2009 Most Popular Domains at DOMAINfest Auction

There are 24,460,000,000 results for “WWW” in Google.com and one can imagine how it is difficult to choose a name for your internet site. While getting the name you find out that such domain name already exists, you choose another one but still there is no way out, you try again and again until you find the right name for right site. Still it is interesting what the most popular domain names all over the world are.

Acording to the PRWeb, Intermarketing reports that DOMAINfest Global 09 occured in Hollywood, CA, beginning Tuesday January 27, with discussion groups and talks by industry experts and tech mavens, including Steve Wozniak (as the keynote speaker). The official registry of the .me domains will release these high quality premium .me domains for the live auction on Thursday, January 29:


Some other fantastic .me domains are available for online bidding during the extended auction, which began on January 28 and extend through February 5. For example: Agent.me, Avatars.me. Broadcasts.me, Buying.me, Calling.me, Cheats.me, Condos.me, FantasyFootball.me (great name during Super Bowl weekend), Financing.me, Finding.me, Gas.me, Hollywood.me (this name should shine in this venue), Lending.me, Lock.me, Navigate.me, Profit.me, SanJuan.me (SanJuan.com received a 6 figure bid recently), Saving.me, Seeking.me, Skiresorts.me, Studio.me, Tape.me, Whisky.me.

The first auction at Traffic New York last September generated $218,000 in proceeds, with Date.me selling for $70,000, as it is admitted at PRWeb.

There are nearly 400 .me sites in the top million sites at Alexa.com. Almost 4 million .me pages have already been developed, according to Google, and .me sites are growing in popularity. Among the many launched .me sites, here's a sample:


Spare time is not always the guarantee to launch an internet company but one mother found a way to use her spare time to earn a six-figure salary.

According to the PRWeb, Castle Ink's CEO, Lauren Elward, is not a typical housewife. A mom by day, teacher by trade, and entrepreneur by night, there's nothing typical about her.

Seems that five years ago Elward, when not creating lesson plans for the high school English classes that she was teaching, started to brainstorm and draw up business plans for an online venture she was convinced "had the right stuff." A year later Elward took the reins of Castle Ink, a fledgling Internet startup that sells low cost printer ink cartridges and other printer supplies.

Well,I guess there is nothing unusual that the most teachers, are buying HP ink cartridges for printer at least once per month. As Elward admits: "The copy machines were often broken and I found myself having to use my own money to print and copy lessons from my home printer. It was extremely expensive. Not to mention the waste I felt I was generating by throwing away the used cartridges".

The above mentioned situation was enough for Elward to decide launching of a product line that consisted almost entirely of green products; specifically remanufactured toner and ink cartridges. "It is important to help the environment and I realized that recycling these empty ink cartridges is easy, profitable and environmentally beneficial. It helps reduce solid waste, conserves raw materials and the energy needed to produce a new product. Most cartridges can be recycled up to six times," states Elward. Besides this Elward launched a successful recycling program. So what is that program like? The recycling program encourages consumers to recycle their ink cartridges by actually paying them cash in exchange for their empty cartridges.

"Honestly, I had an idea of what I wanted to do, as far as product, but I was clueless as to how the Internet business actually worked. My husband, who works in Internet marketing, helped me immensely to understand the process and from there I utilized my free time to learn everything I could," states Elward. Reading online articles and following discussion groups and blogs served to advantage for a future mother. The success of this business was the effective implementation of search engine optimization, especially on Google.

"I realized with so much competition in the online ink cartridge retailer space that I needed something to differentiate Castle Ink," states Elward. Customers are attracted by keeping prices low and competitive, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
A new 3G iPhone Unlock software is launched by UK entrepreneur Mark Scott and his team of software developers. It gives iPhone customers the chance to use their handsets with any network provider worldwide and also enabling the use of third party applications.

The main reason of development of this software comes after complaints from prospective customers regarding the handset being exclusively available on the o2 and AT&T networks, depending on the country of origin, and disappointment came over finding that the phone lacked standard features such as MMS, video recording and instant messaging amongst others.

According to the PRWEB, the contemporary 3G iPhone unlocking software also enables all of these features and comes with full 24 hour customer support via Email, Live Chat and by Phone.

"The Apple iPhone is a fantastic piece of technology, but that doesn't mean it's perfect." Mark Scott, Company Director of iPhone unlocking Ltd. "Using our 2G and 3G iPhone unlock software, the iPhone becomes compatible with all GSM network providers worldwide and enables the use of thousands of great 3rd party applications, therefore making the iPhone arguably the best mobile handset available on the market today."

