SaaS Delivery Option for its Compliance Solution jComply

Tabaq Software that is an innovator in compliance solutions for heavily regulated industries announced the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery option for jComply. It provides organisations with a cost effective and scalable solution that is faster to deploy and requires no initial capital outlay, and also jComply SaaS gives opportunities to organisations with the benefit of its complete policy and procedure management system without the ongoing management requirements and associated costs, as noted at SOURCEWIRE.

jComply SaaS aims to provide a highly secure platform to create and manage compliance records, it is protected by a multi-layered security model.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, “Tighter government regulations within the public and financial sectors for example, mean organisations need an efficient way to manage and dictate new compliance policies; however it’s increasingly challenging for compliance managers to make sure end-users are adopting and complying with policies,” said Sultan Noori, CEO at Tabaq Software. “With the added complexity of constrained budgets, compliance managers need a cost effective solution which not only helps organisations manage policies, but also communicates these to employees and tests end users.”

“jComply offers organisations a reliable and expert record management system, in addition to an e-Learning resource for compliance managers to effectively measure compliance understanding. Responsibility is passed from compliance managers to end-users, helping organisations protect themselves against internal negligence or employee threats.”

As the results of December 2008 survey shows nine out of ten companies were planning to grow their use of SaaS in the next year and more than one third of respondents (37%) planned to replace on-premises software with SaaS to drive down total cost of ownership (TCO). The main reason for adoption appeared to be cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment as primary reasons for adoption.

“IT spending is decreasing and organisations are more cautious than ever, however as compliance regulation increases, they require a solution now. By offering jComply SaaS, we’ll be able to help organisations get the compliance solution they need now, at a cost-effective price, helping them to battle through the current economic climate,” said Noori.
How the social media is is used nowadays? The answer to this interesting question is available at 6S Marketing, one of North America's largest internet marketing firms, that has conducted a survey to investigate trends in social media usage. According to the survey results an overwhelming percentage of companies & individuals who have adopted social media for business and personal use and highlight the most popular forums and mediums for communication.

"Collecting statistics on social media trends is important in ensuring that efforts made on behalf of our clients in the social media space are targeted and amplified," says Chris Breikss, Co-founder and President of 6S Marketing. "Beyond that, it was simply fascinating to gather the most up-to-date information on how and why companies & individuals alike are drawn to social media."

According to the PRWeb, survey highlights include:
  • 70% of respondents say they use social media.
  • Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 70% of people surveyed currently having an account.
  • 47% of respondents use Twitter and the majority of users are 19 - 25 years of age.
  • Only 20% of people surveyed currently use MySpace.
  • YouTube & Flickr are the most popular social media sites with 38% & 29% (respectively) of people surveyed using the sites.
  • 42% of respondents do not blog, while 58% do blog.
  • 74% of people who blog, do so for personal purposes, 57% blog for work and 35% blog for both.
  • 9% of people surveyed have hired an employee online and 22% have received a job offer online. 69% have done neither.
  • 61% of businesses said they track what people are saying about their brand online

"The face of communications has shifted dramatically. It is our belief that social media provides businesses and people the ability to connect with communities and networks as they increasingly live and work online. Our survey results indicate enormous potential for our clients to participate in the social media realm," comments Breikss.

SOURCE: in addition of its expressive name is a new web based platform with core competence and innovative technology in advancing online news delivery industry, providing latest information about politics, economics, sports, currency rates, tourism and entertainment announces PRWEB. And after working to stay on the cutting edge of online news articles management and publication, announces that the amount of daily visitors exceeds 100,000!

In the inexhaustible source of information, internet, it is really difficult to have the result like has. For the user it is always more comfortable to have one source where he/she can find information covering all the important issues rather than surfing through the internet and find some among thousands of websites.

According to the PRWEB, the amount of available data is a real challenge for online users. The mission of is to offer something more than masses of links to relevant or irrelevant sites.

The features of are unique experience and latest most advanced technologies to monitor breaking news covering international politics and current events in English language from the world's largest and most important publishers, including international newswires, famous magazines and exclusive online sources.

The main advantage why 100 000 visitors visit the site is that users access the web site to find the latest information about politics, economics, sports, life, science, weather forecast and travel which combine the best news portal with cutting-edge interactive features, information graphics and multimedia functions including videos.

The access of the website is 24-hour. One of the important features is that there is an access to public stories issued by the most reliable publishers and legislation institutions. Sections are compiled by automatic system they collect materials for the latest world news and make them available at one web site.

In the highly competitive world every day the professional team of programmers and designers goes another extra mile to add new features and functionality to the whole system.


Office Managers Bringing Added Value to Business

According to the SOURCEWIRE, Hays, specialist recruiter, announced that although the market for senior office managers has slowed during the last quarter, opportunities still exist for suitably qualified applicants, and that the most important is, the increase is particularly noticeable in the professional and public services sectors.

Geoff Collings, Regional Director at Hays Office Support admits that "Market conditions are dictating salary levels and job volumes at present but demand still exists for the most highly skilled and experienced office managers."

