What Makes Us Energy is Guarana

Acoholic energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and flavoring. The difference is that this new generation of malt beverages also contains stimulants. A typical can has about as much caffeine as a venti cup of Starbucks, along with additives like guarana and ginseng that can rev the central nervous system.

Though flavored malt beverages make up less than 2% of alcohol servings in the U.S. The new alcoholic energy drinks have a further pull on the youth market: the promise that you can get drunk but still party all night because of the caffeine.

Law-enforcement officials want tighter regulations on the drinks. Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler, a Democrat who is helping lead a national campaign against the beverages, calls them "disgusting." He says: "The caffeine is a stimulant that triggers the false impression that kids can drink more and still function normally. The kids won't recognize they are actually drunk...And then all of a sudden, over a short period of time, it goes Bam, and they're gone."

Mixing alcohol, a depressant, with stimulants is nothing new. But alcoholic energy drinks are different because they are so obviously marketed to kids.

Researchers conducted - Caffeine won't keep you from getting drunk. In fact, drinking caffeine with alcohol could be more dangerous than drinking alcohol alone, from a psychological perspective. One of the fascinating things about how humans process alcohol is that we involve our brains as well as our bodies: we have at least some capacity to overcome alcohol's effects by sheer force of will. Mark Fillmore, a psychologist at the University of Kentucky, has found that study volunteers who are warned that a certain alcoholic drink will highly impair their performance on a psychomotor test actually do better on the test than people who are given the same drink but no information about impairment. In other words, at least in a lab setting, those who are led to believe that they're about to get truly blotto end up not letting themselves get so blotto. They don't perform as well on their tests as sober people, but they perform a lot better than the average drinker.

Alcohol functions in your body pretty much the same, whether you mix it with caffeine or not: you will be impaired. The problem is, you may not feel as impaired if caffeine is present. Clinical and Experimental Research found that people who drank energy drinks with alcohol felt better than those who drank only alcohol — the former group had significantly less dry mouth and headache. They also perceived their motor coordination to be better, even though it wasn't.

So if your beverage of choice carries a silly name like Tilt, Bawls, Sparks or Rip it, you’re probably too young to drink anyway.





New report of Report Buyer, the online destination for business intelligence for major industry sectors, says that until recently, the energy used by IT equipment has only been of minor importance to computer manufacturers and PC users.

According to the “Low Emission IT - The Internet Meets The Oil Crisis” rise in oil and gas prices, combined with the explosion in the use of information technology in both the home and workplace, resulted focus on the energy required to process and store the megabytes of data created and accessed each day.

The report says that the focus shifts from the sheer processing power of IT equipment to the amount of energy consumed by data centres and networked PCs, niche players in the power management software and hardware market as some of the key beneficiaries of the drive to lower energy IT related energy consumption.

Authors of the report note that there are a number of ways companies can reduce the energy requirements of their IT systems without investing in new equipment.

According to the PRZOOM, the report ‘Low Emission IT – The Internet Meets the Oil Crisis’ reviews a range of green computing initiatives such as Energy Star and the EU Eco-Label. Low emission IT solutions from NEC, Verdiem, Rackable Systems and Intel are also profiled in this report. The report is supplied with a copy CarbonFree’s “101 Ways To Kick The Carbon Habit” – an overview of the carbon emission reduction market, and a catalogue of 101 ways organisations can reduce their carbon footprint.


NetBenefit, an experienced provider of Managed Hosting services in the UK, with a range of services to suit every level of business, revealed that 68% respondents now recognise the significant green computing benefits that virtualisation can provide. 30% of respondents are already accustomed issue and incorporate virtualisation as part of their IT strategy moving forward.

The survey also revealed that even though one in three regards virtualisation as a key part of their organisation’s future, 67% are still not really familiar with the concept.

Jonathan Robinson, COO at NetBenefit, says: “This poll has demonstrated the rising interest in virtualisation which we believe people will be hearing a lot more about over the next 12-18 months. However, there is clearly still a really big requirement for education on the subject of virtualisation and its benefits. “As well as providing increased resource sharing and utilisation advantages, virtualisation is becoming an attractive option to businesses looking to improve their carbon footprint. By allowing you to stack numerous virtual servers, this technology reduces the demand for power – sometimes by the equivalent of ten machines down to just one – which is great news for the environment.”

Robinson concludes: “Even though over half of those questioned didn’t have any concerns about using a virtualised hosting environment, principal worries of those that did centered around security. If virtualisation is going to really take off in the managed hosting world then it will be necessary for web hosts to demonstrate that it does not compromise the ability to provide secure, reliable and flexible hosting for business critical solutions.

Dont let your iPhone Sleep by the help of a new application - iWake. It allows users to keep the iPhone's screen off while letting applications use the WiFi or EDGE Connectivity for Downloads.

The new app is particularly very useful while using applications like MxTube and iSlsk as it saves a lot of battery because you can run them in background and then press the sleep button but still you will have an uninterrupted download.

To use it, just tap the iAwake icon, and it will turn on. To switch it off tap it again. You will find this app in Utilities if you have ModMyiFone repositories added in your sources.

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If you arrive in Albania and ask the driver take you to a place you want to go and he shakes his had from side to side, do not close the door and look for another driver. It will take you too much time, because in Albania, shaking head from side to side means “yes” and nodding the head up and down means “no”. Imagine an Albanian attendant’s alarm in the airport if he asks you such questions as Did you pack your own bags? Have you left your bags unattended at any time? Did anyone ask you to carry something on board for them? So it’s better to answer the question than nodding or shaking your head.

Reversal of meaning of yes/no head gestures occurs in Bulgaria too.

People from Southern India tit their heads to one side or both to Indicate agreement.

On many South Pacific Islands, they signal yes by raising their eyebrows.