Unlock iPhone 3G
According to the CiTRIX, it unveiled the next phase of its vision and roadmap to radically change the economics of desktop computing. Citrix® XenDesktop™ that is a market-leading enterprise virtualization solution enables IT to significantly reduce costs by delivering server-based, hosted virtual desktops to office workers as a centrally-managed service. The hypervisor, was developed in collaboration with Intel Corporation, it will be productized in an upcoming solution from Citrix code-named “Project Independence.” The new product gives IT security, simplicity and cost savings of centralized management, with an unprecedented level of performance, personalization and freedom for end users.

Citrix will continue working closely with strategic partners: Microsoft, Intel, in order to provide customers with open, innovative solutions.

And what are predicted?

1 – Your Company Will No Longer Own Your Laptop
2 – Your Company Will Spend More on Coffee and Office Supplies Than it Does on Desktop Management
3 – You Will Access Your Corporate Desktop from Whatever Device is Most Convenient at the Time
4 – You Will Switch Back and Forth Between Work and Personal Desktops on the Same Device, Without Thinking Twice
5 – You Will Never Complain About Your PC Being Too Slow AgainAvailability
CD Dimensions announced introduction of high performance Serial ATA interface based DVD duplicator copiers. According to the PRWeb, the new systems are based around CD Dimensions early research into Blu-ray duplicator technology and a high performance SATA duplicator controller.

What are the benefits?better air cooling of the drives, a next generation controller that supports Blu-ray recorders, an easy upgrade path to larger hard drive storage.

As admitted at PRWeb, these units are offered in single drive DVD copier models up to 11 drive production DVD duplicator towers. The rack mount series supports 2-9 targets. "The SATA interface equipped DVD duplicators are really designed around higher target configurations where there is a cost benefit to the upgrade" said Sam Chapple, Merchandising Director. Mr. Chapple went on to say "SATA equipped units are still at a premium due to the higher cost of components. In time this will decrease as the SATA interface becomes fully adopted in computers and peripherals. Replacements and repairs will be very difficult for EIDE drives because they will be obsolete. So this will be a good time to switch to the newer technology to make sure businesses will be able to find replacement drives, if the business plans to use it for years".

The recent downturn in the economy and subsequent loss of jobs are quite reasonable factors to think over energy consumption. According to the PRWeb, head of energy of Confused.com's, Gareth Kloet, offers advice to domestic customers who may be worried about paying their energy bills after months of climbing gas prices and freezing conditions:

And now how to save on your bills this winter?

The most important is not only in saving on bill but in general is budgeting: making provisions for that inevitable energy bill is a wise move, especially when energy prices have increased by an average of 40%, over the last year. In case consumer is unable to pay the bill, the first thing to do is to contact the energy supplier as they will be able to spread any arrears by introducing a new payment arrangement which could involve paying back the outstanding amount in installments. Hopefully the situation won’t be so much serious that the proceedings be potentially concluded with a court summons.

Switching to a better payment method is not less important. Direct debit payments help consumers to budget. These payments can either be fixed, spreading the predicted annual bill over 12 months, or the variable quarterly bill can be paid by direct debit. Suppliers also offer discounts for those who use this payment method.

The key is to stay informed.

Look into switching energy supplier or tariffs. According to the last year results, there was a huge amount of activity in terms of rising energy costs but, as an ICM survey carried out on behalf of Age Concern, there was no corresponding increase in switching activity. The survey found that 20% of consumers reviewed their energy supplier in 2008, compared to 18% the year before. This figure is all the more shocking when considering that those who have never switched could save, on average, nearly £240 over the course of the year.

There are 14,000 tariffs on the market, so simply switching tariffs without switching supplier could also be a wise move.

"For the millions of people who have a bank account, it is wise to pay energy bills by direct debit, at the very least. As well as the discounts that apply, it will ensure that customers never miss payments, and will help them plan for that shocking winter bill - the impact of which will have been heightened by time off over Christmas and freezing weather conditions. However, as discounts vary, depending on the supplier and tariff, it is always wise to shop around for the best tariff for consumers' particular needs. Energy comparison sites enable consumers to search for the most comprehensive tariffs on the market, with quotes delivered in a matter of minutes."
SuccessFactors Survey highlights one more interesting result of the research. In the conditions of the weak global economy, organisations still need qualified and professional workforce. They see the need for the optimisation workforce. For that the organizations need tools and processes productive for working in this direction. That will lead to success. As a new study of SuccessFactors, Inc. (NASDAQ: SFSF) on the global leader in on-demand performance and talent management solutions, 76 % of companies are having difficulties in dealing with changes like staff reductions, realignment of resources and optimisation of employees. It is worth mentioning that these kind of changes companies need to make within an uncertain economic time or downturn.

