5 Tips for Choosing Mobile Phone Insurance

A few years ago (depending on how old you are), mobile phones were an exclusive technology restricted to Sci-fi movies and advanced military hardware. Today, mobile phones are literally everywhere. The newer models feature nifty techy gadgets that have become indispensible to our lives. It has become our phone, camera, hard disk, music player, internet browser, games console, library, map and so many other functions. Think about the pain and torture that you would face replacing all those contacts and photos if your phone disappears! No wonder more and more people are choosing their phone as the “thing they would save from the house if it was burning”. 

If your phone is a top of the range priced phone, you should consider taking out mobile phone insurance. Additionally, if you caved in to your teenager’s demands for a pricey techy phone, then consider taking insurance for their phones too. Here are the top five guidelines for choosing the right insurance for your phone.

1. Shop around
When you buy your phone, you will most likely be offered “free” or “discounted” insurance these days. Do not take your smiling salesperson’s claims seriously. There is always a catch with these: either it is only free for a short period, or the discount limits the coverage. Go shopping around for insurance. Usually, you will find smaller insurance agencies have much better rates since they are trying to attract business. Mobile phone comparison sites like Ezee Mobile Insurance allow you to do this easily and find the very best rate.

2. Read reviews
There is nothing as frustrating as faithfully making your insurance payments, only to be disappointed when you go to claim. Find out from others whether the insurance provider you have chosen is worth the fuss. Do they have a knack of squirming out of insurance claims? Do they take a few years to respond? Is their customer care worth what you pay for? A little research on the internet should clear this things up.

3. Insure in bulk
Most of the time, you will find that the larger your insurance policy, the better the rates. If you have several phones in your family, consider covering all of them under one insurance policy. This will save you the money you would spend on individual insurance for each phone. 

4. Stretch your existing insurance cover
Sometimes, you don’t need to take on a new insurance policy. You may be able to extend your existing insurance policy on your home and items to cover your mobile phone. This actually may make it even cheaper since you can cover other precious electronics. Having all your insurance policies under one roof also makes it much easy to manage, as you can go to your one provider for mobile insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, car insurance and any other insurance!

5. Read the details
Insurance is a tricky business, it is always in the fine print. READ the fine print. Do not commit to a policy you haven’t read. Make sure that you are sure about their policy. Do they guarantee an instant replacement in case of loss? Do they cover the cost of restoring your lost data and apps? What claims do they not cover? What is their stand on repairs? Make sure you find out these BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. 

This is a guest post from John at Malta Holidays, a man who knows the importance of insuring your mobile having lost many on his travels!

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