If you visit or host Chinese, do not wear a green hat. Many Chinese believe that when a man wears a green hat, his wife or girlfriend is cheating on him. Generally, for Chinese people green has a positive meaning. It is associated with health, prosperity and harmony. An exception is a hat.

For many Chinese people, green hats are associated with infidelity.

If you at the table and some guests or the host make loud slurping sound they will be displeased if you do not do the same. Sometimes in Japan, as in Hong Kong, slurping is not rude; it is a sign of approval and appreciation for the cooking. Slurping pays a tribute to the chef. And if you do not slurp they may think that you did not like their food. Also lip smacking tells the cook that his food is delicious. Belching is another complimentary sign, as in some parts of the Philippines and in Saudi Arabia.

There are many customs related to whether it is impolite or polite to eat with your mouth open. The Japanese believe that it is rude to show the inside of the mouth. That is why they also cover it when they laugh.

Many Asians and Saudi Arabians make eating noises to show their appreciation of the food. Interpret this as a compliment and not bad manners.

Are you invited for dinner and you want to buy flowers as a present be careful in different cultured there are different meanings of flowers and their colors.

Yellow flowers:

In American culture it means “I miss you”.

In Iranian culture it means “Enemy”, “I hate you” or even that you wish the person’s death.

In Georgia it means that you do not want to see the person any more.

Among Mexicans yellow flowers have a negative connotation, related to funerals.

White flowers

For Chinese and most other Asian people, white is the color of mourning and frequently used in funeral sprays. So if you are not sure to which culture belongs your host do not buy yellow or white flowers.

There are some gift taboos you should know. In Chinese, the sound of the word umbrella is the same as the word for separation. For Chinese, gifts of knives and scissors also symbolize the severance of a relationship.

In the past, Americans had a similar reaction to a gift of a sharp object. The recipient had to give a penny back as if he had bought this object and not gifted.

Another Chinese gift taboo is the clock. The sound of the word “clock” is a homophone for a word that means “attending the dead”. So the recipient of a clock give a coin in return, symbolically buying it instead.

In Georgia gifting soup, shampoo or napkin means tears. Gifting knife means quarrel. They also do not give soup or knife from hand to hand, because it means that you will quarrel with this person.

At last if you are going to visit other country or are invited to the house whose host belongs to the other culture it is better to read some information about that nations and their culture not to feel yourself uncomfortable or even fool.
According to a new report from independent research firm Verdantix, equity analysts divide into three distinct groups based on their climate change perspective. Regulations and risks in their financial models are believed to be the factors of climate change by 30% of analysts. As for the sceptics, 28% of the research participants, consider that climate change will have a material impact on profitability within 2 to 5 years. And cynics, comprising 30% of analysts, doubt climate change will ever impact valuations.

“Financial analysis of climate change business issues is in transition” said Verdantix Director, David Metcalfe. “Apart from the utilities sector there is no consensus among analysts covering the same firms and the same sectors on how to incorporate climate change into financial models. For example, some oil and gas analysts are in complete denial while others view climate change regulations, risks and strategy as intrinsic to financial valuation.”

The survey is based on the The Verdantix analysis’s in-depth interviews with 50 equity analysts. They are of 13 different industry sectors and 22 investment banks including ABN AMRO, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS.

That is not the only finding of the research. According to the SourceWire there are information and knowledge gaps in analysts.

32% - covering industries as diverse as food production, basic resources, retail, oil, gas, media and banks said they “didn’t know” if firms provide sufficient data on greenhouse gas emissions. Half of the respondents see no need to verify greenhouse gas emissions.

If followed by regulations, they rank highest among climate change factors:
42 %, Verdantix survey - industrial goods, oil, gas, travel and construction, conducted research into climate change regulatory impacts.
32% of analysts had changed a profit forecast due to an energy or fuel efficiency initiative,
8% did so due to a commitment to reduce carbon emissions
6% made an adjustment because a firm committed to buying the majority of energy from renewable sources.

According to the issue actuality 80% of the equity analysts interviewed consider that firms they cover will enhance their brand image with their climate change initiatives. 42% of the analysts consider the industry leader on climate change would achieve a differentiation advantage relative to its competitors in 2008.

“Over the next 18 months firms have the opportunity to shape analyst perceptions of the link between valuation and climate change” said Metcalfe. “Analysts need more guidance from firms on how they incorporate climate change factors into their own financial forecasts and financial analysis. The “do nothing” option for corporates is quickly disappearing”

Among the best practices for climate change financial communications, Verdantix report identifies that CFOs and investor relations teams should:
1. Draft a company position on climate change.
2. Benchmark climate change reporting capabilities.
3. Launch a climate change financial analysis project.
4. Design climate change communications around analyst receptivity.

“The business impact of climate change is going through a period of diminishing uncertainties” said David Metcalfe, author of the report. “By 2010 we expect to see a consensus in each industry on financial valuation and climate change.”

New impressive, virtual application FingerRun developed for your iPhone. FingerRun is a treadmill for your fingers. It ’s a funy little toy created by ipodtouchmaster.

This is an app to exercise your finger running. It even says in the app description „treadmill for your fingers”.

When you start the application, you will see a treadmill. You have to make a running motion on the treadmill with your finger in order to make the blue number increase. You can actually make the number increase by swiping anywhere. After 6,500 the application randomly crashed.

This application is great if you want your fingers to lose weight or something. You can get FingerRun from the iSpazio source.

But remember that the app is a beta so there may be problems.

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The 61st World Health Assembly set WHO on a course to tackle longstanding, new and looming threats to global public health. The Health Assembly produced a public health breakthrough by providing a platform for removing barriers and using innovative methods to encourage research, development and access to medicines for the common diseases of the developing world.

