In Excess of 100m Mobile Users to make International Money Transfers by 2013 Forecasts Juniper Research

Juniper Research that usually provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary, presents a new analysis of the rapidly evolving market for money transfer and remittances via mobile phones. According to the research 100m users globally will use their mobile phones to make international money transfers by 2013.

Report author Howard Wilcox explained: "The vast increase in migrant workers globally has fuelled the number of remittances being sent home to friends and families regularly. The mobile phone will become a vital enabler in developing countries because often many more people have phones than have bank accounts. The GSM Association Mobile Money Transfer global initiative emphasises the importance that is attached to this across the mobile industry as a whole."

The Sourcewire provides the following, submitted by Juniper Research:

• Mobile international transfers are forecast to grow in frequency as users become more accustomed to the process, exceeding one per month by 2013 on average globally.
• The opportunity for companies providing national and international money transfer services is forecast to exceed $5bn by 2013.
• The top 3 regions (W. Europe, N. America and Africa & Middle East) will represent over 75% of the global international mobile money transfer gross transaction value by 2013.

The report provides a very interesting six year regional forecasts of mobile money transfers and remittances, also data on subscriber take-up, transaction sizes and volumes for both national and international transactions. But in addition too the positive consequences of the new service there are some details that the report identifies as the incremental ARPU opportunity for mobile network operators.

Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Slot Machines now is available in your mobile. This was initiated by Premier online casino info provider . According to the PRWEB, games are all available for download on a vast variety of cellular handsets fully equipped to accommodate mobile games.

Even though such an offer to the user is new there are already several prominent mobile casino destinations offering great mobile gaming action: Casino Tropez Mobile, Zero36 Mobile and 777 Mobile.

CasinosVIPLounge editor-in-chief Marcy Jefferson said, "We've been heading towards the age of mobile gaming for many years now. We expect it to spread to gaming markets around the world very shortly. Mobile casino games are hot, exciting and innovative. Our casino portal team has invested substantial effort to launch this new mobile gaming section. It is our goal to continue providing our readers with valuable information on the latest developments in all gaming related issues. Mobile casino fans are welcome to commence play."

I guess intensive users and fans of these games will be happy to read this news. The only thing to do is to dawnload and enjoy the game. ;-)


What is the main question during elections? I suppose “What do you do?” Going to the elections or not. But now the citizens of the USA can easily answer the question “What do you think?” and that is absolutely logical. It is very interesting to know what do people think about candidates, how do they evaluate their talks and debates. That is a great message not only to know the results of the elections but for the election candidates, too. They get information, personal opinion of people for free.

Today the users can upload his/her opinion on the blog . And be asked the question “What do you think?” I guess it is very good initiation. According to the Elections 2008 the answer to the question “What is this?” is as follows: “We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts.”

Among the candidates we can identify Barack Obama, Johm McCain, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin. It is very interesting whether the thoughts of citizens and the final results of the election correspond to each other. Making this statistic will be really informative in this direction.


A new videogame allows players to conjure up their own design ideas and create playable content that can be uploaded and shared. And gamers can do it from the privacy of their own home with Sony Computer Entertainment America's LittleBigPlanet.

With LittleBigPlanet, if you think it, you can make it. The game is a collection of intuitive tools that allow players to customize everything from their characters to the levels of game play they'll be challenged with.

LittleBigPlanet will have a huge online component, including team-based multiplayer options for designing levels together, as well as an active community with user feedback on created levels.

Media Molecule will continue to support LittleBigPlanet with additional downloadable content moving forward.

Those who are gold lovers are given wonderful opportunity to see A STUNNING pure gold claret jug for the first time at Goldsmiths’ Fair until Sunday October 5.

Main features the Jug is special for are: weighs 2.1 kilos, stands 38cms high, is designed and made by silversmith. Despite the rise in the price of gold the jug has already increased in value by 20 percent. According to the SOURCEWIRE the jug is unique, but to commission a similar jug from Martyn would cost in the region of £250,000.

Martyn explained that: “My client wanted an asset that wasn’t simply a value on a piece of paper but something that was beautiful and tangible, that combined both the intrinsic value of gold with uniqueness and artistry. He now has an asset that he can use and enjoy on a daily basis as well as being a future heirloom for members of his family – or as my client said “an everlasting investment.”

The idea was initiated some years ago. Not only financial part of the initiation was important to cover but also conduct research and experimentation to find a gold, strong and practical. Research showed that in order to complete the work successfully a 99% gold should have been added with an alloy of one percent titanium. This gold obtained special quality as it is able to fashioned in a soft condition and then hardened by heating.

The working process on the jug was completed in time and now is waiting to go on display at Goldsmiths’ Fair before being delivered to the client.

Surprising but possible to download music without fees and legally.
According to the PRWEB, Tom Fox , guitarist, singer and songwriter is one of a small but growing group of artists giving away music for free rather than charging or having listeners fined for stealing it. The albums made by Tom offers free music downloads. There are songs of "Midnight Rain" and "Slowly". Statistics show that these have been downloaded over one million times.

