New ELM Version 5.5 Server Monitoring Software

New server monitoring and event log management products are released by TNT Software, Inc., ELM 5.5, the newest version that supports the migration to Windows Server 2008 and Vista, TNT Software has released ELM Enterprise Manager 5.5, ELM Log Manager 5.5, ELM Performance Manager 5.5 and ELM Event Log Manager 5.5.

According to the PRWEB: "We typically release full versions with innovative new features and enhancements on a longer schedule," explained Brent Skadsen, VP of Sales & Marketing. "However, with the current adoption of Windows Server 2008 Platform, we've decided to provide an interim release on an accelerated schedule. ELM 5.5 is now available to provide preliminary baseline data and efficiently monitor critical systems on the new OS. With ELM's real-time monitoring and event log management, the migration is safer and better understood."

ELM Version 5.5 includes the following important improvements and new features.

Windows Server 2008 and Vista Ultimate Ready
Reduce Event "Noise"
64-bit Application Performance Monitoring
Enhanced Scalability and Performance
Disaster Recovery Support
System Performance Visibility
Event Search

Parental Control Guides that is a leading resource for parents, in order to review parental control programs and Internet monitoring software, released of a free report for parents entitled "Internet Dangers: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Their Kids Online".

Managing editor of the Parental Control Guides, Jason Keith, said that it is equally important for parents to safeguard their children's online activities, as it is to protect them from everyday dangers.

"It is a parent's responsibility to protect their children," said Keith. "This does not mean just from local dangers such as crossing the street and not talking to strangers, but it also includes protecting them from remote dangers such as protecting them from Internet predators and cyber bullies on the computer or cell phone."

The report aims to help parents to save their children. "Kids today face a lot of social challenges and dangers that their parents did not face growing up due to this age of technology", said Keith. "It used to be that a child's home was his or her refuge against bullies. However, nowadays with so many preteens and teens having their own cell phones and computers, cyber bullies can impact a child's psyche in the home as well."

Do you suppose that at the age of 90 you will be able to jump out of the airplane? Well, Antioch resident Royal Yocum turned 90 he did. This adventure seems not enough for the adventurer. For his 91st birthday he plans to have his next birthday thrill that is Moaning Cavern's zip lines.

According to the PRWEB, Yocum, his 83 year old girlfriend, Mary Erickson, and four other family members arrived Saturday morning at Moaning Cavern Park and chose a 3 Zip Combo in which the 3rd zip could be done Super Style. This more aerodynamic zip is done in a horizontal position, face down. The result is an average 50 MPH zip speed, compared with the 40 MPH average speed achieved in the regular seated position.

Yocum says: "I'm getting to the point where I just love wild things now, I don't know why."
Six members of the group raced in the seated position, then 4 of them chose to continue on to Super Style. According to Yocum’s evaluations: "I thought it was the most wonderful thing I've ever done. The (Super Style) was my favorite because you didn't have to hold on to anything and your arms were free. It was like flying."

The next extraordinary thrill for Royal Yocum seems to be the Goodyear Blimp.

Everybody sees everything in his/her own way. Taste differs person to person, even in different periods of life people are mismatched with their taste and everything changes. While surfing among different sites one can come up to that a technology company based in central New Jersey. According to the PRWEB it is the web's first site that enables users to choose and preview every part of a room's d├ęcor and furnishings simultaneously in an impressive and photo-realistic room setting.

SeeItYourWay offers not only visual support but it can direct potential buyers to vendors. As SeeItYourWay's database contains mainly high-end products. Says Marissa McIntyre, Design Center Manager at Paramount Homes, "Our sales team no longer needs to convince customers that a pricey European-style oven hood will dramatically improve the look of their kitchen. Now the question is only, 'Will it be the Thermador or the Dacor?'"

Among many features SeeItYourWay includes design of a kitchen's cabinet style and color, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, appliances, lighting fixtures, window treatments, faucets, bar stools, counter top accents, and virtually anything a consumer is looking for in a kitchen. Also the features preset design scenes, item-detail information, high-resolution printing, emailing, saving, search capability, and an Enlarge button that shows a very impressive version of the room being designed.

"CAD systems are great tools for customers, but SeeItYourWay is a great tool for store owners," says Rebecca Birnhack of RB Design. "If you want to wow a customer into buying a particular product, you're not doing it with CAD. I tell my customers, choose your kitchen options with SeeItYourWay, then go spec it out with 2020."

Are you an author, publisher, educator, or user-generated content developer? Then this news is for you. Content Management, Social Forums and Authoring Tools for the eTouchBook is now Available.

innovative technology-based products developers for publishers, Somatic Digital, releases a new Digital Portal and Web Service,™. gives opportunities to publishers and content owners to manage and directly link their print and digital assets.

With the eTouchBook Suite publishers are available to create a hybrid media distribution experience. That drives to a new ecosystem of transactions, analytics, and interactivity.

