” said Peter Larsson, CEO EPiServer. “EPiServer Marketing Arena uniquely provides marketers with the tools they need to take their online presence to the next level, enabling them to embrace all of the critical facets of the Engaged Web.”

The Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most comfortable to work in for creating, tracking and monitoring web content, campaigns. Users never need to glue tools together, import data files, re-enter rule sets, retro-fit web content or go to the IT department for every little change.

It is also worth mentioning that The EPiServer Campaign Monitoring and Optimization (CMO) module within the EPiServer Marketing Arena provides A/B testing, in order to ensure the best possible conversion rates, full web analytics and a simple way to create and analyze campaigns and landing pages rather than whole sites. What does it mean? That marketers will be able to track campaign performance in real-time, generate reports, watch live visitor traffic with the exclusive EPiTrace view and track campaigns from an iPhone with the EPiTrack App.

As for the SEO service included in EPiServer Marketing Arena, it works during the two critical points: when developers create and code pages and when web editors add new content.

And the most important is a B2B environment. What does it include? Of course, knowing who is on your site, what pages they are visiting. Being informed what company, industry and geography each visitor comes from simply leads you to find new prospects.

So what does the relevant content and information to visitors gives to marketers? Improve the level of visitor engagement, increase conversion rates and extend customer loyalty.


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