"This is a major breakthrough for public health that will benefit many millions of people for many years to come," said WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. "This is a contribution to fairness in health and this is pro-active public health at its very best."

The public health, innovation and intellectual property strategy purpose is to promote new approaches to pharmaceutical research and development (R&D), and to enhance access to medicines.

"At this World Health Assembly, we witnessed the interplay between the political, trade and health interests," said the President of the Health Assembly, Dr Leslie Ramsammy who is the Minister of Health of Guyana. "Child and maternal health, and the prevention and management of noncommunicable diseases rely on the supply chain and commodities. We are now much closer to having an increased flow of quality health commodities that will lead to better health."


The shape of the future mobile is going to be defined the next week, in London.

"MEX helps the mobile telecoms industry to see the world through the customer's eyes. We know that many customers’ real experiences are often a world away from the technology hype spun by the mobile business. At the conference, we provide an environment where all of the companies who can make this better for the end customer - from handset manufacturers to network operators - work together to make real progress on enhancing the usability of mobile phones." Marek Pawlowski, Editorial Director PMN & founder of MEX, the Mobile User Experience conference.

Today mobile is not only the source of calling, but much more. According to the SourceWire.com, a new generation of customers is preparing to experience the internet for the first time and it will happen through the screen of a mobile phone.

The 10 point MEX Manifesto highlights a diverse range of issues changing the dynamics of mobile communication - from exploring the role of fashion and emotion in the handset product experience through to new user experience challenges presented by the rapid growth of emerging markets.MEX Mobile User Experience Awards, inaugural competition purposes ,,Design an interface, idea or product to delight customers and enhance the mobile user experience."


Recycle your old mobile phones and receive as much as £150.

Mobile Phone Exchange Ltd (MPX) announce the relaunch of their online mobile phone buyback service, providing customers with a used mobile phone trade-in and recycle service. Customers are given a free postage paid bag, and receive their money in as little as 7 days.

This initiative is very important for the developing world and its strong demand for used mobile phones but precious little resource to pay for them.

Sounds strange or extravagant?
Anyway, seems we can do that and ask for instructions Oakthrift Corporation Limited, the company famous for its home, garden and pet products and umbrellas that is launching Plant –It™ seeded paper/card.

A unique manufacturing process which impregnates the card with wild flower seeds gives opportunity to grow wild flowers in our gardens.

According to the SourceWire, when planted, each handmade seed paper sheet acts like mulch to retain moisture for the seeds. Do not need your card anymore? Simply plant it indoors or outside following the simple instructions included, and they will be amazed at how it will grow into beautiful flowers.

Chief Executive of Oakthrift, Lloyd Freedman said, “The Plant –It™ seeded paper/card is made from 100% re-cycled paper, soy-based inks, and organic pigments which actually grow into flowers when planted! We are introducing a new product to the UK which is extremely successful in USA at a time when everyone is conscious of our environment. I have no doubt that we will emulate that success in the UK”

If your iPhone’s slimmest case is still too thick to use with the dock, here is a new skin-tight wrap for the iPhone that has really great grip. Blue Ember creations created a nice tutorial on how to DiY an iPhone case.

Make your own iPhone skin with this tutorial. You can download a template from the website and then follow its detailed instructions. When completed, the skin will offer more protection for your device.

You would really like the matte black finish, since it will help hide all those messy fingerprints and tiny scratches.

Blue Ember creations is a graphic design portfolio. Blue Ember, based in Los Angeles, California, brings Hollywood style to all types of design.

The Blue Ember philosophy is to take the richness and visual impact associated with movie marketing and to apply it to other aspects of design.

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IT Salaries in the UK have risen by 4.1% over the last 12 months finds IT Recruitment specialist CV Screen.

On the bases of in depth analysis of the IT Jobs market which monitored over 11,000 advertised positions in the UK during Q1 2008 reveals that the average advertised salary for an IT professional in the UK is now £34,217.

CV Screen’s Matthew Iveson commented “The continued high demand for IT professionals has continued to put upward pressure on IT Salaries.”“There are certain technical skills where there is still a considerable war for talent with candidates with strong skills in areas such as .Net, C# and PHP inundated with opportunities” continued Iveson.

With regards to the outlook for salaries in 2008, Iveson commented “The IT Jobs market is holding up well in spite of the wider economic problems. It is likely that as a result of the rising costs of living in the UK that more candidates will seek to move for financial reasons, thus putting further upward pressure on IT salaries.”

A multi-faceted business partnership of Tribold and global IT services leader, Patni Computer Systems caused Patni integrate Tribold’s Product Portfolio Manager™ (Tribold PPM) into Patni atoms™, which is an integrated business process platform for telecoms and media service providers.

The new initiative resulted that Patni will take advantage of Tribold’s expertise in software solutions, reselling these as well as building enhanced delivery capabilities around their core offerings.

AVP Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Patni Computer Systems, Raj Badarinath, said: “A single product catalog is now an essential part of any Communication Service Provider’s ideal infrastructure and therefore is an important element of Patni’s atoms™ offering for the communications industry. We’re only interested in working with best of breed solutions and it was clear to us that Tribold PPM is a good fit.”

Tribold’s CEO, John Rainger, , added: “Patni is a company known and respected for delivering IT services across numerous market sectors. That it has chosen to partner with Tribold as a central element of its offering to the telecommunications industry is an endorsement not only of our solutions but of the increasingly significant status of effective product portfolio management within the CSP’s business and operating environments.”

The purpose of the product is help accelerate business transformation programs and enable quick time-to-market for new services.

If you are a fond of Windows Vista, now you have opportunity to have it even on your iPhone. Vista Perfection 2.0, a vista based iPhone themes convert your iphone interfaces like Vista look and feel.