"The portal centralizes and streamlines the publishing environment to facilitate creating new products," said Jason E. Barkeloo, Founder & President. Barkeloo concludes that, " is the portal for helping publishers reinvigorate their print business by reducing their management costs while leveraging their print and digital assets."

According to the PRWEB, provides access to:
1. BookDesigner Web Service
2. Publisher forums
3. eTouchBook Client software, drivers, and support.
4. Publisher-specific Interactive Product catalog.

According to co-Founder & Vice President, Software Engineering, David A. Krauth, " encapsulates a system of tools and services and help publishers be more efficient regardless of their adoption of the eTouchBook. Publishers and authors now have an environment in which they can collaborate to solve problems, develop new products, and be more effective in their markets."

Seems that TailoredMail has not attracted attention for the first time for the TailoredMail Connect, as it is the award-winner of two of Microsoft's "Best Practices" awards. But the new product introduced a new feature that gives dynamic content a whole new meaning.

According to the PRWEB the combining corporate content and control, together with the personal touch of the salespeople closest to the customers, clients are quickly realizing the benefit of delivering 'connected' newsletters and seeing a dramatic increase in response.

Through TailoredMail, clients will be available to create emails that integrate corporate marketing with their sales team for a true 'connected' solution. The main thing that is possible to do by TailoredMail is its feature more attracting as it can integrate APIs into the mix, the result is that CRMs automatically link to the system to send messages back-and-forth for uploading new user/data info.

"These campaigns have strengthened the relationships between our sales team and their customers, and have drastically improved open and response rates - primarily because of the high recognition and personalization of the message," said Alison, Fortune 500 Bank.

In order to discover the value, success, and efficiency of the company, a lot of work should be done. It is available with such tools as research and analytics. To deal with these issues iCan Media, LLC of iCan Benefit Group, LLC specializes in marketing, advertising, public relations, and branding solutions organized to create and coordinate brand imaging, lead generation, and client growth..

According to the PRWEB iCan Media manages creative brand development through the combination of innovative marketing, television and radio production, logo and battle cry identity, and creative print design.

Services include such fields as media planning, strategic media placement, rate negotiation, trafficking and tracking to data analysis. Services cover Web marketing too as it comprises search engine optimization, targeted email campaigns, banner ads, pay-per-click, and social networking, are designed to generate client exposure and create a viable internet presence.

It is Sunday and we can offer Blogvasion reader the extravagant news about how can you see double with rich chocolate fudge. Very easily, just send a friend a cake from BAKE ME A WISH, and another one will be sent to a soldier. BakeMeAWish and Soldiers' Angels cooperation serves to recognize the heroes.

Now we share not only holidays expressing our respect to close relatives or friends but Soldiers' Angels and BakeMeAWish partnership gives opportunity to offer the "Freedom Cake." This service is available for only $75, you will please special person and SAME cake will be sent to a deployed service member during the holidays.

That is how the Holiday Freedom Cake is described at the PRWEB, “a delightful blend of peppermint and chocolate brownie, blanketed with thick, creamy fudge frosting surrounded by bittersweet chocolate shavings and an avalanche of mint chips across the top with red, white and blue candy star sprinkles. “

Josh Kaye, President of said "Being apart from family and friends during the holiday season can be difficult. However, with the help of Soldier's Angels we can send some joy to our troops this year. We are proud that our company has sent over 5,000 cakes to our nation's soldiers abroad fighting on our behalf."

Time by time, new centuries and developing trends cause new topics society wants to talk about, have discussions. Aiming to enhance communication by providing a positive and open environment for members CosmicTies social network launches a site.

"Most free thinkers have more than one interest," says co-founder Juli Boyce, "it just made sense that there would be a site that could serve many interests under one roof."

Site members can search for one another according to their areas of interest. According to the PRWEB, the new free membership includes blog, chat, profile customization, friends networks and forums.
How many people think about quitting job? It is an interesting question with an interesting answer. According to the SOURCEWIRE, nearly 70% of people, almost 1 in 2 think about quitting jobs.

Among the fact that 70% of people hate their job, 43% of people fear to wake up in the morning. How surprising should not it sound, hospitality workers are the happiest about their work, even though long hours and stressful reputation. ‘s survey shows that over

49% of hospitality workers thoroughly enjoy their job
23% admitting to the occasional thought of changing sectors
19% claiming to not feel any job satisfaction

Survey showed a very interesting results on the statistics of happy workers.

That is as follows:

1) Hospitality – 49.16% of hospitality workers are happy with their job
2) Health Sector - 48.89%
3) Charity - 34.06%
4) Education - 30.88%5) Care/Social work - 29.92%
5) Forces/Police - 28.57%
6) Skilled (designer/electrician) - 20.43%
7) Sales (phone/door2door) - 16.98%
8) Labour - 11.00%
9) Office-based - 10.01%
10) Retail - 7.17%

Ian Burke who is from a leading hospitality recruitment website,, is not surprised by the findings:

“Hospitality employee’s work extremely hard, especially at this time of year and it’s fair to say the industry is rarely associated with passion or fun. For us, these results just confirm what we see every day; that hospitality workers really do love their jobs.”

