A Former Prisoner Can’t Live Without His Former Cell

A former prisoner of the Pentridge Prison, Melbourne, Australia, decided to buy his own jail cell, where he had spent several years for fraud and robbery.

Mr. Alford is not going to live in the cell again. He needs it as a place to arrange a wine storage facility, after the commercial redevelopment of the prison.

Before it was closed, the Pentridge was the most notorious prison in the country, keeping the most dangerous criminals inside its walls.

Mr. Alford, an ex-barrister, went to jail after gambling and alcohol addiction made him plunge heavily into debts. As a result, he began stealing from trust funds. A bit later he failed in his attempt to rob a bank with the sawn-off shotgun.

Although having such past, Mr. Alford radically changed his life after leaving the prison. He gave up gambling and drinking, and became an author of a best-seller “Never Give UP” written about his past experiences.

According to Mr. Alford, purchasing his former cell a rare opportunity, as not many people in the world have ever owned their own cells. So as soon as he heard about the Pentridge being sold, Alford seized his chance to become one of the official owners.

The cell will be converted to hold rare wines cost about $46 million, however this doesn’t interest the owner any more: “the irony is that I don’t drink now… this is purely an investment”-Alford said.

Mr. Alford, who kept the secret of how much he paid for the cell, took the keys of his cell at an official ceremony last Wednesday.
Everything has its history. Everything comes from somewhere and goes to some direction. It is very simple, logical, and natural. Each event is specific in some way. Each day has its right to exist in history. But the most interesting is that only people can make each day extraordinary, give them specific meaning, status and understanding. Depending on origin, culture, traditions each nation differs from the other. That makes people travel, take photos, make albums. List them thousand times to look past life through. I can hardly imagine that there is a person who does not have the photos of Halloween in his/her album. Some write “Halloween” on the top of the photo to indicate what day it was taken, some do it on the back of it, some do none of them because photos say everything and sometimes even more than words can express. And still it is amazing how these photos appeared in our albums?

This holiday dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (sow-in). Celts inhabitants of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France celebrated the new year on November 1. This day was associated with the end of summer and the beginning of winter, cold, dark, and in most cases identified with death. According to the beliefs Celts thought that the boundary between living and dead worlds were blurred this day. Presence of ghosts could help Druids, or Celtic priests predict the future. But the understanding of the holiday changed after Romans had conquered the large territory of Celts in A.D. 43. Romans ruled this territory for 400 years. During this period two Roman festivals were combined with Celtic. Festivals of Roman origin were Feralia and Pomona

Later in 800s after spreading Christianity among Celts, Pope Boniface IV declared 1 November All Saints’ Day. It is believed that designation of this day as All Saints’ Day served the purpose of changing the day of dead ghosts arrival day into saints’ day. The new celebration was called “All-Hallows”. As for the night before the celebration, it was called All-Hallows Eve, Halloween.

Halloween symbol is identified with the carved pumpkin with a lit candle inside. Story about Halloween is impossible to imagine without Jack-O'Lantern. The tradition of making jack o’lanterns counts centuries. It is originated from an Irish Myth about “Stingy Jack” who deceived the Devil. Invited him to have a drink but did not want to pay for it. Jack convinced him to turn into a coin. The Devil was deceived, Jack put the coin into his pocket next to a silver cross. The power of the cross prevented the Devil from turning into the original form. Jack made a kind of barter with the Devil and freed him for 1 year freedom. But that was not enough for Jack and the next time asked the Devil 10 years of life...

But Jack died soon. Why? As legend says God will not allow such man into the heaven too, neither the Devil opened the doors of hell, and since then he wanders with the burning coal trying to find the way.

Album waits for new photos, memories find their own places in our minds, Jack O’lantern still searches for the ways to release himself from uncertain freedom and masked faces are waiting for the 31 of October.
Every time I drink Coke I pose myself with this question. I like the liquid in the glass bottle the most. I find the Coke in a plastic bottle the least delicious, and the can version between those two.

Is there a scientific reason for this? Or maybe it's just an imagination?

Some people believe that Coca-Cola seems more refreshing out of glass, because hard, cold glass seems more refreshing than soft squishy plastic. This means that if the drink is equally cold in glass bottle, can and plastic bottle, the taste must be equal.

It is also possible that the various materials (glass, plastic and can in this case) provide different co-tastes. In other words, Coke goes in some sort of chemical reaction with the container.

In order to fully answer the question, first it must be determined if there really exists difference between tastes or not. After the answer is positive, it must be explained what gives different taste.

A simple experiment can show if the difference in taste is imaginary or real.

1. You buy a can, a plastic bottle and a glass bottle of Coke.
2. You ask someone else to pour each type into separate glasses preferably of the same type.
3. You taste and see if you can detect the glass/plastic/aluminium.

We do the experiment with different people and once we have the statistical data, start making conclusions.

To be continued...
The issue of computer games is very actual today. Different researches show different results, different scientists have different ideas about advantages and disadvantages of games and their influence on children.

Recently the study on this problem was conducted at the St Columba's Primary in Dundee. A group of Primary 5 and 6 pupils were under observation. They played for 20 minutes on Nintendo's handheld DS console at the start of each day. According to the result it is seen that the performance of the pupils increased in studying process.

Ten weeks later the pupils were given tests, the percentage of the results increased up to 10%. The level of behavior and concentration increased at the same time. This success is resulted by the game 'More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima.' The main challenges of the game are: reading tests, problem-solving exercises and memory puzzles.

One more advantage of the computer games is that it gives a pupil opportunity do exercises faster, the average time for completion of the test dropped from 17 minutes, 1 second to 13 minutes, 19 seconds.

But we should take into consideration that not only positive results are expected from games but negative ones from violent games. The study of violent games is another topic that was already covered on BLOGVASION.

The TPLD, one of the global leaders in the emerging Serous Games Market, that is focused on developing GLB-Games Based Learning, together with the partners, works on this issue intensively.
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Pilar Stofega, a 34-year old resident of Waterford, Connecticut, was charged with the attempt to destroy her ex-lover’s marriage by using internet. She planned to achieve this by creating profiles of her lover’s current wife on some adult websites, inserting there the latter’s mobile and work phone numbers and her picture.

Stofega has claimed in the court, her aim was “to be vindictive, knowing that the profiles would create marital problems” in the ex-lover’s family. Indeed, that happened after a strange man began disturbing the victim on home phone, insisting he had seen her profile on an adult site.

The victim’s husband, whom Pilar Stofrega was in love with 8 years ago, discovered his wife’s profiles on several web sites, and after some more deliberation, he found out who exactly was behind this striking revenge. After realizing that all this was done by a woman he dated in 1999, the shocked husband immediately submitted all the information to the Waterford police.

The police seized Stofrega’s internet records after getting a court order and arrested her last week for breaching of peace and second-degree harassment. Stofrega was released after paying $ 2500 bond; however her case is to be reviewed by the New London Superior Court this Monday.
The computer market hosts one of the fastest supercomputers, launched by NEC Corporation. The supercomputer is called “SX-9.” It calculates 893 teraflops (839 trillion point operations per second), vector performance peak exceeds 100 GFLOPS*2, shared memory is up to 1 TB, speed is 128GB/second.

