How To Earn Money Online

Everyone loves easy money- that’s a fact! And easy money mainly comes from internet activities nowadays- this is a fact too. We decided to discuss the topic due the wide variety of earning options that have leapt up recently on the internet.

The tasks for which you are paid are all different in their requirements. Some websites offer you easier duties, while some may suggest a full-time job and you may not even realize it. Not to be dependent on anyone and “earn your own way” is the best alternative of all the stuff offered. The most popular ways suggested for earning are guest blogging, freelancing, participating in the surveys, clicking on some tedious banners and so on. But there should be something that is really worth to do…

We conducted a mini-research about the topic in order to define the reliable ways to earn on the web. We’d like to share the results with you, by discussing best tree alternatives that are so convenient, that it is nearly unbelievable to be true.

The first and the most reliable way is to become an Amazon affiliate. This is quite easy, but only when you have your own website. There are three alternatives: links and banner exchange, widgets and site stripes. You may earn up to 15% in referrals by advertising Amazon products. To learn more, visit Amazon Affiliate website. We think it is worth to try, at least it’s Amazon!

One more and quite altruistic source of earning on the web is joining CasinoGuideZone Forum. If you love gambling, than it all becomes even more unbelievable. The forum has a reward program, according to which the members are given $20 Amazon vouchers only for being active on the forum! Furthermore, the professional gamblers can be found there, ready to answer your questions and providing useful tips that help you win casino games. Quite lucrative, isn’t it?

and the last one- SurveyMasterMind – here you can find tones of offers inviting you to join focus groups, complete paid surveys, get Freebies or do some home job that is later remunerated. The only problem that may arise here is that there may be no surveys available for your region at the very moment when you need money. But on the other hand the website is quite reputable and pays off most of the time. Just a little effort and you get paid!

However, none of these are ways to get rich quickly. You need to contribute in any way to get paid- this is the reality. Now the question is whether what you call a contribution- advertising somebody’s products, learning more on the topic you’re keen on or answer (a lot of) questions and get paid… It’s up to you to decide. Anyway, we’ll be glad to hear your feedback on the alternatives we suggested, and welcome your other ideas on the topic as well.

How Rich are you?

How do you measure a man?

How many bank accounts does he have, or how many millions does he own, or how many Gold does he have, or how many investment did he make, or how many…

Or do you measure a man how kind he/she is?

Now we have an opportunity to measure people by their kindness counting the kisses in KissBank, aiming to make the world a kinder place. The website has been launched in London.

This currency is the most global in history as the common unit of value worldwide is the Kiss.

One can send Kisses for plenty of reasons. As well as the most important Hero Kiss, KissBank offers five other categories: Friend, Thanks, Love, Congrats and Fan as is founded on two simple premises:

• money is a bad way to judge a person’s worth

• there is a universal way to reward the kindness of friends and strangers alike.

The KissBank Index monitors who has received the most Kisses at every level - globally, nationally and locally.

Make the world kinder and be among the ‘KissBank Rich List’.

The site will be available in 10 languages.

The founder Bob Duffield says: “I believe KissBank represents a shift away from the ‘Me Me’ generation towards a kinder, more connected society."


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