A series of satirical viral ‘Little Gordon’ launched by the with 57,035 views that represents yet humorous portrayal of life within the hospitality industry had very positive feedback and that is admitted in Ian Burke’s citation provided by the SOURCEWIRE:

“The levels of positive feedback for the viral ads have been incredible, with many people enjoying seeing the light-hearted side to the industry. I hope Little Gordon and the latest statistics will bring a whole new, much-deserved reputation to the hospitality sector.”

Dangerous Web threat is one of the actual issues tech users are concerned about. In response to this threat ScanSafe that is the pioneer and leading provider of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Web security, launched Threat Spy. It is the first virtual map that shows the increasingly dangerous Web threat landscape.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, “Threat Spy allows the public to take a step away from the volumes of data showing the increasing dangers of the Web and actually see the malware being blocked every day in different places around the world,” comments Mary Landesman, senior security researcher at ScanSafe. “We reported a 278 percent increase in malware in the first half of 2008 and this innovative map visualizes this worrying increase. We hope the map will demonstrate how dangerous the threat landscape is and will prompt companies to take action.”

Threat Spy provides detailed information on the more than 100 million Web threats it blocks each month. Additionally, the map provides with the information about the origin of the blocked threat and also the date and time of the block.

“The Web 2.0 environment is a dynamic one and we wanted to provide an equally dynamic map of the threats confronting today’s Web surfers,” says Landesman. “The beauty of Threat Spy is that it captures up to date, detailed information on threats shortly after they are blocked. This not only provides timely insight into existing, new and emerging Web-based threats – it also helps demonstrate the critical importance of real-time Web scanning.”

In the highly developed world of technology announces about the launch of Free Usenet Services to Universities and mot-for-profit organizations, especially for the professors and qualified charities. Free access to Usenet aims to provide this service for their personal or professional use.

According to the PRWEB, "Newsdemon is proud to give back to the Usenet community and to its birthplace. We're excited about being able to offer our services to organizations and individuals that will allow them access to a valuable resource that a global network such as Usenet provides."

Among the additional offers and incentives of are interesting issues for bloggers, members of social networks, forums and other community driven networks and websites.

George Fergus, a spokesperson for Newsdemon said: "The purpose of now offering free Usenet to the members of these organizations and groups is meant to promote and enhance the spirit of community that Usenet has always been about."

Hardly one can find a person who does not have a website or has not any connection with it. Not of less importance are the value, image, and reputation of the site. This time eBizValuations, featured in KillerStartups, gives a helping hand and launches online valuation service at

The valuation tool aims to present to business owners, webmasters, "site-flippers", analysts, advertisers to put an accurate value to websites. According to the PRWEB valuation is done on the basis of the database of past website sales and a smart engine. It performs various analyses on the target site, also extracts DNA and key signals specific to the site, through match of those signals against other sites in its database the owner can receive an accurate valuation report based on how much similar sites have sold for.

A growing appreciation among investors drives to the fact that profit making websites are ideal investments in a balanced portfolio. Nowadays there is no need to be the webmaster, time by time technical side is least thing one should worry about.

According to the PRWEB, "From CNN to the BBC, everyone seems to be talking about this trend of people investing in profit making websites for capital gain or income," said CEO Clinton Lee. "But there's never been an easy way for amateur or professional investors to arrive at a fair value for a site they're looking to buy, sell or hold. This new tool should save investors huge sums of money in valuation and due diligence checks, and should open up the holding of websites to an even broader base of investors."

The tool provides complete valuation/appraisal report that is prepared for each target site and each report includes the results of extensive due diligence checks and suggestions on markers that could influence the business's value up or down, as it is announced on the PRWEB.

Among the information the tool provides or links to is the site's
- valuation
- traffic rankings/volume and traffic trends
- popularity reports; incoming link reports and link analyses
- top pages with Google Page Rank (and the rank for those pages)
- indexed pages and other metrics related to its performance in search engines
- position of authority in its niche
- server technology and uptime
- availability and speed when accessed from different continents
- safety and reputation for being virus and malware free

I should confess that among the most important issues global interest is driven to the energy saving problems. According to the PRWEB, the United States Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that the average family is expected to spend $2,350 on energy at home and $3,950 on gas for cars or trucks, totally this number is $6,300 per household in 2008. And as the prices on gas, higher utilities and overall energy increases time by time, Americans offer their way of managing the problem.