The SX-9 is less space and power consuming. These features increase the value of the new product. But the most distinguishable features of SX-9 are the features that might be used productively in fluid dynamics, environmental simulation, nanotechnology, and weather forecasting.

NEC Corporation describes the features of the new product as follows:

Enhanced groundbreaking performance from ultra high-speed CPU

Inheriting existing vector architecture, the new product improves on this with the addition of an arithmetic unit and an increased number of vector pipelines. This has resulted in the development of the world's fastest single-chip vector processor with a computing performance of 102.4 GFLOPS per single core, and a wide memory bandwidth of 256GB/s. With a single node incorporating up to 16 CPUs, computing performance in excess of 1.6TFLOPS is achieved. The product also realizes a large-scale shared memory consisting of a memory capacity of 1TB.

Reduced TCO via high-density packaging and energy-saving technology

The vector processor has been integrated into a single chip by applying leading-edge CMOS technology with 65-nanometer Cu (copper interconnects) and the most advanced LSI design technology. The use of high-density packaging technology in which processor(s) and memory are implemented on a single module, and an effective design that provides optimum cooling functions, has resulted in a reduction in both space and power consumption of the SX-9. The new product is approximately one quarter the size of conventional models and uses about quarter the power.

User-friendly computing environment

The SX-9 is loaded with "SUPER-UX," basic software compliant with the UNIX System V operating system that can extract maximum performance from the SX series. SUPER-UX is equipped with flexible functions that can deliver more effective operational management compatible with large-scale multiple node systems.

The use of powerful compiler library groups and program development support functions to maximize SX performance makes the SX-9 a developer-friendly system. Application assets developed by users can also be integrated without modification, enabling full leverage of the ultra high-speed computing performance of the SX-9.

NEC Corporation asks the readers address the following attachment for more detailed description of the product.

On November 10 – 16 the SX-9 will be showcased at SC07 (Supercomputing 2007) in Reno, Nevada.

On December 5 – 7 the product will be on display at iExpo2007 (NEC's own personal exhibition), at Tokyo's Big Site.
It is hardly imaginable to be a parent and have no concerns about the influences that environment has over youngster. In a highly competitive world of highly developed technology, is it difficult to control the information that one can get through the communication channels today. As everybody knows the variety of types of channels increased. In old times we only had “mouth” to send a massage as the source an advertisement, but later on print media continued accomplishment of the job done by “Mouth,” radio, television followed the path of development and took society to the world of Internet as its final stage. The term “Final stage” is used conventionally. Nobody knows what is going to happen with nowadays reality after stating that “Sex and marriage with robots can soon be possible.”

World is full extraordinary events and technical, scientific developments. Nobody could imagine that one day a child could click the remote controller, turn on the PC, play games and even watch inadvertently the advertisements spread over the communication channels.

Though it is said that children in early years have abilities to absorb the amount of information that elderly people can only do in 15 years, the question is how much positive and productive the information is. It is easy to guess that children of all ages are heavy media consumers. According to Kaiser Family Foundation, Kids and Media at the New Millennium a child spends 6 hours a day sitting at the TV (or PC).

High attention and control over the effects of advertisements on the children at the age of 8 and older is caused by children’s inherent vulnerability. One of the most spread effects the advertisements have resulted in children is childhood obesity. It is logical result because in majority cases the advertisements directed to the children at the age of 8 and older are more food oriented.

One of the most successful ways of attracting child’s attention is the use of cartoon or game characters, the heroes they want to be resembled with.

The issue advertisement influence is of great importance and it does not come necessarily from the last years but in 1974, the National Advertising Review Council (NARC) established the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) as a self-regulatory program. The main purpose of which was to promote responsible children’s advertising.

Controlling the ads placement in the TV is much easier than in the Internet. On the TV the advertisement should be corresponding to the program, whether the advertisement appears after or before the program children watch, is of great importance too. Advertisements’ target audience, in case it is youth, has different features and ads are of different form and content. It should be educative and relevant to the understanding of child. Deceptive and unfair ads draw false image on the product and damage consciousness of a child.

To underline effects of the TV ads we can apply to oboulo.com. There are 4 effects of the TV advertisement that influence children: The appealing effect of advertising, the 'parent-child' conflict, and advertising that creates materialistic values, the impact on children's health.
As for the Internet advertisements, they are harder to control. When 11 years old child teaches you how to make a free web site, the possibility of watching internet ads is high.

Similar to the TV, the Internet has also appealing effects, it also creates materialistic values, and has the impact on child health, but the conflict between child and parents is doubled because parents are not less affected by internet because of its indispensable and ubiquitous nature. Anyway the media that aims to gain profit from audience should try to work on the basis of mutual benefit and be directed to minimization of harm.

This article has originally been posted on MediaPathBlog.com
David Levy, the artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Maastricht believes that by the 2050, marriage with robots can already be legalized. Levy has just completed his PhD work on relationship of humans and robots, including many aspects of these relations, including the family ties.

The idea of romantic relations between a human and a human-made creature dates back to ancient myth about the sculptor Pygmalion who fell in love with the statue named Galatea, which he had created himself, and to which the goddess of love had finally granted life.

"There's a trend of robots becoming more human-like in appearance and coming more in contact with humans," Levy said. "At first robots were used impersonally, in factories where they helped build automobiles, for instance. Then they were used in offices to deliver mail, or to show visitors around museums, or in homes as vacuum cleaners, such as with the Roomba. Now you have robot toys, like Sony's Aibo robot dog, or Tickle Me Elmos, or digital pets like Tamagotchis."

Levy argues, that robots will soon become so human-like in visually and psychologically, that people will fall in love with them, have sex or even marry them. "It may sound a little weird, but it isn't," Levy said. "Love and sex with robots are inevitable." He mentions the recently discovered reasons of falling in love, and he argues, all of them can be applied to human-robot relations as well, for example: same character, same interests or education, etc., which can be programmed quite easily.

Due to the rapid technologic development, the human-robot marriages can become reality very soon. Levy argues, that even one century ago, inter-racial or same-sex marriage was illegal in the United States. "There has been this trend in marriage where each partner gets to make their own choice of who they want to be with." Levy believes the first state to legalize such marriage will be Massachusetts, because of its more liberal nature, as compared with the rest of the states.

The robot specialist from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta Ronald Arkin generally agrees with the Levy’s argument: "Humans are very unusual creatures," Arkin said. "If you ask me if every human will want to marry a robot, my answer is probably not. But will there be a subset of people? There are people ready right now to marry sex toys."

According to Levy the main justification of human-robot marriage would be to make those people, who wouldn’t otherwise marry happier. He says there are a lot of people to whom it is a real problem to find a couple, because they are shy, not good-looking, bad-tempered, etc.

