Men and Women Outlook of Economy

Men and women-universal topic to discuss, it is something like timeless, always in fashion, source of never ending discussions. Google counts about 95,100,000 results when entering these two words. Results mostly show such diverse directions of highlighting this topic as Women vs. Men, How do men and woman compare, why women leave men, women without men, men without women, women & men, men and women really do think differently, men are better than women, difference between women and men……………………………… I am lazy of listing all 95,100,100 titles now. Hope the blogvasion readers will not be offended. I will explain bellow what is the reason of my laziness.

But before that I want to share with you the news published at and women have a polar opposite outlook of economy. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) production, empowered by Beyond Analysis turns Customer Transaction Data into powerful business and market intelligence as it is mentioned at

The research found very interesting influence of gender on consumer spending patterns.
According to Beyondanalysis, findings include:

1. Women have consistently lower levels of optimism about the state of the economy compared to men - 38% of men said the economy was ‘strong’, compared to just 21% of women in January 2011
2. Women saw the global financial crisis as a time to be more careful about spending; men saw it as an opportunity to ‘get some great bargains’
3. Women are significantly more concerned about not being able to meet the day-today expenses, such as mortgage repayments. Men are generally more worried about a loss in their investments or retirement savings

As for the customer behaviour:

1. Women mainly hold the purse strings when it comes to household spending, given them insight and awareness of the household economy
2. Women are generally less confident than men that they’ll have adequate resources to retire when they want to – 29% of women compared to 35% of men
3. Women tend to dominate retail spending; given current spend levels are lower than trend this may reflect the less positive perceptions of female shoppers

The finding can serve different businesses and help use data in advantage to them and for forcasting possible outcomes in different situations where men’s and women’s behaviors have reasonable influence. The data analysis answers many questions.

Now let me justify the reason I did not covered other, king of, important titles and subtitles in the boardless internet that might draw more detailed picture of difference between these two genders.

To say simply, man is a man and a woman is a woman with characteristic strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages.


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