Once installed you will have Vista wallpapers, sliders, sound effects, vista icon, and even start menu. Since it is a theme, it won’t break your iPhone apps.

The most impressive of Vista perfection is the booting and shutdown screen with a support background processing screen. Plus more, the WiFi icon, EDGE icon, and even the slide to unlock arrow have all been themed as well.

Vista Perfection iPhone theme features: Over 90 Icons; better and Sharper Dock Icons; Wifi Icon; Boot and Restore Images; Categories Icons; Vista Login/LogOff (Unlock/Lock) Sound Scheme; Badges and Sliders; Revamped TaskBar; LockScreen Wallpaper and much more.

VistaPerfection was created by Spec Works. To use it you will need jail broken iPhone, SSH access and SummerBoard. Go to ModMyIfone for complete instructions on how to download it.

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Getting divorced? Scared? Overwhelmed?
According to the SourceWire, divorce is difficult experience and is high on the list of stressful and life changing events. Though nothing should influence your life crucially and the only way out is to get out of the situation without shortage.
In order to help women in financial part before, during and after the divorce process WEALTH² created a new concept in financial mentoring.

This is the tool given to women the control their money and provide an impartial, non-judgemental service, providing clear and concise advice.Life circumstances experience women in dealing with their finances on their own. Claire Brinn who runs WEALTH² plans each step in further development of the post divorce processes.

“Starting a new life after divorce is a time of new beginnings. It is an opportunity to re-evaluate your hopes and dreams for the future. Taking control financially can be very empowering and helps re-build your self-esteem and confidence. One of the most important steps you can take is to understand how to make the money you have work for you at all stages of your life and how to plan for a prosperous future as a newly single woman”, says Brinn.

The survey shows that over 955,000 Britons would leave their partner if financially independent.

Almost a third (29%) would leave their jobs if they had enough money.
A nation on the move, (41%) of people would travel the world with financially security.
According to a survey from Kaupthing Edge, financial security and independence really does buy freedom for Brits.

Seems 30% of Britons state they are reliant on their partner or spouse for financial security. Over 955,000 Brits would leave their partner if they were financially secure for life. Surprising fact but Love appeared to falter in the older age group with 346,000 Brits saying they would leave their partner compared to only 135,000 of 18-34 year olds.

Britons are certainly a society on the move with (41%) of people saying they would travel the world and a further (29%) leaving their job if they had financial security. Nearly a third of men (28%) believe the grass is greener in another country and would move abroad compared to less than a fifth (18%) of women.

Despite of great wish to be financially independent few achieve this goal. Of those Britons who do have money left over at the end of each month, (53%) leave their money languishing in a low interest account rather than transferring to a high interest savings account.

Ashley Whittaker, Head of Retail Savings at Kaupthing Edge comments: "And while it doesn't really matter what people want to do with financial freedom it is crucial to take a closer look at your finances. Kaupthing Edge currently offers instant access to your savings at a competitive rate of 6.5% AER and rate guarantee of 0.3% above base rate until 2012."

According to the PRWeb, the account is available in the UK at: http://www.kaupthing-edge.co.uk/ Please see http://www.kaupthingedge.com/ for Kaupthing Edge across Europe.

Key product details:
Instant Access Savings Account
6.5% AER
Rate guaranteed to be min 0.3% above base rate until 1ST February 2012
Min balance: £1,000
Max balance: £1 million (across all accounts)
No tie ins or charges
24-hour online access

Fixed Term Deposit Accounts
6 month term account: 6.8% AER
12 month term account: 6.86% AER
36 month term account: 6.70% AER
24-hour online access
Min balance: £5,000

Wish to transfer large amounts of information for asset reunification, data cleansing and mailing list projects? Need those to be protected? Well, that is the issue.

Tracesmart Corporate enhanced the security of their proprietary file transfer service to include a fourth tier of password protection. According to the SourceWire if three wrong attempts at the password are entered, access to the files is automatically revoked, ensuring that data cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Managing Director Michael Trezise comments: "As a company, ensuring the security of data – whether it be a clients or our own – has always been a fundamental practice. We have always demonstrated a strong commitment to data security, and the enhancement of our file transfer system will not come as a surprise to those who know us and know our working philosophy."

The file transfer system was developed by Tracesmart Corporate’s in-house IT team and the fourth tier password ensures that the system provides the most secure method of transferring data. Paul Weathersby, Technical Director, elaborates on some of the technologies used, "Our file transfer system is built upon a HTTPS transfer system which utilises SSL encryption – a proven technology. We have always used this form of coding across our site as it is one of the most robust data encryptions available. It is the same system employed across a variety of industries for securing credit card details during payment transactions."

In the same source, Weathersby reveals that: "Whilst the system has always been incredibly secure, this additional feature demonstrates to our clients that we never sit on our laurels when it comes to the safety of their data. Whether a client is trying to trace people or conduct a large data cleansing project, they can rest assured that their data is in safe hands."


In order to help marketers optimise customer experiences across the web, Alterian, the leading international integrated marketing platform provider announced its intention to acquire leading web content software company, Mediasurface (LSE : MSR).

According to the SourceWire, the addition of Mediasurface will expand the online execution capabilities of Alterian’s integrated marketing platform to encompass websites, corporate intranets, extranets and social media channels all driven by Alterian’s market leading analytics capability.

Alterian CEO David Eldridge said: “Online marketing is growing rapidly and has become core to the overall marketing activity of an organisation. Through the acquisition of Mediasurface, Alterian will create an integrated marketing platform that combines online and offline customer analytics with content and multi-channel execution to help marketers optimise customer experiences across the web in real-time.”