The ethical questions are a serious obstacle to human-robot relations. Some believe, having a robot for sex could decrease prostitution. However, "in a marriage or other relationship, one partner could be jealous or consider it infidelity if the other used a robot," Levy said. "But who knows, maybe some other relationships could welcome a robot. Instead of a woman saying, 'Darling, not tonight, I have a headache,' you could get 'Darling, I have a headache, why not use your robot?' "

However Akin poses serious questions about the future of our society, in case humanity becomes too much attached to the robots. This can change the whole course of civilization, bringing both a lot of problems and maybe even a bit of benefits. Meanwhile, Levy is working on another paper about the ethical treatment of robots: "the ethical issues on how to treat them are something we'll have to consider very seriously, and they're very complicated issues," he said.
Recently I have been claiming a new blog of mine at Technorati, when I suddenly discovered that a different blog, owned by a different person, got claimed instead of mine.

I have no idea how this happened, but I know for sure that it should not have happened. I guess there is a bug in the blog claiming portion of the Technorati software.

As you can see on the screen shot, a blog named Neeka's Backlog somehow appeared among my blogs, i.e. the blogs that I have claimed on Technorati.com. I'm not affiliated with the Neeka's Backlog in any ways, neither could I have claim that blog.
I'm getting in touch with Technorati, maybe they explain how this happened. I will release the claim afterwards.
Former GNR guitarist SLASH is convinced the band's first new album in 14 years, Chinese Democracy, will be released despite being long overdue.

When released, it will be the band's first album of original studio material since the simultaneous release of Use Your Illusion I and II in 1991.

Ironically, the track listing for Chinese Democracy has not been officially confirmed. Nevertheless, there are many leaks and some versions have been in public circulation for a while. As a matter of fact, as of writing this I'm listening to I.R.S., which has been "living" in my player for quite a long.

Better, Chinese Democracy, I.R.S, Madagascar, Sorry, The Blues, There Was a Time are the titles that are already confirmed.

The release of the Chinese Democracy album has been put back indefinitely until Axl Rose finishes working on the new material. But as SLASH is convinced, the world will see the release of the long awaited album sooner or later :)
It is the question one is asked by friends, parents, relatives, boy or girlfriends, but when this questions is asked by http://www.ruok.com/ then it seems a bit extraordinary and sounds a bit helpful. It appeared that the system provides a unique service like police, fire and other emergency centers do, and gives the feeling of safety and security. The program is used not only on individual basis. It is purchased by municipalities in conjunction with donations from civic and fraternal groups, churches, synagogues, and other organizations working toward community betterment.

As http://www.ruok.com/ announces: “The RUOK® system brings a sense of comfort into every subscriber’s home,” and “The success of the Are You OK?® Telephone Reassurance Program depends on informing as many potential subscribers as possible about the daily calling service. Targeted subscribers can include the elderly, latch key children, handicapped and homebound individuals. There is seldom and charge to the subscriber.”

The guarantee of security is enhanced by the following features of the program:

· Automatically dial subscribers at prearranged times each day.
· Calling times can be scheduled to the minute.
· Unlimited number of contacts per subscriber.
· Up to 150 calls per hour on a single phone line.
· Call subscribers more than once a day, and/or at different times on differrent days.
· Different messages (such as medication reminders) can be programed for differrent times.
· User defined number of retries after busy and/or no answer.
· Unlimited scheduling of subscriber calling interruptions (NoCall Dates) for vacations, special occasions, weekly schedules, hostpitalization, etc.
· Custom/foreign language messages for individual subscribers.
· Custom birthday messages for subscribers.
· Support for answering machines and voice mail.
· Custom assigned greetings (such as foreignn language) for each individual or group of subscribers Automatic Operation. Are You OK?® is designed to operate 24/7.
· Automatically continues calls when power is restored after power outage.
· Remote administration. Administrative functions can be done from any computer on you network.
· Unlimited secondary call lists(civil defense, police reserve, etc) can be called concurrently with senior calls.
· Complete operating manual including screen shots and hints built into the program.
· FREE technical support - no annual service contracts.

Program consists of Are You OK? software, computer system, telephone, and printer. The systems support the processes that are important for delivering the service. There are no limitations. The user can freely use the computer that does not make the system’s work fail. There is no need the person to be at the system all the time because it is automatic service, one can work on the computer for anything else, there is no limits to set it up in the rooms, choice is absolutely free. One can become a user of the service on the basis of monthly charges. All you need to be safe is registration on http://www.ruok.com/
No, it is not my birthday today. But is it yours? Seems you are a Scorpio.
Interested who was born today? Here they are:

Moss Hart
Ben Gillies
Sonny Terry
Kevin Kline
Caprice Bourret
David Nelson
Catherine Sutherland

And those who are interested in the events that happened this day in history can visit The History Channel, and find out more about this day. Have a nice journey on the history path of the world.
What will be the new mobile technologies emerged in the next few years? This was the question set by the group of industry analysts, futurists and executives for key vendors. They determined the 13 technologies which will change our relations to mobile once and for all.
Step 1. Mobile WiMax. Sprint Nextel Corp. is going to launch its mobile Xohm WiMax network in several cities next spring "If you're looking to 2009 or 2010, WiMax will be somewhat revolutionary in terms of wireless broadband," said Brian Clark, a partner with M/C Venture Partners in Boston. "It starts to offer a DSL-level of [wireless] service." The company says Xohm's typical speeds will be in the 2Mbit/sec. to 4Mbit/sec. range. By 2011, WiMax claims its second-generation mobile service will offer speeds as high as 1Gbit/sec.
Step 2. multihop relay networks. These networks are believed to converge WiMax, LTE and other technologies, making it possible the wireless signals to be transmitted though a series of access points. "The network will find the best route and the best transmission mode," said Wen Tong, director of Nortel Networks' wireless technology laboratory. "I see initial deployment in three years."
Steps 3and 4. Femtocells and fixed-mobile convergence. These technologies will make it possible to have one phone and one number, enabling communication from anywhere in the world. “Femtocell looks a bit like a Wi-Fi router but performs the same function in the home or office as cellular base stations that sit in brick buildings at the base of cell towers. That is, they communicate directly with your cell phone and carry the signal to the larger network via a broadband line such as DSL or cable.” Last June, the T-Mobile USA launched the fixed-mobile convergence Hotspot@home program. It requires a mobile to have both Wi-Fi and regular network access. The software inside the mobile enables you to walk while talking on the cellular network and have the call switch to voice-over-IP on the Wi-Fi network.
Step 5. Tiny chips introduced. Companies, like Intel have focused on making small-sized, less power-hungry but at the same time powerful chips. This means the mobile devices will themselves become smaller, enabling the owner to sew them into his/her clothes, fix in the ear, or even implant in his/her tooth. However, another question is, whether do people really want to have mobiles so small or not.
Step 6. Wireless USB and ultrawideband. The short-range wireless technologies will make life easier and more interesting for the users. "If we get miniscule phones, they could use wireless USB or UWB to connect to a full-sized keyboard, or we could have tiny devices that [use these technologies to] project usable keyboards on desks or images on walls," Derek Kerton, principal of the Kerton Group, a telecommunications consulting firm said. "
Step 7. The speech recognition will become perfect. Although nowadays it is only 98-99% accurate, and even slower than typing the text yourself, the speech recognition will become almost perfect due to more powerful mobile processors. At the same time, the speech playback will become more natural sounding. Everything we are doing now on the keyboard, the owners of the future mobiles will be able to do by speech on their mobiles.
Step 8. E-paper. Several companies already achieved to produce e-paper which e-paper uses a mylar-like screen can reflect an image without any source of energy. It will soon replace laptop LCDs making them more light and comfortable. On the mobile of future, the e-paper can substitute keys and icons, making it possible to change them along with the changed applications, for example during switching from voice mode to media playback mode.
Step 9. centralized storage. With the mobile devices becoming smaller, the need for the remote servers to store the files will grow. "You don't need a lot of bulk [on a device] if you offload storage and other functions to a [centralized] server," Burrus said. Although up to date the internet storage is less then popular, this is going to be changed in future.
Step 10. The giant technology corporations, such as Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. are conducting intensive researches to converge all forms of communications, including landlines and the various types of wireless. It's a communication system a stew which will be comprised of many elements. Such new style of communication can create a “superpresence”, which will make easier to locate a person and communicate with him/her, however the person himself will define the people who will have authority to interrupt them in any circumstances.
Step 11. Mobile “credit cards”. The Japanese have already begun to use their mobiles as a means of buying things in the stores. All is needed, is to swap the mobile near the special point-of-sale terminal. The mobile vendors and the credit card companies have already met each other in a number of courts. However, the mobile companies claim their product has a totally different function form a credit card, namely: the mobiles can be swept against a poster in the street, to download more information and buy tickets.
Step 12. The phone security will also be improved. According to Burrows: “We'll have new levels of biometrics. If your phone is in your ear, everybody's inner ear canal is different and the phone can tell. Similarly, everybody's voice is different. Or maybe the phone will discern blood vessel patterns in my ear.” The fingerprint scanning is already common on laptops. So scanning of the owner’s ear should not seem to be an unapproachable achievement.
Step13. Augmented reality. The mobiles will provide additional effects to the real world we see around us. It will be able to serve as an ultra-red binoculars used by the military to see through the darkness. The mobiles will become your eyes, helping you to find your way on the dark staircase, for example.
However, we should bear in mind; these technologies still have a long way to become reality. All we have at the moment is a slow internet on a G3 phone. Although, this is just the beginning!