And how Tom evaluates giving his music away for nothing, the secret is promotion: "Many musicians quiver at the potential loss of a 99 cent iTunes sale, however, they forget that giving away mp3s free and legally has promotional value.""Offering free music can accelerate the growth of your online listener base, which ultimately can generate exposure in the form of concert invitations, Internet and satellite/terrestrial radio play (generating royalties) and traffic to your site," he said.

What does Tom remind to fellow musicians? That Web traffic has value, and could be monetized by affiliate programs and contextual advertising like: the Ruckus network, a free ad-supported U.S. music service available to college students, Peter Gabriel's UK based WE7, and the Internet record label Magnatune, which encourages buyers to copy any album and give it away free to as many as three friends, are evidence it can also be done with music.

"They are the way forward," admits Tom.
New York attorney Ray Beckerman of the Recording Industry Vs. The People blog said, "Artists can and should make their music directly available; they will make a better living, and their fans will get better value."

"As to whether it should be disseminated for free," he continued, "I'm no marketing expert, but it seems to me that one has only to look at the record companies to learn what they have always known all too well, which is that one of the best ways of marketing music is to offer at least some of it for free, to expose people to what you are doing, and to generate word of mouth. And many of the people who hear something the first time for free will become customers for life."


The 21 Century with high speed development and competition level is too much sensitive to the quality of products, but on the bases of above mentioned competition it is not less time sensitive. Firmsand companies are trying not only to launch products and services quickly but introduce products and services that are of high performance, efficiency.

This time Electric Cloud®, a leading provider of software production management solutions, according to the SOURCEWIRE, presented product line, including the ElectricAccelerator® software build solution, for Microsoft’s High Performance Computing (HPC) platform. The distinguishable features of the product are efficiency, manageable IT infrastructure and as much as 20x faster throughput for software builds.

“Software development is one of the highest ROI applications in high performance computing,” said Mike Maciag, Electric Cloud CEO. “We partnered with Microsoft to enable the industry’s fastest builds for some of the world’s largest software development organizations with Electric Cloud’s products on top of Microsoft’s HPC operating system.”

“One of the core applications for high performance computing technology is software development, and partners like Electric Cloud are helping customers make big productivity gains in this area,” said Vince Mendillo, director of HPC at Microsoft Corp. “Companies will benefit from both the power and efficiencies provided by the Electric Cloud solution and Windows HPC Server 2008 to enable agile development methodologies and build better software faster.”

In conjunction with Microsoft, Electric Cloud has optimized ElectricAccelerator to work seamlessly with Windows HPC Server, aiming to gain the performance and ease of use benefits of a high performance computing environment to support application development for users.

Innovation came to the users who admire features in the notebooks like: highly-efficient Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) that automatically allocates power, preserving battery life up to 35%*; the Express Gate operating system that allows users to access their most commonly-used programs in 8 seconds or less; and the SmartLogon facial recognition system that recognizes users’ facial features and logs them on without requiring any manual key input. All these are offered by the ASUS N Series notebook range. It epitomizes style and productivity through smart technologies and innovative product design.

The ASUS N Series Range represents the following:

First, if you are on the move then choose N10. With sporting a 10.2” screen, the N10 delivers a multi-sensory experience with an NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphics card and an Intel Atom processor.

But what about heavy users? Then we are offered N20 with a 12.1” screen and up to 12 hours of battery life. It is equipped with an Altec Lansing sound system, plus a highly efficient eSATA hard disk drive housed in a dust and moisture-resistant enclosure.

And now N80 that does not leave business executives and professionals in mind without attention. A 14.1” display powered by a standalone NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series graphics card, and up to 1 GB of VRAM, complemented by Dolby Surround decoding to deliver impressive sound quality impress any business or personal situation.

Intuitive control and user-friendliness is served by N50: A row of backlit touch-sensitive buttons are located at the top of the keyboard serve as a natural and convenient point of control for instant multimedia enjoyment. The distinguishing feature of the N50 is its built-in Air Ionizer that helps clean the air around the user of allergens and germs, and promotes air-flow and circulation.

Smart Looks – Cutting-edge Style is significant with In-Mold Roller Technology which creates a scratch-resistant panel capable of retaining its high quality sheen even after prolonged use.

And at last one of the most primary problems with laptops. By creating Smart Technology – Super Hybrid Engine ASUS showed its concern - battery life. Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) consists of the Power4 Gear Hybrid application and the Energy Processing Unit (EPU). Power4 Gear Hybrid uses power according to the performance of the user. The combined energy saving effects of the SHE, as it is mentioned at the SOURCEWIRE, results in an extension of battery life of up to 35%*.

As for the Smart Technology – Smart Bootups in 8 Seconds and Fast Internet Connectivity with Express Gate. Bootup time reduction is also of great importance together with Smart Technology – Quick Logons through Facial Recognition. ASUS offers to change the way of logon on the bases of facial recognition.
If you have an unstructured data then its time to know something about Full Text Mapper (FTM). A desktop software program provides analysis and brings together advanced text mining technology and desktop computing.

