StumbleUpon - a $75 Million Deal

Social websites are shaping the future of the Internet as a social phenomenon., Flickr, YouTube are some of the most successful websites belonging to the camp of Web 2.0. Sure, there are many other social websites and even more will appear in the future, yet StumbleUpon has made it. A long-rumored deal is a already a fact - StumbleUpon has officially joined eBay.

StumbleUpon, a popular California-based start-up, was founded in 2001. In March of this year,
StumbleUpon crossed the 2 million member mark and experiences a 150% annual growth.

It is interesting to see how StumbleUpon will be integrated into eBay. eBay has already acquired Skype and PayPal, both perfectly fitting into eBay's business strategy. However, in StumbleUpon's case the integration is not that clear. Though, a 2.5 million user community with a 150% annual growth rate is a perfect acquisition for eBay.
One more blog with a funny name you may be thinking. What does blogvasion mean anyway?

There is a belief among people who work in humor "industry" that certain words are inherently funny. Opinions vary widely regarding this idea and so does "the list" of funny words. Moreover, the list of funny words is not carved in stone.

On the one hand the concept of inherently funny words depends on culture. Certain words with quite serious meaning in one language may sound absolutely funny from another language speaker's point of view.

On another hand, amusement experienced from certain words depends on the context in which they are used. Many comedians have their favorite lists of funny words and use them quite successfully.

Well, the points noted above are not scientifically tested and thus there are several unanswered questions about inherently funny words.

But wait a minute! Have you ever noticed that infants burst into laughter when they hear certain (mmm funny?) words? Even those kids who do not yet understand the language laugh on certain words.

Getting back to blogvasion. So, I was thinking what name to choose for this blog and started searching funny words. That is when I came across - a website dedicated to bored students. They have a sweet section where anyone can submit a funny word.

A quick scan revealed blogvasion, which I really liked. The word was submitted by a user Snoozechao and according to him/her it means:

Blogvasion - When a fellow blogger overruns or attempts to overrun your blog with massive amounts of bs - submitted by Snoozechao

Though you can look at this word from a different perspective as well. With soooo many blogs today, we live in the age of blog invasion, hence blogvasion.

Finally, what BLOGVASION will be about? Trivia, funny things, technology, business, science - well almost everything will be discussed on BLOGVASION but the main focus will be on the Internet and the World Wide Web as a social phenomenon. Stay tuned and check BLOGVASION frequently.
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