And continued, “This sets us apart from both the traditional marketing suites as well as emerging online players. We are already experiencing strong demand for our current products with revenue growth of circa 40% at constant currencies and profits doubling in the year ending 31st March 2008. We believe that Mediasurface products will provide even stronger growth opportunities for Alterian in the future both in new customer segments and new geographies. There is also a significant growth opportunity in North America – a market in which we have already proven our ability to execute with over half our revenues now coming from the US.”

What are the advantages of this?

This combination of Alterian and Mediasurface will empower approximately 1,000 marketing departments and a network of 100 channel partners across 26 countries while more than doubling Alterian’s number of employees to approximately 300 worldwide.

Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Mediasurface admits that: “We are very proud of the business we have built and appreciate that Alterian sees the value of what we are creating here. Alterian is an industry leader with a great vision and we are very excited to become part of their march to change the face of marketing.”

Jason McNamara, CMO, Alterian said: “All media are striving to become more personalised in the quest to improve customer experience and announcements made in the past two weeks by Google and MySpace reinforce this. This trend creates more complex content needs based on the individual consumer. As we have seen in other online channels such as email, it becomes critical for the content to become an integral part of the overall customer analytics and execution layer in order to meet these needs.” “Analytics is the new measure of how well marketers understand their customers, but people react to content. And reaction and interaction with content creates new analytics. Unlike offline, these interactions are often inbound and real-time in nature, thus impossible to manage with manual processes. Web 2.0 and social media is consumer generated content that must be optimised in a platform.”

“With the acquisition of Mediasurface, we believe Alterian is in the best position to help companies profit from how consumers interact and buy from organisations today. We look forward to working with customers and channel partners from both companies to deliver this exciting new capability,” concluded Eldridge.

Everybody should notice that there is an explosion in social media content in acknowledgement of its rapidly growing importance as a key channel of influence. It is always interesting what these sources of information say about this or that product or service.

Netemic, a UK media software company, in partnership with the Public Relations Consultants Association now recomends iFeed, Netemic’s automated online social media monitoring tool, to its members made up of over 140 PR consultancies.

And what does the social media tool offer?

Real time measure of brand awareness
Consumer sentiment
Allow users to filter through internet “noise” to effectively track comment, opinion and breaking news.

Andrew Orchard, Netemic’s CEO, said: “We are delighted with the PRCA’s endorsement of iFeed. It is clear that PR now extends beyond traditional media and insight into the digital world offers great value to any brand. The PRCA has firmly established its credentials at the forefront of the industry by recognising the importance of the blogosphere to brands in the contemporary media landscape. We hope that, with its support, iFeed will take its place as an industry benchmark product for the monitoring of social media.”

Real time scours of blogs, forums and consumer sites give opportunity to discover content matching companies, products and services. The content is dynamically interrogated by age and relevance, can be clipped, annotated and delivered direct to anyone with web access via iFeed's Clipstream viewer. It is one of the unique republishing tool that creates a dedicated hotline between Agencies and their clients anywhere in the world.

According to the SourceWire, the use of this tool cost £495 per month for three months but members who continue with the service will be offered their first five licences at £150 each per month, or half the usual price.

Francis Ingham, Director General of the PRCA, said: “Social media has huge implications for brands. At the very least companies should be monitoring what is said about them in these uncontrolled and uncensored environments to ensure they are able to anticipate potential issues. More proactive companies will see the ability to monitor unconstrained influencers as an opportunity to improve their products and services. iFeed makes these processes much easier.”

Are you looking for a new car, which does not cost much and is very comfortable and nice?

You may like Tata nano, it’s the People’s Car, the cheapest car in the world, with a starting price of 2,500$ or the equivalent of a DVD player in a Lexus.

Citing moments in history including the first manned flight by the Wright Brothers and man’s landing on the moon, Ratan Tata, the chairman of the company, revealed a cute, compact car designed to appeal to first-time car buyers in one of the world’s fastest growing car markets.

It was designed and made in India. The car is the culmination of about five years of research and input from designers across the world. A team of 500 people worked on creating the Tata Nano.

It is a little over 10ft long. There can seat four passengers comfortably. It has reached speeds of 65 miles per hour. The aluminium car contains a rear-loaded 33 horse power, two cylinder petrol engine and weighs about half a tone. It is 3.1m long, 1.5m wide and 1.6m high and has four doors, a four-gear manual transmission, seatbelts, locking and a steering wheel. A small boot allows enough room for a duffle bag.

Ratan Tata said: “I hope this is a car that changes the way people travel in rural and semi rural India. We are a country of a billion people and most are denied connectivity, this is a car that is affordable and provides all-weather transport for the family.”

The car will be sold first in India, with an initial production run of 250,000 a year, but is expected to be made available in other emerging markets in Latin America, south-east Asia and Africa within four years. It will launch commercially in the second half of the year.

The Nano is about half the price of the cheapest car available.



According to the survey provided by Newsweaver, 78% of UK B2B marketers surveyed consider email to be either a "critical" or "very important" part of their marketing mix. Anyway e-mail is an essential part of the B2B marketing mix.

The results show that e-mail’s visibility frequency increases. 68% of B2B marketers who completed the survey, believe that the versatility of email is on the increase. 40% of respondents are using email as part of integrated marketing campaigns. According to B2B marketers’ - 67% evaluate email either "excellent" or "good". In comparison to previous years, 71% of B2B marketers noticed that the number of email campaigns they send out has increased, 69% noticed rise in the last year especially.

"This year's survey shows that marketers are growing in confidence in their use of this channel. But as they increase the number of campaigns and the volume of email they are sending, companies must strike the right balance and strive to send only timely, targeted and relevant emails". said Denise Cox, Newsletter Specialist Newsweaver.Survey revealed that 90% of B2B marketers use email to communicate with prospects and 83% to communicate with customers.

22% of respondents do not use any personalisation at all
22% use more than just name to personalise their email
16% are using dynamic content.