Yves Kergall, president and CEO of Eaagle, states: "Our philosophy is that text mining and data analysis tools should be easy-to-use and not require any particular skills,". "Our software doesn't require any setup or predefinition to begin discovering knowledge. Simply highlight the information, launch FTM, and instantly visualize your data to begin your is that easy."

According to the PRWEB, "Our clients demanded that we provide an easy way for them to analyze full text responses to survey questions and we delivered," says Kergall. "The FTM technology allows clients to make extensive use of open-ended questions to elicit additional information from employees during surveys."

Full Text Mapper gives opportunity to read and map unstructured data residing in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Text, HTML, and PDF files. "Our visualization technology is unique to the market," says Pierre Kergall, COO of Eaagle. "Coupled with the fact that you do not have any setup or predefinition, Eaagle Full Text Mapper is unlike anything else available on the market today."

Main segments of FTM are the fields of marketing, communications, consulting, research, human resources, education, law, and politics. "Full Text Mapper brings speed and productivity to the text mining arena. With FTM you can now discover the content of thousands of pages of text without reading a single line," says Kergall. "Wherever knowledge needs to be derived from unstructured data...FTM can help,"


Apple said it is going to replace power adapters sold with its popular iPhone 3G mobile telephones because of a risk prongs will snap and cause people to be jolted by electricity.

"We have received reports of detached blades involving a very small percentage of the adapters sold, but no injuries have been reported," - the California Company said on a Web page providing adapter exchange details. The part Apple is offering to replace is an "Ultracompact USB power adapter" reportedly included with iPhone 3G models sold in Japan, Canada, Mexico, the United States and a half dozen South American countries.

"Customer safety is always Apple's top priority, and therefore we have voluntarily decided to exchange every Ultracompact power adapter for a new, redesigned adapter, free of charge," - Apple said. Apple advises iPhone 3G owners to charge their handsets by plugging them into computers or with a standard-sized Apple power adapter until the potentially problematic part is replaced.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, a research reveals that there are 1.4 million freelancers in the UK. The Small Business Research Centre at Kingston University on behalf of The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) says the figure reflects a 14% growth in this alternative way of working since 1998.

John Brazier, managing director of PCG said: “We are delighted and proud to be able to present the first authoritative study of the UK’s freelance population. This study gives us a credible outline of the size and characteristics of our dynamic freelance workforce, which has not existed up until now.”

According to the SOURCEWIRE, notable findings include:

- of the 1.4 million freelancers, 63% are male and 37% female
- 58% define themselves as working “full time”, 42% as working “part time”
- 163,000 people undertake freelance work in a secondary role, as well as working in another main job

And freelancers’ characteristics vary between different occupations:

. Management, IT, engineering and broadcasting tend to be male dominated
. Translation services, proof-reading and book publishing appear to be female-dominated
. The prevalent forms vary in different sectors: limited companies are the norm in some, and sole traders the norm in others, largely depending on whether it is common to use agencies to find work.

Co-author of the report, Dr John Kitching, commented: “Freelancers play an important role in the UK economy both in their numbers, their contribution to business turnover and in the range of activities they perform. But there is no ‘typical’ freelance worker; they vary in their personal, work and organisational characteristics. We have enjoyed having the opportunity to investigate the make-up of this diverse and significant group of workers.”

John Brazier added: “This is an extremely valuable snapshot of the freelance workforce; it also shows that there is much work still to do in order to build up a really detailed and thorough picture of the market.“As the only non profit association that represents the UK’s freelancers, we continuously strive to make freelancers’ voices heard by Government - the freelance community has grown over the last ten years and all the signs indicate that it will continue to grow; it is our job to ensure that Government listens to freelancers’ needs.”

To say the truth I could not imagine that almost 40% of new companies do not have a marketing plan, in addition seems that almost half of new businesses launch without any form of marketing or advertising budget. In nowadays competitive market where easily one can fail this percentage is too high.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, almost 1 in 3 new businesses don’t understand what marketing is or what role it plays for new companies.Through a recent survey of 3,081 UK business owners results are as follows, 40% of start-up companies have no marketing plan and almost 50% of businesses launch without any form of marketing or advertising. The survey results explains the fail of so many companies.

Jamie Delo, founder of Project W.O.R.D, comments on the recent findings;“These statistics establish the downfall of many new companies that just assume consumers will have heard of their website. When, in reality, thousands of companies are failing every year due to lack of marketing.” offers marketing at an affordable price. For £1.00 per word, companies can select relevant Keywords. Project W.O.R.D can link their website directly to their chosen word/s; What is the advantage of the project? Well, that is easy to guess, that allows companies with a very small marketing budget to be found through Google.

According to 2 month findings over 4,500 words have been bought by different companies

Rocky Mountain Tracking's Rover GPS saves Gene’s girlfriend from drug addiction.

According to the PRWEB, "Gene is a perfect example of people who can put our GPS devices to innovative uses even in their private lives, to solve a particular problem," says Brad Borst of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "Rocky Mountain Tracking's numerous GPS tracking features enable precisely this kind of flexibility and innovation."