I know that you know it is Tuesday, October 23, 2007, I know that you know it is the Sun that is shining through the clouds, I know that you know it is a bit cold today, at least in Georgia. I know that you know it is still autumn . Well its interesting whether the weather was like this in previous years, too?! mmm... I am not sure. There is no day, and not even a second resembling the other, no man resembles the other man, too, and each day in history is of specific importance.

Are you born on 23 of October, and asking who else is?
Well, there are over 45,900,000 results on Birthdays. Just impossible to name all of them.

But did you know that your lucky colour is green, your lucky gems: Emerald, Aquamarine or Jade, your lucky days of the week Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, your lucky numbers and years of important change are 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, 68, 77?
May be you did.

And who were born on this day? Quite possible you know this too.
Here they are. A short list but still:

Gummo Marx
Diana Dors
George Cohen
Michael Crichton
Ned Rorem
Johnny Carson

Yes, probably you knew all the above mentioned but did you know that on the 23 of October the world was created? (According to 17th Century diviner James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, and Dr. John Lightfoot of Cambridge (4004 B.C. (9:00 AM)) .
Right, probably you did not know this. ;-)
Monkeys are a lot of fun, but sometimes they may go real wild. There is an acquaintance of mine whose finger was tore away by a monkey in a zoo. But things may get worse than that.

Last Sunday wild monkeys attacked New Delhi's deputy mayor. The poor man then fell from a balcony. The senior governor was rushed to a hospital after the attack but unfortunately it was far beyond the doctors power to save the victim's life.

Really weird news. Watch out monkeys if India's on your travel plan.
There are millions of sites in the world. However, did you ever think which are the most strange sites ever existed? Well, there are some of them introduced to you through this article.

First of all, we should mention the “something” website. It has absolutely nothing except a word “Something” written against the plain white background. Well, we remind you that the “something” site, alongside with millions of other websites is paying to reserve a domain, so why the webmasters are spending so much money to have just one word written is beyond understanding.
Well if lovers are angry on each other, one of them most probably will use the well-known “I am sorry” site, and send a postcard to his/her lover. However, there also exists the “I am very very sorry” site. Although it doesn’t have the postcards to send, it has the words “I am sorry” written against a black background. Its very interesting what the webmaster did with his lover, so that he was compelled to create such website.

If u have a lot of debts, and you don’t know where to get money, take the example of Karyn- a young lady whose debt is about 20 thousand $. On the website , she is asking for help to pay the money back.

If you are searching for a criminal, the site "Criminal News" is the right address for you. The site contains a list of all criminals arranged in alphabetical order. (Hope you will not find your name included in it).

One of the most striking websites is the American site of the“political graveyard”. the site includes information, about the place where US politicians are buried. Doubtful, if someone will search for X politician on the site and go to visit his grave.

Habbo is a site representing a hotel. There you can walk, meet people, visit a disco, and return to your room. However, the purpose of the site is vague. It’s even hard to explain the essence of the site normally. Just you should see it yourself.

Bill Gates is envied by a lot. However some people take surprising steps to demonstrate it all over. For example, the webmaster of " Make me richer than Bill Gates" is asking for help to become richer than Bill Gates. In the site he is explaining his aims and the way he decided to achieve his goal.

If you are a bit less rich than Bill Gates, and at the same time suffer from the weak heart, it’s not recommended for you to visit the site containing nothing but a GIF picture of thousands of dollars. see the site here
And finally- we should inform you, that it occurred to be very easy to check how much you cost. The site “Human for Sale” will easily evaluate you, according to your physical (age, eye, race, etc.) and mental (education, wishes, hobby, etc…) characteristics. Well, we can guess too much visitors left the site a bit disappointed.

According to the Journalism.co.uk from October 22, Times launches a mobile service. The service provides access to the following features: Breaking news, business, sports, arts, and entertainment coverage.

The high quality and fast browsing experience is provided by mobile media and Buongiorno.
Zach Leonard, digital publishing director of Times Media says that “It is yet another example of our strategy to deliver content in the most convenient way possible for our audiences.”

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Information technology, the sphere that goes through transformation stages and transfers the ways of communication itself, becomes of great importance. The value that obtains IT is increasing each day, and gives youth opportunities realize their abilities and strengths.

According to the research presented by Forrester teleconference, Laurie Orlov, vice president Forrester Research, based in Cambridge, Mass, says that "Enterprise IT is going through a metamorphosis. The career path is not as straightforward as it once might have been. You used to start as a programmer or operator and move up the ladder, and this is no longer the case”.