According to the press release on SourceWire, the biggest challenges facing email marketing are "Inbox overload" and "Spam undermining the medium".

And that is what Cox advises, "A wanted and valued email is always welcome in the inbox. This is why it is so important for marketers to create campaigns and relationship emails that are coming at the right frequency, with the right information and to the right individuals. These types of emails will always cut through the clutter and get opened".

Have you sent your CV to the desired organization to find a good job?
Have you been called and asked for an interview?
Was it successful?
Will you manage the work responsibilities and requirements?

That question is not less interesting for the managers. That is a great dilemma. We all know that appearance is decisive, one interview is never enough.

So.... Leadership development consultancy, the Centre for High Performance Development (CHPD), found the way out. It launched a new assessment tool called Sentio™ that can predict job performance and measure talent.

Developing Sentio™ was accomplished in three years and has been tested with experts in behavioural psychology and leadership development.

According to the SourceWire, the Sentio™ feedback report consists of more than 20 pages. It represents the detailed assessment of the capabilities of the respondent. Business challenges of the new tool are:

Selecting the right person for a job
Identifying high potentials within an organisation for accelerated career development
• Getting objective information on which to base the selection of training programmes
• Measuring return on investment on training and development interventions
Benchmarking management populations

Nigel Guenole, research and psychometric consultant at CHPD, explains: “Situational judgement tests, like Sentio™, have high validity for predicting leader performance, which is great, but we’ve made the product even more useful by including scenarios that are relevant to a range of industries and producing two versions of the test of equal difficulty, which enables you to assess progress of candidates twice, for example, before and after development or training interventions.”

Professor Fritz Drasgow, former president of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and a former chairperson of the American Psychological Association's Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessments, was involved in the development of Sentio™. He said: “Sentio™ presents candidates with highly realistic work scenarios involving critical problems faced by managers. From a list of four actions that might be taken in response to the scenario, candidates then select the actions they believe to be the most effective and least effective. Research has shown that assessing leadership in this way is a highly valid method for predicting performance.”

MStation/mophie announces the availability of the new Radura case for iPhone, iPod Touch, Nano, and Classic. The Radura’s clear polycarbonate design covers all scratchable surfaces on the iPhone.

It gives maximum protection without having to conceal the design of the iPhone. The Radura is also compatible with the mophie Ratchet belt clip swivel and the mophie Run armband, allowing users to enjoy their media on-the-go.

“With Radura, we’ve achieved a really great balance of simple, clear design and strong protection. Now, owners of all types of iPods and iPhones have a strong, sensible case that offers maximum protection, without sacrificing the unique aesthetics of Apple’s products” - says Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation/mophie.

The mophie Relo Radura is available now online and in stores at an MSRP of $20.



Schmap, offers iPhone consumers new rotating city guides, local search and maps. These new map-services on the web allow you to feel a uniquely interactive experience: maps and guide content are dynamically integrated, allowing intuitive, real-time access to reviews and photo slideshows for places of interest.

Directing your iPhone Safari browser to www.schmap.com takes you to your Schmap homepage, where you can choose to browse through "City Guides" broken down by categories (restaurants, shopping, etc.) or search for local businesses in your area.

Schmaps gives you a unique opportunity to browse through their "City Guides." With the iPhone in portrait orientation, Schmaps presents a list of local businesses. But, turn the iPhone into the landscape (horizontal) orientation and Schmap will rotate the screen and list the businesses next to a map showing the location of each business.

Schmap's local search function is currently unavailable as the service is still in beta development. To see how it works, visit the site with your iPhone and enter access code 724627.

Schmap is a leading publisher of digital travel guides for 200 destinations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The innovative technology behind Schmap Guides also lets end users publish their own ‘schmaps’ (to share trip itineraries, local reviews and more), and powers a popular range of Schmap Widgets, displaying maps with content and event schedules for travel, sports, concert tours and more on a fast-growing network of websites and blogs. Founded in 2004, Schmap is privately owned and based in Carrboro, North Carolina.



While Grand Theft Auto IV is racking up sales records, console makers are vying for bragging rights of their own, and Microsoft seems to be the victor.

GTA IV was released April 29 and global sales totaled more than $500 million in the first week alone. The first day the latest addition to the hit Rockstar Games series hit retail store shelves, sales were $310 million. More than six million copies have been sold.

The only question is, which console is the game being played on? GTA IV was developed by Rockstar North on two platforms -- the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360. Both manufacturers are reporting higher console sales as a result.

According to news reports that claim to have the inside scoop on Microsoft's sales data, Redmond is the big winner. Reportedly Xbox 360 console sales jumped 54 percent. Other reports estimate more than 60 percent of GTA IV games went to Xboxers, leaving less than 40 percent for PlayStation 3 gamers.




Why should IT get a seat on board?
Easy question. Just to know and measure internal customer satisfaction rates, cites research sponsored by Hornbill Systems and Service Desk Instituterecent research jointly commissioned by the Service Desk Institute and Hornbill Systems, a leading supplier of enterprise service management software.

The research shows that the increased profile of IT within the business has been reflected in the new role of the service desk.

Why did that become so actual and important? Because nothing works without technology, there is no business that might be succeeded without technological support. Nowadays 65% of businesses have IT representation at board level, compared to 58% five years ago, because service desk data and workflow systems are also enabling organisations to work smarter with improved processes and adoption of best practice.

According to Patrick Bolger, Chief Marketing Officer of Hornbill Systems; “In the last five years we have seen IT change from being an outside function to one that is core to the business. Users throughout organisations are dependent on IT to work, which in turn has increased visibility of systems, problems and the IT teams.

