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  1. Attention, please!

    Organizers of BarCamp Caucasus 2008 are happy to invite bloggers, journalists, IT-experts and all who are interested in the subject to the first official meeting on First Bloggers Non-Conference in the Caucasus!


    Организаторы BarCamp Caucasus 2008 приглашают блоггеров, журналистов, IT-специалистов и всех заинтересованных лиц на первую официальную встречу, посвященную первой не-конференции блоггеров в Кавказском регионе.

    Venue: conference-hall of Atlanta Hotel (Rcheulishvili str. 13).

    Beginning: 8:00 p.m.

    Participants: organizers of BarCamp Caucasus, organizers of BarCamp Baltics and BlogCamp CIS (Kyiv), journalists, bloggers and participants of BarCamp Caucasus.

    Topics to discuss:

    * What is BarCamp?
    * Principles of BarCamp
    * How to organize a BarCamp?

    BarCamp - commonly referred as unconference - is a brand new form of an event session originated in the Silicon Valley in 2005 and widespread all over the world already. Unconference is the unofficial, informal part of the conference supporting open discussions and exchange of ideas and opinions.

    Basic topics are:

    * New media sources
    * Journalism
    * Web development
    * Social networks
    * Open Source, etc


    Please contact: http://www.barcamp-kavkaz.org


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