"People typically only think of a home inspection when they are either buying or selling," states Kylene Golubski, VP Business Planning & Development for Inspect-It Property Inspection. "We can also help homeowners protect their home investment on an ongoing basis and potentially help decrease energy bills through annual maintenance inspections and home energy audits. You go to the doctor for a check-up, get tune-ups for your car, but what are you doing to maintain your largest investment? The old adage applies: 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'" (PRWEB).

The offers to help reduce energy costs are made by Alliance to Save Energy. These are as follows:

1. Cook with your microwave. It uses 2/3 less energy than your stove.
2. Use your dishwasher (wait for a full load). It uses less water than washing dishes by hand.
3. Keep your fridge full. It keeps it from warming up too fast when the door is open.
4. Turn up your thermostat, and turn off the AC when you aren't home. You save 1-3% per degree for each degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees.
5. Use cold or warm water when washing clothes, and always rinse in cold water.
6. Line dry clothes whenever possible, but only run the dryer with full loads.
7. Turn off appliances, lights and equipment when not in use.
8. Unplug electronic devices when not in use, as many use electricity even when switched off.
9. Replace AC filters monthly.
10. Weather strip, seal and caulk leaky doors and windows.
11. Use fans instead of AC units. They use less energy.
12. Replace old appliances with new and more energy efficient appliances.

The world moves around the Sun and economy. Economic climate always determines almost each step of the consumer. Today when the use of online shopping or any other financial operations is so much highly developed e-consultancy, Logan Tod and immediate future research, reveals that 64% of respondents will reduce their spending generally in view of the deteriorating economic climate. 56% consider that their online spending will not be affected, or would increase.

According to the survey there are several reasons consumers address online spending. These are caused by increasing fears surrounding the credit crunch, falling house prices and worsening economic conditions. After all consumers are turning online to find both the best available prices and advice. The growth of online spending in 2008 that is 38% up on the first half of 2007 is mostly caused by the fact that a large proportion of consumers are turning to comparison engines and user reviews before taking the final purchase decision. That proportion presents 62% of respondents.

MD of social media specialist immediate future, Katy Howell comments: “The research clearly highlights the importance of online interaction between consumers when faced with purchasing decisions. Whether it is with blogs, comparison sites, or user reviews, brands need to understand and engage with social media to survive the expected economic downturn.”

Comparison of the different age groups, the ‘silver surfers’ who are aged 55 and over, and 16-24 age bracket shows that ‘silver surfers’ are the least concerned about the economic situation (43%), and the 16-24 age bracket shows that 37% wouldn’t change their spending levels, too.

Matthew Tod, Logan Tod CEO, explains “It is clear from this research that online strategies will have to become far more sophisticated to weather the economic slowdown. A one size fits all strategy will no longer be the most effective and online retailers will have to start to segment their audience and match their marketing activity to each group”

Now you make rule your iPhone easier and more convenient way. CrunchGear points to an interesting looking stylus from Japan that allows you to more precise movements than your finger might allow. Flickbook/FlipBook users may have this need.

The stylus is specially designed for the iPhone which typically only responds to finger touches due to its capacitive sensor. Also it works with iPod touch. The $14.99 stylus is available from ThinkGeek. This metal construction is made in two colors – black and silver. In length it is 10.2 cm.


Hardly one can open Internet Explorer, indicate an address, fill in the gap with desired field of interest, push search and receive no answer. That is just impossible. As many users we as many interest should be satisfied. This time Parenting website Bounty has appointed commercial audio and video podcast specialist Podcast Voices to create a second and third ‘evergreen’ series, providing a thirty-two part parenting guide for its users.
According to the SOURCEWIRE, series that is sponsored by Huggies, aims to educate new parents with answers to common baby and toddler questions, and to provide a consecutive series of podcasts designed to appeal to millions of new parents for years to come.

“The original pregnancy guide Podcast Voices created for Bounty attracted a huge audience; there was an obvious demand for Bounty’s valuable content in multi-media formats,” said Podcast Voices’ Managing Director Andy Evans. “The success of the first series encouraged Bounty to commission a consecutive second and third. The really exciting thing about this project is that unlike a great deal of podcasts, we have created shows that in most cases won’t go out of date. Developments in medical science will allow the podcast content to develop, but essentially they will remain the same.”
“The introduction of Podcasts on the site has enabled us to not only offer our existing audience more ways to consume our content, but has helped us reach more people and attract additional sponsorship revenue,” said Andrew Thomas, E-Business Director at Bounty.
Research has revealed that thousands of couples will be preparing to marry this week. According to the SOUCEWIRE, the second weekend in August is officially “wedding week”

All survey data from over 23,000 weddings Ecclesiastical has insured from 2002-2007 that over the past five years Friday weddings have increased in popularity by 5%. And over the same period Saturday weddings have decreased in popularity by the same amount, 5%. As for January and Tuesdays, these are the least popular times to get married. Correspondingly less than 2% of couples chose to marry at this time.