It is very important the applicants to be flexible, in terms of salary, location and industry sector. Geoff continued, "It is definitely worth considering smaller and medium sized enterprises, which may still be growing". 

Office managers who have the broadest range of skills are best positioned as employers can benefit from the commercial experience that they can bring. "Those candidates who can demonstrate quantifiable examples of the value they bring to a business are sought after. Examples include procurement, tenders and contract negotiations, which can help save costs, drive efficiencies and impact profitability," explained Geoff. 

Nowadays firms often restructure and merge roles, that’s why there is a requirement for individuals who have experience across a range of areas and office managers can fit the bill perfectly. It is worth mentioning that facilities management, procurement and contract management, secretarial management and first line IT support can all fall under the remit of the senior office manager. 

"Office managers need to think on their feet and be approachable, have excellent prioritisation skills and liaise with internal and external stakeholders alike," Geoff emphasised. 



How much do you pay your staff? Is that enough or not? Even though it is individual and differs from country to country and city to city, businesses can check quickly and easily that they are compliant with national minimum wage legislation coming into force in April.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, the launch of a National Minimum Wage Calculator on the Business Link website, aims to help employers ensure that they are paying their workers the wage that they are entitled to.

Michaela Fitzgerald from says: “One of our priorities at Business Link is to make complying with legislation simple for business. The National Minimum Wage Calculator enables employers to work out how much they need to pay their staff for the hours that they work and provides them with an authoritative, trust-worthy source of help. It benefits both staff and employers as it ensures that workers receive the correct amount while employers do not risk incurring financial penalties for getting the calculation wrong.”

Employment Relations Minister Pat McFadden says: “The minimum wage calculator is the latest free tool available from Business Link that will save time and money for employers. It tells firms quickly and simply whether their workers have been paid, what they are entitled to or how much they are owed if not. All employers should be aware of new penalties for breaking minimum wage law that come into force in April. The vast majority of employers want to do the right thing by their staff and this calculator will help prevent them from inadvertently breaching the rules.”

There is no company without a marketing department aiming to reach maximum target audience in a very low cost. Theoretically it is possible but practically it is not cheap. As admitted on PRWeb, because of the economy, companies are cutting costs while seeking out longer term marketing strategies online. Here we have recipe of William Starrett, an ecommerce and lead conversion expert helping businesses achieve higher return on their investment.

"Even in a recession, a plan to get targeted traffic is the golden key to increasing Internet sales," said William Starrett, Marketing Strategist and Director of

According to Starrett, informative articles and relevant content of successful websites gain more targeted traffic. The reason for these sites get more traffic is that they have incoming links pointing to them from other websites - a proven strategy with roots in Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

"Right now, businesses are discovering how to cut costs while still attracting the very best traffic over the long haul; those visitors who will most likely become loyal buyers," Starrett furthered.

According to PRWeb, Starrett's consulting firm, Richardson, Texas based Wide Open Media recently launched a pilot program called Clicks Wanted ( Aiming to help businesses in their effort to gain more online sales, increase their website traffic, and rank higher in keyword search engine results.

"The basic formula to achieve sustainable authority online in any market is this: high quality content and incoming links to your web site," Starrett detailed.

Starrett explained, "While both people and search engines are attracted to articles and information, incoming links act as individual votes of popularity. Links and content are vital to ranking on the first page of keyword searches."

Outsourcing is admitted the most economical and convenient way to conquer these time intensive tasks by most business owners, and having a team of researchers and writers devoted to the project that is often the fastest way to begin achieving results.

What is the secret of articles vitality to traffic and sales, Starrett responded, "A body of informative content can be repurposed and reused for other types of promotions down the road. For that matter, they can become products themselves. Articles, even at 500 to 750 words each, are excellent for basing our effort to share our knowledge with prospects as a presell and with clients to manage consumption."

"Every article, every link, every action we take will only help return even more on the investment already made. This isn't single action marketing like PPC or banner ads where you only pay for a click or a page view. Our goal here is to build a legacy and help you become the go-to authority in your market," Starrett shared.


The Web Marketing Association, released its ISAR - Internet Standards Assessment Report. It provides industry-specific benchmarking data for web development. According to the PRWeb, the ISAR Index reversed a downward trend and the overall standard of excellence in Web development rose across 96 industries.

The ISAR index shows an average scores in the Web Marketing Association's WebAward competition sine 1997. It is worth mentioning that Index was essentially flat, declining slightly in 2008 to 51.6 from 51.8 in 2007.

"The ISAR Index is the benchmark that many organizations use to compare their Web development efforts to," said William Rice, President of the Web Marketing Association. "Web standards move as the technology and consumer trends push companies to upgrade their Web efforts and consumer expectations are reflected in the judges scores. This year, expectation grew faster than the average Website."

So what does the ISAR report include? These are:
Detailed Industry findings as compared to historical trends
Best and Worst Industries in Web Development
Best and Worst Industries as they compare to the 7 criteria for a successful Website
Award-wining sites for each industry
Commentary for each industry as compared to the overall competition in 2008

Information is from the Web Marketing Association's annual WebAward competition It evaluates 96 industries based on the seven criteria that combined help create award-winning websites.