Gene, in order to save his girlfriend’s life, bought the Rocky Mountain Tracking device (available online at, installed in her car. By live control over location, direction, speed, and tracking history of the girlfriend Gene was able to see, on his computer, every detail of his girlfriend's travel.

Gene admits: "I would show up and nobody knew how," he says. "You can't imagine all the things she said to me when I told her - but of course, that was the addiction talking, not the person."

"The bottom line was that I needed something to help me, and the Rover device did for me exactly what I needed," says Gene. "The tracking device helped me help her, so that she could finally do what she had to, to save her own life."

But the question is whether all the boyfriends use it to save their girlfriends or just control them?

MediaMerge presents new media server the ShowSource™3D . The first that attracts attention to the new product is that it offers a range of features together in one unity. These are: a multi-channel digital sound source, high-definition 3D video playback , boasts a built-in, comprehensive theater automation system controlled via a wireless touch-screen interface.

"When theaters began approaching us about developing new products for the giant screen industry, we realized there was a real need for the type of creativity and experience we could bring to the table," states MediaMerge president, Ken McKibben. "We've had a lot of success providing systems integration services in other markets for almost a decade, and as the world's largest third-party SPP service provider for IMAX Theaters, we've got a really unique perspective on how to solve their problems."

"With modern day, off-the-shelf hardware, the focus of creating a product like this centers around a software platform that utilizes high-quality codecs and an open ended architecture to provide a solution that is of immediate benefit but will also usher the theater into the emerging world of digital cinema," notes Ogletree. " The ShowSource™3D includes capabilities for networked show control, 3D, 4k digital cinema playback, and a content security & licensing solution. Couple that technology with an interface designed to make everyday use a snap, and the value of this approach is clearly evident."

In the heart of the system is placed a high-powered media server utilizing off-the-shelf components. video output, multi-channel audio, SMPTE time code, and tach-to-SMPTE conversion is provided by PCI cards, and Audio is delivered to an external DSP (digital signal processor) over a digital network using standard CobraNet technology.

"We've never really bought into the idea that the use of proprietary hardware, in and of itself, adds any value to the equation," remarks McKibben. "There are tons of manufacturers out there spending millions of dollars on R&D who are completely focused on a very narrow range of functionality. It's not necessary for us to re-invent the wheel. Our focus is on how we can take those products, with good design and some custom programming, and deliver a truly exceptional experience. Without all of the unnecessary in-house R&D costs, you get a better product for a whole lot less money."

A large-scale renovation was placed in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's Omnimax Theater in June. "This is one of the most exciting things to happen to the Omnimax Theater in 22 years," states Kathryn Chapman, the museum's Manager of Guest Services. "We are thrilled to be the first IMAX theater to feature this new technology, and can't wait to share it with our audiences. We were initially interested in the product because of its range of flexibility, but our expectations were completely surpassed when we saw the interface. Not only will the ShowSource™3D be able to seamlessly handle inputs from a variety of media, but building and executing first-class theater experiences will be easy and fun for the first time in our theater's history."
Blogvasion came across a very interesting contest . Young scientists are invited to the 2008 5th International Virtual Summer Science Fair Contest . The contest is sponsored by and will run from September 15, 2008 through December 15, 2008. All projects are entered online.

What is the main message? That what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

Site director Madeline Binder says: "We created the video as a way of encouraging students to tackle these subjects and to enrich their lives by entering science fairs," "And with all the new resources on our site, they have an excellent chance of winning a science fair contest."

According to the PRWEB, the web site routinely sponsors its own virtual science fair contests and serves as a 24/7 resource for students, teachers and parents. TAs the site features on over 600 free science fair projects and ideas, a new search box to make finding subjects and supplies easy, an explanation of all 6 steps of the scientific method, special information for home-schooling families, articles and pages especially for teachers, discounts for supplies, it arises interest and through this interest many projects will be accomplished aiming to enrich existing educational resources. This might give great opportunities to everyone.

Contest Rule details are provided at

How much secure is information in the internet? That is the question asked thousand times and everybody wants to receive in answer 100% security guarantee. But is that possible? According to the PRWEB, web-based information storage services and Locket®, a portable USB flashdrive, have in common easy to use and more practical than old-school manual filing systems features. But the Question about safely is still actual.

Despite the fact that US Bank Wells Fargo has vSafe on products, also offers additional security devices.

"With identity theft topping the list of the Federal Trade Commission's top consumer fraud complaints again for the seventh year in a row in 2007," Milosch cautions, "consumers need to be aware of and educated on the most secure way to store very private and vital information - and they need to turn to the experts."

Locket’s main feature is to be a self-contained portable program that is completely safe. Data and commands are securely stored on the flashdrive. The functions are not limited and gives opportunity to view, add, change, and print your information securely -- from any computer -- without an Internet connection.

Judy Nowak of Milwaukee, WI, a Locket user says "I like knowing that Locket is the one secure spot that I can put everything that I wouldn't want outsiders to know - and they can't get into it," she says.

