Make An Eco-Friendly Choice For Christmas!

Which one do you prefer, a real Christmas tree of a fake one? From different standpoints there are different answers to this at the very first glance simple question. If you are an environmentalist, you definitely agree that real trees are the better choice, considering personal and public health issues. While some might argue that cutting a new tree every Christmas is quite hazardous for the planet, suggesting re-usable fake counterparts. 

As there is no crystal clear one way answer to the above question, “real versus fake” Christmas tree debate still stays a hot subject for discussion. Below you’ll find all the advantages and disadvantages of the two Christmas tree alternatives.

We are proud to announce that Blogvasion family has two new members: The Android Blog and The Windows Phone Blog.

You should already be familiar with our iPhone blog, covering all about iPhones since 2007, then we moved our focus on Windows Phone 7 since 2010, contributing to our sister blog and recently, we have introduced a dedicated Windows Phone 7 blog and Android Blog from the family, to ensure the complete coverage of the leading smartphone world!

Before this question can be answered, we should first define what a cloud-based video conference is all about. Cloud-based solutions are software solutions provided by IT companies via the internet. The investments fall away for the material, making cloud solutions extremely popular. Video conferencing is available for businesses to get in touch with customers or suppliers at any time. Of course this can be done by your phone as well, but the problem is that only audio is available. If you have nothing to present, the phone conferencing is quite sufficient, but often certain things need to be presented visually. The further differences between traditional and cloud-based video conferencing are explained below.

Kim Jong Il, who dictatorially ruled North Korea for 17 years, is dead at the age of 69. The official announcement appeared on North Korean state television this morning, with a dressed-in-black tearful presenter.

According to the official report, Kim Jong Il experienced a heart attack while he was on a train, during what it called a “field inspection.” The reports say every possible measure was taken to save his life, but that an examination on Sunday confirmed the cause of death. North Korean leader is said to have suffered a stroke earlier in 2008 as well, appearing visibly weak in a few of the photos that were released recently.

As far as North Korea is a Communist country, a system of hereditary succession is successfully maintained. Kim Jong Il had his leadership inherited from his father, Kim Il Sung, who passed away in 1994. Now the new leader will be Kim Jong Il’s youngest son Kim Jong Un, officially named as throne successor by his father in 2010.

The experts find the death of the dictator to be somewhat “surprising”, here is why: despite of being a sort of failed state, North Korea is also a dangerous one as long as it has the nuclear power. The unexpected death of the leader definitely produced deep worries, together with high uncertainty and instability as well. Not long after the announcement of Kim’s passing away, South Korean military is put on “high alert”, with the president Lee Myung-bak calling his national security council up.

As for the US, The White House has declared that President Barack Obama had been notified and U.S. officials are communicating with their South Korean and Japanese counterparts. Even China, believed to have as close relationships with North Korea as “lips and teeth”, is concerned about North Korean nuclear ambitions.

The official funeral for Kim Jong Il is appointed on December 28, with heir Kim Jong Un named as the head of the funeral committee.
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