“This dependency has raised the profile and growth of IT as a business function, with a real human interface. At the recent 2008 Service Desk and IT Show we talked with many visitors who have recognised the importance of integrated service desk solutions. They were looking for systems and tools that could help meet their business requirements, provide a much improved, effective service and also enhance the working environment and job satisfaction for their IT staff.”


New product - the Event Planner Kit is lounched by Bizymoms.com. Everyone there believes in three core traits of success; determination, motivation and an idea. So mammy orginizes and things gonna be allright.

“The Event Planner home Biz Kit is for those who simply enjoy planning events,” -explains Jamie, Director of Customer Relations- Bizymoms Career Kits. It makes for a great home business for those who are good at organizing, planning, scheduling, communicating, and dealing with people.

Following are some of the exciting features included with the career kit and interactive website:

· Client Reviews

· Photo Portfolio

· Personal Blog

· Upload brochures and other documents for client use

· Easy to use management features

· Link This and Tell-a-Friend features to encourage word of mouth marketing

All these features including the contents of the career kit will ensure home business success as an event planner. Get your new business started with the event planner kit and start planning the next great occasion whether it’s a Children’s party, a wedding, an upcoming anniversary or a corporate event. Make every event a success and a memorable one.

The main question is: Do you really need that kind organizer?

Would you like to have the extraordinary rotarly dialer iPhone? If you would, you really have a chance.

The founders of Minnesota-based company CodeMorphic, Bill Heyman and Damon Allison has developed RetroPhone for those iPhone consumer, who would like to have rotary dialer phones.

They're also announcing Aloha, a photo-annotating program inspired in part by Comic Life. Both apps will be among the flood of iPhone programs hitting Apple's App Store in a few weeks.

Co-founders, Bill Heyman and Damon Allison, are experienced software developers and consultants, who have worked for the big names in software development: IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture, as well as many clients who have needed deep and sharp skills to solve their software requirements.

The mission of CodeMorphic is to seek the first name in native iPhone software development.



Are you a victim of Secondhand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or passive smoke, involuntary smoking or passive smoking? I am.

And what are the threats?

Seems that it is the mixture of 2 forms of smoke:
Sidestream smoke: smoke that comes from the end of a lighted cigarette, pipe, or cigar
Mainstream smoke: smoke that is exhaled by a smoker (Secondhand Smoke)

If we judge according to the American Cancer Society:
  • Death caused by heart disease of non-smokers who live with smokers - 35,000
  • Death caused by lung cancer in non-smoking adults - 3,400
  • Coughing, mucus, chest discomfort, and reduced lung function
  • Lung infections 150,000 to 300,000, 7,500 to 15,000 children younger than 18 months of age are hospitalized
  • Asthma attacks - 200,000 to 1 million children have asthma
  • Middle ear infections in children - 750,000

And where are the problems of secondhand smoking? Working place, public places, and at home. I am only safe at home.

According to the National Cancer Institute there is no safe level of secondhand smoking and it can be equally harmful at any stage of its “development”.

But according to the advertising slogans of cigarettes hardly one can predict that they are under the threat of death, cancer, asthma...

Let’s have funny analyses of the cigarette slogans:

Pall Mall. Wherever particular people congregate.
Result: Particular people with less particular diseases

L&M. Just what the doctor ordered.
Result: Doctor and patient on the same way to death

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should
Result: Bad knowledge of language.
Good taste not always leads to bad death

You're never alone with a Strand
Result: You are always surrounded by doctors

If you smoke, please smoke Carlton
If not enjoy the life ;-)


Before you go on another diet conquer emotional eating. For decades Americans, in their obsession to lose weight, have ignored emotional eating. They go on diets and use techniques such as calorie counting in hopes of losing weight. “Eating emotional feelings is the largest contributing cause to being overweight. The true way to success is to conquer emotional eating,” - says Richard Kuhns, author of The Scale Conspiracy E-book.

In his book he points out that decades of approaching the weight problem with diets has most overeaters hypnotized into believing that they really have an eating problem. Yes, while those who are overweight definitely would agree that they have an eating problem or a food problem, the truth is that overeating is only a symptom.

What do you often do when you feel: Frustrated? Bored? Happy? Excited? Upset? Depressed? Unhappy? Angry? Like rewarding yourself?

If your answer is "eat" in response to one or more of these questions, you are an emotional eater.

The book points out that the truth is that overeaters use food to dilute various emotions. You're bored and there's nothing to do so you eat. You got a lot accomplished so you eat to reward yourself. You're happy being with your friends so you eat to celebrate a good time. You're angry or upset about something so you eat to sooth yourself. You are stressed and under pressure so you eat to relieve the stress and pressure.

The book also covers other emotions such as confusion, depression... food is also used to dilute those emotions and feelings. It doesn't matter whether the emotions are good or bad feelings.

Yet, most of us have no idea how to take the emotions straight and leave food out of the process. But may be we have to try it?



Searching for a restaurant? Well, it is not too easy but seems that Hungryhouse.co.uk makes it.

Hungryhouse.co.uk won a £100,000 offer of investment from multi-millionaires James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne, in exchange for an eye-watering 50% of the business.

Hungryhouse’s founders Shane Lake and Tony Charles found their business angels: Bryan O’Connell and Andrew Fuller after filming. Hungryhouse was one of the successful pitches featured on the BBCs Dragons’ Den in autumn last year.

According to the SourceWire, Bryan asserts: “We have experience in investing in similar website models, and we immediately felt that this idea had legs. On meeting Shane and Tony, we were particularly impressed with their passion for the business. The team had achieved so much with so little that it was clear that our £150,000 would have a big impact on the growth. We didn’t get the equity deal obtained in the den, but then the business has grown significantly over the last 5 months - and of course we aren’t the Dragons.”
Andy says: “We felt strong empathy with the founders in terms of our technical and business backgrounds and the way that we started our first business. It was clear that we could make a contribution beyond the obvious financial help.”Shane Lake comments: “After appearing on TV, we had literally thousands of people emailing us. It took about 2 weeks just to read through all the messages. We were so busy, we almost missed Bryan’s initial approach - which came right at the time we realised that the offer from James and Duncan wasn’t going to work out.”