Usually the decline of revenues is the main reason organisations optimise their workforce. This result shows the ‘Workforce Optimisation’, too. The survey surveyed 277 business in the UK and Ireland. Besides above mentioned research issue SuccessFactors asked respondents how the weakening economy has affected their business. Results show that companies are scrambling to keep morale and employee performance up. Through research 60 % listed staff morale as the top area of performance affected by the downturn and furthermore, over a third said that the performance of individual employees has been affected.

According to the SourceWire, “Clearly organisations are feeling the effects of the downturn and should be thinking about optimising their workforce,” said Andy Leaver, Vice President of EMEA Sales for SuccessFactors. “Now more than ever companies need a consistent way to look across their organisation and make the tough calls that will allow them to compete and exploit any opportunities that become available.”

“The real power of a talent and performance management system lies within the richness of its data, which enables businesses to look at people-related data across an entire company,” said Erik Berggren, Senior Director of Global Research at SuccessFactors. “When the dust settles and the economy begins to flourish again, companies with the right resources and processes in place will be poised to succeed. Workforce optimisation is critical to emerging from the economic environment in a position of strength.”

Do you feel pain? Can not go to hospital for some reasons, or need to kill pain before you go to hospital? What one does in these cases?

According to the PRWeb, there is a way out without receiving any bills as MedFaxx has announced the release of the first FDA, insurance reimbursable unit. It combines the most used form of electrotherapy in the world clinically for chronic pain, interferential with TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) which is the most used form of electrotherapy for chronic pain outside the clinic. The Infrex Plus unit offers agonizing pain sufferers self-treatment without the use of narcotics, at home or work, on an as needed basis.

The most beneficial feature of interferential is immediate pain relief, a patient can treat at home, work, or wherever pain starts, whenever it starts, patients can obtain relief without having to go to clinics, no deserving patients will be denied access to its equipment due to lack of funds.

Bob Johnson of MedFaxx Inc. said: "The Infrex Plus unit means those individuals suffering from agonizing pain can now self-treat without the use of narcotics, at home or work, on an as needed basis."

New-patented engineering technology now allows the use of portable, rechargeable batteries that can sustain enough energy for the patient to receive up to two treatments using only the battery system, as it is mentioned at PRWeb. But it is better the unit be plugged into a wall outlet with the AC adaptor.

A free trial of the Infrex Plus unit gives patients opportunities to determine its efficacy before any purchase is made.

In today’s world economic crisis the issue of job is painful, as thousands of workers are left without any job. But it is always better to do your best. That is the guaranteed path top success. Especially for the job seekers Staff Financial Group Inc, launched One Minute Interview Tips.com. It provides Job Seekers free Instructional Videos that are easy to understand tips and strategies to help navigate the job change process. As mentioned at PRWeb, OneMinuteInterviewTips.com provides job seekers video training tutorials on many subjects including the secrets of marketing themselves in a Web 2.0 world.

"In today's competitive marketplace with job loss numbers on the rise, job seekers need to do more than simply post their resume on job boards and pray for the phone to ring. Job seekers need to understand the latest and most relevant information on all aspects of the job search process including leveraging technology to help them stand out in the career search and interview process," says Gus Cawley, an Atlanta based search industry veteran.

For the One Minute Interview Tips.com it is enough to register at the website and start receiving easy to understand videos on interview tips and strategies.

Topics include such topics as: How to create your "30 Second Resume"; How to use LinkedIn in your job search; Video Resumes - Leveraging the Power of Video in Your Career Search; The Hidden Pitfalls of a Lunch Interview; How to organize your search with FREE online tools; How to create a Marketing Email to sell yourself; and more. Candidates can also request answers to their most burning questions.

Job seekers can also subscribe to the Career Coaching Group.net for more in-depth tutorials and tools on how to market themselves in a down economy including a 22-minute video on "How to Get a Job in a Recession". Site founder Gus Cawley observes, "Candidates spend tens of thousands of dollars on their education; they work countless hours building their careers but no one has taught them how to market themselves effectively. Most job seekers do not know what to do or even where to begin their job search. We built CareerCoachingGroup.net and OneMinuteInterviewTips.com because our candidates were getting displaced due to the economic downturn and didn't know what to do first. In some cases, candidates with years of service were shocked to get their pink slips with little to no warning and minimal severance if any."

