Making Business Happen: Best Practice For Exhibitors

The opportunity for any business to succeed in generating leads and sales at an exhibition is extremely high; however opportunities rarely come around without taking a little risk. Like any promotion your product and services are facing your audience and your businesses reputation is on trial. If you are exhibiting a new phone for example and a potential customer happens to be using the product and it breaks down, that client is not going to have a very good perception of either that product or your business. 

Researches have looked into the ways businesses and people interact at trade shows greatly, it’s been found that there are two levels of interaction at an exhibition. The first is a superficial interaction between the visitor and the exhibitor which mainly relies on judgments made on the physical appearance of the exhibitor. The second is a behavioural aspect, this is the way a person represents a company. The way they act and the manner in which they undertake work is heavily judged by visitors and often the first person who they interact with is seen as the face of the company in the visitor’s minds. 

Research has shown that the visitors preferred exhibitors who wear lively and catchy colours such as purple, green or red and are more likely to attract people to their stand than those wearing grey or white. Its seems that quirky colours can contribute to the success of your stand and people who prefer quirky exhibitors have been found to describe them as having that "certain something". 

When leading an exhibit and selling your business it all comes to behaviour and attitude, you need to realise that selling at an exhibition does not just take expertise of the company and the products; it also takes great interpersonal skills. Visitors seem to dislike unknowledgeable exhibitors as they are seen as time wasters, you know the saying: time is money. By having every one of your staff well educated on your businesses products and services you should be able to great enthusiasm amongst your visitors. Being comfortable can ease tension and create a warm and friendly atmosphere around you exhibition stands, never be afraid to make a joke and use ice breakers with attendees.

Without the right display to wow and surpass attendee’s expectations you can struggle to attract your audience towards your product.  When at your new exhibition stand it is vital that you put on a good performance, when you are selling your product or service remember you will be face to face and voice to voice with business men and women from around the world. Being able to control your emotional activity and stress levels is vital as you do not want alienation any potential customers. It is always best to approach you audience with a smile and a hand shake (whenever possible) and have a pre-planned script to air to your passing audience.

Many businesses do not understand how tiring exhibiting can be, long hours, high footfall and tiredness can leave you feeling unmotivated and unfriendly. It is recommended to have enough staff on hand to have enough breaks and to talk to your audience; you ever want to be in a situation where you have to rush to finish speaking to one potential customer as you have one waiting. By having presentations and information around your stand you are offering your potential clients effortless information. It is impossible to talk to every attendee so be sure to bring enough information packs, products and promotional material. 
When looking to attract visitors to your stand a good tip is to look for and choose keywords that require particular emphasis. It is certainly useful to give these words a little enthusiastic push in order to get people queuing at the stand. 

The first impression is certainly the most important one and there is no definitive way of attracting people to an exhibition stand so having an original, classy mix of professional attitude and inter-personal selling skills can be a great place to start. 

Apple is seen with a couple of amazing products which keeps on adding at various point of time. Recently it was seen launching iPad 3 which is selling like a hot cake in the portable computing device market. The number of useful and interesting applications found in the App Store makes iPad 3 a favorite device among the users. People from different walks of life, age and gender, perhaps everyone are seen using different applications over iPad 3. The below is the list of top eight new applications for iPad 3 which can ease your life and help you in your daily and regular activities.

It is considered as the most incredible productivity application. It helps any user to stay an organized life. Evernote helps you take down your notes, capture photos and create your task list. It is pretty user friendly where you can easily search things you want. Also, the most striking feature of Evernote is that it has upgraded to the retina level graphics. It’s a free application.

2. Voice Assistant
It is a very simple and user friendly voice recognition app which helps people to speak and instantly check their text or email messages. It helps you to see your texts on the screen quickly and instantly much faster than typing on any keyboard. If you are at Facebook or Twitter, you can update your status by merely dictating via Evernote. So whenever you are in a hurry, it proves out to be a very handy tool for you while coming up with long email or text messages.

3. Barefoot World Atlas
It is among the most interactive kinds of application found in the basket of 3D globe. The application comes with stunning graphics which can give you hours of entertainment. Children and young people would certainly love exploring the three dimensional globe. It comes at a cost of 7.99 dollars.

4. Smart Office 2
The application helps you in creating, editing and sharing of MS Office and other such documents much easier than you think. This application comes with different features including export PDF, better editing and printing to a couple of printers (and not just one AirPrint). You can easily use it over Google Docs or Drop box for sharing any MS office or and other such files.

5. StockTouch
It is considered to be a leading finance application which gives you powerful visualization of financial information and data. It helps you to see the data by quickly loading it over your device. It appears quite stylish having lots of vibrant colors with easy navigations for people who have interest in stock market. It comes at a cost of 4.99 dollars.

6. AppMe Chat Messenger
It is a unique and new application which gives you an easy and quick way to connect with your friends. It is a great instant messenger which helps you to share live messages with your family and friends both in group and private. It is quick, simple and fast application which is a must for effective chats. It is available at the cost of 4.99 dollars.

7. Calcbot
It is an intelligent calculator which is brilliantly designed for a number of calculations. The interface of Calcbot allows you to instantly check your past calculation which can be stored in the history tape. Also, you can quickly email the values to your friends or co-workers. You can get the best experience using CalcBot only in the retina display graphics. It is available at the cost of 1.99 dollars.

8. PowerCam HD
It is a very powerful fun photo and video application which unleashes your creativity. The pictures or videos you take are seen stunning using a couple of its features like tilt-shift; color splash, vintage film etc. The real time preview feature gives you the idea how your final shot would appear before you shoot.

People all across the world just love to use Apple’s products including the recent addition iPad 3 for a wide range of features and incredible applications. With these new eight apps meant for iPad 3, you can certainly add values to your life. So just try them out.

About the author: Brianne Walter is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak. She loves spending on tech stuff and recently an article on used porsche 911 attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on christmas decorations cheap.

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