Tony Charles continues: “It was great when we were offered the backing we so desperately needed by the Dragons. The exposure of being on TV was massive for us too. But when you go into the Den, aside from the positives, the one thing you can’t expect is a good equity deal! On reflection, we’re glad the negotiations with the dragons fell through – the new deal, £150,000 for a smaller equity stake - values the business at over 3 times what was agreed in the Den. It was a long process, but we finally have the money we need for our nationwide expansion.”

América Móvil has signed with Apple to bring the iPhone to Latin America bringing the iPhone to Mexico and other Latin Caribbean countries this year.

The company said it plans to bring the iPhone to all of its Latin American operations, but didn't say whether it would be the exclusive iPhone provider in the targeted countries.

The deal mark's Apple's fourth international distribution deal for the iPhone in recent weeks; in addition to the Vodafone deal in Europe, it has also announced a separate arrangement with Telecom Italia and Canada's Rogers Communications. The new distribution deals could be important for the future of Apple's iPhone product as it moves the line forward.

So far, Apple has sold about 5.5 million iPhones; the company has a goal of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008. A new 3G version of the iPhone is expected in North American markets and possibly overseas by mid-year.

At the end of March, América Móvil had 159.2 million subscribers in 16 countries. The company operates in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.



We know that iPhone is a fascinating gadget with its innovative and various functions. But its new gardening opportunity is really amazing. Now people have a chance to use the iPhone to water their plants. As someone created a robotic system that when controlled by your iPhone’s Safari web browser waters your plants!

Sure you would be astonished, but here is how it works: It is possible by checking Mobile Safari Position. Whenever Mobile Safari changes position from horizontal to vertical, a web server notices the changes and via a JavaScript, and some electrical engineering, changes the position of the can and moves it up and down.

P.S Who knows what would be another surprise from iPhone?



Super Aguri had withdrawn from Formula One racing - that news broke this week and it came as a bitter blow to all those involved, but in particular to driver Anthony Davidson. After years of toil as a Honda tester, it was Super Aguri who finally gave Davidson a full-time race seat. As he prepares to spend the Turkish Grand Prix on the sidelines, the Briton discusses his reaction to recent events - and his belief that his F1 career is far from over…

Here is an interview with Anthony Davidson on this occasion. (published on F1’s official web site)

Q: What was your initial reaction when you heard the news about the team?

- It wasn't a complete shock as we have all known how difficult things have been, but I'm obviously really disappointed that the team is unable to see out the rest of the season and beyond, and gutted not just for myself but for all the guys at the factory who have worked so hard.

Q: Have you spoken to the team since the news broke?

- Yes, I spoke to my engineer and a few people at the team this morning, and I have been at the factory in Leafield today.

Q: Looking over your time at the team, what have been the best moments, and the worst, other than our recent news?

- There have been a lot of good moments - being on the grid in Melbourne for the first time last year having waited so long for a race drive, and some very strong qualifying performances would be among my favourites. The worst moment was hearing that the team was withdrawing, and of course the infamous ground hog which cost me a top five result...

Q: What do you think made Super Aguri team so special?

- It was a small team, but with a lot of passion. The team has always worked incredibly hard, and I think this year the guys showed great dedication and loyalty to keep fighting especially given the uncertainty over the future.

Q: What is in store for you now?

- After several years as a test driver in F1 I’m glad that I had the chance to show that I can race and to prove my speed, and I’m grateful to the team and Honda for the opportunity. Although it's a difficult time of the year to find an alternative option as most plans are finalised and the season is well underway, I’m glad I took the opportunity to compete again this year and strongly believe that I have unfinished business in Formula One.

Q: And finally, Super Aguri fans in their thousands have sent messages of good will and support to the team in Leafield. Do you have a message for the fans around the world?

- The SAF1 Team fans have always been brilliant and I would like to thank them for their incredible support. The many messages that we have received have been very much appreciated.

Up to 12% of the global DSL installed base will be substituted by WiMAX by 2013 forecasts a new analysis of the global opportunity for WiMAX 802.16e. The Far East will lead with over one fifth of the 47m subscribers in 2013.

According to the SourceWire, a region by region analysis by Juniper Research found that there is a significant opportunity now for WiMAX as a DSL substitute technology. The study shows that WiMAX is well suited to rapid deployment in developing areas, and in developed countries, too.

Report author Howard Wilcox said: "WiMAX will be an attractive offer in areas where there are no wired networks, and in areas where the existing DSL speed is suboptimal. WiMAX will solve the broadband access problem for users located at the fringes of DSL coverage. This is in fact the case in a number of developed nations such as UK, USA, Ireland and Scandinavia, and WiMAX network operators are deploying networks to address this market need. Additionally in developing countries - such as India - network operators are aiming to provide basic connectivity.”

Highlights from the report include:
• The annual fixed WiMAX global market size will exceed 13m subscribers by 2013
• The WiMAX device market – comprising CPE, chipsets, minicards, and USB dongles – will approach $6bn pa by 2013
• The top 3 regions (Far East, N. America and W. Europe) will represent over 60% of the $20bn p.a. global WiMAX service revenues by 2013

However, Howard Wilcox cautioned: “Brand identification and service differentiation are major marketing challenges facing new WiMAX operators. Many of the existing broadband providers are household names that already have widespread market presence and recognition. WiMAX operators will need to identify and promote their USPs, whilst avoiding entering the market on the basis of price.”
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