Vernor Vinge that Technology Will Transform Human Beings into 'Superhumanly Intelligent Critters'

During our lives we come across different life experiences. But one day each beginning has its end, and nothing unexpected is there.  So Vernor Vinge’s idea about the creation of superhuman intelligence, leading to the end of the human era is quite logical. It is worth mentioning that computer scientist and science fiction author wrote such novels as A Fire Upon the Deep and Rainbows End. 

According to the PRWeb, Vinge coined the meme, 'the Singularity' to describe what could happen when technological capabilities rapidly expand to reach a point beyond which we cannot even speculate about the consequences. The issue of crossover point when raw microprocessing power surpasses the capabilities of the human brain is also troublesome.

A video interview is available on IdeasProject, a new website developed by Nokia. For more on Vinge's big idea, visit

"Moore's law provides half of a plausibility argument for why it is reasonable to think that we may get superhuman intelligence," said Vinge. "While Moore's law provides an argument for estimating what sort of computational power is available, there is still the question on whether we can figure out how to put that computational power together in such a way that it produces the type of superhuman I'm referring to."

"No one can dispute technology's rapid evolution over the past 20 years," said Valerie Buckingham, director of technology marketing, Nokia. "The concepts of artificial intelligence and technological singularity inform much of Vinge's writing and speak to the broader concept of technology's growing impact on human connectivity. That's why we're thrilled and honored that Vernor is part of our growing pool of big ideas contributors to the IdeasProject and look forward to featuring more of his thoughts on technology's singularity and its impact on the future of communications."


BT Business and Nortel have revealed new independent research based on YouGov Plc. Total sample size that was 3473 workers in organisations with less than 500 employees and employed for at least 3 months. 

 The statistics showed that 8% of the UK's businesses trust their employees to work out of the office. Though the 42% of workers who are confident that they could do a better job remotely.

According to the data shows managers avoid to move their people away from office despite the fact that their employees think they could be more productive on the road, working with a customer or from home if they were given the technology to manage and support them. 

According to the SOURCEWIRE, John Wright, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said "This boils down to a matter of trust. In the current climate, small firms need to be operating at full stretch. Last week's bad weather demonstrated the need for British businesses to enable their employees to be productive, wherever they are."

As stated on SOURCEWIRE, Unified communications integrates voice, data, fixed and wireless business channels answer calls and customer queries whether in or out of the office.

John Dovey, IT services director at BT Business said: "BT's 70,000 flexible workers have saved us £500m in building costs and 100,000 tonnes of CO2. We can effectively manage our employees and have seen a 30% rise in productivity. By unifying communications systems our business customers can be more responsive to new opportunities and customer enquiries wherever they are. Faster reaction and fulfilment times are a positive way to increase customer satisfaction, increase loyalty and encourage growth. These technologies can also help to attract and retain staff through flexible working."

Barry Bonnett, president, Enterprise Solutions, EMEA, Nortel, said "As lifestyles change, so must management's attitudes towards employees. Unified communications can help managers, but ultimately change depends on trust."



According to the PRWeb, PowerDNN, the nation's leading provider of advanced DNN hosting services for the DotNetNuke(R) community announced ASP.NET Keep Alive services on all new shared hosting plans.

"Over next quarter we are drawing a clear line between companies who offer DotNetNuke as a side product and companies, like us, who truly support and service DotNetNuke to the core. In addition to running Keep Alive on every site, all of our new shared servers are high-end DELL servers with at least 8 CPU cores with anywhere from 16-32 gigabytes of CRUCIAL name brand RAM." says Tony Valenti, CEO and founder of PowerDNN. "If you don't know hardware, we've gone from using big servers to using giant servers. These servers are at least 4 times faster than most other companies' biggest servers."

When asked about how the service upgrade will impact customers, John Grange estimates the service impact as follows: "We've actually been doing this since January but we didn't make a public announcement because we wanted to wait and see how much of a performance difference it makes. The performance has been so good, we felt compelled to provide this level of service on all servers going forward."


Are you a young mother, raising young children, feeling isolated, stressed without anyone to turn to?  According to the SourceWire, there is a helping hand but help is at hand -the parenting website from the NSPCC, It has created a ‘Digital Nanny’ to steer parents through the tough times. 

The ‘Digital Nanny’ offers professional advice and support. To get help is quite easy as by simply entering child’s gender and age, parents get information from NSPCC experts.

NSPCC parenting advisor Eileen Hayes explains: “We appreciate that raising children can be difficult. Many parents worry about their children’s development and what is normal at different ages. It can be reassuring to know that other parents are in the same boat. 