Besides these two One Minute Interview Tips.com and Career Coaching Group.net, Gus Cawley is owner and founder of Staff Financial Group a leading provider of search and staffing services for accounting and finance professionals, whose client base includes top CPA and consulting firms as well as Fortune 500 organizations, and owner and founder of The LawStaff Group a specialized Atlanta legal staffing firm.

Those who want to learn how to attract and land the cream-of-the-crop clients can use Marlow Marketing Method. Chris Marlow is the "original copywriters coach," Marlow has been teaching copywriters how to land the high quality, high value clients.

Her teachings are available in the the "Marlow Marketing Method for Copywriters Home Study Program."

According to the PRWeb, Chris says: "This Home Study Program helps copywriters and others new to freelancing quickly build a business that attracts the high value clients. It starts at ground zero in helping the student find the niche that's right for them, and completes with a full marketing campaign designed to deliver leads, and then close the sale.

"This is a comprehensive, closed-loop system that gives freelancers everything they need to position themselves into a lucrative marketplace, market effectively, and rapidly build a list of targeted, desirable clients.

"With the recession's many layoffs, more people are faced with the prospect of self-employment. This proven business-building system for freelancers comes to market at the right time."

The Marketing Home Study Course sells for $597 USD. This includes more than 350 pages, 24 Audio Lesson CDs, and hundreds of additional pages of marketing samples including business biographies, white papers, lead-nurturing ezines, case studies, lead-generating websites, client acquisition letters, integrated marketing plans, branding, stationery, and more.

If you are expecting a baby and are choosing among thousands of names, or interested what are the mostly spread names, then this news is definitely for you.

According to the Online home of Parents magazine, Family Circle magazine and American Baby magazine top baby girl names are Isabella and Ava, and top baby boy names are Aidan and Jayden.

As it is noted at Parents.com visitors show that Isabella is the top girl's name and Aidan is the top boy's name for 2008 .Liz Zack, Executive Editor of Parents.com, said, "The votes for 2008 are in! According to our parents-to-be, Aidan is at the top of the list of baby names for boys for the second year in a row, while Isabella skyrockets to #1 on our list of baby names for girls for the first time ever. Read the rest of the names our readers love as well as our take on the top trends -- and get inspired."

According to the PRWeb, Parents.com is the online home of Parents magazine, Family Circle magazine and American Baby magazine.

The top baby girl names of 2008 are:1. Isabella2. Ava3. Emily4. Elizabeth5. Abigail6. Madison7. Emma8. Addison9. Madeline10. Olivia

The top baby boy names of 2008 are:1. Aidan2. Jayden3. Jacob4. Michael5. Ethan6. Caden7. James8. Caleb9. Andrew10. Matthew

Zack also provided some insight into the top trends in baby names and the best baby names for 2009:

Presidential Baby Names: Malia, Michelle
The Britney Comeback Effect: Parents are embracing the first and middle name Spears chose for her second son, Jayden James. Jayden is #2 and James is #7.
TV: The boob tube can affect baby names - witness the popularity of Aidan (#1), Carrie's loveable boyfriend on Sex and the City, or Addison (#8), the name of the Grey's Anatomy doc who got her own spinoff, Private Practice, this year.
First Timers Making the List: Aalyiah (#28) and Teagan (#44) made their debuts on the list for girl's names. On the boy's side, Micah (#41) and Tristan (#49) showed up on the list for the first time.
Book it: Twilight fever has hit the baby name world too, as Edward and Bella, the names of the star-crossed lovers in Stephanie Meyer's vampire series and now the feature film, both rose in popularity last year. Other names inspired by popular fiction are Madeline (#9) and Olivia (#10).
"M" Names: Girl names starting with "M" rank high on the list, like Madison (#6), Madeline (#9), Makayla (#19), Mia (#21), MacKenzie (#22) and Michelle (#31).
Losing steam: Trendy boy names like Grayson took a nosedive this year, from #3 in 2007 down to #14 in 2008. Another name on the downswing? Kendall, which fell from #7 in 2007 to #45 in 2008.

Today’s technological opportunities give people unimaginable availabilities to built different businesses, or earn money sitting at home. The possibility to have such job is realistic but the most important is to find a legitimate opportunity. According to the PRWeb, Consumer-Rated.com put the claims of the popular data entry programs to the test.

Among the most popular opportunities that one can see on the Internet is work-at-home data-entry jobs. In order to solve the problem of finding a legitimate work-at-home data-entry job while avoiding all the scams and get-rich-quick schemes Consumer-Rated put many of the work-at-home data-entry job programs to the test.