As each sphere, IT undergoes different levels of development, one can say IT does that the most intensively than any other one. According to eWeek CHANNEL INSIDER: “The previous enterprise IT path followed one of four routes. In the sourcing path, an IT professional moved from vendor administration and relations to sourcing contracts and ecosystem management. In the management path, the worker moved from project management to portfolio or IT line-of-business management. The innovation path took an IT pro from a business analyst position through process management and ownership to internal consulting. In the final, and often considered the most exciting path, the IT worker moved from entry-level tech up the ladder through integration to architect.”

These routes are not necessarily to be led separately. The cooperation of the routes will lead to more profitable exchange of values. As Forrester says “IT will be considered not so much a finish line but a gateway to other roles in the company.”

It is worth mentioning that the successful accomplishment of work or the development of IT sphere is not determined only by IT works, programming, but business analytical skills, too. There is no success without assuming events in chain.

IT changes too many things in the surrounding world. Though the Earth is of the same size as it was in the past, it becomes smaller and smaller, and why? Can you remember how many days it was needed to get information in previous centuries? Probably you do not remember, but probably you have read about that in the books of history or some other. Communication level has increased, the more we know, the more we do, the more chances we have. IT is no longer only the comfort or only the way of improved communication, it involves “integrating applications and managing business and vendor relationships, and has globally dispersed virtual teams. Most pertinently, the new IT professional works in a business, not IT context.”

There is no IT product without content created by the human being. In the highly competitive world of communication, full of hard or soft news, information or entertainment, two forces are needed to be used, one working on technical side and the other on the content, but their cooperation is the bases of business in the broadest understanding of this term.

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The world's first Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology based search engine, FAROO, started beta testing. Users who had joined FAROO as beta testers, received notifications. The notification among other things provides each beta tester with up to 10 invitations.

I have already downloaded the FAROO search engine client and installed it. The installation went smoothly and could not have been easier.

If you would like to test FAROO, please leave a comment and I will provide you with the access details. Please note that I have only 10 invitations and 4 of them are reserved for my associates.

I will give a thorough testing to FAROO later on today. So, stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed.
While the mobiles have become inseparable part of life, it is more and more difficult to spend even a couple of hours with a mobile turned off. Especially so with the business people, who are used to answering their phone 24 hours a day, even while sleeping. However, it is exactly business people whom you can meet in the airplanes most often. One can never forget their dissatisfied faces, while they are turning off their mobiles before the plane startup.

To avoid such inconvenience, the European regulators began to bring to life the technology allowing mobile phone calls from a plane through the European airspace.

At the moment usage of mobiles while on plane is prohibited, due to errors it inflicts on onboard communication and navigation systems.

The service will make it possible, to use mobiles during a flight, at a height of 3000 meters and higher. Although the costs of such calls will be larger then usual, still the regulators across EU are convinced in the great potential of the technology.

The system allowing calls during flights will be using a low-power on-board base station (pico cell), which will be connected to the passengers’ mobiles. Pico cell will create a network area encompassing the cabin of the plane. It will submit the signals received from the on-board mobiles to the satellite, which in its turn will make connection with the mobile phones on ground.

The network control unit in the cabin blocks all signals from the mobile networks on the ground, making it impossible for the mobiles to connect to them.

Although the service will provide connection for the G2 phones at first, it will be updated to encompass 3G and other standards very soon, according to the spokesman of the UK regulator- Ofcom.
The three-day conference, which ends on Friday, focuses on the issues of social networking and creating new ways to communicate using the technologies and sources that internet provides. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian American global media executive and the controlling shareholder, chairman and managing director of News Corporation, based in New York, announces that his expectations about social networking were exceeded by the results they faced today. According to JORDAN ROBERTSON, AP Technology Writer’s article, Murdoch announces that: “We hoped it would do very well, but we never imagined it would do this well.”

The prognoses are so much optimistic that DeWolfe and the co-founder Tom Anderson agree to have contacts with the company for 2 more years.

According to the statistics the number of users of MySpace, after adding it to the ownership of Rupert Murdoch, has increased, and doubled from 90 million to 188 million.

“This week, MySpace made a series of announcements signaling the expanding scope of the Web site, including a deal with eBay Inc.'s Skype division to allow free member-to-member voice calls over the Internet and one with Sony BMG Music Entertainment to allow users to post artist videos and music on the site.” admits
Jordan Robertson.

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Scotland's national soccer team needed a victory and then a one more point to qualify for Euro 2008. Georgian national team needed a victory to gain self confidence and rehabilitate. Scotland brought an experienced team on the field. Georgia opted to a youthful "gang". Three teenagers including the goalkeeper were playing on the whites' side. Both teams had different needs but the same objective - to win the game at any cost.

It was the 16th minute when Georgian team scored the first goal. Zurab Menteshashvili's corner headed past Craig Gordon at the near-post by Levan Mchedlidze for Georgia. 1:0.

Georgian national team was leading the whole match, increasing pressure on Scotland minute after minute, killing Scotland's hopes of taking anything.

It was the 64th minute when David Kvirkvelia took on Greame Murty on the left side of the penalty area before cutting the ball back for David Siradze, who scored the second goal. 2:0.

Scotland pushed forward for a while but chances were few and none of them were used by Alex McLeish's men.
If you are one of those people who are addict on their mobile phones, don’t get surprised if once you will feel your mobile vibration even though you will not have it on you. Such story happened to the manager at the public relations company Jonathan Zaback: one day when he was showing off his new Blackberry to the bunch of friends, he felt the mobile vibrating: “I reached down to grab it and realized there was no BlackBerry there”.

Zaback is one of those people who even sleep with their mobiles by their bed, checking them several times during the night, and waking up on the alarm of the mobile. "As long as it doesn't mean a tumor is growing on my leg because of my BlackBerry, I'm fine with it," he said. "Some people have biological clocks, I might have a biological BlackBerry”.

Although there is a lack of serious research in this respect, the given phenomenon is already known in scientific circles as “ringxiety” or “fauxcellarm”. The fact is, most mobile users already feel their favourite devices to be a part of themselves, just one more sensor organ “connecting” a human to the outside world, just like eyes, ears or nose. So to certain mobile addicts, the phantom vibrations are even a point of pride.

However, for most of the mobile users such occurings create lots of new problems. For example, the president and owner of e-ventsreg.com in New Jersey, Jeff Posner has seized wearing the mobile on his belt, to avoid the phantom vibrations. However after moving it to his chest pocket the mobile went further and began to dial one and the same number automatically. Posner explained such a phenomenon following way: "Phones have favorite friends," he said. "It's like your phones have a thing for each other. Of course, it's a female friend, so my wife is like, “You're calling her all the time."

Jake Ward, a former press secretary for Sen. Olympia Snowe and current director of Qorvis Communications Inc., a public relations company in Washington, D.C., claims he can pre-feel a call or a messige coming: "I'll feel it, look at it. It's not vibrating. Then it starts vibrating," he says. More than that: he had shifted the mobile from his belt to the jacket, but still feels the Blackberry on its previous place: "I am one with my BlackBerry."- Ward proudly comments.
The same happens to the “Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams, who writes on his blog, dilbert.org, that he feels vibrations about 10 times a day, which means he got an e-mail with good news.
So the mobile phones can be even more “smart” then both their producers and consumers have dreamt on. Whether this is a good or bad news for the active users of mobiles, is a complicated question, and each person should decide it individually.