For additional security purposes, Nowak uses different user names and passwords to gain access to a variety of online resources. "Locket's websites and passwords feature has been a lifesaver. I go into that screen, link to a particular site - and my user and password information is safe, all in one place, and right at my fingertips," she explains.

"While banking services like vSafe promote the integration with a customer's online banking services, it just makes better sense to trust the experts that have put their product through rigorous R&D to ensure complete security," Milosch concludes. "Locket allows users to store a variety of documents, including financial statements, in a truly electronically secure and portable device."
The results of war, poverty, natural disaster and HIV/AIDS on the increase are crucial for individuals and only after that for the entire community. Thousands of children are orphaned or abandoned with no one to turn to for even their most basic needs. According to the PRWEB, Royal Gaming is making a stand to support by launching "Play, Win & Change a Life" promotion.

According to Daniel Stratton, Head of Marketing, the team at Royal Gaming who has long had the plight of orphaned and abandoned children at heart, decided to help make a difference to their lives by running the "Play, Win & Change a Life Promotion", By donating $25 to SOS Children's Villages for every new player that signs up, deposits and plays at one of recommended Casinos and/or Bingo halls listed on the Royal Gaming website over the next 3 months will take great part in improving children’s lives.

The specific nature of this project underlies in its need for specific assistance in the form of skills training, education, counselling, micro-loans and improved nutrition. Aiming to strengthen the capacity of the communities to support their orphans and vulnerable children, positive results are unavoidable. After 3 to 5 years, many families become stronger in realizing their obtained skills. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time that an online casino affiliate advertiser has undertaken such a promotion.

Stratton adds, "We're sure that this will be the first of many promotions aimed at empowering the less fortunate featured at Royal Gaming, after all, it is a great way for people to make a significant difference while enjoying their favourite pastime. With the vast amount of wealth generated by the casino industry, Royal gaming just feels that is about time we give something back."

Sales of video game software and hardware in the U.S. rose 9 percent in August to $1.08 billion, the smallest monthly increase in more than two years, according to data released Thursday by market researcher NPD Group.

Hardware sales were up 3 percent to $395 million lead by handheld Nintendo DS, which sold 518,300 units, Nintendo's Wii came in second with 453,000 unit sales, and Microsoft's Xbox 360 claimed the third spot with 195,200 unit sales. Software sales were up 13 percent to nearly $551 million, lead by Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 09 and Nintendo's Wii Fit and Mario Kart. Sales of accessories rose 13 percent to $137 million.

The video game industry has weathered the economic downturn better than most industries, but August's sales increase is the first rise below 10 percent in 27 months. However, she said projections for 2008 are still looking strong overall. "Despite smaller growth this month, the industry is up 32 percent year-to-date and remains on target to achieve annual revenues in the range of $22 billion to $24 billion," - NPD analyst Anita Frazier said.


Most of the people who have cars have car accessories. That is qiute normal and in addition even gives the information about the owner, about preferred colors, shapes and taste in general. The given insight into drivers personalities costs much more than we can imagine. Swinton, the UK's leading high street car insurance retailer, is warning that drivers 'pimping up their rides' may be putting them in potential danger.

According to the PRWEB, British drivers spend £320million per year on car accessories (Max Power Magazine). But according to the Swinton in the last two years an astounding 5% of all their motor accident insurance claims have involved car accessories either distracting drivers or obstructing motorists views.
A Swinton spokesperson said: "It is frightening the number of accidents that are caused by car accessories, while it is great that motorists can personalise their motors caution is needed to insure that these accessories do not interfere with driving. We had one case when a female accidentally set her fluffy steering wheel cover alight when lighting a cigarette, luckily she was unharmed but the interior of her car had extensive smoke damage."

"Many of these accidents could be avoided if more care had been taken, these incidents are not only dangerous for drivers but they may also cause their car insurance premiums to rise. Swinton advises that drivers make sure that all car accessories are carefully placed so that they do not obstruct the drivers view in any way and that they are securely attached."

Swinton have compiled a list of the current top ten car accessories in the UK:
1. Fluffy dice
2. Steering wheel covers
3. Car air fresheners
4. Multi-coloured tax disk holders
5. Car signs (e.g. Babe on Board)
6. Standing cartoon characters
7. Interior car neon lighting
8. Car seat covers
9. Diamante gear knobs
10. Seatbelt harness pads

”Only if I was the boss [when asked if she would work in an office again]” quote by Janet Ellis, suppose should be shared by each person who has no fear to be a boss.

According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary Boss’s etymology is as follows: Dutch baas master that dates back to the 1653. Definition is really simple and easy to remember. 1: a person who exercises control or authority; specifically : one who directs or supervises workers. 2: a politician who controls votes in a party organization or dictates appointments or legislative measures. This time we will talk about the first meaning of the word.

Even though I mentioned above that the definition of the BOSS is easy to remember, managing relations with him/her hardly can be as much easy. I worked not on too many positions but still had to experience personalities and priorities of 6 bosses.

While surfing in the internet to go through this issue more deeply, I found out that this is a problematic, actual, and quite interesting 1 680 000 times covered topic according to the Google search results.