Wedding insurance manager Darren Mabley-Jones said:

“The traditional Saturday wedding in August remains the most popular choice for couples planning to tie the knot. However, many couples are starting to turn to a Friday for their celebration instead, perhaps to ensure they get the venue they want, but also to save money on hire charges.

“With a recession looming finances will be stretched, so couples will be looking for any way to save a little money. Holding your wedding on a Friday doesn’t make much of a difference to guests, extends the weekend’s celebrations and can cut the budget substantially as well.

“But despite a rise in Friday weddings, British couples continue to place their faith in our summer by opting for an August wedding. Whether or not they get the sunshine they planned for however is another matter.

“Friday weddings all year round are set to grow in popularity. However, Tuesday weddings in January will continue to be very rare indeed!”

The key questions that are emphasized under this headline are:

And the answer:

This is one of the most extravagant ways to deal with the debts. In order to manage financial problems people do face thousands of obstacles and overcome difficulties, or some of them can do nothing. But according to Christine Thompson-Wells, Psychologist & Money-Management Expert, who is author of 39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery, presents a concept and a system for Managing Your Money (available on &, £9.99 from 1st October 2008, Planet Press) and says the credit crunch could be a savings grace for people who are currently in a Debt Ditch and in need of sound recovery advice.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, 39 Steps & 39 Days to Debt Recovery provides help to ANYONE find solutions, FAST. "Once we take responsibility and give ourselves time to re-evaluate the whole situation we can see things in a clearer, less frightening light," advises Christine. "Keeping calm is important as it's our emotional state that interferes with our rational mind."

The core strategy is as follows:
• Face the reality FAST
• Create a plan and a system
• Make the commitment
• Use, motivation, change, goals, reviewing your plans, setting boundaries and identifying your values about yourself and money
• Find a Money Buddy you can trust
• Seek to change poor spending behaviours/attitudes'

The Money Psychologist' advises, "The credit crunch will stop many debts from increasing! Now's the time to use your mind in ways to support you and clear the debt. Take a serious look at why the debt incurred. Create a doable plan and keep focused on what it will be like to live debt-free. Mental denial of the problem will be more expensive in the long-term. Learning to say 'no' and identifying the difference between a want and a need is both enlightening and empowering!"

The same source SOURCEWIRE lists CHRISTINE'S TOP 7 TIPS:

1. Don't let debt get the better of you. Face it, and commit to working to reduce it and through the experience of letting go of poor spending habits. Fact is, if there is debt with your name on it, you own it.

2. Debt is only about material possessions. You really can do without certain things and can restart again if you need to.

3. Debt is a no-bar prison - often a self-imposed prison sentence - the stress of being in this type of prison will shorten your life span: do everything you can to get out of debt jail. Become proactive in your thinking and in all your actions.

4. Try to speak about your situation with a high calibre sound-minded, non- judgemental, competent confidante.

5. Make plans for a future without debt. Work with your mind: your subconscious mind is the best friend and money guru you will ever have. When treated with respect, it only works for your benefit and your survival. When treated with neglect it will work against you for as long as the neglect is applied.

6. If you are in a deep financial crisis, give yourself an imposed Time Out Break (without expense!) to de-stress, find perspective and to make plans. Keep a money journal/ledger recording every expense and outgoing - the daily cappuccinos, unused gym membership, the wrong mobile phone tariff for our actual use - all add up!

7. We aren't always directly responsible for the debt we find ourselves in. Life can hand out some severe lessons without our assistance. However, if your name is on the debt you have to take responsibility for it and get out of the Debt Ditch.

Is it possible to learn the world of business from Olympic sports coaching? It is worth asking this question to Leadership transformation practice, 121partners that released new findings which reveal what the world of business can learn from Olympic sports coaching. The finding is originated from 121partners seminar where over twenty HR professionals and the 121partners leadership team, including an Olympic sports coach, brainstormed the ‘six secrets’ that could improve business performance.

• ‘Putting oars on the walls’ -celebrate success more often and more visibly
• ‘I want to win an Olympic gold medal’ - ensure clarity of the ‘big goal’
• ‘Training when others don’t’ - hold people accountable for their level of commitment
• ‘The many people in the boat’- get coach, line manager and mentor to work as a team
• ‘The perfect cake’ - value a holistic approach for each individual executive
• ‘Virtus’ – inspire belief in the individual and the team

Geraldine Harrison, Learning and Career Development Manager at Rolls Royce, said ‘This was a really enjoyable and thought provoking day. The business world has certainly got a lot to learn from the level of commitment, focus and determination shown by Olympic athletes. I know I shall be somewhere near a TV screen on 16 August to see if Alan achieves his dream in the Olympic rowing finals in Beijing.’