“The aim of the ‘Digital Nanny’ is to let parents know that they are not alone. Offering impartial and informed advice on a range of topics, the ‘Digital Nanny’ is there to guide and support parents where ever possible.”


Good question if the answer is of the same productivity. But as Dr. Murray Grossan announces in his latest book Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems Permanently, breakfast in bed is of great help.  

According to his estimations: "No, this is not some new age claim. It is based on scientific principles."
Those who suffer from allergy - tree, grass or ragweed- all have problems adjusting to temperature changes. While having allergy, one who gets out of bed in the morning, his/her body adjusts to the temperature change by sneezing or hacking. In order not to start a cascade of sneezing that can last all day  doctor Murray offers to take hot tea before getting out of bed, then body is properly warmed and one can avoid sneezing. 
Different products in tea increase the speed of movement of the nasal cilia. Tea has to be green or black.

There is another way to reduce the allergy. One should use saline irrigation to wash away the pollen from the nose. According to the PRWeb, “When you use the Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus irrigator, you not only wash out the pollen, but also the IgE on the nose that makes the allergy. One report showed that Hydro Pulse™ irrigation not only lowered nasal IgE, but the IgE in the blood as well.”
Some other methods to avoid allergy is to keep windows closed while sleeping in order to avoid getting pollen into your sleeping area. As it we know plants pollinate at 5 PM and 5 AM so sleeping with the windows open may cause symptoms.

 "By following the tea in bed, irrigating out the pollen and IgE, putting the nasal gel as a barrier to the pollen, many of my allergy patients are able to go through the pollen season without other aids.


A new business model idea is on the way-The WALSAQ Way. WALSAQ’s media head announced the second phase is already well underway. WALSAQ's unique feature that is live auction platform for business services is not the maximum of abilities and the company expects to see much more as their plans for the WALSAQ Way unfold.

In the first phase there was the introduction of the business model. Mr. Strum gave the true definition of the WALSAQ Way: "The WALSAQ Way combines working virtual, freelancing, homesourcing and offshore outsourcing, and gives small-to-medium sized companies the competitive advantage they need to survive in today's economic climate."

According to the PRWeb, the second phase of WALSAQ added improvements to their platform in order to make the buying and selling of business services that much easier, safer and economically viable. Improvements include: a public message board, promoting open communication between all of the website's members. In addition there is a robust help desk. With the upgraded support services, members will be able to track support tickets, communicate with help desk support through live chat, or find instructional articles and videos in WALSAQ's knowledgebase.

The members can feel safe as security standards include a daily viral scan of the site for protection against hackers, GeoTrust Secure Encryption to ensure that all information sent over the Internet is protected, and the addition of, which provides extra security for sensitive information.

David Scott, WALSAQ's vice president and head of Business Development, explains. "The whole idea of the WALSAQ Way is to be flexible - not to get stuck in a hole because you've learned to do things a certain way. We at WALSAQ practice this idea on a daily basis, and believe that the experiences of others will help our members to do the same."

Source: Names 10 of the Best Link Popularity Companies for February 2009
“Top 10…” is always interesting beginning for news. This time we are covering Top 10 on the basis of the popular ranking site, It announces the best link popularity firms for the month of February. The topseos team found the best companies that offer web-based services.
According to the PRWeb, Link popularity is the act of building popularity and familiarity for your company. It gives you a presence in the web which you can use to market your services. Link popularity serves as links creator to your target website.

topseos has compiled the best in link popularity service companies for you.
The top 10 link popularity service firms are:

1. Intrapromote LLC
2. Bruce Clay Inc.
3. Search Agency
4. We Build Pages
6. Netsmartz
7. Vertical Measure
8. Justilien
9. Martini Buster
10. Alliance Link

Link popularity firms that would like to be considered for the topseos rankings can apply at:


Valentine’s Day comes and more or less everybody is thinking about buying presents for the second halves, potential second halves or just loved ones. To choose a present is really a kind of dilemma sometimes. But the first ever interactive gift finder, launched at Christmas, is launching a Valentine-themed version of the service in France.

As stated at Sourcewire, developed in partnership with Imagini, the web-based gift finder makes personalised recommendations for presents by taking users through a fun, image-based quiz.

Quiz results help Imagini's technology build a ‘VisualDNA™' profile based on feelings and motivations revealed by their answers. The technology can identify and later map preferences across a series of behavioural patterns.