Headlines of the articles and posts vary as much as many types of bosses do we have. Something like: Little Things That Make Employees Want to Leave... Boss or Friend? Dealing with a Difficult Boss: How to Handle Working with a Boss ... Getting Along With Your Boss, and so on.

Once of my friends said that there is no good boss. Neither agree not refuse this statement because I happened to have a boss whom I can work with quite along time. But that happens rarely.

One of the difficult issues that rise in boss-employee relations is the issue of pay rise.

According to the SOURCEWIRE, almost half of PAs and secretaries (43%) do not feel comfortable in approaching their boss for a pay rise as they find their superiors intimidating. Through the online poll by office support recruiter Crone Corkill found that most would rather wait and see if they were offered a salary increase than request one.

31% of respondents admit that their approach to their boss regarding the issue much depends on the workload and stress level at the time. Just under a fifth of the respondents said that they are often rewarded for their hard work.

“It is surprising that so many PAs said that they would not approach their boss considering they work so closely with them” comments Tracy Durrant, Managing Director at Crone Corkill. “However many also said they would have to judge their boss’s workload first so they obviously know them well enough to know when is a good time, and when isn’t! Discussing workplace and employment issues is important and office support staff should see it as a vital element in building a strong working relationship, which employers will value.”

Despite all the efforts of offering different ways to deal with the problem I think that relations are manageable on the bases of accepting and following the priorities of bosses but anyway if the interests priorities differ then not the relations but business fails. As Sam Walton says: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Not surprising that the owners of small and large organizations need to have everything under control. Among the most important issue is the issue of being protected from any other external threats, controlling individuals entering premises, is still hard, because the owners can't relate events and people in one single coherent view.

The key to this problem is provided by ImmerVision, the expert in 360° Panoramic Imaging Technology and inventor of the IMV1-1/3 panomorph lens.

According to the PRWEB, the IMV1-1/3 lens added to existing CCTV analog or IP cameras, coupled with ImmerVision Enables DVR/NVR's provide the quickest and most efficient way to add complete situational awareness to video surveillance systems.

The unique feature of Panomorph optics is that it provides consistent 360-degree viewing, live or playback, of an entire area -- critical in the banking, gaming, retailing, petroleum, public transit, manufacturing and government sectors. "Video surveillance "blindness" is dangerous and costly," said Yves Messier, ImmerVision Vice-President Video Surveillance Applications. "End-users are demanding to "see everything, anywhere, at anytime" in order to detect perimeter intrusions and threatening behaviours, manage traffic and crowds, to track interactions between individuals and to be able to rapidly reconstruct the sequence of events in the case of an incident."

Panomorph Lens 1
Panomorph Lens 2
Panomorph Lens 3


A fast action, flexible, tournament-packed site with generous cash prizes that is what is offered by Blue Frog Gaming, Inc. It has launched

According to the PRWEB: "We are excited to launch the most fun fantasy sports website to ever hit the Internet," said Matt Maroon, CEO of "And it is totally legit - the Federal Government recognizes fantasy sports as a game of skill - and they specifically exclude fantasy sports from a list of Internet activities considered gambling (see the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006). However, to accommodate individual state laws - we offer the opportunity to participate in free play money leagues or play for cash - and our leagues run as short as a day or as long as a week. We know sports fans will be blown away by our offerings - and we're certain to crush our competition," concluded Maroon.

Let’s review the unique features following the list provided by the PRWEB release:
  • Immediate seating in several different types of drafts - no time is wasted scheduling.
    Much shorter season lengths than other fantasy sports websites - no need to wait months to win - just a day or up to a week, if preferred.
  • Because leagues have shorter durations, leagues are offered throughout a sport's season. Whereas most fantasy football drafts stop in September, can start new leagues through the playoffs.
  • Real money buy-ins and cash prizes for players in all states except Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Tennessee and Vermont.
    Nightly Freeroll leagues are free to enter - and have cash prizes.
  • Bonuses on deposits are common.
  • Private leagues are available.
  • Customize athlete rankings using an easy drag and drop interface - save up to 200 favorite athletes in any order.
  • Instant drafts eliminate the need to be online at a specified time. Join a league and will automatically draft for the player based on his custom rankings. Join an instant draft 24/7 - all with a few clicks.

"We have football and baseball fans joining everyday and our popularity continues to surge," continues Maroon. "The benefits of joining our site are numerous compared to our competitors - and best of all - players truly enjoy the chance to win over $100 every day."


Hello, Monday starts on BLOGVASION for the web developers, site administrators, quality assurance engineers and basically anybody who wants to automate tasks performed in the web browser. To attract this segment of the market BLOGVASION addresses WebReplay 2.0, released by IEWatch Software LLC. It is a plug-in for the Internet Explorer browser. This tool allows automated web surfing, form filling, website testing and web data extraction.

How this happens? Recording your actions, WebReplay creates controls similar to a GUI object map. This gives opportunity WebReplay to automatically adapt to changes so you don't have to modify the script if the web page layout changes.