Media production, marketing, and entertainment company, Green Living Project™ showcases sustainability initiatives, announces the PRWEB. The company launched unique sustainability platform to market and promote stories about successful sustainability projects around the globe. Green Living Project™ aims to educate and inspire individuals and communities to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

According to the PRWEB, in 2008, Green Living Project™ (GLP) highlights Africa. The project themes are as various as renewable energy, urban sustainability, responsible tourism, green building, organic farming, community development, wildlife conservation, and waste management.

"Green Living Project™ assures us that environmental and cultural degradation can be reversed. The great impact GLP is making flows from celebrating activism and success rather than documenting proof of the threats our world faces. GLP shows people restoring their cultural/natural resources and fostering a greater engagement from travelers and their hosts alike," said Fran Farrell, publisher of National Geographic Adventure. "We are delighted that National Geographic Adventure has been able to support Green Living Project's work and we couldn't be more pleased to see how quickly their vision has become a compelling reality."

"The past year and a half has been an exciting time as we have quickly laid the foundation and put together a solid management team for our unique style of media production and marketing," said Rob Holmes, founder and president of Green Living Project™. "This unique sustainability platform has attracted wide support from the non-profit, conservation, corporate, and media sectors based on the growing importance of living, supporting, and promoting sustainable lifestyles. And while we are actively planning three new international media expeditions to Africa and South America in the next six months, we also look forward to launching our highly anticipated domestic production schedule this fall."

Eight individuals bought the $999.99 I am Rich application from the App Store before it was pulled off the store.

The developer states he does not know why Apple removed the application: Heinrich, a German software developer, has yet to hear back from Apple concerning the removal. "I have no idea why they did it and am not aware of any violation of the rules to sell software on the App Store," Heinrich said in an e-mail with The Times today.

According to Heinrich, six people in the U.S., one from Germany and one from France bought the $999.99 application. This brought Heinrich $5600 in net revenue.


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC HIV fact sheets) announces at the 17th International AIDS Conference in Mexico City that new cases of HIV infection in the U.S. have been underestimated by 40% every year for more than a decade.

According to the PRWEB, at least 56,000 Americans are infected with HIV annually instead of the 40,000 previously thought. This virus that causes AIDS remains incurable. Unfortunately more than 15,000 Americans die of AIDS every year. The fact that the diseased person knows about his/her health status will give you opportunity to take the necessary steps in preventing the transmission of HIV to others.

Richard Wolitski, acting director of the division of HIV / AIDS prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that these new numbers "reveal that the U.S. epidemic is - and has been - worse than previously estimated and serve as a wake-up call for all Americans."

The increase of infected patients is caused by sophisticated new blood-testing methods that are combined with consistent reporting methods now used by all states. That resulted in more accurate estimates. According to the CDC about 1 million to 1.1 million Americans are HIV-positive.

Statistically more than 1/3 of new infections are in youth ages 13 to 29, 25% of persons infected don't know they are infected.

The CDC's revised statistics regarding new HIV infections is bound to bring attention to the continuing problem of AIDS in America. It highlights the need for funding to prevent and treat the disease and emphasizes the critical importance of early detection.

STD testing online is provided by Request A Test, Ltd. It was founded in 2001.

Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is Power." This power saves your health and people who might be infected just because of not knowing about the fact that he/she is infected.
Confidentiality is one of the painful issues in this case. But the anonymous HIV testing now offers to pay $59 in order to keep confidentiality.


If Brit says: “BOG OFF! I’m on the phone!” he/she is one from the 35% of Brits who admit they use their phone while on the loo-, or is on funerals or even having sex...

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Naomi Campbell used hers to assault her assistant, Rebecca Loos used hers to send Becks saucy text messages and Paris Hilton famously used hers while enjoying a steamy love making session.

But there we have a new survey of the UK population who revealed some equally intriguing facts about Brits and their mobiles. This exclusive survey that was conducted by aimed to discover the gadget habits of British people. The results show that Brits often exhibit possessive, rude or downright peculiar behaviour when it comes to using their mobile phones and favourite gadgets.

An estimated 730,000 of the UK’s population chatted on their mobile while in the throes of passion with a lover. However, the other strange and inappropriate places a nation is using phones, is whilst attending a funeral.

Ross Burridge, Editor of, commented “We’re a nation that loves our gadgets and it seems we take our mobiles everywhere with us - even to the lavatory. It’s amazing to think that some people will even chat and text while in the throes of passion or at funerals. Our survey also revealed some even stranger places that people admitted using their mobiles, such as while having a filling - and even during a rectal examination.”

Not only that but…

We as a nation are obsessed by gadgets and gizmos and even prioritise our favourite toys as more desirable and important than alcohol and smoking. In fact, nearly 9% of the younger members surveyed even cited their mobile phone as more important than their family, health and friends.The survey studied the gadget usage habits of nearly 10,000 male and female consumers aged 16 – 45.