Imagini Founder and CEO Alex Willcock says, “France is widely acknowledged as the romance capital of the world, so we aren’t at all surprised to see them using the latest technology to make sure they get their Valentine’s Day gifts just right. Whether it is just a little token of your love, or a major romantic getaway, the gift-finder is a bit of fun which eliminates the guessing game so many people face at this time of year.” The quiz will be running until February 14th on the homepage (

That is the question many people argue about. This time we are highlighting the determinants of smartness on the bases of PRWeb, according to that D Brooklyn presents notes two shocking facts: (1) we grow 200 billion brain cells at a fast clip of 75,000 brain cells a second, and (2) we grow 1,000 trillion brain-cell connections at speeds exceeding 250,000 brain-cell connections a second--that's over 15 million brain-cell connections a minute! But the most astonishing is that this is the most brain cells we will ever have--and we're not even born into the world yet.

D Brooklyn  promises that new book opens a door that could not only change the way the country looks on the black male, but also on how the country educates and protects its kids.

As noted at PRWeb, the battle should be fought on two battlefronts: (1) where the black son is already born and living in a world where competition is everything, and (2) where the unborn black son is now just a twinkle in his mother's eye. 

So what is the process like? During the Great Brain-Cell War, 100 billion of these 200 billion brain cells (one-half) shrivel and die away before we are born. And during the three "tender years (0-3)" after we're born, we continue connecting our 100 billion brain cells until they are 1,000 trillion connections strong. Then we spend the next ten years (3-12) fighting the Great Brain-Cell Connection War. With this war raging like crazy inside our heads (society shaping us into who we are) 500 trillion brain-cell connections (one-half) unravel, shrivel and die away--even more dying when we are not learning enough new and interesting things to give them all brain jobs to do, so they can live.

Cell connections are built upon learning new and interesting things, and when this process is stopped brain cells are unraveling, shriveling, and dying away--and dead brain cells are forever dead.

"When it comes to how smart you are," the author adds almost wistfully, "self-help is not a choice for you to make. You don't help yourself become smart because you can't help yourself become smart. This is especially during the first dozen years of your life."

The engine driving our brainpower depends on the mother and the other people. The author admits that "when someone praises us for that smart brain glowing between our ears, we should thank the mother and the other people who raise us."

What to do in order to grow smarter? That’s easy as one way to grow smarter is to check out books from the library and read them, and buy books.

To read and listen to first 43 pages of The Black Son: What Makes You Tick and to get a free copy of the newsletter: "The Top-Ten Things That Make You Tick," visit our website


We know that about 70.8% of the surface of the Earth is covered by water. As for the submerged surface it has mountainous features, including a globe-spanning mid-ocean ridge system, as well as undersea volcanoes, oceanic trenches, submarine canyons, oceanic plateaus and abyssal plains. And only remaining 29.2% is not covered by water, and consists of mountains, deserts, plains, plateaus, and other geomorphologies. (Wikipedia).

And now, how many people live on this same Earth? According to the Population Reference Bureau there are 6,705 million people are living on the Earth. As for the death rate, according to the Index Mundi, it is 8.32.

So what was the reason of covering these issues? Cremation, to look at this process humorously, cremation that saves acres of land on the Earth serves to advantage to the Earth if taking into consideration the new line of eco-friendly cremation urns from Richard Lamb New Traditions. It helps consumers stay green to the very end, with minimal impact on the environment.

As it is admitted at PRWeb, the urns, available at Richard Lamb New Traditions, are handcrafted in the United States from responsibly produced materials such as sustainable bamboo and at least 50% recycled steel and the urns have less environmental impact after burial.

"Many of the families we work with are environmentally conscious about the products they buy on a daily basis," says Richard Lamb, the memorial merchandising Web site's founder and 45-year veteran of the funeral industry. "When they realize that the cremation urns they choose are likely to have a lasting effect on the environment, as well, they ask for greener options."

Image Comparer announced by Bolide Software, a duplicate image finder gives the users opportunity to find similar or duplicate images automatically and delete redundant files. In comparison to the manual process of finding dupes or similar photos, Image Comparer puts this process on autopilot. The result is achieved by a content-based image retrieval technology (CBIR). It simplifies the image comparison.

Running Image Comparer is great release for the users as they can compare images in two different folders. According to the PRWeb, the next step is to choose the folder(s) to scan, select whether to search for duplicates or similar images and set the folder for the output results.

The advantage of Image Comparer lies in its content-based image comparison as the program analyses and recognizes images by their content. As admitted at PRWeb the $34.95 download version will save users untold hours that can be invested into more enjoyable things.
Image Comparer runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.

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