Consumer-Rated.com used such criteria as:

Does the program live up to the promises that are made by the company?

Can you earn a legitimate income with the effort you put into the job tasks at hand?

Is the training, guidance and support sufficient to assure your success?

Is there any guarantee that you will be satisfied with the program and accomplish your goals?

Does the program have hidden or additional cost/

Does the program present the actual job, and not just a list of jobs to apply for?

With this criteria in mind, Consumer-Rated.com tried over fifty work-at-home data-entry job programs, and finally, gives a complete review on the programs that they rated as five-star opportunities. "You will see they list details on how they did with the programs, the strong points of the programs as well as the guarantees of each of the five-star program," said Lisa Beldan, spokesperson for Consumer-Rated.com. "Consumer-Rated also backs their reviews with their own personal guarantee. This means if you are unhappy with any of the five-star rated work-at-home data-entry job programs, and want a refund for your membership, they will make sure you receive it."

As it is stated at PRWeb, with all of the work-at-home data entry opportunities on the Internet people can now narrow their search for a legitimate opportunity without the risk of being scammed.

During fiscal downtown in economy there is still business that has 175% growth. That is Upside Over Inc., (Upsideover.com), a leading kids specialty retailer.

According to the PRWEB, nore and more families are deciding to stay close to home. Families prefer staying within 30 miles of home, and purchase outdoor gear.

“E-Commerce will continue to take a larger share of retail since current e-commerce growth rates are estimated to double brick and mortar growth rates. E-Commerce can be a path to profitability for markets that are shrinking, either from competition or changing demographics,” According to the Outdoor Retailer Association, and their Outdoor Specialty Retailer Operational Report.

“It’s obvious to us that there is a dramatic shift in the marketplace towards specialty internet retail,” said Peter Dean, CEO of Upside Over. “Our teams commitment and focus on internet based Outdoor Gear for Kids means we can focus intently on our customers, provide the best selection possible, reach customers across the globe, and continue exponential growth into 2009.”

“E-Commerce growth is expected to continue,” According to the Outdoor Specialty Retailer Operational Report, “as more Americans implement high-speed access at home. Currently over 40% of Americans have High-Speed internet access at home, growing at a staggering rate of 40%.”

“We have been exceedingly impressed with the capabilities and trajectory of Upside Over and its management team,” said Stephen Gilfus, a founder of educational giant Blackboard Inc. (Nasdaq:bbbb), and early investor in the company via http://www.gilfusventurepartners.com/, Gilfus Venture Partners LLC. “It’s a credit to the team to see a company go from a start up to a multi-million dollar company in only 2 and a half years, in this economic environment. It simply proves out the leverage and long tail theory of niche markets in internet retail.”

New 2009 Year with a new social media search tool is presented by whostalkin.com. Joe Hall, the tools creator, says the new tool is, "a social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that they care about most."
The main distinguishable feature of the service is that it has aggregating results from over 60 different services on the internet.
"There is no other social media search tool online that aggregates data from this many sources." says Hall. The tool's goal is to deliver the most relevant and current conversations happening in the world of social media. Hall adnits that content freshness is one of the most important aspects of the tool's search results. "We are trying to connect people around similar ideas that they can engage in, so therefore we are interested in finding the freshest conversations in social media."

Hall recruited around a dozen of some of the most vocal and well known people in the Search Industry to take part in an exclusive private beta. "We were real fortunate to have some industry all-stars sit in and give some great advice on the tool," Hall says.

Jordan Kasteler, a Utah SEO expert says, "WhosTalkin makes searching for conversation so easy. It literally saves me tons of time by aggregating search portals all into one." Kasteler, is a seasoned SEO that specializes in enterprise scale in-house SEO.

Brian Chappell says, "WhosTalkin is a great concept. In fact right now there is a need for such a tool that can be offered for free -- or at a cost effective price. Many social monitoring services can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars a year." Chappell is a Social Media Marketer that has experience integrating brands into social media.

Nick Wilsdon states, "WhosTalkin.com looks to be another must-have tool for those interested in Online Reputation Management (ORM). The results are thorough, as it questions the search function of each platform directly rather than using Google as an intermediary. Definitely one to watch." Wilsdon is known widely for his work in Russian Marketing.

The tool is currently in public beta and is free to use. However, Hall states that long term plans include a separate subscription based service that will give users access to a handful of tools and different options for a monthly price. "We intend to always keep the basic functions free, however we will be offering a subscription service designed for small and medium sized business in the coming months," says Hall.
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