In a recent post I have talked about my experience with upgrading to Windows Vista on a Sony Vaio notebook.

While the overall upgrade process was smooth, still there were problems with some of the hardware. Sony's notebooks have many bells and whistles and therefore there are chances that something will be missing.

After using Windows Vista for a day, I noticed that the battery time has dramatically declined. Then I noticed that the Bluetooth indicator was on all the time. Further I noticed that I could not activate/de-activate Bluetooth. The same goes for the WWAN module. In other words, the I needed SmartWi for Windows Vista. After upgrading to Windows Vista Sony hardware buttons (for launching applications) are not functioning as well.

To address these issues, you can download all those drivers and utilities from this link: http://www.vaio-link.com/downloads/os/vista/upgrade.html.

Overall, Windows Vista rocks!
That is a pretty nice and interesting question. But there is not one right answer to it. Different sources offer different answers: 189, 191, 192, 193 or 194.

“…there may be anywhere between 168 and 254 nations, depending on who is doing the counting. There are approximately 170 separate currencies, 239 two-letter country codes recognized by the ISO (International Standards Org.), and the Universal Postal Union has listings for 500,000 localities in 189 Countries. By a recent count, France and the US officially recognize 192 states, (though unofficially acknowledging the existence of several others!), Switzerland recognizes 194, Russia 172, The UK has over 200 diplomatic posts, and Germany also recognizes well over 200.” announces “World Facts” the subdivision of http://www.mapping.com/

As you could already guess the problem is not in difficulties of counting countries physically but the question is in the political status of different ones.

The United Nations counts 192 members, including Montenegro and Serbia. But Vatican is not included separately as an independent nation in this list.

England, Scotland and Wales (though they are independent countries) are identified in the boarders of UK.

The question of Taiwan is very interesting, too. Taiwan is considered as the province of China, although it operates as an independent country. Then the number of the countries is bringing the count down to 193 in the world.

The facts provided in the given news, states that there is not an absolute objective truth and that everything is comparative.

Anyway, there are 189, 191, 192, 193 or 194. They are too individual to be discussed only in the focus of number of countries?

And if you want to know more about your own country’s or neighbouring one’s individuality, and check your knowledge of the world? You should only visit http://www.infoplease.com/. I discovered too many things for one ordinary day.
The new UK company, RedHalo gave schoolchildren of UK the opportunity to use a free and secure Personal Learning Space.The children will be using the space in a variety of ways, from schoolwork, to computer games. Any device, which can be connected to internet can be used with RedHalo, including smartphones, gaming devices and iPhones.

The main difference between the standard social networking sites and the new service, according to the RedHalo’s representative Neil Critchell, is that: “this is a more controlled ‘walled garden’ type of educational environment, monitored by the teacher.” As Critchell noted, the project gave more opportunities to schoolchildren to work together with their class and teacher, via using more devices, which had been so common with them outside classrooms so far, for example- the game consoles. At the same time, the teachers are welcome to distribute learning materials to their pupils via the learning space.

What is most important- the free version of RedHalo Platform Edition can be upgraded increasing the size of learning space form 1Gb to 5Gb, together with the secutrity and software for Windows Mobile, XP or Vista-based devices. This upgrading is charged with a small annual fee.

The project includes RedActivity, making creation of projects as easy as it never was before. This is because it can unite all the digital media components of a project, such as websites, photos, text, spreadsheets, thought maps and audio recordings, and create a visual map of the project. At the same time, RedActivity uses a special container, gathering everything together, so as no element will be lost.

Tim Chaney, former boss of Virgin Interactive, and Director at RedHalo Ltd, says of the project: “We are pleased to be at the leading edge of the learning while mobile movement and establish a standard that will help learners and educators, as well as publishers and developers who will build upon our platform. Our mission is to make learning personal and universally accessible; this announcement takes us a step closer.”

Those who read intensively the news provided by the BLOGVASION can easily notice that there is no news without forthcoming consequences and continuations. News covered previously: Global Warming Effects and ways of informing Society is supported and enforced by the factual evidence. The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are the joint winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The reason to which is increased interest and efforts to solve the problem of Global Warming by informing and educating society emphasizing the seriousness and importance of the problem resolution.

The committee says: "Al Gore has for a long time been one of the world's leading environmentalist politicians. His strong commitment, reflected in political activity, lectures, films and books, has strengthened the struggle against climate change. He is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted."

Gore evaluates that: "This award is even more meaningful because I have the honor of sharing it with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- the world's pre-eminent scientific body devoted to improving our understanding of the climate crisis -- a group whose members have worked tirelessly and selflessly for many years, we face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue; it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level."

As Kristen Averyt, a staff scientist with IPCC Working Group I, told TechNewsWorld that "It's absolutely fantastic to be recognized for all the hard work that thousands and thousands of scientists and policy makers around the world have done over the past few years.”

The only thing we can do to advantage of Global Warming is to wait until forthcoming news about the development of the issue, and follow the instructions of the professionals.
Global Warming is the most dangerous problems in the world. One of the web sites: http://www.climatehotmap.org/ “identifies Direct manifestations of a widespread and long-term trend toward warmer global temperatures:

Heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather
Ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding
Glaciers melting
Arctic and Antarctic warming

Events that foreshadow the types of impacts likely to become more frequent and widespread with continued warming.

Spreading disease
Earlier spring arrival
Plant and animal range shifts and population changes
Coral reef bleaching
Downpours, heavy snowfalls, and flooding
Droughts and fires.“

The majority of society will agree with these listed aspects that influence the earth and consequently people living on it. There is no way out except informing them about this issue. Each field should try to put deal in problem resolution. Different spheres do it differently. According to the TechNewsWorld, EA and BP are initiating to develop games that will present the realities of global warming virtually.

This mission is embodied by “SimCity” that becomes more realistic and informative from the view point of Global Warming.

Steve Seabolt, vice president of global brand development for the Sims label at EA says: "With 'SimCity Societies,' we have the opportunity not only to demonstrate some of the causes and effects of global warming, but also to educate players how seemingly small choices can have a big global impact.”

Partnership between Electronic Arts (EA) and energy giant BP aims to help educate people on this social issue.

The players will not be forced to adopt one type of power or another. The choice is free. The game also presents pros and cons of each choice done by the player. Each incorrect step increases the threats of global warming, places the player in front of the alternative choice. Game provides not virtual and in corresponding data about the carbon dioxide gas emissions but it is based on real facts otherwise the game can not have informative and educative purposes. During the game each step is determined by the player, the choice falls on taking greener approach or “Blacker.”

Cai adds: "This is a wider implementation of this whole phenomenon. It's also a lot more fun than reading text or looking at presentations." This is a very good investigation of providing information in interesting, and attracting way. Especially for younger generation. It is the guarantee of increased percentage of saving the earth.

As George Douglas, a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory says: "the more people know about energy -- how it's made, how it's used and the impacts of those possibilities -- the better off we all will be.”

