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Have you lost your email? Have you accidently deleted necessary message? Has your HDD suddenly crashed and all emails are lost now? Has your MS Windows failed and email base is empty after reinstalling? Has your system been cracked or damaged by virus or worm attack and email client displays error? These are the questions that SoftAmbulance asks. It is worth mentioning that not once these questions interrupted our work, consumed time, and made us feel inconvenient.

But to get back all the comfort, information or memories from the emails, private or business there s a tool that helps. In order to get correspondence, attached file, address book, contacts and MS Outlook organizer entries back one should find and repair this information that is still on the hard drive.

According to the SoftAmbulance Email Recovery is easy way. Through complicated and laborious process of data recovery the click of few buttons results software’s automatic scan in search of message, attachments, contacts and other necessary information. Later Email Recovery scans disk in search of email file and lost is brought together. There is no limit Email Recovery recovers and repairs lost and damaged DBX, PST, OST, EML, MSG, TBB, Firefox, Vista mail, WAB, VCARD, VCF file. Product can save recovered file to EML, MSG, DBX, Vista Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and VCF to make reserve copy, exchange messages, or change your email client.


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As the world of WWW stepped into our lives, the work we do became less time consuming, more comfortable, and as much computer literate we are as much money we are paid. Actually it depends on the field one is devoted to but in any case computer literacy is one of the most important key factors for future success. Though it is worth mentioning that 2 hours sit at the computer is not enough but more than 2 hours sit is quite enough for causing such problems: eyestrain, blurred or double vision, headaches, red or irritated eyes, and color perception changes, neck or shoulder tension, general fatigue, or pain in the back, arms, wrists or shoulders. That is not a complete list of the health problems that might cause computer usage.

So not in vain is HealtheTracks™ released. It is a user friendly, quick, efficient system that allows you to keep your family's up-to-date health records online. Among this information might be involved your and your family’s observations, questions, notes.

For just $24.95 a year, HealtheTracks™ helps you organize all your family's records:

Children's Healthy Check-Ups
Children's Growth Charts
Immunizations and Allergies
Illnesses and Injuries
Chronic Conditions
Special Needs
Annual PhysicalsMedical Test Results
Medications/Prescriptions Log
Dental Records
Eye and Ear Health
Sports and Travel Related Health Concerns
Physician and Insurer Directories
A Family Medical History

And what are the advantages of HealtheTracks™? First of all, records are accessible 24-7, from anywhere in the world! Secondly, with your "read only" password, you can share your health history and the health history of your loved ones with anyone in the world, anytime, at your discretion, without jeopardizing the integrity of the records.

According to the HealtheTracks™: “by keeping records and having ready knowledge at your fingertips, you are able to eliminate even one doctor visit per year... You save a $20 co pay, time away from work and/or school, and potentially the cost of a prescription. Money savings and time savings, too! It's your health!”

The main requirements you need for the service is a computer and an internet connection.


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Kindle is undoubtedly a big advance and great achievement in the new technology creation recently proposed by  Previously people could just guess and pretend what an electronic book would look like.  Many criticized possible creation of such devices referring to the devaluation of dead tree edited books.  Nowadays opinions are sharply changing in favor of a new electronic gadget. 

Well, the biggest advantage of Kindle is that it proposes a great variety of books at any time. Furthermore its quality is equal to printable readability and even more, font size of the text may be changed to the wishful extent. It is convenient from the point that about 1500 books are stored in one device and thus more options for choice. While waiting for someone or something or during travel it’s a good opportunity to waste your time with such diversity in your portable book store.

While reading you can add notes to the selected texts, use a dictionary in line when moving to a word and it’s much easier to turn pages by means of small buttons even being in uncomfortable situations. 

There’s no need to register manually and enter some additional data like e-mail, password or credit card. Once Kindle is switched on it starts operating automatically.

But don’t forget that Kindle works on batteries. So the charger should just in case be with you.  Although the latest edition is now able to operate about two weeks with the extension of reading one or two hours per day.

It’s definitely a good solution for elder people but not yet ready for students. It’s inconvenient for reading non-linear content collections such as newspapers, magazines, travel guides, encyclopedias and other non-fiction books. Nevertheless this lack leaves a chance to the creators to improve it by embedding additional functions.

And finally, it’s now possible to access the Kindle book store and some Websites wirelessly without the need of a Wi-Fi hotspot due to Amazon’s Whispersync technology e.i. you can connect over cell phone networks for free anytime it’s suitable for you.

If you already are a happy owner of a Kindle you will be able to read our iPhone blog on it either.


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