Accoeding tothe SOURCEWIRE findings are as follows:

Strangest place to use your phone:

• Over a third have chatted to friends on a mobile whilst on the toilet at work, at home or in a public lavatory
• 2% of mobile users have chatted whilst at a funeral
• 1.2% have held a mobile conversation whilst having sex
• 20% of people have been told they use their mobile too much by friends, family or colleagues
• Some other responses included: ‘whilst having a filling at the dentist’, ‘whilst having a rectal examination’, ‘at Princess Diana’s funeral’ and ‘in Brixton on a Friday night.’


• A mobile phone and an MP3 player are ranked higher on the list of priorities than beer, wine, spirits and smoking
• Under 24s value socialising and their mobile second only to their family
• Women value their mobile second only to their family and health.
• Nearly 9% of under 16s view their mobile phone as more important than their family, their health.
• Consumers are more concerned about the loss of an MP3 Player or mobile phone than losing a handbag or briefcase

What the number of men increase in? According to the SOURCEWIRE, the number of men increases in joining money saving websites. The credit crunch caused 6 per cent raise.

Through the analysis of buying habits of 500,000 UK members of the consumer loyalty websites 6 per cent more men joined in April to June 2008 compared to the same period in 2007.’s marketing manager Nadeem Azam said: “In the years we’ve been running cashback networks it has always been women who were the first to join and save money on their online purchases.

“The increase of men choosing cashback shopping shows men are feeling the pinch in their pockets and are more prepared to go looking for a bargain.”

180 websites’ network that is led by, represents the UK’s first and only green 100% cashback site.

More than 20 million online shoppers in the UK have not yet discovered cashback and availability to get back up to 100% of the middleman’s fee on all their online shopping.

According to the press release shoppers log onto a cashback site before making online purchases from major retailers as normal. The referral fee paid by the retailer to the cashback site is returned to the shopper.

Nadeem saied: “More and more men are beginning to feel financial pressures. By making small changes to spending habits during an economic turndown, such as switching to cashback shopping, they can make significant savings.”’s cooperation with PURE the Clean Planet Trust, to offset one million tons of carbon by 2012, equivalent to the annual emissions of 180,000 average UK homes.

By 2013 2.1bn mobile subscribers will “pay by mobile” for digital goods downloaded to their mobile phones forecasts a new analysis of the global mobile payments opportunity. According to the SOURCEWIRE, Juniper Research defines digital goods as music (ringtones and full tracks), tickets, TV, user-generated content, infotainment and games – in fact any content bought by phone and delivered to the phone.

Juniper Research’s region by region analysis discovers that there is a significant growth opportunity for mobile operators to increase their ARPU as transaction frequencies accelerate.

Report author Howard Wilcox stated: "Many digital content goods and services are becoming basic ‘must haves’ – particularly in the sub 35 age group. Devices like the iPhone – even in its 3G incarnation - are undoubtedly contributing to consumer awareness and usage of mobile music services. People who are 15 to 20 today will expect to buy directly with their phones and will drive this market over the next few years.”

Highlights are as follows:

• Users are forecast to make at least two payment transactions per month for digital goods by 2013
• Nearly half of all mobile phone users will have bought digital goods at least once with their phones by 2013
• The two leading regions (Western Europe and Far East & China) will account for over 50% of the total digital goods gross transaction market value by 2013.

Howard Wilcox continued: “Even though typical transaction sizes will remain in the $3-$5 bracket a sufficient number of users will be using their mobiles to buy music, games, tickets, infotainment and the other digital goods sufficiently often to see gross transaction value grow nearly seven fold by 2013.”

Multilabs, a Northern Nevada company that specializes in embedded and computer systems design and support, has released latest product, a computer - "Retro". It is a throw-back to the early days of computing, a BASIC language computer. "I miss being able to turn on a computer, have it boot in about 1 second, and then start writing programs", says Don Bartley the owner or Multilabs. "It was also nice having direct control over the system before complex operating systems took over."

According to the PRWEB, Retro is a computer with a built-in BASIC language interpreter, commands to give the user direct control over the system, no complex operating system to get in the users way, and even an expansion port that allows users to connect their own equipment to it and write programs to control them.

"It may seem a bit simplistic in today's world but Retro has many uses and applications", says Don, "There is something for everybody, beginners to experts alike." Retro offers an environment that is not overwhelming and is user friendly that a beginner can learn computer programming on. More seasoned programmers will enjoy the direct control over the system without a complex operating system getting in the way. "Besides programming, Retro offers its expansion port", says Don, "With the expansion port any user can connect their own devices and equipment to Retro and program Retro to control them." "Retro combines software and hardware disciplines together", Don adds.

Retro can control external equipment such as relays, motors, solenoids, and other industrial equipment; it can also read data from temperature and position sensors for example. With this level of control Retro is not for just for the home user but has a wide array of applications.
Other connectors of the product are: a PS/2 style keyboard, digital joystick, asynchronous serial communications, sound, and a VGA monitor.