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Teleportation has been a favorite theme of numerous movies and novels, inspiring minds of men during decades. Alas, teleportation is just a sort of daydreaming, the sober-minded scientists have argued until recently.

However, the scientists of Austria, Australia and Denmark have achieved actual teleportation, true; they could teleport only atoms and protons, not people or things.

During the “quantum teleportation” the atom itself doesn’t move from its place. It is just its quantum information which is transmitted to another atom, making the latter copy of the previous one.
As for the teleportation of a human, one of the discoverers of quantum teleportation Charles Bennet doesn’t rule out such a possibility in future. He thinks its mechanism will be similar to the principle of a fax machine: the resieved information and the layout of a document is transmitted exactly, however the paper and the ink of the fax copy is different from the original one’s. "We already have three-dimensional fax machines, so the basic theory is there"- Bennet explains.

So, at the end, the teleported person will end up being same, but not quite same in fact. However what will happen to a person, whose bio-molecular details will be “faxed” away, and how tempting such a proposal is for an average person- these are the topics for another discussion- Benett concludes.

Besides, it is also worth to mention that human body contains trillions of atoms , so it will be quite difficult to “fax” and “receive” such amount of information without a single error- for example- a “lost” nose or a “miss-attached” ear, not to mention the possibility of a suddenly emptied cartridge in this “humane-sending fax machine”.

However, quantum teleportation itself opens broad new horisons for the computing and information-transportation. “Although we are still some way off actually building a quantum computer, the possibilities are extraordinary," says Professor Neil Johnson of the University of Miami's Department of Physics. "In theory it could contain an almost infinite amount of information, and move that information around at almost the speed of light."

Reference :
The UK government has launched a new review to find out the influence of violent computer games on children. The research will take place in a school in east London, under the supervision of Dr Byron, the Schools Secretary Ed Balls and Culture Secretary James Purnell.

The review will be assisted by the games industry’s association Elspa, however it expressed the irritation about constant blames on its address of the negative impact on society. According to the representative of Elspa, they feel very optimistic about the research, as finally it will enable the parents to control what their offspring is busy about while submerging into the web space for hours.

However many accuse the association of using violent titles for the games to attract the attention of children and teenagers.

While the results of the research are still to be delivered, we can give solid forecasts about what the results will be. According to the recent research, most preferred games were either the fantasy violence games (32%) or the sports games with the elements of violence (29%). The most popular game category was the martial arts. The research concluded that: The violence in these video games can desensitize children to violence and alter their perception of reality. It can give them the idea that violence is an acceptable way to deal with problems and conflict.

Those who are concerned with the problem of the aggressive computer games, also drive out attention to the television violence. According to one of the researchs of the American Psychological Association, aggressive behavior of a person rises from 3% to 15% after watching a violent movie. And even more in the young children.

Meanwhile, the concerned parents are still waiting Dr Byron’s review in December which will enable them to guide their children through the internet space as safely, as they are doing in the real world. The review will take into account the views of parents, children and the wider industry about the use of internet and video games and the regulations that exist to protect children.


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Well at least since 1969, the $100 bill is the largest note in circulation. But what if you were a cashier and someone handed you a 1 million dollar bill? Well, almost like a real one and kindly asked you to give him a change. I'm not sure about your reaction, but the employee of the Giant Eagle supermarket in Pittsburgh refused to accept it. The manager went even further and confiscated the bogus bill. The man flew into a rage. According to police, the man slammed an electronic funds-transfer machine into the counter and reached for a scanner gun.

The 1 million dollar note owner was not carrying identification and has refused to give his name to authorities. Police arrested him, who is being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

Police believe the 1 million dollar note seized at the supermarket may have originated at a Dallas-based ministry. Last year, the ministry distributed thousands of religious pamphlets with a picture of President Grover Cleveland on a $1 million bill.

American Public corporation - Google purchases the Swedish social networking application firm Jaiku. As Google Product Manager, Tony Hsieh says: “the ideas and technology behind Jaiku is to make compelling and useful products”. The feature that makes the product compelling and useful is that it lets users blast networks of friends with micro-blogs. There is no difference whether they are on a PC or a mobile phone.

According to Google possibilities, specialists think that the new product will be launched in February of 2008. Google product manager announces that "Although we don't have definite plans to announce at this time, we're excited about helping drive the next round of developments in Web and mobile technology."

This is not only network purchased by Google. Among massive investments are
YouTube and DoubleClick. Though the competition is high. MySpace develops own mobile phone applications, Facebook focuses on going wireless, as for the Jaiku, it seeks to leverage information about people’s whereabouts and networks that is focused on ads. The Gphone will likely be free.

Sterling Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Greg Sterling says: "This is almost exclusively a phenomenon among the young, under-30 age group right now," "But this could be a significant early effort in monetizing social networking in the mobile space."
What does the combination of the new drives both flash-based memory with traditional disc drives offer? Answer is simple, 50 percent reduction in hard drive power. A hybrid hard drive is the same as the Momentus 5400 PSD (Power Savings Drive).

The new Momentus 5400 PSD hard drive uses:
Non-volatile cache, or flash memory,
Solid-state drives (SSDs)
Uses hard drive data onto a 256 MB flash memory drive to enable a faster boot-up...
Disc drives for laptops has large storage capacities -- 120 GB and 160 GB drives are now common. All that disc-based storage can suck laptop batteries dry.

Charles King, principal analyst for Pund-IT, says the TechNewsWorld: "For notebooks, one of the severe battery power drains is the boot-up process -- because you're basically starting the drive from scratch and bringing it up to full speed, "There's some tricks to avoid that, like putting your laptop into sleep or hibernation mode ... but people generally feel it's better to power the system all the way down."

The main factor is that the hybrid hard drives provide faster access to laptop data. SSD starts at US$2,199. Mass production of the product is planned before the end of this year.
Asus a Taiwan-based company that produces graphics cards, optical drives, Servers, networking products, mobile phones, computer cases, and computer cooling systems, motherboards, notebook computers launches a new product the P525 quad-band PDA phone. Among very interesting features are: built-in numeric Keyboard, email and Wi-Fi support...To be more specific email function delivers real-time synchronization with email, phone books and calendar items; Wi-Fi together with the GPRS provides wireless online connection. One if the most important feature of it is that it is available even when wireless hotspots are NOT available;

The phone has:

416MHz Intel processor;
Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS;
128MB Flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM;
2.8-inches TFT display (240 x 320 pixels, 65,000);
1300 mAh Li-ion battery;
3.5hrs of talk time;
150 to 200hrs of standby time;
2 mega pixels camera with auto-focus and flash light;
WLAN 802.11b, Bluetooth version 2.0, USB 1.1;
MiniSD card slot;
Stereo headset with 2.5mm audio jack

But let me ask: who does not have secrets? Answer is simple. Everybody has secrets. P525 PDA Phone disappoints nobody. The phone has the most unique feature that is expressed by “My Secret”.