According to the PRWEB, WebReplay's unique features are as follows:

  • Power Surfers can automate repetitive tasks on their frequently visited web sites, or extract web page text from any internet site.
  • Web Developers can quickly run regression tests on their development web sites before QA handoff, thus saving an entire QA cycle and valuable resources.
  • Web Analysts can use WebReplay combined with IEWatch to regression test web sites to make sure that all pages are sending the correct web analytics requests.
  • System Administrators can log and analyze the page load times of entire web sites and quickly identify web page outages.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers can use WebReplay to automate web applications and to perform functional and regression testing. The combination of WebReplay with IEWatch allows QA personnel to create highly reproducible tests while collecting HTTP information to track down hard to find bugs.

System requirements are simple: Microsoft Windows® 2000 or higher, and Internet Explorer 6 or higher, and costs US$ 169.00 per user license.


Do you want to never work for anyone else, write a resume, go to college, or apply for a job, and earn more money than most people do alongside having funs most of your days?

According to the PRWEB, 22 –year-old high school graduate Reed Floren can help in this. He reveals his story of success in his blog

Floren says, "Back in 1991, I was five years old and my dad (who with Floren's help is also a successful marketer now) had lost his job. He had been working for the state for years testing and mapping soils so their would be better crop production; however, the funding for his project had not been renewed, so he lost his job."

"We struggled for 13 months. My parents had just had a new baby, my little sister, and I was about to enter kindergarten. It took my dad over a year to find a job that paid close to what he was making at his old job. We ended up living off credit cards and shopping thrift shops and garage sales for most of our possessions."

"In 2003 MNCS had some student teachers from the local college who ended up doing a class on economics. I didn't take part in the class but I learned they were doing a fantasy stock market simulation game which allowed us to buy and sell real stocks with a simulated $100,000 of cash. Now being the competitive spirit that I am, I asked if I could take part in the game but not be in the class. Shortly thereafter, I was number one and had made $140,000! I ended up getting greedy and started riskier investments which dipped me down to $77,000. I went from the #1 spot to the bottom. However, I had one more trick up my sleeve and in 90 days from hitting rock bottom of $77,000 I had a whopping $2.3 million dollars in my account. Needless to say, I won the game."

"With this dramatic success in the stock market I ended up buying every stock market book and training program I could get my hands on and opened a brokerage account with the bank so I could trade stocks while I was at school," he says.Then, "In 2004 and 2005, my senior year of high school, I realized that I could actually achieve real success on the Internet, as evidenced by my stock market website which was ranked number one on Google, Yahoo, and MSN."

"I've never worked for anyone else, written a resume, gone to college, or even applied for a job; yet I make more money than most people do and I spend most of my days having fun. If I can do this, you can do this, and I want to help you," sums up the 22-year-old marketing wizard.

Seems that, in order to enjoy life and spend time with family and friends even in a "recession" one should follow Reed Floren’s magical money tree that you can grow with your own website.

Monsters and other virtual creations that entertain us now are available in Electronic Arts Inc's creature-building game "Spore" that offers players a chance to develop new worlds. The new game, which lets players guide the evolution of their creatures, is from Will Wright, the man behind the Sims series of games. The Sims let players guide virtual people and cities, spawning spin-offs, sequels and expansion packs to the tune of more than 100 million units sold worldwide.

Billy Pidgeon, video game analyst for IDC, believes "Spore" is a going to be huge globally, eventually eclipsing the Sims. He says - "This title has billion-dollar potential,”. He expects spin-off games and a host of fan-oriented websites and products, such as custom T-shirts of players' creatures that should boost the value of the game.

Already players trying out early releases are sharing their creatures, adding complexity to the game at no expense to EA. Gamers have been waiting five years to get their hands on "Spore," which will finally launch in North America on September 7, and EA has spent $50 million to develop it, estimated Michael Pachter, video game analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities.

Pachter estimates EA will ship 3 million copies of "Spore" at $120 million wholesale, and expects it to sell through 2 million this year. With a break-even point of 1.7 million units, EA should be well on its way to a strong new franchise. He says - "Economically, it's not that big of a deal this year, since it cost so much to make, but they made a big bet that this game would pay dividends for years, so they care a lot,".


While working on BLOVASION path and target audience, strongly determined position was to highlight technology news to inform technology interested people. At first time hardly imagined that blog could cover issues in all the fields that exists nowadays. But that is technology. If you want to cover everything then you should write about Technology.

One of the good examples of this is KidsLand™. It provides over 1,000 fun, interactive, educational movies, games, and activities for young children and their families to enjoy together. What was the main purpose of creating KidsLand™? to acquire the basic Literacy, Language, Mathematic, Physical, Intellectual, Cognitive, Emotional and Social Skills in order to be prepared for the learning environment established in Preschool and/or Kindergarten, regardless of their location.

It is a 52 week educational curriculum. It provides parents with the opportunity to view their child's progress with a "report card".

Seems this pleasure might be accessed for $6.95/month or $62.95/yr.

