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In the highly competitive world of communications that is enhanced by technology innovations, there is no business that does not have a website and/or blog. There are several reasons, why to run websites and blogs. Among the main purposes of building websites and blogs, are sharing information, making money, providing services, sell different products, make announcements, deliver news, etc. Depending on the type of business, different business owners build different kinds of websites and blogs. The common interest that the business owners have, despite what they are doing through the websites or blogs, is to obtain information on how built sites work, and how productively it is utilized by target audience. Studying customer relations and behaviors towards your site, are the question that arise in overall evaluation process of business.

The World Wide Web is rich in measuring the activeness of customers but as I was searching for some details how to find out what is more or less interesting for the customers, came across the According to the official site information: “A new Internet start-up is looking to revolutionize the way bloggers and website owners optimize and enhance their sites to better suit their customers and visitors.”

MouseTrace promises that adding 1 line of HTML to your website, results in watching the actions that the visitors perform while being surfing through the website.

This technology records all the visitors from desktops, laptops, and also from Apple iPhone.

Among the unique features of MouseTrace, one of the most important is that the new technology shows what the webpage looked like at the time of the visit. So what is it good for? First of all, with this feature, owners can find out what are the reactions of visitors, what caused the changes in their behavior if the website or blog is changed.

And wgat MouseTrace does?

• Watch replays showing exactly what your website visitors are doing.
• See every click, mouse movement, page scroll actions and how they move through your website.
• Just like sitting next to them, watching their screen!
• Optimise your site, blog, landing pages and checkout process.
• Easy to use, just add 1 line of HTML to your website.
• Instant reports - no waiting for the information.
• NEW Also records visits from iPhone users!
• Free 7-Day Trial.


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Today, while looking through some university programs on media studies, I came across a very eye and brain catching news in News of the University of Calgary. So what was that..? Seems that Canadian team developed Neurochip technology. I am too far from medicine studies but the importance of this achievement is easier to analyze for me than to think over the process how it was developed so that it helps futurea understanding of how brain cells work under normal conditions and permit drug discoveries for a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

As scientists evaluate, new technology monitoring of brain cell activity at a resolution never achieved before.

According to University of Calgary, Syed, professor and head of the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and advisor to the Vice President Research on Biomedical Engineering Initiative of the U of C says: “This technical breakthrough means we can track subtle changes in brain activity at the level of ion channels and synaptic potentials, which are also the most suitable target sites for drug development in neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychological disorders.”

According to Gerald Zamponi’s, professor and head of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, words I could understand more precisely the meaning of all the achievement, “This technology can likely be scaled up such that it will become a novel tool for medium throughput drug screening, in addition to its usefulness for basic biomedical research”.

In the world of so many changes, our health condition also changes and needs different kinds of approaches to be cured. And if placing of human brain on microchip can do so much for diseased people, so why not?! The most important question AFTER great achievement is How much affordable it will be?

I am not sure I am able to discuss deeper about scientists’ works and achievements but I will try to inform BLOGVASION readers about the further developments in this direction. Before that I wish everybody to have the first wealth in the world- Health!

As for those who will be more interested in the new technology from the lab of Naweed Syed, in collaboration with the NRC, can find information in the journal, Biomedical Devices.


Have you ever asked yourself and then Google search, how many websites are there in the world? I did this morning. And the number is really huge. According to Netcraft Web Server Survey, as of April 2010 there are around 205,368,103 websites available on World Wide Web. Seems there is a slight fall as, statistically, the same source says that in December 2009, there were 233,848,493, and even though three of the five major web servers lost hostnames compared to last month, anyway, the number of websites is quite considerable to have some concerns about how to reach your audience effectively and cheaply.

On the basis of some data analysis, and the experience I have on the topic of website promotion, I summarized some of the steps for result-oriented website promotion:

1. The most important is to create the best content that is the key guarantee of attracting the audience. If the reader is caught from the very first visit and then is provided with updated information timely, then the first step is accomplished successfully that leads to easy work of the following steps;

2. Recommend your site at such social bookmarking sites as Digg or networking sites such as Facebook;

3. Work on search engines, as mentioned above, as the best content guarantees responses from the search engines. That is great step forward;

4. Send press releases. It is very effective way to promote your website as there are many free press release submission sites if you do not plan to spend some money yet;

5. An article submission is also a Great tool;

6. Try to post a link to your site for free though do not forget to pay attention to the terms of copyright;

7. Use social community sites such as MySpace or Facebook. There you can find people with the same interests;

9. It will be very productive if you contribute to other websites, different forums and blogs;

10. Comment on other blogs.

I am sure that is not all that may serve the websites as promotion tool but it will be great if you add some and enrich Blogvasion team’s and readers’ knowledge about it.


If you have a dog and do not know where to go to feel comfortable together with your friend, you can use the iPhone app, among many applications, it offers the largest database of dog friendly places and allows to search for more than 10,000 dog friendly places: dog friendly hotels, bed and breakfast and self catering venues, dog friendly camping and caravan sites, dog friendly beaches, dog friendly days out, dog friendly pubs, and also includes valuable resources such as "locate a vet."

The application is updated weekly in case the places are verified or if there are some new locations to enjoy time with your pet.
It is vivid that the Dog friendly application will be mostly downloaded by dog lovers, owners or for those who take care of them. Good Luck!!
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