The WebAward's seven criteria for a successful Website include:
Ease of Use

The ISAR report also includes a running benchmark index.

"The most successful award-winning websites develop the correct balance of design, innovation and technology to create a total user experience," said Rice. "Once the total user experience is attained, the site becomes a sales tool itself because it has captured the visitor and the winners of the WebAward do this especially well."

As admitted on PRWeb, according to the ISAR report, the five best industries for Website development in 2008 were:
1) Movie Web sites
2) Television Web sites
3) Entertainment Web sites
4) Electronics Websites
5) Political Web sites

The worst overall industry websites included:

Institutional Services
Legal websites.

To request your copy of the 2009 WebAward ISAR report, please visit:




EXT Social Network launched at outfits users with all the tools needed to create own micro-social network. Here are things the users will be able to do:

· host multiple profiles,
· control content visibility,
· embed items with a single-click,
· unite with others in a way that increases effectiveness and collaboration.

The numbers of profiles, groups, pages, or pods are not limited and permission and visibility controls are strong. According to the SOURCEWIRE, information will only be shared with the individuals who are hand-picked by the user.

Users are able to gather around certain causes, and by keeping permission controls tight, increase the amount of interaction and communication occurring between members.


News for IT and Business teams cooperation. Orchestra Networks that is a leading provider of Master Data Management Software, announced about availability of EBX.Platform 4.6. It is the Data Model Assistant, a fully integrated module of the EBX Data Governance tool aiming collaboration and design of data models.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, EBX.Platform is recognized as the most flexible Model-driven MDM by absorbing any Enterprise Data Model in order to manage all reference data including products & services, items, Bill of Materials, financial hierarchies, organisation charts, third-parties, employees, channels, assets and codes.

EBX.Platform 4.6 allows business analysts and data stewards to collaborate on the design, change and management of their data models within the EBX data governance tool. It provides a Web-based graphical user interface for designing rich data models. Among main features are objects and attributes definition, rich typing, documentation, localization and also the declaration of validation rules and complex links between objects.

"As MDM matures in large organisations, we see a very strong involvement of business teams in data governance initiatives. By providing one unified data governance tool with data modeling capabilities, Orchestra Networks' MDM software addresses the real data owners in all lines of business" says Christophe Barriolade, CEO of Orchestra Networks


PRWeb that is one of the mostly used sources on different web sites as the online news distributor announced that it has extended the reach of its press release distribution to more than 3.6 million iPod Touch and iPhone users worldwide. Applications are available for free download in the iTunes store, breaking business and technology news published by PRWeb will be accessible directly via mobile device.

According to PRWeb, "Every day more people are using mobile devices to access news and information regardless of where they are," said Jiyan Wei, PRWeb product manager at Vocus, Inc. "Through our iPhone applications, we'll ensure that the reach of our distribution network extends to this rapidly growing audience."

The worlds leading online news distribution service is distributed directly to more than 250,000 RSS subscribers, more than 30,000 journalists and editors, and published on more than 30,000 websites. Among thousands of the users of the is the too.

PRWeb Business and Technology News are currently available for free download through the iTunes store. PRWeb Healthcare and Advertising News will be available in April.

This initiative of the PRWeb, to be spread all over the world through mobiles too, is one more word of it saying PRWeb about everything and everywhere.  



If one is interested in new blogging project and is eager to win a fantastic ASUS notebook should be involved in the initiative of ASUS in partnership with Mobile Computer.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, the last 12 months have not only seen ASUS launch a range of subsequent netbook hits and ranges of other notebooks including eco beauties such as the Bamboo and N Series, but ASUS have also scooped an array of awards highlighting their true commitment to technological advancements and environmental credentials. 

It is the fact that without the support of the end users and owners of ASUS products none of the products could come up to the current level. ASUS wants to achieve its best from not only generated fantastic recommendations amongst friends and family, but also have inspired new models and features through working out new ways of using existing.

As admitted in SOURCEWIRE, ASUS will be providing six bloggers with an ASUS computer. For 4 weeks, the users will use their product and write about their experiences to a dedicated blog on the Mobile Computing website (a minimum of three 200 word+ posts per week). ASUS are seeking users who will give as much feedback as possible, but all responsibility for blog content will be held with the blogger and Mobile Computing. 

The bloggers will be given an Eee PC 901 as a special thank you for their time – except the owner of the blog which attracts the highest number of readers, who will be able to keep the notebook they have been writing about.

The 6 blogs will be focused on each of the following:

* ASUS G71V quad-core gaming notebook

* ASUS M50 multimedia notebook

* ASUS N80V business notebook

* ASUS Bamboo U6V eco-friendly notebook

* ASUS Eee PC S101 fashion netbook

* ASUS Eee Top All-in-One PC

ASUS and Mobile Computing are inviting users to apply to take part by completing an application on the Mobile Computing website no later than the 15th March 2009. 

ASUS Blogging Project:

The blogs will commence from the 30th March 2009.



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