"Whether for personal or professional use Retro is affordable, easy to use, and above all enjoyable", says Don. Can a computer travel back in time? Yes it can.

Interesting statistics on SOURCEWIRE:
• 84% of parents rely on verbal agreements to ensure their children ‘surf safely’
• 45% of children use chatrooms to make new friends
• 40% use facebook and myspace
• 48% regularly use downloadsThe most active season during a years is summer holidays.

Millions of children across the UK broke up from school, more time is spent at home, correspondingly more time is spent on facebook, chatting to friends online and downloading music. Interesting question comes to our minds - Are parents actually monitoring what their children are doing online?

As SOURCEWIRE informs us, according to a survey from, the answer is a resounding “No.” That is seen in the above mentioned percentage. That is not only parents problems but each illegal download represents the great issue that should be controlled.

Product Director,, Michael Phillips, said: “We were surprised to learn that such a high proportion of parents heavily rely on verbal agreements to ensure their children’s online activities are safe and legal. Children are often more tech-savvy than their parents and the click of a mouse can take them anywhere. This research highlights the need for parents to be aware of the simple checks they can put in place to safeguard children who are increasingly using the internet to build new relationships.

“As well as the possible safety issues, there are financial implications to your child’s internet activities. With 48% downloading music online it would be easy to exceed your broadband fair usage limit leaving unsuspecting parents out of pocket at the end of the month.” offers recommendations to help busy parents effectively monitor their child’s online activity. These are:
1. Parental control software: Some ISPs like AOL and BT offer parental controls as part of their service, while other users can get them with their antivirus and security suites. Parental controls allow you to block certain sites and keywords, apply different settings for different age groups and monitor your child’s online activity. You can also use the Messenger Plus! program to keep a log of conversations they might be having using Instant Messenger.

2. Education: Completely banning older children from the Internet is unlikely to stop them from using chatrooms and social networking sites, so instead, explain why they need to be careful on the Internet and make sure they know never to give out personal information or meet strangers without an adult around.

3. All on one PC: Keeping the family computer in the living room is a great way of ensuring that your children stay safe online. They’re far less likely to spend time in chatrooms or downloading illegally if their parents are in the same room. Also, make sure that you’re set as the administrator on any PC in the home, so that only you can change the settings on your parental control software.

4. Antivirus and firewall software: Using security software to protect your PC will also protect your child from spam emails with inappropriate content, and phishing emails where they could give out personal information including bank details.

5. Monitor downloads: If you’re concerned about the affect your children’s downloading is having on your monthly usage allowance, use a Download Monitor such as ours to keep an eye on downloads and set alarms to alert you when you near your limit.

Nullriver, Inc. has released NetShare onto the iTunes App Store. The $9.99 application promises to allow you to share your iPhone's network connection with your computer. Share your iPhone's EDGE or 3G Internet connection with your computer using NetShare. NetShare provides a SOCKS5 proxy for your computer to connect to.

NetShare's inclusion in the App Store is a curiosity, as Apple must have manually approved its inclusion. It's unclear if the Application would go against AT&T user agreements. AT&T typically charges Smart Phone users $30/month extra to use tethering applications. Screenshots of the application's instructions have been included here:

This application has been confirmed to work by multiple users. NetShare is available on the iTunes App Store. Update: The application appears to have gone missing from the App Store. While the application listing still appears, if you try to purchase it now, iTunes says "The item you tried to buy is no longer available".

Update 2: For those who were fortunate enough to get the app, forum user Mac-Addict has posted a detailed tutorial.

Update 3: Developer reply: It is not clear yet why Apple took down the application yet, we've received no communication from Apple thus far. NetShare did not violate any of the Developer or AppStore agreements.


Nothing strange that the World Wide Web is flooded by new websites. Every day the www users find interesting, extravagant ones covering different segments of customers. This time we came across a new web sites of an easy and fun service. It turns personal photos into full fledged magazine covers. The website,, introduced an easy process that allows even novice users to put their picture on the cover of a magazine. MagMyPic's newest feature allows users to purchase these magazine covers as full size prints.

According to the PRWEB, first launched in October of 2007 as a free tool to make fake magazine covers online. Over 15 million magazines were created and distributed online within the first 10 months. After users clamored for the ability to purchase their magazine covers as real prints, MagMyPic built a system to do just that.

The process is automatic. After a photo is selected, the site automatically uploads, crops, positions, and resizes it all behind the scenes. The choice of the user is free, he/she can use the magazine him./herself.

A standard 8x10 magazine cover costs $9.95. The lead developer behind, Matt Parrett, thinks the timing is good for buying prints. "With the economy and gas prices how they are, it's nice to have such a unique gift that's affordable and available from home."

"A lot of publishing companies have tried to make systems like this, but they always overcomplicated them," said Andy Holloway, the site's creator. "Our site actually makes it fun to make the magazine covers and users have been really impressed with their prints."

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