This lovely bee with yellow and black stripes and tail linked to the reveals the quite intriguing message “Bring Money to Your Links.” It has officially broken out of BETA, and launched its first Facebook application and registered more then 250,000 visits in a single day. According to the PRWEB, the website has been live for just under 90 days but presents one of the good examples of breaking new records on a day to day basis.

So what is different from the competitors? What is the advantage? The distinct possibility that LinkBee offers is to earn money, allowing users to choose to show ads and share revenues on links they create. The number of links created and the traffic a user can provide determines the income from the service.

The pipeline is full of fresh ideas with a line up of new features expected over the course of two months. "Our main goal is to deliver the highest payout in the industry, a rate so appealing that no one will opt out from using our services," says Chris Pavlovski, co-founder of

That tourism became very actual nowadays and attract many people is a fact enhanced by the data of 2006 - 840 million people. The probability that the tourists will spend money is very high.

Even though technology has developed and there it is no much hard or difficult to travel, some obstacles still exist. In order to remove some barriers and help small businesses capitalize on international tourism Oervind ( makes accepting foreign currency simple for businesses by calculating currency exchange values at the point-of-sale level.

Oervind's will make calculations on the basis of the daily exchange rates posted by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
According to the PRWEB: "By simplifying the process of accepting other currencies, Oervind will make it easier for businesses to encourage foreign visitors to spend their cash," said George P. Boniface, president/CEO of Oervind. "Oervind will allow retailers and other small businesses to target the cash all travelers carry for unexpected expenses."

Oervind is free for seven days. The trial period is followed by the company charge of $20 for a one-year membership.
Immediately Google Chrome became available for download I clicked the download link. Many people have had trouble downloading the new browser from Google but my download worked just fine. So, this post is being typed in Google Chrome.

The very first impression was that this browser is different from all other browsers. The interface is sleek and clean and pleasant. Even though it's a beta, it's very fast. I have not done any scientific tests but a subjective impression is that the browser is fast. The browser looks quite simplistic, yet it's quite functional. The rendering engine seems to be very good. To admit, from all browsers I liked the IE's rendering the best of all but I liked Chrome's rendering as much as that of IE.

My overall impression is that Google Chrome has every chance to become a decent browser and a serious competitor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. So the new browser war started today.
As it goes in Bible (Matthew 10:26) "... never be afraid of them, because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing secret that will not be made known."

After years of secret work the super power in Internet search, Google, will unveil its own browser. The Google Chrome, is still in beta, however, we "shall be able" to download it today.

According to Google, information about the browser has been leaked accidentally. Yes, you know how that happens. Hit that "Send" button and you can't get that damn e-mail (or newsletter) back :)

Anyway, thank you Google for revealing this secret. I, like many others, had my own doubts that the search giant has been developing its own browser. No room for doubts anymore. Google Chrome is a reality. Ironically, it will bring additional headache to Microsoft. Those at Redmond are already pretty puzzled with Googles expansion.

What will be Google's next step? Own operating system? Maybe or maybe not. However, the much awaited Google browser is here. Interestingly, Internet Explorer 8 is in beta as well and I have been using it for a while albeit in IE 7 compatibility mode. Not many sites work in IE 8 well.
I hope to download Google Chrome today and share our impressions. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed.
In order to make cost savings the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF at offers top tips for organisations.

In helping organisations cut costs intranets plays a pivotal role, and in addition offers ’12 ways to use your intranet to cut your costs’ (PDF, 300kb) downloadable version for free.

Among the twelve tips, which are expanded fully in the report, are:

1. Build bridges with internal customers
2. Research user needs
3. Implement or expand self service
4. Target further design, print and distribution savings
5. Improve usability
6. Revamp HR content
7. Create content for customer facing staff
8. Create internal helpdesk content
9. Enhance the employee directory
10. Put senior leaders online
11. Leverage online meetings
12. Measure savings

The IBF’s director of research, Elizabeth Marsh says: “Organisations with advanced intranets will be on top of most of the areas covered by the paper. However, for those with intranets still at the communication and information-sharing stage of their development, it may provide valuable inspiration.”

How to quit smoking in 7 days? That is the question. In addition without patches, pills or some 1 on 1 psychology? That is also the question. Thing that helps seems to be a free eBook with proven results. And italso seems that it is free without even paying a dime. presents a new Free Stop Smoking In a Week eBook. Though should mention that slogans and phrases Stop smoking, Stop Russia became so actual in today’s web life but if one of the Stops could be stopped for free that is already an issue. Stop Smoking In a Week is an exciting new eBook for natural quit smoking, available for free.

Register with your first name and email and the eBook will be sent immediately to your email.
Secrets like the real risks of smoking, know your enemy, how to quit smoking in a week, how to handle the urge, how to deal with symptoms of withdrawal are revealed when registering for the FREE stop smoking in a week eBook, And much, much more sent straight to your inbox ...

To win a game, one should try. If we try something works, if it works it is done, if its done, smoking is quit. But if someone really wants to quit smoking I am sure he/she will not need to ready anything like this book or psychologists. That is the personal opinion of Non Smoker.

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