Have Secrets? Who does not? So save it in P525 PDA Phone.
Do you use pirated version of Windows XP? Trying to find the way out? There is one-download Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). No validation test is required. Though the download of the IE7 was allowed only for the genuine Windows user, nowadays all Windows XP users are able to download IE7 from Microsoft's Web site.

One of the main reasons this project was realized for, was the fact that the representatives of Microsoft saw the aim of it at protecting the entire Windows Ecosystem, because of no restrictions on the IE7.
Is Intel becoming a hybrid of a hardware and software company? I don't know, but one thing is clear that Intel is actively moving towards web 2.0 and software market.

Recently, the company has launched CoolSW, a web 2.0 site where members members can post information about an interesting new software company and, more important, the community votes on whether they think a software company is, well, "cool."

While nothing revolutionary is in CoolSW, the fact that Intel has started this type of community is remarkable. The same social voting mechanism applies to CoolSW that we've seen in many different web 2.0 sites. In other words, companies that receive a lot of votes are moved to the site's front page and thus get even more exposure.

As of writing this post there are 535 software submissions and 126 conversations on CoolSW. Join CoolSW to post your favorite software or support already posted.
Sony has recently released a revised version of its popular PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming system. The portable gaming console is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer. However, the 4.3-inch LCD screen has retained its size. Well, the screen on PSP is something that determines why PSP is such a cool device and I'm confident Sony would never dare to make the screen size smaller even if they wanted to do so. The UMD drive has been upgraded as well. The driver is faster, which allows faster load times. As an additional improvement, it eats up less battery and thus you have more battery time for playing.

However, the most interesting feature of the new PSP is the TV output function. Overall, the TV output works normally, however there is a room for improvement.

While an upper bound of the gadget's target audience is 25, it is still one of my favorite gadgets in my 28th year. Since I got PSP I have almost never played on my computer. Most of the time when I'm playing computer games, I'm playing on PSP.

From games that I have tried are Dead to Rights: Reckoning, Formula One 2006, Ridge Racer 2, Need For Speed: Carbon, Medal of Honor: Heroes and Prince of Persia: Revelations. Currently I'm playing Killzone: Liberation, which is a really fantastic game.

Together with the cold autumn season, the chances to get flue rise as never before. Although most people try to fight this problem by getting vaccination or eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, the Cornell University has introduced a better solution to the eternal problem- namely, getting dressed fashionably.

The idea of the flue-repellent clothes was introduced by the MA Student of the Cornell University, Olivia Ong, who has designed the special garments, protecting the owner from flue and other viruses. The secret of these clothes is in nanoparticles- the tiny chemically active particles- less then 100 nanometers in diameter, i.e. one thousendth of the thickness of the cotton fibers- equally distributed on the surface of the fabric.

The principle of turning an usual cotton fabric to nanotetile is simple: you just have to put a positively charged fabric into the solution of negatively charged metal ions. Everybody who has studied basic Chemistry in school can predict that the electrostatic forces will bind the positively and negatively charges substances together. At the same time, the small size of the particles gives more space for them to interact with microbes or other dangerous particles contained in the air.

The two-tone gold dress and metallic jacket were the first products of the Ong’s "Glitterati" clothing line to be displayed. The upper part of the cotton dress is covered with silver nanoparticles, which can repel bacteria and viruses. While the hood, sleeves and pockets of the jacket cantain palladium which can protect the owner from the dangerous components of the polluted air.

The main advantage of the nanofabrics is that the metallic particles are so small, that the cotton clothing remains as soft and comfortable as before. At the same time, the nanoparticles repel the dirt particles from stick into the cotton fibres, so the clothes do not need to be washed often.
I have finally decided to move to Windows Vista and made a clean installation on my Sony Vaio VNG-SZ330P three days ago. Because many people are considering moving to Vista, I though I would share my experience with you.

To start with, the installation went without any complications. It was quick and easy. Prior to installing the new Windows, I had run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. As expected, the advisor "said" that most of the things were ok for upgrade. Though, the advisor could not find drivers for some of the hardware components.

Basically, immediately after installing Windows Vista I noticed that Vista could not install drivers for a couple of hardware components. Among them will be the biometric fingerprint reader, the TPM, built in camera, the memory card reader and the other expansion slot (Texas Instruments PCI Integrated FlashMedia controller).

Luckily, the new Windows Vista problem solution program quickly found the available downloads for TMP, biometric reader, memory card controllers. Within 30 min I had all of the devices running but the built in camera.

Frankly, I've been enjoying the built-in camera and I was somewhat disappointed with not being able to use it with Vista. A quick Googling led me to a forum where I found the link to download the drivers but unfortunately the link was broken.

Today I recalled the I had created the Backup DVD-s. So, I inserted the 1st disk in the DVD-Drive and tried to install the built-in camera drivers. I must say that it worked perfectly. At least, I have already tested it with Skype and works fine.

I must agree with my associates who have been telling me that Vista was good. Vista is really cool and I think it's the best Windows I've ever used (and I've started with 3.0). I have not explored the new OS deeply yet, however from what I've seen so far, it is very good. Increased speed is visible immediately!

This is all for now. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed. I will surely keep the blog updated with the experience with Windows Vista.
AT&T the largest provider of local and long distance telephone services, wireless services, DSL presents phone that has EP5632 5.8-GHz digital cordless answering system. It sounds very interesting and persuasive. But that is not only glory of the phone. Bluetooth gives the real advantage to it in the highly competitive world of struggles for getting the consumers.

The standard features of the product are:
Color display,
Digital answering system,
Caller ID/call waiting,
Handset speakerphone,
50 name/number address book,
Expandability-12 handsets

Well, nothing strange, nearly fifty models have these features on the market. But there is no Bluetooth on other phones.

Seems not all the phones are able to activate the Bluetooth. :-)
The EP5632 makes that happen.

And how does it happen? The cellphone and EP5632 are paired up, cellphone and the headsets ring at the same time. One should only choose which one to pick. :-)
Mark Zuckerberg, born on May 14, 1984, a student of Harvard University didn’t expect his small website (founded in 2004) would be cost billions one day. The social networking website FaceBook , primarily created for interaction among the Harvard students, has today extended its membership to 40 million.

Last year Yahoo was offering the student 1 billion for his website, however Mark sharply refused. The experts at that time forecasted Zuckerberg would regret the rare chance, especially as the rival site MySpace was purchased by Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation company) by only 580 Million $.

However, the student was much wiser than most of the experts had expected. The fact is, according to the American economic journal (Wall Street Journal) Microsoft has expressed its desire to buy 5% of FaceBook for $300-500 million which means the website cost between $7–10 Billion.

The similarity between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates is very clear:
- Both began working on programming.
- Both earned first millions in their twenties .
- Both had a vision which yielded them success and resulted in great changes in the information market, benefiting both the owners of the ideas, and milllions of consumers around the world.
- Both studied in Harvard , between Gates didn’t continue his education as he was busy in programming .
- Finally, an economical relation is established between these two persons as we refered above.

Last and not least, if Zuckerberg wants to be the second Gates , it means he has a hard work , especially that Gates is considered the richest person in the universe according to FORBES

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